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New Zealand Multisport News Index

Thursday, 26 October
3:29PM MULTISPORT Kathmandu Coast to Coast poised to receive substantial international coverage at Banff Film Festival 254

Thursday, 5 October
5:30PM MULTISPORT Tandem boats section sold out as Kathmandu Coast to Coast builds towards its biggest field 146

Monday, 11 September
11:02AM MULTISPORT Champion swimmer Burmester taking on bucket list challenge the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 273

Monday, 21 August
5:10PM MULTISPORT Multisporter and firefighter affected by rare autoimmune disease targets the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 307

Thursday, 8 June
12:46PM MULTISPORT Labour MP Williams joins city councillor to do Kathmandu Coast to Coast in bid to encourage young people in sport 192

Friday, 5 May
1:55PM MULTISPORT Leuchs has sights set on unfinished business in Kathmandu Coast to Coast 320

Saturday, 11 February
11:13PM MULTISPORT Storming finish lands Clarke back to back Kathmandu Coast to Coast wins 141

Friday, 10 February
5:58PM MULTISPORT Youngster Cameron Jones Stamps Authority on Kathmandu Coast to Coast 157
5:55PM MULTISPORT All Black legend Richie McCaw joins wife Gemma in Kathmandu Coast to Coast 143

Wednesday, 8 February
1:56PM MULTISPORT More entries, more depth and some inspiring personal stories has Ussher excited about Kathmandu Coast to Coast 120

Thursday, 2 February
5:36PM MULTISPORT South African champion says competing in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast is a dream come true 143

Tuesday, 31 January
5:37PM MULTISPORT Guinness Book of World Records holder taking on Kathmandu Coast to Coast on stand up paddle board 152

Tuesday, 24 January
5:55PM MULTISPORT Taking the long way to the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 155

Thursday, 19 January
3:44PM MULTISPORT Leave No Trace at the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 216

Tuesday, 10 January
2:14PM MULTISPORT Kathmandu Coast to Coast shaping up as most competitive in the event's history 186

Wednesday, 4 January
2:18PM MULTISPORT Dual Australian Olympian enters Kathmandu Coast to Coast 222

Thursday, 22 December
12:10PM MULTISPORT Fresh challenge for Rio Olympian Dawson at Kathmandu Coast to Coast 248

Thursday, 17 November
12:22PM MULTISPORT Company using Kathmandu Coast to Coast for team building and to see rebuild 187

Wednesday, 16 November
12:35PM MULTISPORT Kathmandu Coast to Coast joins forces with Cube bikes 176

Monday, 7 November
5:10PM MULTISPORT Currie wants to add to his Kathmandu Coast to Coast titles 171

Wednesday, 21 September
3:16PM MULTISPORT Students Win Leg-up for Kathmandu and Coast to Coast 143

Thursday, 16 June
2:25PM MULTISPORT Kathmandu to help school teams race to the Coast to Coast start line 199

Tuesday, 14 June
5:24PM MULTISPORT Young sports star wins Kathmandu Coast to Coast race entry 160

Wednesday, 27 April
1:38PM MULTISPORT Kathmandu Coast to Coast to help boost tourism numbers in Canterbury 232

Tuesday, 12 April
10:39AM MULTISPORT Kathmandu Climbs Onboard with Coast to Coast - The two biggest names in adventure have joined forces to put race on the global map 316

Sunday, 14 February
12:06AM MULTISPORT Sam Clark grabs first Coast to Coast win 981

Friday, 12 February
6:09PM MULTISPORT Wilde off to strong start in Coast to Coast despite injury 826

Wednesday, 10 February
3:16PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast looms as most competitive in years 536

Monday, 8 February
2:01PM MULTISPORT Late Australian Coast to Coast entry will make presence felt 241

Sunday, 7 February
6:41PM MULTISPORT Christchurch City Councillor lines up with oldest competitor in this year's Coast to Coast 237

Tuesday, 2 February
4:37PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast Australian New Zealand showdown looms 264

Thursday, 31 December
10:37AM MULTISPORT CHIA backing Coast to Coast schools category 652

Sunday, 27 December
9:46PM MULTISPORT Drinking in Coast to Coast with Moa Brewing Co 884

Monday, 9 November
12:56PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast Corporate Challenge offers unique team building experience 422

Wednesday, 28 October
11:39AM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast officially sanctioned by the NZ Secondary School Sports Council 640

Tuesday, 13 October
4:23PM MULTISPORT Paddling kayak in town fountain wins Coast to Coast Giant bikes sponsorship package worth $5000 452

Thursday, 20 August
12:56PM MULTISPORT Aranui High school students to compete in Coast to Coast alongside legends of New Zealand multi-sport 497

Thursday, 30 July
7:05AM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast early bird incentives about to close; Planning is well advanced 590

Monday, 13 July
3:37PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast keen on school entries 381

Friday, 3 July
2:33PM MULTISPORT Early entries in Coast to Coast go into prize pool worth thousands 497

Friday, 29 May
10:51AM MULTISPORT New era beckons for Coast to Coast 538

Wednesday, 27 May
9:48AM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast coverage wins major radio award 655

Saturday, 14 February
8:47PM MULTISPORT Currie and Simson defend Coast to Coast titles 1388

Friday, 13 February
4:53PM MULTISPORT Norton and Jones take lead on day one of Coast to Coast 1373

Tuesday, 10 February
5:06PM MULTISPORT Happy early Coast to Coast winner 293

Monday, 9 February
6:43AM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast poised to be fierce battle 250

Monday, 2 February
1:11PM MULTISPORT World Champ enters Coast to Coast for first time in 14 years 228

