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New Zealand Real Estate News Index

Monday, 11 November
7:55PM REAL ESTATE Four Reasons Why Clients Continue to Use & Recommend Rental Managers 191
6:59PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder Advise On Finding Out How Much Your Home is Worth 121

Friday, 1 November
1:01PM REAL ESTATE Spotlight on City Sales' Unique Property in Silo Apartments 530

Thursday, 31 October
11:48PM REAL ESTATE Rangitahi Announces Start of Stage 2 Construction in Rangitahi Penninsula Called 'The Retreat' 382

Wednesday, 30 October
12:47PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Announces New Property Project in Riccarton 187

Tuesday, 22 October
6:06PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Explain Changes to The Privacy Act 237

Tuesday, 1 October
8:36PM REAL ESTATE The Auckland Property Information smells like Spring is here! 236

Monday, 30 September
11:09PM REAL ESTATE Find Home on the Rangitahi Peninsula 163
6:54PM REAL ESTATE House & Land Packages from Classic Builders a Great Investment 135

Thursday, 26 September
1:17PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Limited Hosting Property Investment Evening 261
1:07PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Invest in Dedicated Property Inspection Processes & Tools 203

Wednesday, 25 September
4:56PM REAL ESTATE Great Service From Rental Managers 199
4:15PM REAL ESTATE Rangitahi Provide Landscaping Design Guidelines 154
11:48AM REAL ESTATE Nest Property Management Advise on Landlord's Responsibilities re Damp/Mouldy Houses 151

Tuesday, 24 September
11:51AM REAL ESTATE Design Construct Stress the Importance of Design In Your New Build 139

Monday, 23 September
4:12PM REAL ESTATE First National Real Estate Have Some Advice on Recommended Reports 151
1:04PM REAL ESTATE House & Land Packages from Classic Builders a Great Investment 185
11:48AM REAL ESTATE City Sales Report Property Market Back to a Healthy Level of Activity 184

Wednesday, 18 September
8:14PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder NZ Give the Pros & Cons of Selling Your Home Privately 223

Tuesday, 17 September
6:18PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Explains the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (2) 162

Tuesday, 3 September
1:07PM REAL ESTATE Tips on Building an Affordable Home at Rangitahi 274

Monday, 2 September
11:49PM REAL ESTATE test 286
7:46PM REAL ESTATE Williams Corporation Completes Apartment Project in Christchurch 207

Thursday, 29 August
12:13PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Offer Free Rental Appraisals 168

Wednesday, 28 August
6:37PM REAL ESTATE Rental Managers for Property Management in the Wellington Region 171

Friday, 23 August
1:40PM REAL ESTATE Udy Realty Advise on Building Wealth Through Property Investment 216

Friday, 16 August
10:31AM REAL ESTATE Riverside Residences for sale in Albert Town, Wanaka 223

Thursday, 8 August
3:23PM REAL ESTATE Real Estate: Renovation Ideas for Auckland Homes for 2019 249

Wednesday, 7 August
12:02PM REAL ESTATE Property Coaches Focus on 'Free' 186

Tuesday, 6 August
4:24PM REAL ESTATE How To Make Your Kitchen The Heart Of Your Home 153

Friday, 2 August
5:29PM REAL ESTATE Local property investment seminar a sell-out event. 259

Wednesday, 31 July
5:36PM REAL ESTATE Nest Property Management Offer 10 Tips To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter 156
4:25PM REAL ESTATE Raglanites Reconnect With the Rangitahi Project 218
4:07PM REAL ESTATE Housing Portfolio Cabinet Reshuffle Yields Few Results 202
3:44PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Make Life Easier For Both Landlords & Tenants 111
12:53PM REAL ESTATE Classic Builders Expand into Christchurch 109
12:16PM REAL ESTATE Anthem Homes Launch Revised Set of House Plans 121

Tuesday, 30 July
7:21PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Still Able to Get Record Prices in Auckland Property Slump 218
4:11PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Explain What Landords Can Claim as a Tax Deductible Expense 127

Monday, 29 July
1:57PM REAL ESTATE Explaining the Tenancy Application Process With Rental Managers 146

Monday, 22 July
12:47PM REAL ESTATE Wise Up NZ Talk About the Impact of 'Day One' Live Online 191

Saturday, 13 July
11:47AM REAL ESTATE NZ Property Investment Seminar Sells Our in 60 Hours. New Seminar Announced 524

Friday, 28 June
8:30PM REAL ESTATE Landscape Design at Rangitahi Peninsular Project Development 252

Wednesday, 26 June
11:31AM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Reveal New Zealanders Award Harcourts Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for the Seventh Consecutive Year 270

Tuesday, 25 June
4:38PM REAL ESTATE Tips for Painting small spaces for Auckland homes 197
4:36PM REAL ESTATE How to add value to your Auckland home 183

Monday, 24 June
12:44PM REAL ESTATE Rental Managers' Property Management Proposal Sets Out Their Objectives 146

Thursday, 20 June
4:27PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Reveal Unusual Auction Results 204

Thursday, 13 June
3:49PM REAL ESTATE 5 Property Maintenance Tips During Winter 393

