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New Zealand Forestry News Index

Friday, 18 November
12:39PM FORESTRY Forestry simulator for mechanised operations aimed at growing skills, cutting injuries 373

Tuesday, 8 January
6:32PM FORESTRY Forestry sector works to make safe start to the New Year 604

Monday, 17 December
2:55PM FORESTRY Wellington Regional Council to consider sale of forestry cutting rights 631

Thursday, 1 November
11:58PM FORESTRY Owen Delany Park to benefit from logging 523

Tuesday, 2 October
6:00PM FORESTRY Free workshops to help landowners better manage forests 498

Monday, 1 October
5:24PM FORESTRY Auckland Council deals to Dutch elm tree disease outbreak in Whitford 575

Tuesday, 21 August
4:49PM FORESTRY Australia and New Zealand Arrangement to combat illegal logging 402

Friday, 17 August
11:26AM FORESTRY Tree harvester design a cut above 637

Tuesday, 29 May
7:11PM FORESTRY Local Companies Praised For High Quality Tenders 528

Thursday, 12 January
3:37PM FORESTRY Logging to Start in Arapuke Forest Park 601

Tuesday, 25 October
3:29PM FORESTRY Redwoods forest enthusiasts love 'The Manky' 477

Thursday, 8 September
9:39AM FORESTRY Top Guns in Forest & Wood Industry Named 504

Monday, 18 July
6:22PM FORESTRY New Zealand forestry rising stars revealed 588
9:44AM FORESTRY Glen Warren Reserves Updates 510

Wednesday, 29 June
9:32AM FORESTRY Statement of preliminary issues for Matariki Forests' clearance application to acquire the Selwyn Plantation Board 351

Thursday, 23 June
10:16AM FORESTRY Matariki Forests applies for clearance to acquire the Selwyn Plantation Board's forestry assets 398
7:05AM FORESTRY Inforest Training V8 Chainsaw demo 1540

Thursday, 19 May
7:54AM FORESTRY Parts of Redwoods Forest closed for harvesting dangerous trees 479

Tuesday, 10 May
11:01AM FORESTRY New Zealand's wood industries congratulate their 2010-2011 Fitec graduates 766

Monday, 9 May
3:34PM FORESTRY Institute Of Forestry Elects Three New Fellows 497

Tuesday, 19 April
3:28PM FORESTRY FITEC introduces new safety award for 2011 295

Monday, 7 March
2:21PM FORESTRY Kawerau paper mill gets greener with FSC certification 457

Thursday, 27 January
8:20AM FORESTRY Waiuku Forest to reopen on Saturday 246

Tuesday, 25 January
3:46PM FORESTRY Southern Clams' forest to deliver carbon neutrality 274

Tuesday, 12 October
7:42AM FORESTRY Forestry meeting needs to address illegal timber 196

Friday, 10 September
7:39AM FORESTRY FITEC names forest & wood industry stars at 2010 National Awards 892

Thursday, 26 August
8:27AM FORESTRY Taupo to Benefit From Full Service Carbon Company 'Co2 New Zealand' 454

Friday, 30 July
11:01AM FORESTRY Government Opens Applications for Compensatory Carbon Credits for Forest Owners 259

Tuesday, 27 July
5:02PM FORESTRY Going out on a limb sees New Zealand's forestry stars spotted 300

Friday, 25 June
4:46PM FORESTRY Forest Owners Reap Benefits from Carbon Sale 325

Friday, 7 May
12:54PM FORESTRY New Zealand's wood industries congratulate their 2009-2010 Fitec graduates 200

Tuesday, 4 May
2:26PM FORESTRY Fitec's looking for 2010 Emerging Leaders - applications are now open 277

Wednesday, 28 April
7:50AM FORESTRY Council agreement sign of confidence 447

Tuesday, 27 April
8:08AM FORESTRY Forestry and wood festival targets World Cup visitors 259

Saturday, 10 April
12:50PM FORESTRY Working with forestry - Speech 487

Wednesday, 7 April
1:02PM FORESTRY Joint Forestry/Police operation targets trespassers and poachers 331

Thursday, 18 March
10:56AM FORESTRY Glen Eden and Glen Warren Forestry Harvest 347

Tuesday, 2 March
2:16PM FORESTRY Search is on for the forest and wood industries' top performers in the 2010 FITEC Awards 376

Monday, 22 February
2:53PM FORESTRY NZ's largest log scaling operation opens in gisborne 1037

Friday, 19 February
4:27PM FORESTRY Matariki Forests completes $167 Million investment by Phaunos 524

Friday, 18 December
12:59PM FORESTRY Greens have solutions to forestry downturn 430

Tuesday, 3 November
3:52PM FORESTRY Eco friendly lifestyle block can make cash from carbon 1649

Wednesday, 30 September
12:49PM FORESTRY Sustainable forestry bulletin; Amended ETS Bill details announced 443

Monday, 21 September
10:42AM FORESTRY How will the revised ETS affect forestry? 485

Friday, 11 September
7:23AM FORESTRY $4 million West Coast timber settlement 408

Saturday, 29 August
9:05AM FORESTRY Planting Gets A Year Ahead At New Tutira Block 346

Tuesday, 11 August
6:59PM FORESTRY Fitec congratulates 2009 Emerging Leaders Scholarships recipients 464

Thursday, 6 August
12:04PM FORESTRY SILNA discussion document released by MAF 563

