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New Zealand Gaming News Index

Thursday, 26 December
5:10PM GAMING Past Cure Game for PC Review 1567
5:10PM GAMING Past Cure Game for PC Review 1548
5:10PM GAMING Past Cure Game for PC Review 1467
4:56PM GAMING Past Cure Game for PC Review 1406

Friday, 11 October
10:02PM GAMING Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 for PC 424
10:02PM GAMING Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 for PC 301
10:02PM GAMING Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 for PC 296

Thursday, 22 August
11:26AM GAMING The Digital Revolution 263

Thursday, 12 December
2:23PM GAMING Xbox One Sells More Than 2 Million Units in the First 18 days; Sold Out at Most Major Retailers 455

Tuesday, 11 June
2:01PM GAMING Xbox One ignites a new era of games and entertainment this November 657
1:53PM GAMING Microsoft invites everyone to join the fun with a brand-new Xbox 360 861
1:50PM GAMING Xbox One brings the future of gaming to life 967

Monday, 4 March
12:18AM GAMING Error 338

Friday, 1 March
12:36AM GAMING Updates for new game delights all 778

Monday, 25 February
11:05PM GAMING Fun making games turns bigger and better 2190

Wednesday, 12 December
3:17PM GAMING Film Archive seeks 1980s games fans 331

Tuesday, 4 December
3:37PM GAMING Get your game on - NZs best value games source launches 384

Tuesday, 13 November
3:34PM GAMING "Halo 4"1 Makes Entertainment History with More Than $220 Million in Global Sales in the First 24 Hours 528

Tuesday, 6 November
1:40PM GAMING The Master Chief is back 418

Thursday, 1 November
9:00PM GAMING XBOX 360 transforms a country to launch epic blockbuster "Halo 4" 591

Friday, 19 October
3:26PM GAMING Auckland's Armageddon Expo Begins with a Bang Tonight! 644

Thursday, 18 October
4:03PM GAMING Introducing: The new Playstation Store 538

Wednesday, 17 October
1:04PM GAMING Alienware offers fans the chance to take a break with the SKYCITY Breakers at Armageddon 2012 388

Wednesday, 3 October
5:21PM GAMING Cut-price Xbox 360 consoles, gear and games 403

Thursday, 12 July
12:24PM GAMING Che Fu and Alan Bell Take Out PlayStation Vita Vodafone Charity Challenge 420

Tuesday, 26 June
1:21PM GAMING The Brother Cup winners get star treatment at Brother Rally New Zealand 438

Friday, 22 June
1:09PM GAMING WRC Champ steps on the gas at the Brother Cup launch 1104

Wednesday, 20 June
12:58PM GAMING American gamers donate US$25,000 to RSA 292

Tuesday, 19 June
5:12PM GAMING American gamers donate US$20,000 to RSA 329

Wednesday, 6 June
11:41AM GAMING Flippaball's appeal on rise 363

Wednesday, 30 May
9:34AM GAMING NZ Quit Smoking Game Launches on World Smokefree Day 222

Monday, 28 May
12:17PM GAMING Fish & Game outlines strong case for swan drive on Tauranga Harbour 498

Tuesday, 1 May
5:40PM GAMING Award-winning franchise rises once again with God of War: Ascension™, exclusively for Playstation®3 296

Friday, 20 April
9:17AM GAMING God of War: Ascension™ 174

Wednesday, 4 April
1:39PM GAMING New Hunting Permits for Small Game 468

Thursday, 8 March
12:06PM GAMING Unit 13 Explodes onto PlayStation Vita 274

Thursday, 23 February
2:08PM GAMING Connect to the Ultimate Handheld Gaming Experience Anywhere, Anytime, with PlayStation®Vita 281

Wednesday, 21 December
1:27AM GAMING Lego Group Declares New Year's Resolution For 2012: Deliver Meaningful Play Experiences To Girls Worldwide With New Lego® Friends 437

Tuesday, 22 November
3:57PM GAMING Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Vodafone announce Preferred Partnership for 3G provider PlayStation®Vita 426
3:05PM GAMING Games to bring visitors to Hutt Valley 164

Wednesday, 16 November
1:04PM GAMING New Zealand-made Video Games Industry grew 46% this year 202
12:42PM GAMING "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary" Commemorates 10 Years of Gaming's Most Iconic Franchise 201

Tuesday, 25 October
10:29AM GAMING Big Game Hunting at Armageddon 220

Wednesday, 19 October
12:33PM GAMING Kinect for Xbox 360 redefines learning for kids with interactive TV, storybooks and games 355

Saturday, 24 September
12:42PM GAMING Pass the ball mate! – Flash Mob fun in Palmerston North 203

Tuesday, 20 September
9:21AM GAMING New Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 Offers Rock-Solid Performance When Your Sights Are Set on Victory 210

Monday, 19 September
5:32PM GAMING New Zealand gamers get first opportunity to sample Gears of War 31 264

Thursday, 15 September
2:07PM GAMING $1.8m boost for online game developer SmallWorlds 280

Monday, 22 August
3:58PM GAMING Orcon adds zero-rated Steam server and other gaming goodness 415

Thursday, 18 August
6:42PM GAMING Multi-year grants approved for gaming societies 251

Friday, 5 August
11:18AM GAMING Save the Kakapo from Extinction with Virtual Goods 215

Thursday, 28 July
9:36AM GAMING Best ISP TelstraClear gives gamers great goodies 223

