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New Zealand Surf Lifesaving News Index

Friday, 24 April
5:06PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving season wraps up in a hurry 1285

Friday, 7 November
4:05PM SURF LIFESAVING Regional awards draw in world class life saver 711

Sunday, 11 November
3:51PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwis close in on world surf title 1028

Saturday, 10 November
1:13PM SURF LIFESAVING Hind blinder helps NZ surf team into second 776

Friday, 9 November
2:20PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwis in commanding position after first full day at Rescue 2012 549

Friday, 2 November
10:11PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving National Appeal, Save the Date 523

Tuesday, 30 October
1:57PM SURF LIFESAVING Masters of Manikins and Medleys 912

Friday, 19 October
5:39PM SURF LIFESAVING BeachEd Programme wins water safety award 835

Wednesday, 17 October
5:24PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving: On the beach and online 469

Wednesday, 3 October
2:41PM SURF LIFESAVING State Pool Champs Showcases Rescue Skills 763

Wednesday, 29 August
6:14PM SURF LIFESAVING NZ Surf Life Saving Team aim to take World Title from the Aussies 637

Monday, 23 July
8:44AM SURF LIFESAVING Nippers to Olympians 807

Monday, 2 July
12:52PM SURF LIFESAVING Northern Region Lifeguards awarded for services over summer 1067

Friday, 29 June
5:37PM SURF LIFESAVING Passionate Surf Life Saving Supporter Drives Away in Style 655

Wednesday, 4 April
4:57PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving Patrol Season Winds Down 334

Wednesday, 14 March
4:41PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Lifeguards battle for top club honours with support of State 415

Monday, 19 December
1:06PM SURF LIFESAVING National Jandal Day Raises $380,000 For Surf Life Saving 379

Friday, 2 December
5:16PM SURF LIFESAVING Prime Minister Supports National Jandal Day 668

Thursday, 1 December
3:19PM SURF LIFESAVING Jandals The Order Of The Day Tomorrow For Surf Life Saving's National Jandal Day 525

Monday, 28 November
8:17AM SURF LIFESAVING Karekare Lifesavers Struggle to Maintain Rescue Service 746

Friday, 11 November
5:48PM SURF LIFESAVING Survivor of near drowning supports National Jandal Day 732
2:23PM SURF LIFESAVING Survivor of near drowning calls on the public to dig deep for Surf Life Saving's National Jandal Day 396

Tuesday, 8 November
2:57PM SURF LIFESAVING National Jandal Day - 2 December 2011 892

Tuesday, 25 October
2:21PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Lifeguards Search For Missing Men At Port Waikato 272

Tuesday, 18 October
3:03PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Lifeguards prepare to begin patrols 402

Wednesday, 27 July
12:41PM SURF LIFESAVING New Zealand's top Surf Lifeguards honoured at Government House 401

Wednesday, 13 April
2:44PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving celebrates 100 years in Christchurch 548

Monday, 11 April
5:37PM SURF LIFESAVING BP presents inflatable rescue boat to popular Surf Life Saving Club 755

Monday, 4 April
8:21AM SURF LIFESAVING East End complete dominant IRB nationals 833

Sunday, 3 April
2:06PM SURF LIFESAVING East End continue IRB dominance 1518

Saturday, 2 April
12:23PM SURF LIFESAVING East End start IRB nationals with win 541

Wednesday, 30 March
8:44AM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving New Zealand encourages basic safety precautions 243

Monday, 14 March
7:58AM SURF LIFESAVING Moors scores career-best surf win 659

Thursday, 10 March
1:59PM SURF LIFESAVING Late entry could boost MacDonald's sprint stretch 424

Wednesday, 9 March
6:09PM SURF LIFESAVING Beach flags royalty heading to Mount Maunganui 732

Monday, 28 February
7:45AM SURF LIFESAVING Epic finish to Oceans 11 629

Saturday, 26 February
7:50AM SURF LIFESAVING No Surf Life Saving Patrols in Christchurch this weekend 200

Wednesday, 23 February
12:03PM SURF LIFESAVING Lifeguards busy at Himatangi Beach 223

Tuesday, 22 February
10:38AM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving emphasizes importance of Swimming Between the Flags 163

Friday, 18 February
8:15AM SURF LIFESAVING BP donate inflatable rescue boat to New Zealand's most popular Surf Life Saving Club 282

Friday, 11 February
8:12AM SURF LIFESAVING Surf boat series set for thrilling finale 308

Monday, 7 February
8:27AM SURF LIFESAVING Taranaki take third Surf League title 199

Saturday, 5 February
12:50PM SURF LIFESAVING Aussies complete clean surf sweep 248

Thursday, 3 February
7:42AM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwis fight back in second surf test 508

Wednesday, 2 February
9:08AM SURF LIFESAVING Sporting extravaganza provides perfect welcome for Six Surf Lifeguards 204

Tuesday, 1 February
8:08AM SURF LIFESAVING Australia dominates first surf lifesaving test 222

Monday, 31 January
9:14AM SURF LIFESAVING Moors takes out NRCs ironman 674
9:13AM SURF LIFESAVING Moodie doubtful for first surf lifesaving test 374

Saturday, 29 January
12:46PM SURF LIFESAVING Internationals boost surf festival opener 438

Friday, 21 January
8:34AM SURF LIFESAVING Anderson back in surf lifesaving fray 2017

Thursday, 20 January
8:25AM SURF LIFESAVING Eckstein to lead Aussie surf charge in NZ 328

