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New Zealand Motorcross News Index

Monday, 27 July
2:47PM MOTORCROSS Moto One Have Tyres for Treacherous Winter Conditions 516

Monday, 22 June
9:59AM MOTORCROSS Moto One Is the Only Place to Look For Motorcycle Parts 462

Thursday, 19 February
3:36PM MOTORCROSS Moto One for Online Motorcycle Parts 481

Friday, 19 August
9:40AM MOTORCROSS Willers confident at London Olympic BMX test event 219

Saturday, 7 May
8:19AM MOTORCROSS Freestyle motorcross adds new dimension to 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games 329

Monday, 14 March
8:10AM MOTORCROSS Championship slide for Baird in V8s 351

Saturday, 15 January
5:16PM MOTORCROSS Rider dies in race 441

Monday, 8 November
10:58AM MOTORCROSS FMX Rider Nick Franklin Profile NZ 2010 478

Thursday, 30 September
4:16PM MOTORCROSS National motorcycling team roars into Queenstown ahead of ISDE 386

Wednesday, 29 September
7:49AM MOTORCROSS Coppins and New Zealand 8th overall in MXoN 321

Tuesday, 14 September
7:35AM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins fights to the end! 642

Wednesday, 8 September
7:55AM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins signs with Yamaha in Australia 305

Tuesday, 7 September
8:15AM MOTORCROSS Coppins 10th in GP of Benelux 256
8:14AM MOTORCROSS Coppins retires from Grand Prix racing 661

Tuesday, 24 August
8:21AM MOTORCROSS Coppins posts strong result in Brazil 255

Tuesday, 10 August
7:55AM MOTORCROSS Coppins posts another top 10 GP result 436

Tuesday, 3 August
7:37AM MOTORCROSS Coppins shows heart in grueling Limburg GP 202

Tuesday, 6 July
11:48AM MOTORCROSS Onboard Video with Chris Birch 244
8:21AM MOTORCROSS Coppins enjoys Swedish MX GP 267

Monday, 5 July
10:29PM MOTORCROSS Chris Birch - Exclusive Interview in NZ 317

Friday, 2 July
3:51PM MOTORCROSS Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 248

Thursday, 1 July
10:19AM MOTORCROSS Chris Birch Wins Red Bull Romaniacs! 484
8:48AM MOTORCROSS NZs Chris Birch leads 'toughest race in the world' 449

Tuesday, 29 June
8:57AM MOTORCROSS Further frustration for Coppins in Latvia 183

Tuesday, 8 June
7:13AM MOTORCROSS Coppins fights for every position in French GP 307

Wednesday, 2 June
7:04AM MOTORCROSS Mixed weekend for Coppins in USGP 240

Monday, 17 May
8:16AM MOTORCROSS Spanish MX GP mixed misfortunes for Coppins 206

Monday, 10 May
8:36AM MOTORCROSS Coppins makes most of Portuguese MX GP 148

Friday, 30 April
2:39PM MOTORCROSS Local Motocross On The South Island of New Zealand 3093

Monday, 26 April
9:20PM MOTORCROSS Coppins experiences tough day in Valkenswaard 200

Tuesday, 13 April
7:24AM MOTORCROSS Tough Italian GP for Coppins 255

Thursday, 8 April
9:51AM MOTORCROSS Coppins consistent in 2010 MX GP opener 243

Tuesday, 23 March
7:51AM MOTORCROSS Coppins ends fourth in Italian championship 226

Tuesday, 16 March
8:10AM MOTORCROSS Coppins takes pole in Gallarate 287

Tuesday, 2 March
7:34AM MOTORCROSS Setback for Coppins in Castiglione del Lago. 313

Tuesday, 23 February
8:20AM MOTORCROSS Coppins tests Aprilia in Valence, France 476

Tuesday, 13 October
7:34AM MOTORCROSS Coppins enjoys mixed weather at Mettet Proximus Superbiker 603

Tuesday, 29 September
8:55AM MOTORCROSS Coppins claims 3rd overall in Belgian Championship 465

Monday, 14 September
8:48PM MOTORCROSS Coppins puts in a strong show at Brazilian MX GP 616

Tuesday, 8 September
8:15AM MOTORCROSS Coppins on the podium 260

Wednesday, 2 September
3:31PM MOTORCROSS Man dead after off-road accident 447

Monday, 31 August
7:08PM MOTORCROSS Lierop sand sees Coppins return to podium 567

Tuesday, 11 August
8:43AM MOTORCROSS Coppins strong in Czech Republic 457

Monday, 3 August
5:12PM MOTORCROSS Coppins salvages a 6th overall in Lommel GP 513

Tuesday, 21 July
9:07AM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins shows good speed in Nismes 353

Tuesday, 7 July
9:07AM MOTORCROSS Coppins loses out in Sweden 315

Monday, 29 June
10:39AM MOTORCROSS Coppins on the podium in Latvia 342

Tuesday, 23 June
8:44AM MOTORCROSS Coppins finds new speed at Teutschenthal MX GP 481

Tuesday, 16 June
6:37AM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins on podium in Kester 246

Monday, 8 June
8:27PM MOTORCROSS Coppins maintains 4th in MX1 World Championship standings after French MX GP 1233