Friday, 31 July
10:16AM FORESTRY Matariki forests to be retained by current shareholders 404

Thursday, 30 July
1:01PM FORESTRY Difficult land may have carbon forest potential 550

Tuesday, 28 July
12:24PM FORESTRY Training key to logging company success 505
9:01AM FORESTRY No new tree planting this parliamentary term 356

Friday, 19 June
9:18AM FORESTRY Bill to amend ETS forestry timing 304

Thursday, 18 June
2:16PM FORESTRY Ratepayers not to Subsidise Forestry Roading and Profits 506

Wednesday, 15 April
3:03PM FORESTRY Hunting Incident in Central District 503

Friday, 3 April
2:51PM FORESTRY Deforestation equals Downstream Degradation 355

Friday, 6 February
9:14AM FORESTRY The New Zealand Timber Industry Federation Calls for Government Charges to be Frozen 427

Tuesday, 4 November
3:26AM FORESTRY Illegally logged timber to get the chop 534

Thursday, 23 October
7:29AM FORESTRY Matariki forests issues information flyer to prospective buyers 519

Tuesday, 7 October
5:51PM FORESTRY Increasing wood availability and potential for East Coast forestry industry 661

Monday, 6 October
2:03PM FORESTRY Greens' woulds for green wood 483

Wednesday, 1 October
6:46PM FORESTRY West Coast Mills in crisis may get remedy 469

Thursday, 25 September
6:47PM FORESTRY MAF grants $0.93m for new forests; calls for further applications 468

Wednesday, 17 September
1:08PM FORESTRY Increased opportunities for Hawkes Bay forest industry 601

Thursday, 11 September
6:56PM FORESTRY Koyto forest owners welcome passing of ETS 375

Tuesday, 2 September
6:57PM FORESTRY Kyoto forest owners support pre-1990 counterparts 401
6:53PM FORESTRY Forestry offset scheme could address Ngai Tahu concerns 547

Monday, 25 August
6:31PM FORESTRY Any ETS scheme must include forestry offsetting 633

Sunday, 24 August
6:54PM FORESTRY Forest owners need ETS passed 496

Tuesday, 19 August
6:27PM FORESTRY Matariki forests to explore strategic opportunities 644

Saturday, 26 July
2:02AM FORESTRY Forestry Industry Must Aim for Quality to Survive 454

Monday, 21 July
7:40PM FORESTRY KFA seeks assurances on Labour & National's carbon credit promises 428

Wednesday, 25 June
5:57PM FORESTRY Central North Island Forests Land Collective Settlement Bill 559

Thursday, 19 June
4:47PM FORESTRY More funding for forestry road upgrades 506

Tuesday, 17 June
5:24PM FORESTRY Flexible land use alliance welcomes positive movement on forestry offset scheme 561

Tuesday, 10 June
8:43PM FORESTRY Clark 'personally responsible' for shocking deforestation data 528

Thursday, 29 May
1:18PM FORESTRY Book Forestry Harvesting Team Now Or Miss Out On Profits Warns Industry Professional 489

Thursday, 15 May
5:32PM FORESTRY Blue and Green Lake forest management 553

Thursday, 8 May
4:07PM FORESTRY Labour asleep on Blue Lake logging 707

Tuesday, 6 May
3:15PM FORESTRY Post-1989 forest owners worried about ETS delay 508
12:36PM FORESTRY Consultation open on exposure draft of forestry regulations under New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme 471

Tuesday, 22 April
4:19PM FORESTRY Grant scheme for more small forests 409

Tuesday, 15 April
9:44AM FORESTRY Equipment suited to New Zealand forestry to be sold in unreserved Ritchie Bros. auction 652

Tuesday, 8 April
9:40AM FORESTRY Ensuring the sustainability of New Zealand forests 341

Wednesday, 19 March
11:07AM FORESTRY Greens support for forestry offset conditional 310
9:45AM FORESTRY Chainsaw massacre continues unabated 463

Tuesday, 18 March
4:17PM FORESTRY Survey shows deforestation reducing 344

Monday, 17 March
4:19PM FORESTRY National Party support for forestry offsetting gives overwhelming parliamentary majority for scheme 475

Thursday, 28 February
10:17PM FORESTRY Deforestation policy not as simple as it appears 305

Monday, 18 February
8:25PM FORESTRY New wood availability forecasts for the East Coast confirm increasing wood flows 583

Thursday, 14 February
3:06PM FORESTRY New wood availability forecasts for the Hawke’s Bay will inform regional planning 396

Thursday, 20 September
5:45PM FORESTRY Maori Party welcomes back-down on forestry confiscation 339
4:39PM FORESTRY KFA thrilled with announcement 298

Thursday, 2 August
6:05PM FORESTRY Prime Minister: Give forestry the same support as film 254

Tuesday, 24 July
12:25PM FORESTRY $6,000 per month election-year spending limit worse than expected 395

Friday, 20 July
9:25AM FORESTRY Te Arawa settlement underlines shambles in forestry policy 353
8:52AM FORESTRY The importance of renewable energy to the forestry and wood products industries 565

Thursday, 28 June
3:05PM FORESTRY Weyerhaeuser Restructures International Holdings; Global Forest Partners Builds on Uruguay Experience, Assumes Larger New Zealand Position 2258

Tuesday, 12 June
8:06AM FORESTRY Totara give away to highlight confiscation disaster 430

Wednesday, 6 June
4:02PM FORESTRY Parker's boasting rings hollow 358