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New Zealand Export News Index

Wednesday, 11 December
2:20PM EXPORT Exporters welcome TPP momentum 454

Wednesday, 28 August
11:06AM EXPORT Minister's manuka honey claims not backed by science 476

Monday, 27 May
1:51PM EXPORT Tauranga Lawyer's Contribution to Local Export Industry Leads to Award Nomination 372

Friday, 24 May
11:02AM EXPORT Exports to China back on track 388

Tuesday, 21 May
2:02PM EXPORT Exports to China held up at the border 433

Tuesday, 5 February
6:49PM EXPORT Investment & Innovation needed for food export growth 429

Tuesday, 29 January
5:09PM EXPORT Exports fall in December quarter, led by dairy 472

Thursday, 10 January
1:45PM EXPORT Exports fall despite large increase to China 325

Monday, 7 January
8:55PM EXPORT New Zealand's Racetech Manufacturing opens US subsidiary 600

Thursday, 20 December
3:22PM EXPORT Govt extends support for exporters 474

Thursday, 13 December
3:08PM EXPORT Trademark treaty a boost for exporters 435

Monday, 3 December
3:12PM EXPORT Dairy export volumes show large increase 421

Tuesday, 27 November
4:35PM EXPORT Exports fall, led by falling dairy values 284

Thursday, 27 September
2:29PM EXPORT Leadership programme to help boost exports 313

Wednesday, 26 September
12:50PM EXPORT Exports to Australia fall in August 2012 345

Monday, 24 September
3:04PM EXPORT Darfield's first shipment off to China 612

Wednesday, 15 August
5:13PM EXPORT Govt to develop broader 'NZ Story' to help exports 434
5:12PM EXPORT Govt releases first progress report on Export Markets 432
4:37PM EXPORT Bold goal requires action 303
4:33PM EXPORT Export strategy a good start says ExportNZ 282
4:27PM EXPORT First Building Export Markets report positive, with caveats 370

Wednesday, 1 August
4:28PM EXPORT NZ to help grow Fairtrade business in Pacific 420

Thursday, 26 July
1:26PM EXPORT Business demands leadership on exports 186

Wednesday, 25 July
4:52PM EXPORT The results are in: ExportNZ's 2012 Survey 274
1:29PM EXPORT Exports fall for second quarter 204

Thursday, 19 July
1:45PM EXPORT Rosy future predicted for Apple exports to Asia 163

Monday, 16 July
1:14PM EXPORT PGP delivers on Government's growth plan 193

Thursday, 12 July
11:43AM EXPORT Port shambles holding New Zealand back 138

Wednesday, 27 June
6:00PM EXPORT Export decline confirms lack of a plan 136
2:16PM EXPORT Pest management programme results in increased exports 225
1:30PM EXPORT Exports of primary products continue to decline 200

Friday, 25 May
2:28AM EXPORT Primary products drive fall in export values 168

Friday, 18 May
12:59PM EXPORT Ethnic firms poised for key role in export-led recovery 230

Monday, 30 April
2:56PM EXPORT Export values fall from recent highs 191

Tuesday, 24 April
12:06PM EXPORT Govt receives international freight report 209

Thursday, 19 April
6:00PM EXPORT NZ King Salmon in influential Japan deals 265

Tuesday, 17 April
1:33PM EXPORT Half of all exporters hurting from high exchange rate 202

Wednesday, 21 March
12:41PM EXPORT Current account deficit falls as goods exports rise 142

Monday, 27 February
2:58PM EXPORT Dairy exports continue to rise while meat falls 199

Tuesday, 21 February
2:04PM EXPORT Priceless inspiration for Kiwi exporters 175

Friday, 10 February
3:15PM EXPORT ExportNZ boosts Korean prospects by partnering with KNZBC 187

Friday, 27 January
2:18PM EXPORT Record-high value for dairy increases exports 223

Tuesday, 24 January
4:22PM EXPORT Turning off the taps of regulated raw milk 165
4:07PM EXPORT Great Milk Subsidy Will Line Foreign Pockets 183
4:05PM EXPORT Malaysian trade mission offering wide range of opportunity 301
4:00PM EXPORT Foreign owned processors milking system - Couper 269

Wednesday, 11 January
2:33PM EXPORT Off the sheep's back: a look at historical wool export prices and volumes 1288

Wednesday, 7 December
1:46PM EXPORT NZ Potato Exports Break Through $100m 631

Wednesday, 30 November
9:47PM EXPORT Export Joint Venture Unlocks United States Wine Market 300

Thursday, 24 November
7:50PM EXPORT Meat and crude oil lead export increase 228

Monday, 14 November
1:00PM EXPORT ExportNZ supportive of TPP progress 152

Sunday, 13 November
7:18PM EXPORT New Zealand and Mexico welcome outcome on kiwifruit cooperation 182
7:16PM EXPORT Japan seeks to join Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiation 214
7:14PM EXPORT Next step in Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement 185

