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New Zealand Religion News Index

Friday, 7 December
4:26PM RELIGION Christchurch earthquake: insights into age-old questions about faith 493

Thursday, 9 August
1:15PM RELIGION School of Theology celebrates 10 years 299

Wednesday, 9 November
1:59PM RELIGION Peace Conference 2011 386

Tuesday, 25 October
5:19PM RELIGION South Auckland community asks for tolerance 497

Thursday, 14 July
7:59AM RELIGION Esteemed Scientists to Visit Auckland 467

Friday, 1 July
8:39AM RELIGION Increase Benefits for Children and Support for Young People 446

Friday, 24 June
9:14AM RELIGION Christchurch to host youth leadership conference 559

Saturday, 4 June
7:33AM RELIGION Dalai Lama Trust offers seating to bereaved families for visit to Christchurch 388

Sunday, 24 April
10:54AM RELIGION Researchers show religion and consumerism can go hand in hand 362

Friday, 14 January
10:55AM RELIGION Hundreds of Muslims gather in Manukau 505

Thursday, 23 December
8:54AM RELIGION Spiritual festivities atop of Mt Wakefield, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park 548

Monday, 8 November
3:10PM RELIGION Religions Unite to Tackle Hard Question 424
3:07PM RELIGION Auckland Trust in memory of interfaith worker organises education for holy week 299

Tuesday, 26 October
2:41PM RELIGION First Church celebrates 150 years 437

Monday, 4 October
7:20AM RELIGION Presbyterian Church elects Moderator Designate 348

Friday, 1 October
6:10PM RELIGION Presbyterian Church brings new leader, 350 delegates and donations to earthquake-damaged Christchurch 476
6:08PM RELIGION Presbyterian Church counting $8 million cost of quake; churches holding services in halls 524

Thursday, 26 August
9:25PM RELIGION Witness convention focuses on a message rarely heard: Stay close to God 642

Monday, 19 July
7:45AM RELIGION Not a Million Dollar Home Giveaway, But $25,000 in Appliances Will Do 505

Thursday, 3 June
7:17AM RELIGION Take Your Mind, Body and Soul on a Pilgrimage Downunder this Winter! 637

Tuesday, 11 May
4:07PM RELIGION Study explores religion and mental health care 519

Saturday, 17 April
5:34PM RELIGION Maori Language Preserved for Life 527

Wednesday, 24 March
3:50PM RELIGION Too many kids no longer know what Easter is says Church; gifts Easter buns to Wellington schools 313

Friday, 19 March
11:39AM RELIGION Lifeway College Block Course: Electrifying Your Prayer Life! 974

Thursday, 4 March
12:09PM RELIGION Church marks Children's Day by sending all its churches parenting booklets 337
12:08PM RELIGION New pastors welcomed at Destiny Church Brisbane 360

Wednesday, 3 March
8:29AM RELIGION Spirituality the solution to drink driving 263

Tuesday, 16 February
8:36AM RELIGION Church launches free advice service nationwide on first day of Lent 300

Monday, 21 December
1:46PM RELIGION Controversial Christmas Billboard Priest Welcome in Australia 383

Saturday, 19 December
9:01AM RELIGION NZ Atheist Bus Campaign reaches fund raising target in under a week 586

Wednesday, 16 December
4:09PM RELIGION NZ Atheist Bus Campaign reaches fund raising target in under a week 257

Friday, 11 December
3:21PM RELIGION Spiral light over Norway – the 'star' that heralds Maitreya's emergence 617
10:57AM RELIGION NZ Atheist Bus Campaign Seeks Donations to Spread Message 530

Wednesday, 9 December
8:40AM RELIGION Faiths Join to Stress Vital Challenge of Nuclear Abolition at Melbourne Parliament of World's Religions 248

Wednesday, 11 November
12:57PM RELIGION Auckland Mayors invited to attend Dalai Lama Public Talk 454

Tuesday, 10 November
10:41PM RELIGION Calls to ban 'horrific' film 383

Tuesday, 21 July
1:08PM RELIGION Swapping out religious holidays worth weighing up 317

Tuesday, 14 July
8:51AM RELIGION Hindus criticize Pope for being harsh on atheists 318

Monday, 6 July
1:43PM RELIGION Dalai Lama Tickets Go On Sale 528

Saturday, 23 May
4:02PM RELIGION New Testament for Tokelau 326

Thursday, 7 May
1:07PM RELIGION Methodist Church of New Zealand Trusts Bill 2009 332

Wednesday, 29 April
1:42PM RELIGION Award-winning Author Writing Tarore Story 395

Tuesday, 7 April
12:50PM RELIGION Church to give Easter buns, chocolate milk, to low-decile schools 355
12:20PM RELIGION Easter in the South End 299

Sunday, 29 March
9:50AM RELIGION Hindus laud New Zealand Police for launching guide to major religions 370

Thursday, 4 December
4:23PM RELIGION Christian's responsible for both war and peace says Presbyterian Church leader 269

Wednesday, 3 December
3:14PM RELIGION Parachute early bird tickets end in one week 1180

Thursday, 30 October
9:06AM RELIGION Destiny Church denies 'promised land' plan 2223

Monday, 6 October
4:58AM RELIGION Church to tackle decline by funding growth 875

Saturday, 4 October
5:04PM RELIGION Church condemns religious intolerance; supports all religions right to free expression 289

Thursday, 2 October
7:36PM RELIGION Colourful ceremony installs new Presbyterian Church leader 295

Wednesday, 1 October
6:37PM RELIGION Auckland keeps "Mahatma Gandhi Marg" for street name 456

Friday, 19 September
2:20PM RELIGION Presbyterian Church has new elected leader 487

Thursday, 5 June
10:04AM RELIGION World Environmental Day: Walk or take the bus to Church this Sunday 284

Friday, 30 May
6:25PM RELIGION Churches say NO to cow human embryos in New Zealand Inbox 263

Thursday, 1 May
3:32PM RELIGION Eat less meat, close the curtains and take the bus say church scientists 338

Tuesday, 25 March
9:57AM RELIGION Porn Pastor Tours Australia and NZ 1003

Friday, 14 March
11:41AM RELIGION Minister delivers arts community timely Easter reminder on the REAL McCahon cross controversy 269

Wednesday, 5 March
3:04PM RELIGION New Zealand Parliament refuses to consider Hindu leader's request 311

Wednesday, 27 February
3:32PM RELIGION Amendment in New Zealand Parliament prayer structure sought 315

Tuesday, 5 February
7:51PM RELIGION Thomas S. Monson Named 16th Church President 310

Thursday, 22 November
6:31PM RELIGION Presbyterians support White Ribbon Day 288

Friday, 14 September
2:05PM RELIGION Maori Party mourns the loss of a 'radical bishop' 803

Thursday, 19 July
9:34AM RELIGION Address at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University 560

Tuesday, 5 June
11:50AM RELIGION Book of Genesis contains not so hidden code 386

Wednesday, 23 May
4:00PM RELIGION Sir Edmund Hilary to meet Dalai Lama during New Zealand Visit 526