Tuesday, 2 June
7:58AM MOTORCROSS Coppins just misses out on podium at British GP 257

Monday, 18 May
10:27AM MOTORCROSS A tough day for Coppins in Catalunya 461

Monday, 11 May
7:24AM MOTORCROSS Coppins looks for form in Portuguese MX GP 419

Monday, 27 April
9:32AM MOTORCROSS Coppins racks up steady points in Valkenswaard 338

Monday, 13 April
7:15AM MOTORCROSS Tough Turkish MX GP for Josh Coppins 323

Tuesday, 17 March
12:55PM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins 4th overall in Italian Championship 252

Tuesday, 10 March
4:14AM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins 3rd in Ponte Egola, Italy 287

Friday, 6 March
10:45AM MOTORCROSS Can't wait for the gate to drop in Faenza 407

Tuesday, 24 February
9:26AM MOTORCROSS Coppins strong in Valence 400

Tuesday, 17 February
8:18AM MOTORCROSS Coppins sets the pace in Montevarchi 587

Tuesday, 10 February
10:14AM MOTORCROSS Coppins off to a consistent start in Mantova 325

Friday, 7 November
6:20AM MOTORCROSS Short time home 371

Tuesday, 28 October
6:59AM MOTORCROSS Motocross national champs results 1416

Thursday, 23 October
9:44AM MOTORCROSS Catchin' up at Taupo Moto Cross 634

Tuesday, 21 October
7:00AM MOTORCROSS Coppins enjoys Mettet Starbiker 1431

Monday, 15 September
5:38AM MOTORCROSS Coppins concludes 2008 MX GP season in Italy 1374

Monday, 8 September
8:51AM MOTORCROSS Coppins challenged in Dutch sand GP 507

Monday, 1 September
7:51AM MOTORCROSS Rotten luck for Coppins in Ireland 1062

Wednesday, 27 August
6:14AM MOTORCROSS Coppins sweeps Ken Hall trophy 1104

Monday, 18 August
5:51PM MOTORCROSS Coppins achieves two overall podiums in racing filled weekend 425

Monday, 11 August
1:10PM MOTORCROSS Loket MX GP unforgiving to Coppins 965

Monday, 4 August
9:45AM MOTORCROSS Coppins escapes treacherous Lommel MX GP 1250

Sunday, 27 July
7:18AM MOTORCROSS Back from Africa 557

Monday, 21 July
7:31AM MOTORCROSS Unsuccessful South African MX GP for Coppins. 1270

Saturday, 12 July
6:12AM MOTORCROSS Get airborne at the Supercross & Gravity Games 1524

Monday, 7 July
4:48AM MOTORCROSS Tough Swedish MX GP for Coppins 1439

Monday, 30 June
6:00AM MOTORCROSS Coppins triumphs with double victory in German MX GP 698

Friday, 27 June
2:25AM MOTORCROSS Season over for injured Prumm and Townley 1058

Thursday, 26 June
10:07AM MOTORCROSS Prumm sidelined after breaking collarbone 377

Monday, 23 June
9:25PM MOTORCROSS Coppins on form in Kester 264

Monday, 16 June
10:02PM MOTORCROSS Prumm back on top of the world 209

Monday, 2 June
1:26PM MOTORCROSS Mallory Park GP a struggle for Coppins 1357

Sunday, 25 May
7:58PM MOTORCROSS Two boys injured at motocross track 1312

Tuesday, 20 May
5:28AM MOTORCROSS Tough day for Coppins in Mantova 1140

Monday, 19 May
7:11AM MOTORCROSS Girl hit by motocross rider 1288

Monday, 12 May
8:42PM MOTORCROSS Prumm defies knee injury for fourth place 194
11:28AM MOTORCROSS Coppins frustrated with Bulgarian MX GP result. 576

Monday, 5 May
1:24PM MOTORCROSS Scott heads for Europe to race alongside Prumm 260

Monday, 28 April
10:22AM MOTORCROSS Coppins on the podium in Portugal 1228

Tuesday, 22 April
11:53AM MOTORCROSS Bellpuig MX GP marred by rain 4289

Monday, 21 April
12:01PM MOTORCROSS Coppins moves to fourth in World MX1 Championship 258

Thursday, 17 April
5:58PM MOTORCROSS Prumm in bid to qualify for Dutch men's championship round 188

Tuesday, 8 April
11:34AM MOTORCROSS Hurley off to winning start in Australia 242

Monday, 7 April
11:51AM MOTORCROSS Josh Coppins shows heart at 2008 FIM GP Motocross debut. 1537

Sunday, 23 March
11:35AM MOTORCROSS Coppins in fitness race for first Grand Prix 721

Wednesday, 12 March
5:28PM MOTORCROSS Prumm switches to Yamaha for a challenge she could not resist 177

Tuesday, 26 February
10:41PM MOTORCROSS Coppins unstoppable in Valence 365

Tuesday, 12 February
7:21AM MOTORCROSS Coppins second at MX season opener. 253

Tuesday, 29 January
7:12AM MOTORCROSS Back to the cold of Belgium 216

Wednesday, 26 December
7:22PM MOTORCROSS Cleansweep for sherriffs in Wanganui 448