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New Zealand Legal News Index

Friday, 19 May
10:08AM LEGAL The importance of trade union law and / or collective law 89

Monday, 8 May
6:06PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Examine A Council Case 72

Wednesday, 22 February
3:27PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explains Public Works Act – Compulsory Acquisition of Land 82

Friday, 10 February

Tuesday, 15 November

Wednesday, 28 September
5:03PM LEGAL James & Wells Intellectual Property Experts Assert "Protect The Brand You're Working On" 139
4:56PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explains New Residential Tenancies Act And Kiwisaver Changes 139

Tuesday, 27 September
8:21PM LEGAL Rainey Collins Lawyers Paves Way for Win-Win Legal Solutions Across Multiple Law Specialties 144

Tuesday, 16 August
10:42AM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explain Mediation, A Different Way Of Resolving Disputes 141

Tuesday, 9 August
11:02AM LEGAL James & Wells Tops New Zealand Rankings For Leading Patent Litigation Expertise 142

Tuesday, 26 July
3:18PM LEGAL James & Wells Joins NZ China Innovation Centre 166
2:16PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explain Establishing A Charitable Entity 112

Monday, 11 July
11:10AM LEGAL James & Wells Joins NZ China Innovation Centre 211

Friday, 24 June
2:53PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Explain The Risks Related To Family Trusts And Relationship Property 168

Thursday, 23 June
11:54AM LEGAL Elder Abuse Awareness: Financial Offences against the Older Population 130

Wednesday, 8 June
2:37PM LEGAL James & Wells Ip Specialists Announce New Partner And Recruit 195

Monday, 23 May
4:22PM LEGAL 'Jaws Bites' Degustation Event Celebrates Innovation In The South Island's F&B Industry 144
9:14AM LEGAL Fortune Manning, Barristers, Solicitors & Notary Public Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary 154

Thursday, 28 April
12:53PM LEGAL James & Wells IP Firm Say China Not The 'Wild West' For IP 111

Tuesday, 12 April
11:09AM LEGAL Fortune Manning Can Assist With All Legal Requirements 212

Thursday, 24 March
11:32AM LEGAL Fortune Manning Advise On New Health & Safety At Work Act 155

Tuesday, 15 March
1:17PM LEGAL James & Wells Introduce New Food & Beverage Innovation Team 196

Wednesday, 17 February
10:20AM LEGAL James & Wells Launch Service To Assist Kiwi F&B Businesses Leverage New Food Standards Regulations 160

Thursday, 28 January
3:54PM LEGAL MHK Chartered Accountants Comment On New H&S At Work Act 147
3:01PM LEGAL Fortune Manning Review New Requirements For Buying And Selling Land 104

Tuesday, 19 January
4:36PM LEGAL Tpp Agreement Significant For Patent NZ Applications Say James & Wells 153

Thursday, 31 December
2:38PM LEGAL Sir Terence Arnold, KNZM 233

Thursday, 24 December
2:37PM LEGAL Supreme Court avoids ruling on judge's incapacity 306

Thursday, 17 December
2:33PM LEGAL James & Wells Ip Specialists Comment On Geographical Indications 165

Wednesday, 9 December
1:29PM LEGAL Fundraiser set up for Scott Watson 156

Wednesday, 2 December
8:36PM LEGAL Court refuses to correct its own error ! 343

Saturday, 17 October
3:23PM LEGAL Forum calls for mandatory drug testing of judges and lawyers: 329

Friday, 31 July
9:53AM LEGAL Fortune Manning Offer A Wide Range Of Services 105

Saturday, 25 July
1:36AM LEGAL Former Appeal Court President Caught Out 395

Friday, 10 July
3:20AM LEGAL Wellington lawyer Investigated After Falsifying Court Order 742

Friday, 29 May

Thursday, 26 March
9:37AM LEGAL Fortune Manning's Role As Property Lawyers In Commercial Property Development 157

Monday, 16 March
1:55PM LEGAL Consumer NZ campaign targets unfair contract terms 127

Monday, 24 November
11:35AM LEGAL Selling, Buying Or Re-Financing Of Home: Convey Law has All the Answers 193

Friday, 22 August
2:54PM LEGAL Laying The Foundations – The Building (Earthquake Prone Buildings) Amendment Bill 325

Tuesday, 22 July
1:17PM LEGAL Hesketh Henry Facilitates Series of Seminars 156

Monday, 12 May
11:16PM LEGAL Get a free online conveyancing quote now 345

Wednesday, 26 March
9:07AM LEGAL Urgent need for a New Zealand Criminal Cases Review Commission 197

Wednesday, 5 March
3:19PM LEGAL Justice Department "fixes" trial of court employee 430

Thursday, 27 February
3:37PM LEGAL Advice From James & Wells On Remedying Breach Of Confidence 215

Friday, 6 December
2:51PM LEGAL Law Firm Lane Neave Wins Insurance Law Award 267

Saturday, 7 September
10:56AM LEGAL Kim Dotcom summoned to give evidence against John Banks 390