Thursday, 10 November
1:15PM EXPORT Campaign to sell more to the world – "It is time to be ambitious about the spread of business we do" 177

Wednesday, 9 November
5:54PM EXPORT National's Policy On ETS Too Hard On Exporters 180

Monday, 7 November
12:25PM EXPORT ExportNZ welcomes increased financial support for exporters 176
12:17PM EXPORT Govt boosts trade finance support for exporters 154

Wednesday, 26 October
8:51PM EXPORT Unique new Auckland innovation centre to support food export growth 359
8:48PM EXPORT Export collaboration adds value to NZ business 239

Tuesday, 25 October
12:59PM EXPORT ExportNZ Election Manifesto 195

Friday, 21 October
6:57PM EXPORT New Zealand supports improved access to drugs for developing countries 228
6:28PM EXPORT Labour's pipfruit proposals a "sick joke" 151

Thursday, 1 September
9:35AM EXPORT 40% of NZ exporters say RWC will boost their business 174

Friday, 29 July
8:48AM EXPORT European grain-fed beef deal, 'great for farmers' 193

Tuesday, 26 July
11:48AM EXPORT Dairy and meat lead increase in exports 189

Friday, 24 June
1:38PM EXPORT Minister witness to Rewoolutionary Italian contract. 289

Monday, 13 June
7:52AM EXPORT Exporter pain shows monetary policy not working 217

Tuesday, 7 June
10:53AM EXPORT ExportNZ lifts India focus by partnering with INZBC 182

Thursday, 2 June
9:06AM EXPORT Currency 'head wind' more like a gale 156

Thursday, 26 May
8:55AM EXPORT Bucking the recession, GFC, doom: 20 leading Kiwi exporters announced as finalists in Air NZ Cargo Export Awards Auckland 300

Thursday, 12 May
7:43AM EXPORT BNZ Partners BOP Export Award Finalists 2011 219

Friday, 29 April
2:30PM EXPORT Dairy leads increase in exports for the March quarter 161

Thursday, 28 April
5:01PM EXPORT OCR hold sends pre-Budget message 174

Wednesday, 27 April
5:00PM EXPORT Fonterra exports hit record in March 295

Wednesday, 13 April
12:53PM EXPORT Lack of global market hampers New Zealand's emissions trading scheme 170

Friday, 8 April
8:53AM EXPORT ExportNZ welcomes combined international education agency 165

Monday, 28 March
2:25PM EXPORT Secure exporters to benefit at the United States border 316

Tuesday, 1 February
8:30AM EXPORT Meat products lift exports in December quarter 188

Friday, 21 January
5:52PM EXPORT Export credit support extended for three more years 243
2:21PM EXPORT ExportNZ supports retention of Export Credit Office 233

Monday, 29 November
11:17AM EXPORT Exports remain strong 168

Wednesday, 29 September
2:50PM EXPORT August export values higher 179

Saturday, 7 August
11:28AM EXPORT Air New Zealand Cargo Auckland Export Award winners announced 1279

Monday, 2 August
12:11PM EXPORT Malaysia opportunities now there for the taking 216

Tuesday, 6 July
1:06PM EXPORT Export Award Nominations 336

Friday, 2 July
4:04PM EXPORT New Titanium Facility Opens Doorway to Billion Dollar Export Market 649

Friday, 25 June
11:22AM EXPORT May export values reach new high 247

Thursday, 29 April
1:35PM EXPORT Dairy products lift exports 293

Monday, 19 April
2:03PM EXPORT NZ King Salmon sales erupt in northern markets 254
1:52PM EXPORT Volcanic eruption causes headaches for exporters 226

Wednesday, 17 March
11:17AM EXPORT Exporters struggling to get container space 339

Wednesday, 17 February
10:13AM EXPORT New Zealand companies poised to earn billions in global medtech markets 477

Wednesday, 10 February
5:58PM EXPORT CMP Canterbury join Customs' Secure Exports Scheme 571

Thursday, 26 November
9:18AM EXPORT UK to ditch plans for biosecurity cost-sharing 328

Thursday, 29 October
10:56AM EXPORT Export and import values drop from high levels 335

Thursday, 10 September
4:46PM EXPORT Sir Ken Stevens to lead trade mission to China 588
11:42AM EXPORT Exporting 'the most important thing' 400

Thursday, 27 August
12:07PM EXPORT Business, government leaders to turn out in force for GoGlobal 410

Wednesday, 19 August
1:56PM EXPORT Maritime Union says regional ports at mercy of Fonterra and shipping companies 354