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New Zealand Legal News Index

Thursday, 17 June
12:03PM LEGAL Concerns raised that coercion may be risking those advocating for vaccinations 1724

Sunday, 1 November
9:01AM LEGAL Homeowner High Court Insurance Win a Decade After Canterbury September Earthquake 1689

Wednesday, 30 September
7:41PM LEGAL Footprint's newly released Will package offers employee financial wellbeing solutions to NZ companies. 1244

Tuesday, 29 September
7:58AM LEGAL Homeowners Group Suggests Claimants "Hit Pause" Following Dodds Decision 1377

Wednesday, 22 July
12:58PM LEGAL An Exit Package is the perfect way to leave your job 1400

Friday, 22 May
7:46PM LEGAL US Global Tax Explain IRS Economic Impact Payments 458

Tuesday, 19 May
5:53PM LEGAL US Global Tax (Aus) Explain IRS Economic Impact Payments 366

Saturday, 2 May
11:54PM LEGAL BMC Law on Applying for a Dissolution of Marriage 430

Wednesday, 22 April
1:43PM LEGAL US Global Tax Discuss the US Global Stimulus Due to the COVID-19 Crisis 432

Monday, 30 March
4:33PM LEGAL US Global Tax List Due Dates For the Year For Individual Tax Return Filings 291

Friday, 27 March
1:39PM LEGAL BMC Law on Buying A Unit Title Property 332

Wednesday, 26 February
2:27PM LEGAL BMC Law Sheds Light on Cross Lease Properties 266
2:20PM LEGAL BMC Law Provides Details on Occupation Right Agreements 268

Friday, 24 January
12:29PM LEGAL Employees should take disciplinary meetings seriously 606

Wednesday, 15 January
1:06PM LEGAL Bullying in the New Zealand workplace. It's a big problem. 627

Thursday, 19 December
7:51PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explain Enduring Powers of Attorney 326
3:48PM LEGAL It's important to remember the unfair dismissal qualifying period is 90 days. 364

Thursday, 28 November
6:49PM LEGAL US Global Tax Talk About Ever Growing Number of Enquiries About Renunciations 272
1:40PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Can Assist With a Pre-Paid Funeral Trust Fund 270

Wednesday, 27 November
2:00PM LEGAL BMC Law on the Importance of a Will 364
1:58PM LEGAL BMC Law on What Tenants Should Know Before Signing Commercial Lease 389

Friday, 11 October
1:12PM LEGAL Find the Best Real Estate Agent With Agent Finder NZ 518

Monday, 30 September
5:21PM LEGAL BMC Law Offers Advice on Commercial Contract Terms of Trade 261

Friday, 27 September
5:36PM LEGAL Transforming Businesses and Optimising Accounting Processes with Cloud-based Solutions 603

Tuesday, 24 September
5:18PM LEGAL Rethink Your Mortgage Rates With Rethink Group 348
1:08PM LEGAL US Global Tax + FATCA 457

Friday, 20 September
2:53PM LEGAL US Global Tax Aust. Provide Tax Prep to US Immigrants 383

Wednesday, 18 September
10:42AM LEGAL Fortune Manning Ask What Is Your Level Of Capacity Today And What May It Be Tomorrow? 236

Friday, 30 August
5:22PM LEGAL Rethink Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions 243

Wednesday, 28 August
5:08PM LEGAL BMC Law Announces Top Five First-Home Buyer Traps 264
5:07PM LEGAL BMC Law Advises on What Information Trust Beneficiaries Can Access 269

Tuesday, 20 August
6:00PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explain Reverse Annuity Mortgages 283

Monday, 22 July
1:55PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Offer Advice on Choosing a Retirement Village 342

Wednesday, 3 July
6:28PM LEGAL Ruiren Xu And Diamantina Trust v IAG New Zealand: Statement from Lawyer, Peter Woods (Partner – Anthony Harper, ChCh) 1146

Friday, 28 June
1:05PM LEGAL US Global Tax Free Webinar – US Tax for Expats 338

Thursday, 20 June
8:37PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Leading Transport Law Firm in NZ 298

Monday, 27 May
6:06PM LEGAL Some Advice on Applying for a Mortgage From Rethink Group 329
5:48PM LEGAL Fortune Manning + Interlaw 309

Monday, 29 April
6:53PM LEGAL Bell & Co. Talk About Employer Responsibility For Bullying in the Workplace 404
1:13PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Experienced in Start-up Technology 344

Wednesday, 24 April
9:53PM LEGAL Gillespie Young Watson Looks After Your Business with its Commercial Law Services 327

Monday, 22 April
3:05PM LEGAL GILTI Explained by US Global Tax 465

Monday, 8 April
10:17AM LEGAL Wellington lawyer suspended for tampering with trust documents 1788

Sunday, 24 March
9:45PM LEGAL Talk to a Kiwisaver Expert at Rethink Group 466
9:34PM LEGAL Fortune Manning's Recommendations on NZTA Crack Down 406

Friday, 22 February
6:46PM LEGAL Bell and Co. Discuss Types of Employment and Workplace Discrimination 449

Monday, 4 February
11:39AM LEGAL Considering A Family Trust? Consider GYW Law 417
11:30AM LEGAL Signinga commercial lease? Get Advice From GYW Law 417

Monday, 28 January
12:54PM LEGAL Rules for Successful Co-Parenting After Separation From Bell & Co. 358

Tuesday, 18 December
11:53PM LEGAL Some Advice From Bell & Co. On Dividing Marital Assets 385