Monday, 5 August
9:19AM LEGAL Insolvency policy questioned 189

Friday, 26 July
12:36AM LEGAL Department for sick bird 199

Saturday, 13 July
2:04AM LEGAL Website Publisher Ordered to Prison 189

Wednesday, 26 June
3:05AM LEGAL Citizen's advocate wins pensioner housing case 167

Tuesday, 30 April
12:36AM LEGAL John Banks Prosecutio​n Referred to Crown Law 364

Wednesday, 10 April
3:31PM LEGAL Watchdog nips lobbying judges 222

Monday, 8 April
4:42PM LEGAL Solicitor General meets with protesters 446

Friday, 8 February
1:23PM LEGAL New Timaru Crown Solicitor appointed 134

Monday, 4 February
7:12PM LEGAL Collins outlines plan to improve OIA law 260
7:03PM LEGAL David Bain requests delay 173

Thursday, 31 January
4:18PM LEGAL Appointment round for Queen's Counsel announced 140

Wednesday, 23 January
2:22PM LEGAL Cabinet updated on David Bain's application 198

Thursday, 13 December
4:31PM LEGAL Reports into Bain application released 319
3:33PM LEGAL Legal services confirmed at Hamilton City Council 219
2:54PM LEGAL Queen's Counsel appointed 184

Tuesday, 11 December
8:12PM LEGAL Collins leads change in NZ's drinking culture 253

Friday, 7 December
1:42PM LEGAL Legislation Bill passes 145

Thursday, 6 December
1:53PM LEGAL NZ joins Global Alliance against child sexual abuse online 182

Monday, 3 December
3:18PM LEGAL Minister opens Christchurch PDS 90

Thursday, 29 November
4:52PM LEGAL Legislative milestone for public service reform 150

Tuesday, 27 November
4:58PM LEGAL Minister welcomes Judicature Act review 106

Thursday, 8 November
7:05PM LEGAL New order to protect victims from offenders 180

Tuesday, 16 October
12:50PM LEGAL Conviction quashing does not set a precedent 85

Thursday, 11 October
3:59PM LEGAL South Island Law Firm acknowledged as finalist in Law Awards 120
2:02PM LEGAL Airline fined for not complying with 'do not board' directive 201

Tuesday, 9 October
3:45PM LEGAL Better balance for legal aid legislation 104

Monday, 1 October
5:59PM LEGAL Firm aims to reduce number of NZers who don't have a legal Will 233

Thursday, 27 September
3:58PM LEGAL Consult with New Zealand Immigration Expert Lawyers at Laurent Law 255

Wednesday, 26 September
12:04PM LEGAL New law protects people on jury service 79

Tuesday, 25 September
5:04PM LEGAL "A step too far" says Federated Farmers 103

Friday, 14 September
4:14PM LEGAL Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability 341

Thursday, 13 September
4:26PM LEGAL Further funding puts victims first 89

Tuesday, 11 September
9:26PM LEGAL Council Seeking Clarification In Franklin Boatyards Case 90

Friday, 7 September
11:08AM LEGAL Significant risk in criminalising breaches of directors' duties 67

Wednesday, 5 September
5:13AM LEGAL High Court decision on fixed fees acknowledged 70
4:23AM LEGAL Report on Bain compensation claim received 62

Wednesday, 29 August
2:15AM LEGAL Progress towards modernising patent law 98
1:45AM LEGAL Search and Surveillance Act to commence 181
12:50AM LEGAL Child pornography offences increased, updated for new technology 68

Tuesday, 28 August
6:22PM LEGAL James & Wells – NZ's Leading Intellectual Property Law Firm 576

Monday, 27 August
4:38PM LEGAL Pike River Royal Commission reporting date extended 99

Tuesday, 21 August
12:25PM LEGAL Press release 21 August 2012 355

Monday, 20 August
2:13PM LEGAL Experts to elucidate at UC's legal issues and earthquakes conference 225

Tuesday, 31 July
7:22PM LEGAL Pike River Coal Ltd – one health and safety charge withdrawn 88

Friday, 27 July
3:34PM LEGAL Time to put the boot into insurance companies 92

Monday, 16 July
1:42PM LEGAL Dunne slays party pill hydra 70
1:27PM LEGAL Drug law reversing onus of proof on way 90
3:40AM LEGAL New Zealand judicial appointments satarised 250

Thursday, 5 July
3:58AM LEGAL Wellington District Court swamped with backlog 257

Saturday, 30 June
3:24AM LEGAL Sir Peter Blanchard's swan song 541

Friday, 29 June
5:54PM LEGAL Dotcom case needs an independent review 94

Wednesday, 27 June
11:30AM LEGAL Privacy Issues: Employer using Keystroke Monitoring to collect employee's personal information 213

Sunday, 24 June
12:23AM LEGAL Forum proposes NZ Truth Commission 360