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New Zealand Gas News Index

Monday, 6 July
6:21PM GAS North Shore Gas Fitters 1336

Tuesday, 30 April
11:34PM GAS Get your Brivis Central Heating Installed Before Winter With The Gasman 669

Friday, 29 March
2:57PM GAS Get Your Gas Fire Serviced Before Winter at The Gasman 1296

Thursday, 11 October
9:00AM GAS Tubman Heating Limited is Expanding 1455

Saturday, 1 September
12:18AM GAS Auckland gas expert The Gasman offers deal on Real Flame gas fires 382

Friday, 24 February
6:50PM GAS Gas Detectors Stress Regular Maintenance of Gas Dectors 363

Monday, 17 October
1:44PM GAS Gas Detectors Introduce Radius BZ1 Area Monitor with LENS Wireless 365

Thursday, 8 September
9:47AM GAS Tiger Voc Detector New To Entec Gas Detectors 378

Monday, 15 February
2:23PM GAS Gas Detectors Report Leading Oilfied Services Company Strengthens Its Gas Detection Programme With Inet® 458

Friday, 11 December
3:26PM GAS New Team Member For Gas Detection Team At Entec 490

Friday, 30 January
2:21PM GAS Entec Report Leading Refinery Optimizes Its Gas Detection Programme With INet 333

Tuesday, 11 December
4:53PM GAS Petroleum exploration permits for 2012 awarded 403

Friday, 9 November
4:06PM GAS Improvement in retail gas contracts 495

Thursday, 8 November
3:45PM GAS Oil and gas Block Offer 2013 gets under way 396

Wednesday, 7 November
5:16PM GAS Fuel prices drop – Gull Unmanned sites < $2 Litre 2574

Monday, 5 November
5:15PM GAS Gull Petrol drops 3c at the pump 423

Thursday, 18 October
3:18PM GAS Maui gas outage review finished 542

Thursday, 30 August
7:56PM GAS Assessing the benefits of New Zealand's petroleum potential 448

Friday, 24 August
1:14PM GAS Petrol not as expensive as 30 years ago, says UC lecturer 442

Tuesday, 14 August
5:16PM GAS Gull holds fuel prices until the end of the week 313

Friday, 27 July
1:47PM GAS Gull holds current fuel pricing until next week 293

Monday, 16 July
2:45PM GAS Gull holds regular under $2 litre 324

Wednesday, 11 July
5:59PM GAS Public has right to have a say on oil and gas development 433

Friday, 6 July
12:06PM GAS Gull continues to hold prices 342

Thursday, 5 July
4:54PM GAS Gull holds fuel prices 252

Tuesday, 3 July
6:18PM GAS Young Men Remain In Critical Condition 276

Tuesday, 26 June
3:59PM GAS Gas Leak 207

Thursday, 21 June
1:59PM GAS Gull drops prices - again! 172

Tuesday, 19 June
4:19PM GAS Gull drops the price of Regular 91 to below $2/litre 291

Tuesday, 22 May
4:20PM GAS Behaviour lags behind sentiment in NZ for alternative fuels 415

Monday, 21 May
4:09PM GAS Major oil companies follow Gull's lead 306

Thursday, 15 December
3:37PM GAS Roads closed in Whangarei CBD due to gas leak 228

Monday, 5 December
1:42PM GAS Gas leak 236

Friday, 2 December
12:03AM GAS High Hazards Unit Meets Solid Energy On Methane Spike 342

Wednesday, 30 November
1:15PM GAS Gas Leak 229

Monday, 21 November
12:41PM GAS Commerce Commission progresses default price-quality paths for gas pipeline services 219

Sunday, 30 October
1:49PM GAS Gas supply to be restored to all customers by midday 209

Friday, 28 October
6:25PM GAS Minister visits the Maui pipeline 177
1:57PM GAS Maui Gas leak - definition of "Essential Industry & Services" needs updating 187

Thursday, 27 October
9:46PM GAS LPG helps keep natural gas customers up and running 192
4:55PM GAS Maui pipeline rupture forces museum closure 248
3:54PM GAS Auckland Council crematoria to operate today and tomorrow, swimming pools remain open 216
3:47PM GAS Restaurant Association Urges Hospitality Providers Not To Use Gas 155
3:44PM GAS Fonterra Upper North Island Operations Update 213
2:55PM GAS Minister thanks gas consumers for limiting usage 144
8:38AM GAS More Council sites affected by Maui gas pipeline rupture 281

Wednesday, 26 October
8:53PM GAS Limited Gas Made Available To Fonterra Operations 217
5:05PM GAS More Council sites affected by Maui gas rupture 204

