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New Zealand Pets News Index

Wednesday, 23 December
5:59PM PETS Parliamentary petition launched to get veterinarians into New Zealand 601

Saturday, 7 March
8:06PM PETS Kiwi App Uses Pet Images to Counter Impact of Negative Social Media Content 695

Monday, 4 February
10:28AM PETS Treasurebox Happy Waitangi Day Sale 2019 382

Thursday, 2 November
10:16AM PETS Touch, Paws, Engage – Turn Treat Time into Playtime with new Temptations™ Snacky Mouse™! 672

Thursday, 20 October
2:33PM PETS Get into your dog's head: how they really feel about Guy Fawkes 448

Thursday, 4 August
1:48PM PETS VitaPet are searching for a dog to be cast in an Ad Campaign 470

Tuesday, 14 July
1:49PM PETS Dirt, Allergens, Mould, Pests: Getting Rid of Unwelcome Guests at Home 450

Wednesday, 30 July
3:17PM PETS Runner aims for sled dog race title 781

Thursday, 20 February
10:52AM PETS Chinchilla Epitomises Canine Fashion With High Quality Dog Accessories 495

Thursday, 19 December
1:35PM PETS Pets and Fireworks 438

Sunday, 29 September
5:49PM PETS Pets at Home Care 490

Tuesday, 28 May
2:33PM PETS The Birth of Chinchilla Sees Hole in Elegant Pet Wear Market Filled 571

Friday, 14 December
1:54PM PETS Kitties galore need new homes 743

Friday, 7 December
4:10PM PETS Wallabies are pests not pets 528

Thursday, 29 November
4:44PM PETS Animal Control Chairman laments number of dogs being destroyed 374

Wednesday, 28 November
7:31PM PETS Keep dogs under control at the beach during summer 477

Tuesday, 13 November
4:26PM PETS Pet summer slim down 393

Thursday, 8 November
2:58PM PETS Dogs day out at Paws in the Park 468

Monday, 5 November
12:09PM PETS Hastings SPCA receives Council support 368
9:58AM PETS SPCA's Annual List of Shame Mirrors New Zealand's Violent Society 1242

Friday, 2 November
11:21AM PETS SPCA: "Stockpiling of fireworks causes animal welfare concern" 518

Thursday, 1 November
11:33PM PETS Queen's Jubilee SPCA Medals awarded in Marlborough 358

Monday, 29 October
10:15AM PETS Help your pets keep calm and carry on this Guy Fawkes 794

Thursday, 25 October
4:58PM PETS Dog Control Bylaw - Dog Owners 309

Monday, 15 October
3:30PM PETS Online dog registration a success for Council 312
10:30AM PETS New research looks at the benefit of BLIS K12™ probiotic in dogs 228

Monday, 8 October
6:02PM PETS Work hard, but also play hard! 310

Friday, 5 October
4:23PM PETS Free Dog Microchipping 439

Tuesday, 2 October
7:33PM PETS Canines bring Councils closer together 246
3:00PM PETS Improved Service for Dog Owners 305

Friday, 28 September
5:26PM PETS Time to register your dog 401

Thursday, 27 September
1:32PM PETS Where Is Your Dog Allowed 160

Wednesday, 26 September
1:20PM PETS Playful pups the key to Kiwi's health 182

Tuesday, 25 September
10:02AM PETS Teach your canine obedience the loving way with Auckland's number one dog and puppy training specialist: Doggy Dan 437

Monday, 24 September
3:29PM PETS Pet WOF with Shivaun 246

Wednesday, 19 September
12:05PM PETS A guide to find the purr-fect place for pets 262
10:34AM PETS There's a place and a time for pets 517

Friday, 7 September
2:04PM PETS Dogs For Adoption 195

Friday, 31 August
2:37PM PETS Important information for dog owners 216

Monday, 20 August
3:30PM PETS Penguin Deaths: Dog Owners Cautioned 209

Tuesday, 14 August
2:21PM PETS Free dog training courses 162

Monday, 13 August
10:23AM PETS Soup for cats? 219

Thursday, 2 August
4:44PM PETS Dog Registration 174

Friday, 27 July
1:44PM PETS Collaborative courses for new dog owners 200

Thursday, 26 July
1:38PM PETS Dog Owners - Is Your Dog Registered? 156

Thursday, 19 July
1:58PM PETS Responsible Dog Owners Register Their Animals 157

Wednesday, 18 July
5:51PM PETS New dog pound to house lost dogs from Invercargill and Southland District 785