Monday, 10 December
7:14PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Is the Exclusive Member of Interlaw 367

Monday, 3 December
1:54PM LEGAL The Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018 556

Tuesday, 20 November
2:49PM LEGAL Reasonably Priced Law Services From Bell & Co. 328

Monday, 29 October
1:47PM LEGAL Property & Building Construction Services at Fortune Manning 338
1:03PM LEGAL Autumn Tree Case Highlights Importance of Determining Who Can Sign on Behalf of a Company 314

Friday, 19 October
7:45PM LEGAL Good Advice For Employers From Bell & Co. 474
4:55PM LEGAL Property & Building Construction Services at Fortune Manning 276

Monday, 1 October
6:24PM LEGAL Bell& Co Give Some Employment Law Tips for Start-ups 371

Friday, 31 August
11:46PM LEGAL Bell & Co. Advise How to Prepare for a Mediation Meeting 307

Tuesday, 28 August
6:52PM LEGAL The Reality of KiwiBuild House Deposits and Mortgage Availability 394
6:46PM LEGAL Property Ownership: The Reality of Property Rates and Related Costs 268
6:45PM LEGAL Property Ownership: The Reality of Property Rates and Related Costs 262

Wednesday, 1 August
4:08PM LEGAL On Sold EQ Properties Need Movement 747

Friday, 27 July
8:55PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explain the Bright Line Rule 415
5:58PM LEGAL Stats NZ Publishes Property Transfer Statistics – Sheds Light on Buyers' Tax Residency 307

Tuesday, 24 July
5:09PM LEGAL SME Businesses Advised to Take Extra Care with New Anti-Money Laundering Laws 346
2:19PM LEGAL New privacy regulations established in the EU: what it means for New Zealand 720

Wednesday, 11 July
10:55AM LEGAL Even in difficult cases we can give you the expert advice to help you move forward 501

Friday, 29 June
9:46PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Discuss Certainty on Non Oral Modifications Clauses 227
4:49PM LEGAL Bell & Co. Discuss The Importance of Trust Between Employers & Employees 221

Thursday, 28 June
6:15PM LEGAL Has the Meth Hysteria in New Zealand Finally Been Pacified? 287

Wednesday, 30 May
9:48PM LEGAL Bell & Co. Examine the Question of Mental Health in the Workplace 267

Monday, 7 May
6:48PM LEGAL New Rules Mean More Planning Needed in International Recruitment Say Immigration Law 278

Thursday, 26 April
6:47PM LEGAL Bell & Co Discuss Sexual Harassment In The Workplace 247
4:52PM LEGAL Property 'Flipping' Less Prominent Now 235
1:26PM LEGAL Restoring a Company 269

Wednesday, 25 April
6:13PM LEGAL Recruit From Overseas With the Help of Immigration Law 272

Tuesday, 24 April
4:33PM LEGAL Trade Me Lists Over 5,500 Businesses for Sale as Baby Boomers Head into Retirement 265

Wednesday, 21 March
8:37PM LEGAL New Government, New Laws: Changes to Employment Law in the Pipeline Say Fortune Manning 4432

Tuesday, 20 March
7:08PM LEGAL Bell & Co. Discuss The Removal of the 90 Day Trial Periods 412
3:04PM LEGAL Another Success Story From NZ Immigration Law 374

Thursday, 1 March
2:46PM LEGAL Bell and Co. Discuss Migrant Recruitment Stand-Down Periods For Employers 335

Wednesday, 28 February
6:37PM LEGAL NZ Immigration Law Offer an Online Assessment 289
2:01PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Deal With GST & Services Connected With Land 287

Monday, 12 February
2:16PM LEGAL Cheating Spouses in NZ Are Being Blackmailed for Big Money – Science Explains Why 359
1:53PM LEGAL Infidelity: From Denial to Acceptance 267

Friday, 19 January
7:45PM LEGAL NZ Immigration Law Discuss the Amendments to the Immigration NZ Operation Manual 351

Friday, 12 January
2:01PM LEGAL James & Wells For All Intellectual Property Disputes & Litigation 296

Wednesday, 20 December
10:05PM LEGAL Bell & Co's Services Ensure Your Children Are Looked Are Taken Care Of After a Separation 257

Tuesday, 19 December
11:18AM LEGAL Two more partners for Wynn Williams 258

Tuesday, 12 December
2:08PM LEGAL Wynn Williams welcomes Anthony Drake to the Partnership 250

Thursday, 7 December
8:51PM LEGAL Establish A Charitable Entity With Fortune Manning 274
3:34PM LEGAL Fair Trading in NZ With James & Wells 273

Monday, 4 December
3:37PM LEGAL The Legal 500 continues to recognise Wynn Williams for its legal expertise 295

Wednesday, 29 November
7:24PM LEGAL For Family Law Issues Go To Bell & Co. 277
3:05PM LEGAL CRS Uses Surveillance, Data Recovery to Protect Victim in Gambling Case 176
10:26AM LEGAL Wynn Williams Wins Three Awards at the 2017 New Zealand Law Awards 242

Thursday, 16 November
4:58PM LEGAL Fortune Manning The Leading Transport Law Firm in NZ 291

Friday, 10 November
5:02PM LEGAL James & Wells The Intellectual Property Law Specialists 265

Wednesday, 25 October
2:55PM LEGAL Private Investigators from CRS Investigations Can Assist with Infidelity Investigations 189