Friday, 30 January
3:53PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast has largest field in five years 138

Wednesday, 28 January
2:06PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast competitor 30 kilos lighter and rearing to go 175

Tuesday, 20 January
12:37PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast competitor lucky to be alive 393

Friday, 16 January
11:20AM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast more accessible than ever before 358

Tuesday, 13 January
1:19PM MULTISPORT Coast to Coast to provide massive boost for Christchurch eastern suburb 312

Monday, 8 December
12:04PM MULTISPORT Wellington man tackles his own Everest in the Coast to Coast 344

Tuesday, 21 October
10:02AM MULTISPORT Corporate challenge issued by Coast to Coast owners 343

Thursday, 18 September
11:32AM MULTISPORT Re-energised Coast to Coast on track 527

Monday, 10 February
4:43PM MULTISPORT Juddy's Top 10 Predictions 178

Tuesday, 4 February
1:46PM MULTISPORT Making NZ's Toughest Race More Accessible 106

Thursday, 30 January
2:56PM MULTISPORT Stroke & Stride Series Race Report #5 246
1:58PM MULTISPORT Internationals Attack Speight's Coast to Coast 130

Tuesday, 21 January
2:59PM MULTISPORT Eves Blue Lake Multisport Festival ready for action this weekend 285

Monday, 20 January
11:14AM MULTISPORT The science of endurance: Vaaka Kayak Cadence Sensor 480

Friday, 20 December
8:57PM MULTISPORT Five-Time Champion Returns 256

Wednesday, 18 December
2:34PM MULTISPORT Speight's Coast to Coast 163

Monday, 16 December
2:00PM MULTISPORT International multisport star confirmed for 2014 iconic PGT multisport event! 259

Wednesday, 11 December
11:52AM MULTISPORT Being Skinny in a Fat World 2232

Monday, 25 November
11:27AM MULTISPORT Brazil win men's open, but Kiwis shine on final day 213

Tuesday, 5 November
2:05PM MULTISPORT Big Boys Toys Set to Stun this Weekend 352

Monday, 4 November
10:02AM MULTISPORT Speight's Coast to Coast Champion Returning 212

Monday, 14 October
11:45AM MULTISPORT Records fall at Horizon Energy Motu Challenge 239

Friday, 11 October
1:42PM MULTISPORT Methven Lions launch Property Brokers Big Day at the Office Race 2013 227

Wednesday, 25 September
9:12AM MULTISPORT The Mt Hutt Peak to Pub race kicks off for the 15th time this Saturday 194

Monday, 9 September
11:51AM MULTISPORT Clark monsters Monty's 575

Monday, 5 August
10:14AM MULTISPORT Multisport Superstars line up for Peak to Peak 147

Monday, 29 July
8:04PM MULTISPORT One wonderous day at Waikaremoana 167

Friday, 26 July
2:44PM MULTISPORT 2013 Speight's Coast to Coast Movie Tour 391

Friday, 31 May
11:15AM MULTISPORT Stars aligning for multisport extravaganza 226

Tuesday, 28 May
9:01PM MULTISPORT Ussher's winning Kayak in charity auction 275

Thursday, 23 May
11:11AM MULTISPORT Multisport festival attracting athletes of all descriptions 191

Wednesday, 13 February
11:52AM MULTISPORT "Local Lads" line up for 15th consecutive year at Taumarunui's Kururau Krusher multisport race 318

Wednesday, 30 January
12:31PM MULTISPORT Speight's brings in the experts 139

Monday, 24 December
1:20PM MULTISPORT World Cup orienteering attracts athletes to Hawke's Bay 328

Friday, 14 December
1:49PM MULTISPORT Race Report - Stroke & Stride of 2012 164

Monday, 19 November
2:45PM MULTISPORT Wanaka winners at Waikaremoana 120
8:51AM MULTISPORT Wanaka winners at Waikaremoana 221

Thursday, 15 November
3:03PM MULTISPORT Speight's brings in the experts 159

Tuesday, 6 November
2:37PM MULTISPORT Lake Waikaremoana Challenge 166

Thursday, 20 September
7:31AM MULTISPORT Something Old, Something New 129

Friday, 31 August
2:24PM MULTISPORT Great History in the Motu 246

Monday, 27 August
2:21PM MULTISPORT Olympic MTBer teams up for new Waikaremoana Challenge 150

Thursday, 12 July
12:31PM MULTISPORT Peak to Peak leading edge winter multisport race in its 19th year 126

Tuesday, 5 June
8:53AM MULTISPORT Usshers dominate Australasian multisport titles 314

Thursday, 31 May
10:51AM MULTISPORT Ussher primed for Rotorua return 136

Tuesday, 22 May
8:58AM MULTISPORT Australians hunting Rotorua multisport title 167

Thursday, 3 May
8:53AM MULTISPORT Virgins & Veterans Tackling Crazyman 184

Friday, 20 April
10:24AM MULTISPORT Graham O'Grady Claims NZ Title at XTERRA 128
10:18AM MULTISPORT Expansion Plans Boost Multisport Festival 149

Thursday, 23 February
1:39PM MULTISPORT Race Report - Race #6 105

Monday, 20 February
9:45AM MULTISPORT Police annual raft race on the Kaituna River reaches 5th Anniversary 116

Sunday, 12 February
4:56PM MULTISPORT Double Ussher Win For 30th Speight's Coast To Coast 320

Saturday, 11 February
3:59PM MULTISPORT Impressive Winners & Surprise Finishers Light Up Day 1 at Speight's Coast to Coast 271