Wednesday, 6 July
10:04AM GAMING SmallWorlds appoints Nicole Scheid as Digital Marketing Manager 668

Monday, 4 July
12:58PM GAMING Social Game SmallWorlds raises $38,000 for Christchurch and Japan Earthquakes from Virtual Goods 487

Wednesday, 29 June
9:55AM GAMING Don't tamper with classification system, says iGEA 132

Monday, 27 June
12:42PM GAMING Battle begins in search for top Kiwi gamer 144

Tuesday, 31 May
8:10AM GAMING Active gaming sets Kiwi kids on healthier path 206

Thursday, 19 May
2:18PM GAMING The Safer Way to Pay and Play Online 581

Wednesday, 16 March
9:08AM GAMING Join the Epic Battle for Reach Today with the Worldwide Launch of the "Halo: Reach" Defiant Map Pack 210

Friday, 11 February
5:07PM GAMING PlayStation3 delivers the industry's strongest platform results in 2010 293

Thursday, 10 February
12:17PM GAMING Xbox celebrates record year 167

Wednesday, 2 February
10:58AM GAMING Celebrate the return of minis month with our monstrous minis sale this February! 181

Friday, 28 January
8:47AM GAMING PlayStation® Content and Development Support for Android™ Based Portable Devices 144
8:43AM GAMING Ultimate Portable Entertainment System Makes Its Debut This Year 241

Friday, 12 November
11:14AM GAMING The Fight™ available now! Bringing the world of street fighting to your living room. 146

Friday, 5 November
12:11PM GAMING Kinect for Xbox 360 transforms Times Square for US launch 941

Thursday, 14 October
7:06PM GAMING Pokie spend up in third quarter 148
9:21AM GAMING GT5 Statement 172

Thursday, 30 September
8:55PM GAMING Simon Pegg, John Cleese, and Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley headline this October's revolutionary action-adventure experience: "Fable III" 240

Friday, 17 September
1:32PM GAMING Get Ready for Summer Lovin' - Grease: The Game hits New Zealand 804

Thursday, 2 September
11:36AM GAMING New Kiwi Games Studio announces dark PC fantasy Role-Playing Game 2923

Friday, 27 August
9:48AM GAMING "Halo: Reach" live-action short, "Deliver Hope," debuts today 177

Thursday, 22 July
5:23PM GAMING Kinect for Xbox 360 – the hot gift for Christmas Down Under 803
7:50AM GAMING New Zealand's favourite family game brand continues to introduce innovative game play in 2010 471

Thursday, 15 July
11:51AM GAMING "Crackdown 2" – justice returns with a vengeance 362

Tuesday, 15 June
5:00PM GAMING Kinect for Xbox 360 sets the future in motion - no controller required 976

Wednesday, 2 June
4:26PM GAMING The rise of Catalina Thorne revealed in episode 2 of the "Crackdown 2" animated mini-series 273

Thursday, 27 May
3:47PM GAMING Mount up and jump back into "Gears of War 2" with new multiplayer matchmaking features in Title Update 6 252

Tuesday, 25 May
11:18AM GAMING Biggest blockbuster game of the year "Halo: Reach" launches September 14, 2010 467

Tuesday, 4 May
9:30AM GAMING "Halo: Reach" beta in the reach of "Halo" fans around the world 251

Friday, 30 April
9:58PM GAMING Largest beta of its kind for one of the biggest blockbuster games of 2010 422

Tuesday, 27 April
1:57PM GAMING Welcome to "Bright Falls", the chilling live-action film prequel to "Alan Wake" 227
12:39PM GAMING Witness the dramatic "Birth of a Spartan" in the stunning live-action short for "Halo: Reach" 7355

Monday, 19 April
2:22PM GAMING Xbox hits one million Down Under! 5042

Wednesday, 14 April
1:55PM GAMING "Gears of War 3" ignites anticipation as the biggest blockbuster game of 2011 322

Tuesday, 23 March
8:07AM GAMING Take command of the Covenant and a Corvette 331

Tuesday, 16 March
11:44AM GAMING Justice returns to Pacific City with the launch of "Crackdown 2" in July 425

Tuesday, 16 February
12:12PM GAMING Explosive stories of power, espionage and humanity's survival mark the biggest year in Xbox 360 gaming history 692

Thursday, 11 February
11:09AM GAMING V8 Supercars set to hit the Nürburgring with "Forza Motorsport 3" 365

Tuesday, 2 February
8:46AM GAMING Kiwi Game Developers Kick Off 48 Hour Global Game Jam 684

Thursday, 28 January
8:24AM GAMING Record video games sales despite tough economic climate 333

Friday, 22 January
8:42AM GAMING Second "Halo 3" Mythic Map Pack Drops onto Xbox LIVE 414

Thursday, 21 January
7:48AM GAMING Xbox down under celebrates its best ever year 303

Thursday, 14 January
2:43PM GAMING More fallout from pokies 522

Monday, 21 December
10:49AM GAMING Big not always better 410

Thursday, 17 December
1:42PM GAMING Connect to your favourite Xbox LIVE entertainment faster with the Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adaptor 483

Thursday, 10 December
1:27PM GAMING Let loose your competitive streak this coming holiday season 389
1:26PM GAMING The V8 Supercar season never ends on "Forza Motorsport 3" 393

Monday, 7 December
5:33PM GAMING Lips-sync.... Just like Britney! 444

Wednesday, 2 December
11:29AM GAMING Armageddon a huge hit for gaming fans 612