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New Zealand Tramping News Index

Wednesday, 13 March
5:21PM TRAMPING Mackenzie legacy endures on New Zealand's Routeburn Track 331

Thursday, 31 January
3:07PM TRAMPING Ultimate Hikes opens bookings for 2013-14 with a new season deal 460

Monday, 28 January
5:15PM TRAMPING Otago Highlanders hike the Greenstone Track 384
3:20PM TRAMPING Mystery and history at Pukeiti 402

Tuesday, 22 January
3:01PM TRAMPING Explore rata, rimu and Rivendell at Regional Park 388

Friday, 18 January
6:18PM TRAMPING Blind group on Milford Track 'an inspiration' to other trampers 530

Monday, 5 November
11:41PM TRAMPING Christmas Pressie Hunt on NZ Topo Map 469

Monday, 29 October
8:12PM TRAMPING Ultimate Hikes walking season kicks off 449

Friday, 19 October
3:30PM TRAMPING Mountain Safety Council recommends Tongariro trampers plan and prepare for a safe trip 209

Friday, 27 July
12:23PM TRAMPING Hiking New Zealand and Active Earth merge so everyone can take a hike 258

Wednesday, 20 June
2:07PM TRAMPING Trampers urged to leave written intentions before heading outdoor says Mountain Safety Council 259

Wednesday, 13 June
2:06PM TRAMPING Recent tramping and hunting incidents prompt Mountain Safety Council to remind outdoor enthusiasts to plan and prepare well before heading outdoors 280

Monday, 28 May
11:48AM TRAMPING Mum's advice pays dividend for rescued tramper 252

Friday, 4 May
5:34PM TRAMPING Lake Hayes Track Closure 316

Wednesday, 2 May
1:18PM TRAMPING Waitakere Ranges track closures 337

Monday, 2 April
8:05PM TRAMPING Plan and prepare well for your Easter tramping or hunting trip, says the Mountain Safety Council 238

Tuesday, 17 January

Tuesday, 13 December
3:11PM TRAMPING New Section to Te Araroa Walkway 318

Saturday, 10 December
8:15PM TRAMPING Four deaths in four days a shocking start to summer, says New Zealand Mountain Safety Council 315

Saturday, 3 December
12:41PM TRAMPING Improved Safety System for Outdoor Users 322

Wednesday, 30 November
1:39PM TRAMPING National Walkway Opens at Weekend 245

Tuesday, 29 November
1:19PM TRAMPING National walkway opens at weekend 294

Monday, 28 November
3:57PM TRAMPING Going tramping or Camping this Summer? 188

Monday, 31 October
4:53PM TRAMPING Ultimate Hikes opens for the season 627

Tuesday, 25 October
2:37PM TRAMPING Hump Ridge Track: New Season & New Project 101

Monday, 16 May
5:46PM TRAMPING The Mountain Safety Council Urges Trampers to Check the Weather 100

Thursday, 12 May
4:55PM TRAMPING Vital link completed for Gibbston River Trail 157

Monday, 14 February
1:41PM TRAMPING Hiking in forbear's footsteps 378

Tuesday, 25 January
8:48AM TRAMPING Historic photo opens up window to past for guided walk operator 232

Monday, 24 January
9:33PM TRAMPING New Zealand Topographic Maps made Free and Easy Online 433

Friday, 7 January
11:02AM TRAMPING Walking Tracks Closed 167

Wednesday, 29 September
11:20AM TRAMPING Clive Copeman, back for more photos on the Hump Ridge 211

Friday, 24 September
11:01AM TRAMPING Walking Wanaka's new tracks 346

Wednesday, 21 July
8:22AM TRAMPING Commission Makes Access Grants 326

Monday, 19 April
12:54PM TRAMPING Missing trampers found 246

Friday, 16 April
9:05AM TRAMPING Nationwide Mountain Radio Service Established 210

