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New Zealand Radio News Index

Wednesday, 25 May
11:03AM RADIO Rewind Radio is All That and a Bag of Chips 266

Friday, 23 November
10:52AM RADIO Classic Hits announces new morning host 841
10:51AM RADIO Radio Sport app launched 706

Thursday, 4 October
3:27PM RADIO MediaWorks makes early payment for radio licences 497

Wednesday, 15 August
9:05PM RADIO Sleepless4ChildCancer Marathon 655

Sunday, 24 June
1:45PM RADIO Co-Host with World Record for Charity 1160

Friday, 15 June
12:07PM RADIO Listened to the Lowdown Lately? 462

Thursday, 31 May
4:02PM RADIO NZ On Air: Statement of Intent 2012 - 2015 510
4:01PM RADIO NZ On Air gets behind 499

Tuesday, 29 May
6:38PM RADIO "NZ On Air - a remarkable success story" 753

Wednesday, 23 May
6:35PM RADIO Rural radio show goes digital 613

Thursday, 17 May
2:55PM RADIO Radio students spread the Mother's Day love 612

Saturday, 17 December
2:38PM RADIO Newstalk ZB removes election report 874

Wednesday, 7 December
9:15AM RADIO Jack & Jill TV takes title for New Zealand's oldest Fisher-Price toy 816

Friday, 12 August
9:54AM RADIO Radio NZ moving from charity case to basket case 446

Wednesday, 3 August
1:06PM RADIO Solid Gold Radiothon aims to raise $50,000 for Variety 614

Friday, 29 July
8:57AM RADIO NZ On Air Announces First MakingTracks Grants 627

Monday, 20 June
8:13AM RADIO Release of E, X and Y callsign suffixes to the amateur radio service 599

Wednesday, 15 June
10:03PM RADIO Pacific radio moves Southside 680

Monday, 2 May
10:53AM RADIO Ian Grant launches new parenting show on NZ's Rhema 607

Wednesday, 12 January
9:11PM RADIO Researcher Evelyn Gilbert Talks About What She Has Learnt About PM John Key & More 1245

Wednesday, 5 January
10:18PM RADIO US Journalist/Filmmaker Michael Murphy On The Vinny Eastwood Show With Will Ryan 1001

Thursday, 28 October
5:42PM RADIO New appointments to Pacific Radio Trust board 637

Tuesday, 19 October
1:15PM RADIO Seminar on Future Wireless Technologies 327

Wednesday, 1 September
8:23AM RADIO Radio station prize to balance winners assets 489

Saturday, 22 May
1:22PM RADIO Major client backing for return of local talk radio 340

Wednesday, 8 April
2:54AM RADIO Pulzar FM Defies Recession to Launch new Canterbury Radio Station 1054

Monday, 3 November
9:39AM RADIO Discrepancies between RSM SMART online Register of Radio Frequencies and NZART Callbook 702

Thursday, 29 November
7:37AM RADIO Virtually unknown band to open at Rock2wgtn 1214

Monday, 26 November
9:56AM RADIO Elton John concert in NZ to include features that celebrate his first solo performance in the country 673

Sunday, 4 November
8:42PM RADIO Elton John concert in New Plymouth hosts the longest distance radio competition 763

Monday, 29 October
2:09PM RADIO Half of Bon Jovi tickets sell in three hours 1291

Thursday, 18 October
9:55AM RADIO Bon Jovi to play one off concert 1257

Thursday, 11 October
7:23AM RADIO The People’s Republic of V - Judges Announced! 658

Wednesday, 10 October
12:47PM RADIO All Left Out 'The Conquest' album release tour 513