Monday, 22 August
9:10AM GAS Commission releases approach for setting starting prices for gas pipeline businesses 220

Thursday, 11 August
5:53PM GAS Gull Petrol Drops Prices At The Pump 152

Thursday, 4 August
8:57AM GAS Waikanae gasfitter found guilty of Nelson offences 214

Thursday, 30 June
7:36AM GAS LanzaTech's Technology at Center of Indian Cooperation 245

Thursday, 26 May
8:41AM GAS Research shows gas is popular with Kiwis 420

Thursday, 28 April
12:58PM GAS It's time to service your gas appliance 180

Thursday, 21 April
1:09PM GAS That's the beauty of gas 246

Wednesday, 9 March
12:17PM GAS Helping provide the basics with the gift of gas 458

Thursday, 3 March
5:15PM GAS Mobile gas cylinder swap dispatched to Eastern suburbs 185

Tuesday, 7 September
1:42PM GAS Review of controls on LPG complete 296

Saturday, 28 August
9:32AM GAS Coal seam gas pilot programme gets underway 229

Wednesday, 14 July
11:06AM GAS Pipitea St, Welliington 188

Monday, 21 June
9:43AM GAS Commerce Commission releases draft decisions on Input Methodologies for gas pipeline businesses 327

Thursday, 10 June
2:00PM GAS Ruptured gas main - New Lynn 239

Monday, 31 May
12:45PM GAS NZ deep water oil drilling should be placed on hold 193

Monday, 17 May
7:21PM GAS New oversight arrangements for gas retail contracts 220

Wednesday, 10 February
5:59PM GAS Onshore Taranaki Kahili block offer opens 475

Monday, 25 January
3:44PM GAS Homes evacuated due to gas leak - West Auckland 413

Monday, 4 January
7:52PM GAS Crude oil production up as drilling season starts 475

Saturday, 5 December
9:08PM GAS Kupe Gas Project Commences Commissioning 542

Wednesday, 18 November
5:18PM GAS Unlocking New Zealand's Petroleum Potential 451

Tuesday, 20 October
9:28AM GAS New Safety Device to Cut Kiwi Gas Cylinder Deaths 709

Friday, 18 September
3:30PM GAS Fatal Accidents Involving Ignition of Flammable Vapours 1061

Wednesday, 17 June
6:41AM GAS Hon. John Hansen appointed to gas Rulings Panel 319

Wednesday, 10 December
8:34PM GAS Oil and gas exploration opened in East Cape and Northland 509

Monday, 8 December
3:18PM GAS Gas leak - New Lynn 439

Friday, 31 October
11:39AM GAS Gas Authorisation will further reduce prices 474

Friday, 19 September
2:22PM GAS Commerce Commission issues final determination on Maui Gas Pipeline Open Access 615

Sunday, 31 August
4:07PM GAS Nova Gas Energy Prices Not On The Increase 1827

Thursday, 26 June
4:23PM GAS PML 38416 Exploration Well - Momoho 1 549

Thursday, 19 June
4:49PM GAS PML 38416 Exploration Well - Momoho 1 518

Tuesday, 17 June
4:05PM GAS Gold Exploration update - Drilling commences in the Otago Region 1041

Friday, 13 June
1:27PM GAS Origin and Contact finalise NZ$110 million New Zealand oil and gas deal 640

Friday, 23 May
9:36PM GAS Start of Testing of Kupe Development wells (Kupe South 6, 7 & 8, offshore Taranaki Basin, New Zealand) 474

Tuesday, 13 May
10:51AM GAS Methanex New Zealand to reopen Motunui methanol plant 1650

Friday, 18 April
3:49PM GAS New Government Policy Statement on Gas Governance 397

Tuesday, 15 April
9:57AM GAS Commerce Commission issues Maui Pipeline Open Access draft determination 713

Friday, 28 March
10:32PM GAS Kupe Joint Venture commits to drill Momoho exploration prospect 610

Tuesday, 12 February
4:33PM GAS Key milestone for Kupe Gas Project 566

Thursday, 24 January
7:01PM GAS Three more Taranaki blocks on offer for exploration 392

Thursday, 20 December
1:35PM GAS Kupe Gas Project – Drilling commences 504

Wednesday, 5 December
10:10PM GAS Ban on new gas fired power penalises Auckland 485

Monday, 8 October
9:50AM GAS Kupe Gas Project – Ensco 107 rig arrives in New Zealand 1184

Thursday, 4 October
10:46AM GAS Commerce Commission proposes further price reductions for controlled gas distribution businesses 459