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New Zealand Rock News Index

Wednesday, 20 June
12:02PM ROCK Kick Out The Jams Motherf*ckers! 490

Friday, 3 February
3:45PM ROCK A Giant Day Out With Summit 456

Monday, 17 October
12:19PM ROCK Kora to rock Taupō for Free RWC 2011 Finals concert 305

Wednesday, 12 October
9:23AM ROCK Ticket join Dragon and Hello Sailor at the Powerstation 477

Monday, 10 October
2:37PM ROCK The Red Suns - New Video Single Out Now! 433

Friday, 30 September
2:07PM ROCK Red Hot Chilli Pipers Confirm One Extra Auckland Show 414

Wednesday, 28 September
9:22AM ROCK Third time lucky...They're loud, scruffy, and they don't dress like girls 895

Tuesday, 27 September
3:05PM ROCK They're loud, scruffy, and they don't dress like girls 309

Friday, 9 September
8:50AM ROCK The Red Hot Chilli Pipers bring Bagrock to the masses 580

Wednesday, 7 September
5:34PM ROCK Rock your way from Lame to Fame 466

Tuesday, 6 September
10:04AM ROCK Kerretta to release new album 'Saansilo' on September 19th 346

Friday, 5 August
10:07AM ROCK Thirsty Merc announce August date at Juice Bar 439

Friday, 22 July
8:37AM ROCK Cold Chisel are back! 390

Monday, 18 July
2:51PM ROCK Bonjah Release New Album Go Go Chaos On July 25th 495

Friday, 8 July
2:39PM ROCK Scottish Rockers Dananananaykroyd to Release Sophomore Album 'There Is A Way' on July 11th 343

Tuesday, 21 June
9:01AM ROCK Auckland Smokefreerockquest results 420

Monday, 17 January
5:22PM ROCK The Jim Beam Homegrown Band Search is back! 399

Monday, 29 November
1:02PM ROCK Local lads Razor Fox voted Teen Band with the smoothest style 656

Sunday, 26 September
5:52PM ROCK Metallica Christchurch - First Song 588

Thursday, 23 September
9:02AM ROCK The National announce one Auckland Show 469

Sunday, 12 September
3:38PM ROCK Waikato Band The Good Fun Win The 2010 Smokefreerockquest National Final 762

Wednesday, 30 June
7:45AM ROCK Bon Jovi to rock New Zealand in December 430

Sunday, 20 June
2:37PM ROCK Bon Jovi return to New Zealand 844

Friday, 11 June
8:14AM ROCK Regional Smokefreerockquest finals hit Hamilton 178

Wednesday, 5 May
11:15AM ROCK Sir Howard Morrison among 10 new inductees into the ROCKONZ Hall of Fame 216

Friday, 30 April
10:07PM ROCK Guitar Legend Slash to Perform at G-TARanaki International Music Week 484

Saturday, 27 March
2:47PM ROCK Eqwanox release their debut album 'All Roads Lead From Here' on Monday 5 April 559

Tuesday, 23 March
5:02PM ROCK Simple Minds LIVE 365

Tuesday, 2 March
2:21PM ROCK Just One Fix release new Album Blood Horizon 441

Thursday, 21 January
7:43AM ROCK Two LATE-80s kiwi indie bands re-form for a special show at auckland's juice bar... 2043

Sunday, 20 September
3:34AM ROCK The Jesse Sheehan Takes Out The 2009 Smokefreerockquest National Final 1210

Friday, 11 September
4:17PM ROCK Solstate Hit India For The Great Indian Rock Tour and Festival Dates 588

Wednesday, 13 May
2:07PM ROCK Chuganaut to rock Hamilton Central Library 445

Wednesday, 6 May
6:05PM ROCK Jesus Lizard Live DVD Available For First Time In New Zealand 440

Tuesday, 21 April
4:14PM ROCK Cookie Time to officially adopt kiwi band 451

Thursday, 19 February
6:33PM ROCK World Maiden Day  April 21st 5690

Friday, 6 February
9:20AM ROCK Support acts announced for Iron Maiden NZ concerts 499

Wednesday, 17 December
8:53AM ROCK Visa Entertainment announces special presale for COLDPLAYs Viva La Vida tour 1760

Sunday, 14 December
9:51AM ROCK Search for two lucky bands to play opening set at Iron Maiden Auckland and Christchurch concerts 5144

Sunday, 16 November
12:46PM ROCK Neil Finn Announces Seven Worlds Collide Album Project and Shows 569

Tuesday, 11 November
11:13AM ROCK Iron Maiden to play in NZ 632

Sunday, 2 November
12:03AM ROCK The Who announces New Zealand show 537

Monday, 13 October
6:16PM ROCK Elemeno P applaudes exceptional Hamilton youth 960

Tuesday, 16 September
6:49PM ROCK The Datsuns return! New record Headstunts 782

Friday, 29 August
2:09AM ROCK The feelers heartland tour 2815

Wednesday, 30 July
5:44PM ROCK Judas Priest New Zealand concert date cancelled 520

Monday, 23 June
4:38PM ROCK Def Leppard NZ Tour 1131

Sunday, 11 May
7:43PM ROCK Third album an organic one for Elemeno P 935

Wednesday, 7 May
8:39AM ROCK Foo Fighters interview with David Farrier 1435

Tuesday, 29 April
12:15PM ROCK Have It All  ride MAXX to the Foo Fighters 956

Tuesday, 12 February
4:42PM ROCK Rock2Wgtn attracts Hollywood interest 561

Sunday, 20 January
5:11PM ROCK Scores of guitarists apply to play at Rock2Wgtn 746
11:02AM ROCK David Farrier interviews Tom Morello, BDO 2008 684

Wednesday, 2 January
8:29AM ROCK Third New Zealand band to play Rock2wgtn 646

Wednesday, 12 December
11:10AM ROCK Welcome to my Nightmare - Rock2Wgtn 641

Friday, 30 November
2:18PM ROCK 2006 Eurovision song contest winning 'Monster metal bans' Lordi the next to invade Wellington as Easter. 3171

Monday, 19 November
11:49AM ROCK 'Rock2wgtn’ announces the next big name for festival 1372

Tuesday, 6 November
10:11AM ROCK Cassette are back with a new EP for your sonic consumption 402

Thursday, 1 November
6:16PM ROCK Little Bushman Bio album #2 898

Monday, 22 October
5:14PM ROCK Solomon Takes Smokefree rockquest Title 779

Thursday, 18 October
7:56AM ROCK Lemmy Motorhead 2007 Interview 395

Thursday, 27 September
1:26PM ROCK Garageland Return after 7 years 1180

Monday, 13 August
12:26PM ROCK New Plymouth ticket sales records set to break 590

Friday, 10 August
6:31PM ROCK Baby #2 for Jack White 3971

Wednesday, 8 August
9:44AM ROCK The Rocket man returns 526

Monday, 23 April
9:19AM ROCK Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert 695

Friday, 20 April
3:45PM ROCK Red Hot Chili Peppers at Vector Arena 685

Thursday, 8 March
11:44AM ROCK Video: Frat Nation - Deja Voodoo 469

Saturday, 3 March
12:24PM ROCK Video: Alpine Fault - "Sleep" 625

Tuesday, 27 February
3:47PM ROCK Rock the Park 07 785