Friday, 12 March
8:54AM TRAMPING Trampers urged to take greater care 346

Wednesday, 3 March
8:39AM TRAMPING Hillary Expeditions update 321

Wednesday, 13 January
2:23PM TRAMPING New trail opens on Ed Hillary anniversary 351

Thursday, 7 January
6:39PM TRAMPING New Zealand's first woman reaches South Pole 276

Wednesday, 16 December
9:50AM TRAMPING Mt Kaukau Tracks Upgrades 261

Tuesday, 13 October
12:28PM TRAMPING Get an Early Glimpse of the Coastal Walkways New Route! 463

Thursday, 1 October
10:15AM TRAMPING Farmers welcome walk over 289

Thursday, 16 July
11:22AM TRAMPING Bookings open for two years on Fiordlands Great Walks 333

Tuesday, 30 June
6:02PM TRAMPING Spectacular Tongariro crossing made easier 445

Thursday, 7 May
7:13AM TRAMPING Hillary Expedition update 382

Sunday, 15 March
9:49AM TRAMPING DOC freezes campground and hut fees 304

Saturday, 31 January
9:31AM TRAMPING Tramping more family friendly with New Waitawheta Bridges 1296

Tuesday, 27 January
9:27AM TRAMPING Support Grows for Gibbston River Trail Completion 601

Wednesday, 24 December
12:25PM TRAMPING Great Walks 364

Wednesday, 29 October
11:11AM TRAMPING High aspirations for new Crown agency on walking access 310

Tuesday, 28 October
11:43AM TRAMPING Discover the Valleys of Gold for yourself 601

Friday, 15 August
3:09PM TRAMPING Extreme Avalanche Conditions 360

Tuesday, 22 July
1:40PM TRAMPING Mountain Safety Council Praises trampers for sound preparation 786

Friday, 6 June
10:21PM TRAMPING Careful preparation key to keeping safe outdoors 372

Wednesday, 28 May
11:21PM TRAMPING Keep in touch and keep safe advises Mountian Safety Council 447

Saturday, 24 May
11:36AM TRAMPING First NZ expedition to Everest summit since Hillary died 2571

Saturday, 17 May
9:45PM TRAMPING Search and Rescue locate lost trampers 629

Friday, 16 May
10:48AM TRAMPING Modest fee increases announced for some DOC facilities 551

Friday, 9 May
10:55AM TRAMPING NZ and other expeditions prepare for Everest summit after Olympic torch reaches its mission 1702

Friday, 14 March
3:59PM TRAMPING South Island high country connects to iconic track 864

Wednesday, 12 March
3:02PM TRAMPING Fiordland Trails Trust on Track 784

Saturday, 23 February
11:26AM TRAMPING Major milestone for Te Araroa national walkway 823

Friday, 11 January
10:15AM TRAMPING Have a traditional Kiwi off-track tramp in East Harbour 492

Tuesday, 18 December
8:45AM TRAMPING Tramper air lifted to safety 508

Monday, 17 December
10:58AM TRAMPING Acland welcomes new agency 228

Thursday, 8 November
3:42PM TRAMPING Duo to Tackle Peak in Patagonia through SPARC’s Hillary Expedition 368

Wednesday, 17 October
12:28PM TRAMPING Green Party claims victory for walking rights 285

Saturday, 1 September
8:07PM TRAMPING Helicopter rescues injured climber from ridge 411

Tuesday, 28 August
8:14AM TRAMPING Negotiation and agreement the way forward on walking access 317

Tuesday, 21 August
4:29PM TRAMPING Kiwi Climbers Make Alpine-Style Himalayan Adventure through SPARC’s Hillary Expedition 311

Sunday, 20 May
8:15PM TRAMPING Up to 150km to be added to Te Araroa Walkway 339

Wednesday, 28 February
8:43AM TRAMPING Wildlife consultation panel to be established 283

Tuesday, 27 February
6:57PM TRAMPING Concern at Public Access Cop-out 340
6:34PM TRAMPING Release the report 260