Thursday, 6 June
4:46PM REAL ESTATE LJ Hooker Property Management Promises Clients Best Possible Returns 435
4:43PM REAL ESTATE LJ Hooker Provides Individuals a Guide to Property Investing 428

Friday, 31 May
4:57PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Explain the Pros & Cons of AirBnb 260

Thursday, 30 May
5:36PM REAL ESTATE Well Designed Homes the Object For Rangitahi Project 191
3:59PM REAL ESTATE Property Management Specialists Stress the Importance of Inspecting Investment Properties 180
12:34PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Cooper's Ilse Evans #1 Agent Takapuna Second Year Running 165
12:25PM REAL ESTATE Showcase Your Property with Experts from HomeStaged 195
11:26AM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Say Increased LVRs Great News For Property Investors 138

Thursday, 23 May
8:23PM REAL ESTATE Portable Tiny Homes From Pencarrow Cabins Maximise Options When Your Circumstances Change 199

Monday, 20 May
4:06PM REAL ESTATE City Sales See Strong Bidding At Latest Auckland Apartment Auctions With Lower Prices 456

Monday, 6 May
7:24PM REAL ESTATE Rental Managers Your Best Bet For Property Management in the Hutt Valley 1067
6:56PM REAL ESTATE Coro First National Give Tips To Tenants 1098
3:31PM REAL ESTATE Stewart Morgan Real Estate Agent 569

Monday, 29 April
8:47PM REAL ESTATE Growth in the Regions Evidenced in Sales of Rangitahi Sections 218

Friday, 26 April
3:21PM REAL ESTATE Ilse Evans Says Now Not the Time to 'Test the Market' With Buyers 264

Thursday, 25 April
10:24PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management on Why You May Need a New Property Manager 246

Tuesday, 23 April
1:28PM REAL ESTATE What You Can Expect From Harcourts Udy Realty Property Management 271

Monday, 22 April
11:53PM REAL ESTATE Property Management in Auckland 894
11:53PM REAL ESTATE Property Management in Auckland 871

Monday, 15 April
7:25PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Note Auckland Apartment Values Increasing While Australia Tanks 796

Monday, 8 April
4:55PM REAL ESTATE Rent to Own' A Great Way to Purchase a Pencarrow Cabin 1164

Friday, 29 March
1:36PM REAL ESTATE At Rangitahi Living Smaller Can Be More Stylish Than You Think 968

Wednesday, 27 March
8:39PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Are All Over The Phenomenon That is AirBnb 352
8:09PM REAL ESTATE The Buyers Guide to Buying by Negotiation From Coro First National 318

Tuesday, 26 March
1:22PM REAL ESTATE For Proven Advice For Selling Your Home Contact Agent Finder 271

Wednesday, 20 March
6:52PM REAL ESTATE Landlords Need to Act on Insulation Harcourts Udy Realty Says 520

Friday, 15 March
3:07PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Note Dwelling Consents in Auckland CBD Reached 14-year High in 2018 621

Monday, 11 March
8:35PM REAL ESTATE Stylish Living in Pencarrow Cabins' Small Houses 466

Thursday, 28 February
11:07PM REAL ESTATE Coro First National Say Drug Rules a 'Dog's Breakfast' for Landords 315

Wednesday, 20 February
3:54PM REAL ESTATE RealEstatePros Expands Across New Zealand 257

Tuesday, 19 February
5:53PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder Can Help With Choosing a Property Appraiser 291

Thursday, 14 February
5:40PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Have Good Advice When Buying, Selling or Renovating 323

Wednesday, 6 February
3:18PM REAL ESTATE City Sales Reflect on the 2018 Auckland Property Market 255

Friday, 1 February
2:22PM REAL ESTATE Pencarrow Cabins Are Part of the Tiny House Phenomenon 287
2:20PM REAL ESTATE A Space Solution For Every Need With Pencarrow Cabins 276
2:17AM REAL ESTATE Rangitahi Currently Selling Stage Two 'The Retreat' 209

Thursday, 31 January
5:47PM REAL ESTATE Trust Property Management Provide Management Services for AirBnb 213
11:00AM REAL ESTATE Lamb & Associates Guides North Shore Property Owners Through the Subdividing Process 304

Wednesday, 30 January
7:50PM REAL ESTATE Lighter LVR Restrictions Makes Things Easier for KiwiBuild Buyers 208
7:31PM REAL ESTATE New Government Price Caps and the Situation for KiwiBuild 260
1:17PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty Are There For Landords 186

Thursday, 24 January
6:16PM REAL ESTATE Consult With Thomas Consultants For your Subdivision Project 245
9:09AM REAL ESTATE Ilse Evans Asks Will Recent Bank Mortgage Wars Fuel More Sales/Higher Prices? 175

Monday, 14 January
5:19PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder Say Landords Under Pressure to Insulate Before July 2019 227

Wednesday, 9 January
7:28PM REAL ESTATE City Sales' Latest Apartment Report 279

Saturday, 22 December
2:10AM REAL ESTATE . 225

Thursday, 20 December
3:05PM REAL ESTATE Agent Finder NZ Recognised in Prestigious Award 194

Wednesday, 19 December
4:07PM REAL ESTATE Harcourts Udy Realty's Happy Customers Say 'Thank You' 175
10:27AM REAL ESTATE Property Management in Auckland 1259