Tuesday, 17 July
2:43PM PETS Media Advisory and Photo Opportunity 202

Monday, 9 July
5:34PM PETS Dog owners reminded registrations are due this Sunday 181

Tuesday, 26 June
12:05PM PETS Dog Control Fees For The Year 1 July 2012 To 30 June 2013 138

Sunday, 24 June
11:15PM PETS Massey launches vet rehab service 322

Thursday, 21 June
12:38PM PETS Dog Owners - Time To Register Your Dog 186

Tuesday, 19 June
5:19PM PETS Dog attack highlights issue of dogs not being controlled by owners 275

Friday, 15 June
5:14PM PETS Hamilton dog owners able to register their pooches online 227

Tuesday, 12 June
1:54PM PETS Friskies - New look and flavour! 302
1:04PM PETS Dog Registrations Due 157

Monday, 11 June
11:39AM PETS Winter health with Beth 191

Wednesday, 6 June
2:55PM PETS Dog owners' early payment discount 212
2:01PM PETS Nestlé Purina feeds New Zealand's cats 311

Tuesday, 5 June
11:51AM PETS It's Dog Registration Time Again 222
11:50AM PETS Animal Control Afterhours Service 225

Wednesday, 30 May
3:07PM PETS Nestlé Purina feeds New Zealand cats 181

Friday, 25 May
2:17AM PETS Kennel Association Championships 195

Thursday, 24 May
10:09AM PETS A Letter to My Dog 306

Monday, 21 May
4:12PM PETS SPCA re-affirms opposition to cat curfews 258

Friday, 18 May
9:06AM PETS See The Difference YOU Can Make With Pedigree® 164

Tuesday, 15 May
11:57AM PETS First Fenced Dog Exercise Area 195

Wednesday, 9 May
6:54PM PETS It's time to write a letter to your dog 219

Tuesday, 8 May
5:40PM PETS Lynx sniffs a better future 304

Monday, 7 May
10:57AM PETS Uncovering fur-ban myths 255

Thursday, 3 May
2:47PM PETS Council listens to good dog owners 136
1:47PM PETS Dog Policy Review 135

Tuesday, 1 May
5:43PM PETS New proposals to reward responsible dog owners 209

Tuesday, 27 March
5:58PM PETS Pets used as Pawns in Domestic Violence 357

Wednesday, 22 February
2:26PM PETS Early updating of dog details could win free registration fees 247
2:08PM PETS Microchips reunited 80% of cats with owners after February earthquake 147
2:08PM PETS Microchips reunited 80% of cats with owners after February earthquake 141

Thursday, 16 February
2:16PM PETS New-Look Dog Pound Open to the Public 295

Tuesday, 14 February
2:42PM PETS Finish line looms for feedback on dog rules 255

Friday, 3 February
9:14AM PETS SPCA's Lonely Hearts Looking for Love 187

Tuesday, 31 January
11:04AM PETS More illegal dog-tracking collars intercepted 490

Thursday, 26 January
6:04PM PETS Reminder to microchip your dog 240

Tuesday, 24 January
4:02PM PETS Dogs lead the way on bylaw review 242
2:16PM PETS Dog destroyed following attack on Porirua toddler 173

Wednesday, 18 January
5:03PM PETS Child bitten by dog 281
3:33PM PETS Council finds homes for more stray dogs 671

Monday, 16 January
7:18PM PETS Short term move heralds dog park improvements 330

Monday, 9 January
4:18PM PETS Animals Lost: SPCA Says "Ban fireworks" 281

Saturday, 17 December
12:40AM PETS Dog Control Policy And Bylaw Review 216

Tuesday, 13 December
8:41PM PETS Dogs Do Better than Partners at Christmas – Survey 220

Monday, 12 December
9:03AM PETS Dog rule changes to bring consistency across region 285

Friday, 9 December
1:30PM PETS Dog Control Policy 228

Thursday, 17 November
3:37PM PETS Dogs day out at Paws in the Park 204

Wednesday, 16 November
1:31PM PETS Dog owners notified 144

Friday, 11 November
3:06PM PETS Paw Justice comes to the aid of Christchurch animals with 64 tons of pet food 470

Wednesday, 9 November
1:34PM PETS Unregistered dogs targeted 215

Wednesday, 2 November
4:36PM PETS Don't have your pets go out with a bang 212

Monday, 31 October
1:04PM PETS Yelp if you can help 157

Wednesday, 19 October
1:07PM PETS Dog Ban Reinforced 185

Wednesday, 12 October
6:42PM PETS CBD a "no-go" for dogs 221