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New Zealand Olympics News Index

Thursday, 18 August
9:15AM OLYMPICS TVNZ cameras at SMC for live Black Sticks semi-final 407

Thursday, 4 August
12:15PM OLYMPICS Five St Margaret's College Old Girls in Rio Olympics. 563

Saturday, 11 June
2:05PM OLYMPICS Get Veronica Torr to the Olymics 426

Thursday, 13 March
9:04AM OLYMPICS Kiwi Demand for Glasgow Games Tickets up 800 Percent 441

Wednesday, 3 October
5:48PM OLYMPICS Albany Blues get a golden glow 1959

Thursday, 20 September
1:01PM OLYMPICS Celebratory cake to mark Paralympian's return 404
12:45PM OLYMPICS Share a night with Valerie Adams at the Blues Awards 457

Tuesday, 18 September
1:43PM OLYMPICS Show the Olympic Spirit: Walk to the Fireworks 317

Tuesday, 11 September
9:11PM OLYMPICS Paralympians prove their prowess 309
12:38PM OLYMPICS Another win for Paralympics New Zealand London team 562

Monday, 10 September
5:06PM OLYMPICS London 2012 Paralympics: Medal strike rate 570
4:51PM OLYMPICS Golden glow for Fisher with world-record swim 293

Friday, 7 September
10:21AM OLYMPICS Pascoe claims gold for Roly 412

Monday, 3 September
7:38PM OLYMPICS Fisher makes Paralympic pool her own with 3 medals 432

Thursday, 30 August
9:49AM OLYMPICS McBride seeks glory at Dorney 372

Tuesday, 28 August
8:33AM OLYMPICS Medal tally headlined by class act in the pool 481

Monday, 27 August
9:15AM OLYMPICS Nathan Smith ready to tackle the London Velodrome 532

Saturday, 18 August
2:55AM OLYMPICS Olympics prove ratings gold for prime TV 429

Wednesday, 15 August
1:11PM OLYMPICS New Zealand's Golden Girl takes Gold 448

Tuesday, 14 August
12:07PM OLYMPICS Medals by the numbers 437

Monday, 13 August
2:19PM OLYMPICS Massey athletes rank 27th on Olympic medals table 446

Wednesday, 8 August
2:12PM OLYMPICS 470 sailors on track to follow 49er success 325

Tuesday, 7 August
3:38PM OLYMPICS Kiwi kids claim breakfast record while cheering on the NZ Olympic team 311
2:35PM OLYMPICS NZ Canoe Sprint team hit the water 394
11:46AM OLYMPICS Visa Congratulates Valerie Adams on Silver Medal Performance at London 2012 Olympic Games 309

Monday, 6 August
3:32PM OLYMPICS Massey at the Olympics – update 3 216

Sunday, 5 August
11:31AM OLYMPICS Hewitt and Mcilroy top ten in London 203

Thursday, 2 August
4:47PM OLYMPICS Ramadan and London 2012 164
3:32PM OLYMPICS London 2012 Olympic Games: Medal strike rate 442
12:38PM OLYMPICS Olympic triathletes enjoy relaxed build-up away from London 197

Wednesday, 1 August
5:57PM OLYMPICS McCully to visit London for Olympics, talks 184

Tuesday, 31 July
7:31PM OLYMPICS Massey at the Olympics – update 2 211

Monday, 30 July
6:48PM OLYMPICS Massey at the Olympics – update 1 152
11:58AM OLYMPICS London 2012 Triathlon Athlete Profiles and Media Information 199

Sunday, 29 July
7:17PM OLYMPICS UFO during London Olympics Opening Ceremony 339

Friday, 27 July
2:23PM OLYMPICS Kiwi flagbearer a popular choice 168
1:51PM OLYMPICS Hewitt feeling no pressure ahead of Olympic Triathlon 127
1:41PM OLYMPICS Olympic hopefuls get off to cracking start, thanks to SKY and major Kiwi corporates 268

Wednesday, 25 July
1:38PM OLYMPICS Massey cheers on Olympic team 140
12:49PM OLYMPICS Samsung Olympic Experience Fan Zone 166

Tuesday, 24 July
12:56PM OLYMPICS Olympic ticket warning from London Metropolitan Police 180

Thursday, 19 July
5:12PM OLYMPICS Black Stick ready for London and beyond 293
3:31PM OLYMPICS Media advisory – Teleconferences for Olympic Triathletes 175

Thursday, 12 July
11:44AM OLYMPICS 28% of NZ Olympic team Massey-made 206

Monday, 9 July
8:50AM OLYMPICS New Zealand Olympic hero faces off with own chocolate portrait at Cadbury Chocolate Carnival launch 388

Friday, 3 February
8:30AM OLYMPICS Kiwi Shot-Put star joins world-class athletes in global London 2012 Olympic Games campaign 302

Monday, 15 August
11:17AM OLYMPICS Technical Olympic cycling course will prove challenge 135

Friday, 12 August
9:17AM OLYMPICS Tobin tops medal race for fourth place finish 101

Thursday, 11 August
9:01AM OLYMPICS Olympic Test Event - Lasers set for fiery Medal Race 120

Wednesday, 10 August
9:16AM OLYMPICS Olympic Test Event - Murdoch takes the lead back off Slingsby 128

Friday, 5 August
9:01AM OLYMPICS Kiwis kick off in Weymouth at Olympic Test Event 104

