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New Zealand Weddings News Index

Monday, 24 June
12:34PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Have an Impeccable Reputation For Bridal Gowns & Alterations 75

Thursday, 30 May
3:50PM WEDDINGS Autumn is a Good Time to Celebrate Plume Vineyard Restaurant's Wines and Pure Grape Juice 231

Tuesday, 21 May
7:06PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Recommend Getting in Early When Planning that End of Year Wedding 300

Thursday, 21 March
10:10PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Recommend Getting in Early When Planning That End of Year Wedding 386

Wednesday, 30 January
8:33PM WEDDINGS Kenny & Harlow Bridal Wear Only at Meg's Tailoring 213

Tuesday, 20 November
7:20PM WEDDINGS Weddings, Weddings, Weddings At Meg's Tailoring 216

Friday, 19 October
6:23PM WEDDINGS Make Time For a Day Out at Plume Vineyard Restaurant in Matakana 220

Friday, 21 September
8:14PM WEDDINGS New Bridal Range Dressmaking From Meg's Tailoring 185

Tuesday, 7 August
6:43PM WEDDINGS Time For Spring Brides at Meg's Tailoring 186

Monday, 30 July
3:50PM WEDDINGS Alterations at the Heart of Meg's Tailoring Business 175

Thursday, 7 June
12:21PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Say "Start Planning Now For Your Summer Wedding" 205

Monday, 28 May
1:01PM WEDDINGS Enjoy a Stress Free Wedding With the Help of Meg's Tailoring 183

Wednesday, 25 April
8:39PM WEDDINGS Fabulous Queenstown the New Wedding Venue for Meg's Tailoring Clients 193

Tuesday, 20 March
4:00PM WEDDINGS The Bridal Season Never Ends at Meg's Tailoring 207

Friday, 26 January
4:50PM WEDDINGS Yes! Meg's Tailoring Are Open For All Those Last Minute Alterations 286

Thursday, 11 January
4:58PM WEDDINGS Wonderful Wine & Food at Plume Vineyard Restaurant 237

Thursday, 7 December
8:21PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring's Clients Take the Time to Say 'Thank You' 212

Tuesday, 28 November
8:48PM WEDDINGS Trust Meg's Tailoring With Your Wedding Gowns 320

Thursday, 26 October
4:45PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Love Springtime 215

Tuesday, 26 September
5:20PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Are There To Take Your Orders For That Summer Bridal Dress 187

Monday, 25 September
10:56PM WEDDINGS Best Welders at Reasonable Cost in Christchurch 198

Thursday, 3 August
9:25PM WEDDINGS Spring is in the Air at Meg's Tailoring 289

Monday, 3 July
2:26PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Busier Than Ever With Weddings 251

Wednesday, 28 June
6:26PM WEDDINGS Winter the Perfect Time To Plan Your Wedding With Meg's Tailoring 125

Tuesday, 20 June
1:07PM WEDDINGS Put Your Name in Lights with Smashbox! 138

Tuesday, 30 May
5:02PM WEDDINGS Meg's Tailoring Excited to Introduce New Label Kenny & Hunter Bridal Collection 174

Tuesday, 7 March
11:12AM WEDDINGS Orakei Bay Holding Wedding Open Day This Month 142
11:11AM WEDDINGS The Wharf Are Holding An Open Wedding Day 134
11:08AM WEDDINGS Collective Hospitality Holding Wedding Open Day 139

Wednesday, 30 November
4:43PM WEDDINGS Orakei Bay's Christmas Cocktail Party Package Shouldn't Be Missed 204

Monday, 28 November
9:55AM WEDDINGS Have Your Wedding Dress Made at Meg's Tailoring 175

Monday, 10 October
10:19AM WEDDINGS 10 Tips To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue From Plume Restaurant 208
9:56AM WEDDINGS Time to Think of Summer at Meg's Tailoring 208

Thursday, 29 September
11:46AM WEDDINGS Fabulous New Menu At Orakei Bay 194

Monday, 26 September
4:43PM WEDDINGS Get In Now For Those January 2017 Weddings With Meg's Tailoring 199

Wednesday, 24 August
3:39PM WEDDINGS Winter Spit Roast Menu From Southern Spit Roast & BBQ Catering 232

