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New Zealand Real Estate News Index

Saturday, 31 July
10:21AM REAL ESTATE Ilse Evans Reports "Crazy Hot Market Right Now"! 127

Thursday, 29 July
4:55PM REAL ESTATE Solution Street's Homes Come With a Homestar Rating 171

Thursday, 24 June
1:20PM REAL ESTATE First Home Buyers' Help & Property Advice at Solution Street 560

Monday, 31 May
12:55PM REAL ESTATE The Vines at Bethlehem is the Epitome in Luxury Retirement Homes 386

Sunday, 30 May
2:08AM REAL ESTATE City Sales Best Positioned to Advise on Complicated Purchases 368
1:48AM REAL ESTATE Solution Street For Brand New Affordable Homes in Auckland 197

Thursday, 6 May
1:58PM REAL ESTATE Pros to Professional Window Cleaning 666

Wednesday, 28 April
11:17AM REAL ESTATE New residential apartments set to electrify Kingsland 254

Friday, 2 April
3:50AM REAL ESTATE Why Turnkey Homes are Popular Amongst Millennials 817

Monday, 8 March
5:50PM REAL ESTATE How to Add Resale Value to Your Home 856

Friday, 26 February
11:59AM REAL ESTATE How the New Tenancy Changes Will Affect Your Rental 886
11:23AM REAL ESTATE The Rise of Architecturally Designed Homes 789

Thursday, 25 February
11:11AM REAL ESTATE Transportable Homes as Holiday Homes 597

Monday, 1 February
7:53PM REAL ESTATE Craft Homes Look at Political Parties' Proposed Answers to the Climate Change Question 699

Tuesday, 1 December
2:49PM REAL ESTATE Craft Homes Seeing Increasing Levels of Interest in High-Performance Builds 1133

Thursday, 22 October
7:53PM REAL ESTATE Property Management on the North Shore 951

Thursday, 1 October
10:42PM REAL ESTATE Craft Homes are Confident that a Quality Home Can be Built For the Same Price as a Minimum Code Home 1394

Monday, 27 July
4:05PM REAL ESTATE 10 Ways to increase Rental return on investment properties 1351

Wednesday, 1 July
12:27PM REAL ESTATE Solution Street's Papakura Site in High Demand as First-Time Homebuyers Enter Auckland Market 1191

Friday, 26 June
6:27PM REAL ESTATE City Sales See Clearance Rates at Auctions Just as Good as Pre-Lockdown 299

Thursday, 25 June
1:18PM REAL ESTATE Drew Miller - Central Realty "He who laughs loudest sells houses". 336

Friday, 29 May
6:08PM REAL ESTATE The Advantages of Engaging Trust Property Management Services 878

Wednesday, 27 May
7:49PM REAL ESTATE Ilse Evans Says Property Remains a Desirable Medium During COVID-19 362

Monday, 18 May
12:21PM REAL ESTATE Solution Street's "Ask an Expert" Series Tackles Covid-19 Questions from First Home Buyers 406

Wednesday, 6 May

Tuesday, 28 April
3:42PM REAL ESTATE Giving Landlords Peace of Mind at Lochore's Property Management 316

Friday, 24 April
9:25PM REAL ESTATE What is my home really worth? 416
9:15PM REAL ESTATE Who pays for tenant improvements? 583

Thursday, 23 April
3:48PM REAL ESTATE Udy Realty Outline Their COVIS-19 Procedures 480

Monday, 20 April
6:03PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Feature Top of the Town Apartment 461

Monday, 30 March
11:44PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Assist Landlords With their Healthy Homes Compliance 473

Friday, 27 March
5:17PM REAL ESTATE How Lochore's Real Estate Assist Their Clients to Manage their Properties 453
5:02AM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Invites Nominations for Charity Draw 402

Thursday, 26 March
1:28PM REAL ESTATE Thinking of Renovating your Rental Property to Add Equity Value? 422

Wednesday, 25 March
6:34PM REAL ESTATE Anthem Homes Talk About The Advantages of New Build v Existing House Buy 374
1:34PM REAL ESTATE City Sales' Auction Success Rate Hits 100% 407

Tuesday, 24 March
12:26PM REAL ESTATE Udy Realty Say Property Maintenance is Good For Business 437

Saturday, 21 March
5:30PM REAL ESTATE Guide to Renovating Rental/Investment Properties in New Zealand 587

Tuesday, 17 March
9:53PM REAL ESTATE Cost Guide To Plastering For New Zealand Homes (2020) by Superior Painters 612

Thursday, 27 February
12:53PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation to Develop 26 Townhouses on Salisbury Street 400

Wednesday, 26 February
4:59PM REAL ESTATE Lochore's Real Estate Manage Your Property to Government Healthy Homes Standards 294

Tuesday, 25 February
2:08PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Poised For Property Price Boom in 2020 284

Friday, 21 February
2:19PM REAL ESTATE House & Land Packages in Hamilton with Anthem Homes 428
2:08PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder Explain How to Compare Real Estate Agents 416
1:35PM REAL ESTATE Udy Realty Disect the Words 'Reasonably Clean' Pertaining to Vacating a Property 371

Thursday, 6 February
4:11PM REAL ESTATE Superior Painters Clients Talk About Their Experience 826