Tuesday, 15 March
4:27PM OLYMPICS YNZ says include Windsurfing AND Kite-Boarding 180

Tuesday, 7 December
11:02AM OLYMPICS Lack on a roll 152

Tuesday, 19 October
5:23PM OLYMPICS Major Sponsor Confirmed As World Sporting CEO Visits NZ 216

Wednesday, 11 August
4:10PM OLYMPICS Youth Olympic Team going for gold 671

Tuesday, 16 March
11:08AM OLYMPICS Kiwi Wins Gold Medal! 490
8:19AM OLYMPICS Kiwi Leads The Field After First Run At Vancouver Winter Paralympics 339

Monday, 15 March
2:55PM OLYMPICS Tough Conditions Hamper Racing At Winter Paralympics 339

Saturday, 13 March
7:17PM OLYMPICS Opening Ceremony Proves To Be A Highlight 245

Monday, 8 March
7:58AM OLYMPICS Networking key to Olympic success 568

Saturday, 23 January
10:49AM OLYMPICS Government support for International Paralympics 268

Saturday, 17 October
8:51AM OLYMPICS Cardrona takes on role as Olympic training ground for top snowboarders 723

Tuesday, 29 September
8:53AM OLYMPICS Chef De Mission Confirmed For 2012 London Paralympics 417

Tuesday, 22 September
8:02PM OLYMPICS Paralympians Selected For 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympic Games 505

Sunday, 30 August
4:25PM OLYMPICS Winter Games NZ feted at New Zealand Olympic Committee Launch 676

Friday, 26 June
4:11PM OLYMPICS Honouring our Olympians 433

Friday, 19 June
3:37PM OLYMPICS Local sporting star celebrate NZ Olympic story 420

Tuesday, 16 June
11:35AM OLYMPICS Celebrating 1,111 New Zealand Olympians 534

Wednesday, 24 September
8:54PM OLYMPICS Paralympians should inspire nominations 300

Tuesday, 2 September
7:29PM OLYMPICS North Shore City honours returning Olympians with citywide convoy 604

Wednesday, 27 August
6:34PM OLYMPICS Sport Minister congratulates returning Olympic team 503

Sunday, 24 August
1:15PM OLYMPICS New Zealand to build on its Beijing Olympic success 495

Sunday, 17 August
8:31PM OLYMPICS Manukau proud of Valerie Vili 1286

Friday, 8 August
8:29PM OLYMPICS From Tai-Chi To Beijing 615

Thursday, 7 August
4:40PM OLYMPICS Open Letter to Dave Currie - NZ Olympic Team Manager 219

Tuesday, 29 July
4:49PM OLYMPICS Paralympic Team Captain Confirmed 786

Monday, 28 July
3:02PM OLYMPICS Currie must stop discouraging free speech for athletes 160

Thursday, 24 July
11:56AM OLYMPICS Telecom and TVNZ agreement means armchair olympians can get off the couch 376

Tuesday, 22 July
12:36PM OLYMPICS Would you like a coffee with that medal? 140

Thursday, 3 July
6:44PM OLYMPICS Relay swim team makes qualifying mark for Beijing Olympics 422

Friday, 27 June
3:00PM OLYMPICS Kiwi Olympians grandson wins own Beijing 2008 Olympic Games experience 230

Wednesday, 18 June
7:42PM OLYMPICS Talented Accor employee to support Olympic team 505

Tuesday, 17 June
5:17PM OLYMPICS Mark Todd Secures Spot in NZ Olympic Team 447

Thursday, 12 June
3:00PM OLYMPICS New Zealand confirms six Olympic nominations as Tri NZ tops the Olympic rankings race 397

Monday, 19 May
6:05PM OLYMPICS Todd and NZB Gandalf Strengthen Olympic Bid 1036

Saturday, 17 May
9:30AM OLYMPICS Westpac goes for gold 383

Monday, 12 May
3:20PM OLYMPICS NZ Paralympians to wear Skins for Beijing 322

Wednesday, 7 May
8:34AM OLYMPICS IOC announces First Youth Olympics to include Triathlon 543

Tuesday, 6 May
7:13PM OLYMPICS Paralympics NZ announces strong team for Beijing 657
2:47PM OLYMPICS Accor's javelin star makes Olympic team 1495

Thursday, 1 May
3:28PM OLYMPICS Crocs provides sole for NZ Olympic team 914

Wednesday, 23 April
5:55PM OLYMPICS Kiwi Torch Bearer Ready To Carry Flame For NZ 2630

Friday, 11 April
9:57AM OLYMPICS Locke calls on NZ to join Olympic opening ceremony boycott 251

Tuesday, 25 March
10:21AM OLYMPICS Tibet protests at Olympia 225

Thursday, 20 March
9:26AM OLYMPICS Olympic torch still going to Tibet 151

Wednesday, 12 March
3:04PM OLYMPICS Hamilton Hero Heading to Beijing Olympics 792
10:27AM OLYMPICS China vows to win pollution race 156

Tuesday, 11 March
11:02AM OLYMPICS Marathon champ's pollution fears 143

Tuesday, 19 February
4:41PM OLYMPICS Greens win gold on Olympics human rights issue 188

Thursday, 14 February
3:02PM OLYMPICS Sports Minister criticised for supporting free speech ban 205