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New Zealand Trade News Index

Monday, 31 May
10:11AM TRADE Bartercard Look at the Challenges Businesses Face & How to Use Bartercard For Better Results 275

Thursday, 8 August

Thursday, 26 July
9:13AM TRADE Cleaning Specialists Alex Cleaning Solutions Show The Benefits Of Hiring Small Local Businesses 440

Monday, 28 May
12:10PM TRADE Curtains, Shutters or Blinds – The best option for your Hamilton home 440

Tuesday, 21 November
8:03PM TRADE Buro Diablo Chairs is Built for Active Movement with Superior Comfort 395

Friday, 4 August
1:33AM TRADE Best Home & Lifestyle Online Shopping Store in Auckland 514

Thursday, 17 March
9:54AM TRADE Why Use Hibiscus Scaffolding Limited 467

Monday, 25 January
10:03AM TRADE Rinnai Help Kiwi Tradespeople Upskill With Online Trade Hub 454

Monday, 17 August
10:08AM TRADE Good Electrical's Service Gets High Praise From Customers 441

Monday, 13 July
12:52PM TRADE Rev up the Ride: Why Buy Used Car Parts 388

Thursday, 19 March
1:35PM TRADE All Scaffolding Give The Option To Hire Or Buy 353

Wednesday, 18 December
11:30AM TRADE Plain Packaging Tobacco Bill: National must back Malaysia's tobacco carveout in TPPA 351

Monday, 9 December
9:39PM TRADE Crunch decisions on medicines in TPPA today or tomorrow, Australia already sold others down the river 515
10:33AM TRADE Govt must release evidence to back up Brownlee's $5 billion TPPA claim 450

Monday, 25 November
11:25AM TRADE Outrageous US bullying on intellectual property and health in TPPA talks in Salt Lake City 353

Friday, 31 May
3:08PM TRADE Terms of trade rise in the March quarter 434

Friday, 24 May
11:15AM TRADE Imports rise in April 498

Friday, 8 March
3:30PM TRADE Wholesale trade picks up after flat spell 489

Friday, 1 March
2:11PM TRADE Further fall in terms of trade 461

Wednesday, 27 February
1:08PM TRADE Trade in goods falls for January month 468

Monday, 11 February
4:52PM TRADE Trade Minister to visit Pacific nations 540

Saturday, 9 February
2:31PM TRADE Public Submissions sought for RCEP FTA 371

Thursday, 17 January
3:46PM TRADE Groser welcomes new OECD-WTO report on international trade 493

Thursday, 20 December
3:28PM TRADE Kiwi businesses benefit from EU recognition of NZ privacy law 285

Wednesday, 12 December
11:50AM TRADE Two thirds of New Zealanders wary of TPP that allows foreign investors to sue 306

Monday, 3 December
11:42AM TRADE Poll shows most New Zealanders want government to end secrecy of TPPA negotiations 278

Friday, 30 November
1:23PM TRADE New Zealand welcomes TPP negotiators 234

Monday, 26 November
9:05AM TRADE Trade Stance Threatens Farmers With Cost of Bio-security Insurance 414

Friday, 23 November
2:20PM TRADE New Zealand gains observer access to Latin American bloc 274

Friday, 2 November
2:29PM TRADE TPPA 'non-transparency' hits a new low 314

Tuesday, 23 October
11:33AM TRADE It's Our Future — Kiwis concerned about the TPPA 347

Wednesday, 17 October
12:40PM TRADE NZ-China to ramp up anti 'P' efforts 217

Monday, 17 September
7:00PM TRADE New Zealand to host next round of TPP negotiations 410
11:07AM TRADE Critics Already Gearing up for TPP round in Auckland in December 210

Tuesday, 11 September
12:01PM TRADE Consumers need more clout in telco sector 288
11:35AM TRADE Kiwifruit pollen not as Kiwi as claimed 314

Monday, 10 September
6:48PM TRADE Vodafone accepts Fair Trading Act settlement 284
3:30PM TRADE Vodafone pays hefty price for misleading consumers 318

Friday, 7 September
2:16PM TRADE Wholesale trade declines in autumn 263

Thursday, 6 September
3:45PM TRADE Capital Hosts Biggest-ever Chinese Delegation 208

Friday, 31 August
2:38PM TRADE New Zealand in emerging Asian FTA 259

Wednesday, 29 August
12:51AM TRADE Groser to visit Asia for trade meetings 222

Monday, 20 August
3:09PM TRADE Groser welcomes visiting United States Senator 198

Wednesday, 15 August
5:11PM TRADE NZ to join WTO's Govt Procurement Agreement 205

Thursday, 19 July
1:44PM TRADE Bilateral business and trade with Beijing encouraged by China Council 245

Thursday, 28 June
2:06PM TRADE Northern UNISA members welcome freight study 175
1:39PM TRADE Talking Timber Trade With China 210
10:31AM TRADE Fairtrade awareness reaches two thirds in NZ 161

Thursday, 21 June
6:20PM TRADE NZUS Council welcomes Mexico to TPP negotiations 190