Thursday, 30 January
2:53PM REAL ESTATE Coro First National Sponsor the National Burn Centre 304

Wednesday, 29 January
1:45PM REAL ESTATE Creating Wealth Through Property with Williams Corporation 372
1:27PM REAL ESTATE Udy Realty Echo the Call For Better Property Management 308

Tuesday, 28 January
7:42PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Finish the Year With a Stellar Auction Lineup 311

Friday, 17 January
8:28PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder NZ Dedicated to Protecting Home Sellers 472

Thursday, 19 December
1:06PM REAL ESTATE Excited for 2020 – Major Projects Underway for Williams Corporation 782

Monday, 16 December
7:50PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Discuss Latest Tenancy Law Reforms 390

Thursday, 12 December
11:03PM REAL ESTATE Classic Builders Can Help With Your Interior Design 421

Tuesday, 10 December
8:11PM REAL ESTATE The Anthem Homes Build Journey 375

Monday, 9 December
10:00PM REAL ESTATE Rental Managers Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions 382
9:45PM REAL ESTATE Great Customer Feedback For Trust Property Management 354
4:25PM REAL ESTATE Classic Builders Offer A Guide to Building Consents in New Zealand 312

Friday, 6 December
12:48PM REAL ESTATE Scott Dunn of City Sales Lists a Very Special Apartment 514

Thursday, 5 December
12:25PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder NZ Provide a Shortlist of Vetted Real Estate Agents 404

Tuesday, 3 December
1:00PM REAL ESTATE James Group Partners with Property Tech Company Jasper to launch its first offer 332

Monday, 2 December
12:56PM REAL ESTATE test 501

Friday, 29 November
2:21PM REAL ESTATE Harcourt's Ilse Evans Disagrees With Westpac 335
1:48PM REAL ESTATE Coro First National See Rental Demand at Critical Proportions on the Coromandel 223
1:35PM REAL ESTATE Craft Homes Ask, "Are Passive Houses the Next Big Step for NZ"? 239
1:33PM REAL ESTATE Classic Builders Offer A Guide to Building Consents in New Zealand 237

Thursday, 28 November
7:50PM REAL ESTATE Anthem Homes Will Help Find the Right Section For Your New Home 235
7:18PM REAL ESTATE Auckland House Prices Slump While Heat Still on in Smaller Centres 243

Tuesday, 26 November
12:55PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Note Real Estate Bosses' Campaign for Property Management Regulation 299

Monday, 25 November
9:21PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Releases Wellington Project 327

Monday, 11 November
7:55PM REAL ESTATE Four Reasons Why Clients Continue to Use & Recommend Rental Managers 349
6:59PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder Advise On Finding Out How Much Your Home is Worth 256

Friday, 1 November
1:01PM REAL ESTATE Spotlight on City Sales' Unique Property in Silo Apartments 691

Thursday, 31 October
11:48PM REAL ESTATE Rangitahi Announces Start of Stage 2 Construction in Rangitahi Penninsula Called 'The Retreat' 537

Wednesday, 30 October
12:47PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Announces New Property Project in Riccarton 365

Tuesday, 22 October
6:06PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Explain Changes to The Privacy Act 379

Tuesday, 1 October
8:36PM REAL ESTATE The Auckland Property Information smells like Spring is here! 515

Monday, 30 September
11:09PM REAL ESTATE Find Home on the Rangitahi Peninsula 293
6:54PM REAL ESTATE House & Land Packages from Classic Builders a Great Investment 244

Thursday, 26 September
1:17PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Limited Hosting Property Investment Evening 432
1:07PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Invest in Dedicated Property Inspection Processes & Tools 334

Wednesday, 25 September
4:56PM REAL ESTATE Great Service From Rental Managers 325
4:15PM REAL ESTATE Rangitahi Provide Landscaping Design Guidelines 263
11:48AM REAL ESTATE Nest Property Management Advise on Landlord's Responsibilities re Damp/Mouldy Houses 274

Tuesday, 24 September
11:51AM REAL ESTATE Design Construct Stress the Importance of Design In Your New Build 261

Monday, 23 September
4:12PM REAL ESTATE First National Real Estate Have Some Advice on Recommended Reports 267
1:04PM REAL ESTATE House & Land Packages from Classic Builders a Great Investment 294
11:48AM REAL ESTATE City Sales Report Property Market Back to a Healthy Level of Activity 341

Wednesday, 18 September
8:14PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder NZ Give the Pros & Cons of Selling Your Home Privately 387

Tuesday, 17 September
6:18PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Explains the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (2) 263

Tuesday, 3 September
1:07PM REAL ESTATE Tips on Building an Affordable Home at Rangitahi 398

Monday, 2 September
11:49PM REAL ESTATE test 388
7:46PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Completes Apartment Project in Christchurch 371

Thursday, 29 August
12:13PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Offer Free Rental Appraisals 322

Wednesday, 28 August
6:37PM REAL ESTATE Rental Managers for Property Management in the Wellington Region 266

Friday, 23 August
1:40PM REAL ESTATE Udy Realty Advise on Building Wealth Through Property Investment 315

Friday, 16 August
10:31AM REAL ESTATE Riverside Residences for sale in Albert Town, Wanaka 445