Tuesday, 18 January
9:31AM SURF LIFESAVING DHL Summer Grant helps Surf Life Saving deliver safer beaches 140

Tuesday, 4 January
2:19PM SURF LIFESAVING Huge surf at Portsea rocks Kiwi Ironman Janes 517
2:11PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving goes interactive at Aotea Square to celebrate 100 years 588

Monday, 20 December
7:25AM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwi's ironman chances end up in the drink 411

Monday, 13 December
8:16AM SURF LIFESAVING East End dominate North Island IRBs 1228

Friday, 10 December
4:53PM SURF LIFESAVING New Zealand surf lifesaving team named 1572
8:35AM SURF LIFESAVING $50,000 to coastguard and surf life savers 174

Thursday, 9 December
2:40PM SURF LIFESAVING World champions highlight North Island IRB titles 185

Sunday, 5 December
12:37PM SURF LIFESAVING Winning ways continue for Titahi Bay 879

Thursday, 2 December
1:04PM SURF LIFESAVING Tip Top and Surf Life Saving New Zealand launch sizzling summer partnership 490

Monday, 29 November
2:58PM SURF LIFESAVING National Jandal Day 1109

Wednesday, 17 November
3:31PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwi Janes one to watch for opener 184

Friday, 5 November
4:53PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwis line up in iconic Coolangatta Gold 535

Tuesday, 2 November
4:49PM SURF LIFESAVING Stamps mark 100 years of Surf Life Saving 912

Thursday, 21 October
6:47PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Saving celebrates 100 Years as Patrol Season is set to begin 649

Sunday, 10 October
1:13PM SURF LIFESAVING Brilliant Kiwi charge comes up just short 285

Thursday, 7 October
8:26PM SURF LIFESAVING Anderson gives timely boost to NZ surf team 255

Tuesday, 5 October
5:05PM SURF LIFESAVING Coach confident of world surf lifesaving success 190

Monday, 4 October
8:53AM SURF LIFESAVING Lyall Bay dominates State New Zealand Pool Championships 361

Thursday, 30 September
6:07PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwi Janes grabs surf series spot 149

Sunday, 19 September
3:50PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwi Ironmen fail to qualify for pro series 241

Friday, 17 September
7:42AM SURF LIFESAVING Moodie aims for surf lifesaving series return 1165

Thursday, 16 September
11:36AM SURF LIFESAVING DHL Volunteers deliver helping hand to Surf Life Saving Clubs 467

Wednesday, 15 September
7:23AM SURF LIFESAVING Moodie looking to keep place in revamped Ironman Series 616

Friday, 3 September
11:56AM SURF LIFESAVING Donation sees 200 Surf Lifeguards achieve first-aid qualification 462

Friday, 18 June
5:10PM SURF LIFESAVING Unprecedented aquatic partnership allows Surf Life Saving to increase services 234

Monday, 7 June
9:27AM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwis dominate Australian surf rivals 218

Thursday, 6 May
7:39AM SURF LIFESAVING New guidelines for open water safety 384

Tuesday, 20 April
6:45PM SURF LIFESAVING ANZAC's to establish Surf Life Saving movement in Gallipoli 859

Friday, 16 April
7:53AM SURF LIFESAVING NZ surf lifesaving team named 348

Wednesday, 14 April
12:15PM SURF LIFESAVING Surf Life Savings patrol season winds down 210

Sunday, 28 March
4:33PM SURF LIFESAVING Mumby, Scott finish IRB career on high 1219

Saturday, 27 March
9:13AM SURF LIFESAVING East End pair start IRB nationals strong 767

Thursday, 25 March
5:01PM SURF LIFESAVING Dynamic duo set to exit IRB scene 697

Monday, 22 March
8:27AM SURF LIFESAVING Medal haul for Kiwi surf lifesavers 893

Saturday, 20 March
7:53PM SURF LIFESAVING Maples grabs silver on emotional surf day 570

Friday, 19 March
9:34PM SURF LIFESAVING Moodie through but death casts pall over Aussie champs 380

Thursday, 18 March
5:45PM SURF LIFESAVING Janes grabs early bronze in Australian surf champs 594

Tuesday, 16 March
10:44PM SURF LIFESAVING Cyclone looms for Kiwi surf lifesaving competitors 1647

Monday, 15 March
8:08AM SURF LIFESAVING Moodie grabs fifth ironman crown at nationals 1239

Saturday, 13 March
7:14PM SURF LIFESAVING Rookie Harris stuns flags favourites at nationals 1170
9:27AM SURF LIFESAVING Dream day for surf lifesaving star Anderson 2834

Friday, 12 March
7:35AM SURF LIFESAVING Omanu master surf lifesaving's aged brigade 2129

Thursday, 11 March
3:52PM SURF LIFESAVING More than 1,500 Surf Lifeguards gather at NZCT Champs 437

Wednesday, 10 March
2:04PM SURF LIFESAVING Stars align for surf lifesaving nationals 1287

Tuesday, 2 March
5:10PM SURF LIFESAVING Kiwis take "unnecessary risks" on the beach 290

Monday, 1 March
8:49AM SURF LIFESAVING WBOP Police praise assistance of local Surf Life Saving Clubs during Tsunami Alert 625
6:57AM SURF LIFESAVING Lyall Bay defy Tsunami to grab maiden Ocean Athlete win 931
6:47AM SURF LIFESAVING Ocean Athlete results 1412