Monday, 8 August
3:27PM WEDDINGS Plume Vineyard Restaurant Just Perfect For Those Winter Corporate Events 216

Tuesday, 26 July
3:02PM WEDDINGS Book Now For Summer Weddings At Plume Vineyard Restaurant 191

Monday, 25 July
4:47PM WEDDINGS Orakei Bay's Fabulous Wedding Package 187

Friday, 22 July
2:31PM WEDDINGS 'The Orange' Hits Town With New, Exclusive Event Space 400

Tuesday, 7 June
11:49AM WEDDINGS Special Occasions Deserve A Special Location At Plume Vineyard Restaurant 223

Tuesday, 24 May
3:12PM WEDDINGS The One Beauty Product Making your Life Easier 159

Monday, 9 May
1:19PM WEDDINGS Plume Vineyard Restaurant The Only Venue For That Winter Wedding 200

Thursday, 25 February
11:13AM WEDDINGS What To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Caterer in Wellington 230

Thursday, 18 February
3:33PM WEDDINGS Beautiful Plume Vineyard Restaurant Introduces Their Very First Sangiovese Vintage 220

Thursday, 21 January
1:48PM WEDDINGS Weddings Are In Full Swing At Plume Vineyard Restaurant 215

Monday, 29 June
1:51PM WEDDINGS Mid-Winter Weddings at Plume Restaurant & Vineyard 268

Wednesday, 29 April
4:02PM WEDDINGS Plume Restaurant Focuses On Superb Food 301

Monday, 20 April
4:37PM WEDDINGS Lonely Willow Catches the Aurora at Lake Tekapo 205

Monday, 23 February
2:41PM WEDDINGS Plume in Matakana for the Wedding of Your Dreams 308

Monday, 9 February
5:25PM WEDDINGS Auckland Weddings Provides Exclusive, Premiere Event Planning for the Auckland Area 922

Tuesday, 18 November
5:25PM WEDDINGS Celebrate your love with MILK 256

Thursday, 20 February
12:11PM WEDDINGS Summer Time Is Wedding Time At Plume Restaurant In Matakana 228

Tuesday, 8 October
12:56PM WEDDINGS Going to the chapel? Head to the Waiheke Wedding Fair 227

Tuesday, 11 December
1:53PM WEDDINGS RiverRidge Retreat Now Has Almost Full Capacity for Their 2013 Otago Weddings 437

Friday, 23 November
12:56PM WEDDINGS RiverRidge Retreat Offers Weddings in the Heart of Nature 344

Friday, 3 August
9:59AM WEDDINGS Bridesmaids' showcase with Augustine 328

Friday, 26 August
3:02PM WEDDINGS New Zealand Weddings launches new Wedding Planner 267

Friday, 17 June
11:09AM WEDDINGS Marriage rate drops to a historic low 346

Sunday, 1 May
9:35AM WEDDINGS Royal wedding dress created in New Zealand overnight 1571

Tuesday, 1 February
3:07PM WEDDINGS Registrar-General welcomes sentencing in fake marriage celebrant case 282

Wednesday, 27 October
10:01AM WEDDINGS Designer Wedding Gowns by Jane Yeh 636

Friday, 30 July
11:52PM WEDDINGS Wedding Photographer to be featured on CHATROOM 791

Thursday, 13 May
7:53AM WEDDINGS A Picture's Worth a Thousand Memories 282

Wednesday, 5 May
11:35AM WEDDINGS First marriages stable while fewer remarry 346

Wednesday, 9 December
11:11AM WEDDINGS Twitter Wedding 1175

Thursday, 3 September
5:20PM WEDDINGS Aoraki Mount Cook perfect backdrop for wedding proposal 412

Wednesday, 12 August
12:20PM WEDDINGS New Zealand brides defying recession says Urban Gourmet 437

Tuesday, 13 January
12:35AM WEDDINGS Affordable Wedding Photography Arrived in Gisborne 699

Monday, 17 November
7:19AM WEDDINGS The New Rules of Engagement at 657

Tuesday, 30 September
5:49PM WEDDINGS Three strange weddings celebrated 1058

Friday, 15 August
10:52AM WEDDINGS NZ supermodel Rachel Hunter to marry her 'toyboy' 666

Thursday, 15 May
3:26PM WEDDINGS Right to civil union paramount, despite slow uptake 487