Wednesday, 20 June
1:10PM TRADE TPP members welcome Canada as a new member in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations 273
1:09PM TRADE Canada joins Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations 235
12:29PM TRADE Power of multilaterals 194

Tuesday, 19 June
3:02PM TRADE Fonterra will go backwards without TAF 316
12:51PM TRADE Mexico joins Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations 233
12:50PM TRADE TPP members welcome Mexico as a new member in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations 239

Saturday, 16 June
9:46AM TRADE If Tobacco Policy is Protected in TPP, Why is US Proposing a New Exception? 202

Friday, 15 June
8:25AM TRADE TPPA should not cut off government options on jobs 309

Thursday, 14 June
1:09PM TRADE Key's trade deal puts NZ at risk of being sued 163
8:09AM TRADE National Says 'Yes' to Investor Rights to Sue* 295

Tuesday, 12 June
12:56PM TRADE Results from China Trip 151

Saturday, 9 June
11:44AM TRADE Māori fisheries companies strengthen Chinese presence 365

Wednesday, 6 June
5:13PM TRADE Readout of the Meeting of Trans-Pacific Partnership Ministers in Kazan, Russia 178

Tuesday, 5 June
1:24PM TRADE Groser to attend APEC trade meeting in Russia 162

Friday, 1 June
12:18PM TRADE Terms of trade continue to fall 237

Wednesday, 30 May
3:17PM TRADE Trade opportunities in China to be explored 191

Tuesday, 29 May
3:18PM TRADE Council's China trade delegation strikes gold 181

Monday, 28 May
11:54PM TRADE Groser visits Turkey and Moscow to strengthen trade relationships 147
3:43PM TRADE Ministry to step up ladder safety after injuries 470

Friday, 11 May
3:59PM TRADE Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand Conference 1643
12:10PM TRADE Presentation to NZ US Council 10th Anniversary Conference 193

Wednesday, 9 May
9:01AM TRADE Green MPs back international opposition to TPP 225
8:45AM TRADE Eminent Jurists Say 'No' to Investor Right to Sue in TPP 173

Friday, 4 May
3:17PM TRADE Talking Trade: the New Zealand Taniwha and the Hong Kong Dragon 754
9:16AM TRADE NZ-US Council's TPPA Study Lacks Credibility, Shows Need for Informed Debate 199

Tuesday, 1 May
4:55PM TRADE Kiwi consumers step-up support for developing country farmers as Fairtrade sales exceed $45 million 550

Friday, 20 April
9:22AM TRADE Cigarette plain packaging could come unstuck under secret trade deal 392

Thursday, 5 April
11:30AM TRADE New Zealand MPs sign up to Declaration on Arms Trade Treaty 268
8:52AM TRADE US Abandons Fig-Leaf of Transparency & Cancels TPPA Stakeholder Programme 183

Wednesday, 4 April
2:47PM TRADE New Zealand trades goods with Asia, services with Australia 581

Tuesday, 3 April
8:41AM TRADE Business as Usual for Secret TPPA Negotiations 167

Sunday, 1 April
11:01AM TRADE End to Secrecy and Release of Draft TPP Text Hailed as 'Triumph for Democracy' 210

Wednesday, 21 March
10:34AM TRADE Jane Kelsey briefs Maori Affairs select committee on TPPA and smoking 463

Wednesday, 7 March
10:53AM TRADE Wholesale trade rebounds 161

Thursday, 1 March
10:56AM TRADE Dairy pushes export volumes to their highest level 214

Friday, 24 February
9:03AM TRADE Green Party comment on MFAT restructuring announcement 221

Wednesday, 22 February
2:28PM TRADE International trade in commercial services increases over six years 201

Monday, 13 February
3:02PM TRADE Groser announces New Zealand's new Russia FTA Lead Negotiator 201
2:55PM TRADE New Zealand must embrace long term relationships with Asia 239

Friday, 3 February
3:51PM TRADE PM launches strategy to open doors to China 355

Wednesday, 11 January
2:07PM TRADE Commerce Commission dealing with daily deal sites at the source 204

Monday, 9 January
2:14PM TRADE Crude oil and fertilisers lead increase in imports 225

Wednesday, 21 December
2:38AM TRADE Second electricity company to refund customers after Fair Trading Act breaches 277

Tuesday, 20 December
2:31AM TRADE Groser announces New Zealand's new TPP Lead Negotiator 281

Monday, 19 December
2:43PM TRADE GE Money settles with Commerce Commission on Fair Trading Act breach 277

Friday, 9 December
3:07PM TRADE Telecom lock-in must be stopped 426

Wednesday, 7 December
1:49PM TRADE Wholesale trade sales fall 184

Thursday, 1 December
4:33PM TRADE Investigating how overseas merchandise trade data can change after publication 216
4:31PM TRADE Why overseas merchandise trade data can change 223
1:35PM TRADE Capital goods keep import volumes at high levels 189

Monday, 21 November
2:06PM TRADE Indonesia enters ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA - Joint Statement 182