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New Zealand Gardening News Index

Monday, 9 December
4:53PM GARDENING Thinking of Buying a Shed? Check Out the Duratuf Difference 311

Thursday, 10 October
3:47PM GARDENING Auckland Landscape Designer 214

Thursday, 28 March
7:36PM GARDENING A Plethora of Edible Gardens in The Annual Waipapa / Papanui - Innes Edible Garden Awards 387

Thursday, 24 January
10:50AM GARDENING Change Your Game in the Greenhouse With Pulse From Bluelab 277

Tuesday, 31 October
9:26AM GARDENING A Good Lawn Can Raise the Value of Property in New Zealand 682

Friday, 29 September
8:53PM GARDENING New Zealand's National Gardening Week is Coming Soon 963

Tuesday, 26 September
6:17PM GARDENING Spring Veggie Garden Time at Shape Landscaping 326

Thursday, 21 September
8:15PM GARDENING Why You Need a Garden Shed From Treasure Box 340

Tuesday, 15 August
11:14AM GARDENING What Do You Need To Know Before You Buy A Garden Shed? 347
11:14AM GARDENING What Do You Need To Know Before You Buy A Garden Shed? 305

Thursday, 6 July
7:51PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Have Useful Tips For Installing a Lawn 259

Thursday, 29 June
5:06PM GARDENING Tree Removal Service – Is Time to Let Your Diseased, Ageing Tree Go? 723

Tuesday, 30 May
6:40PM GARDENING Secure Your Pool Fencing With NL Contractors 235
6:02PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Recommend The Best Plants for Those Shady Gardens 206
12:58PM GARDENING Crewcut Can Help Prepare Your Garden For Winter 934

Tuesday, 16 May
8:59AM GARDENING The Choice of Plants You Need For Bold and Beautiful Landscape Design Garden At Home 286

Friday, 12 May
9:50AM GARDENING Kärcher Redefines Pressure Washer Cleaning With New Trigger Gun 803

Tuesday, 7 March
4:06PM GARDENING Garden Skips Auckland – Preparing Your Garden for the Winter 772

Tuesday, 15 November
10:21AM GARDENING Landscape Design from Shape Landscaping 301

Monday, 14 November
3:30PM GARDENING Karcher Launches New 36V Cordless Water Blaster 980
3:23PM GARDENING Pre Christmas Clean Up with Bookabin 264

Monday, 31 October
4:25PM GARDENING Kings Plant Barn Say Plant Now! 286

Thursday, 20 October
2:13PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Have Some Spring Tips 241

Saturday, 1 October
12:33AM GARDENING Shadowspec presents their premium flagship range of SU6 & SU7 Cantilever Umbrellas – now offered in 12 Exotic colors 481
12:31AM GARDENING Shadowspec's premium range of Wall Mounted Umbrella models delivered New Zealand wide 385

Wednesday, 28 September
5:29PM GARDENING Kings Garden Centre Stock Zesty Yuzu 243

Thursday, 18 August
10:37AM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Have Some Great Ideas For August 229

Tuesday, 16 August
1:09PM GARDENING Kings Plant Barn Involving Kids In Gardening With Their Little Growers' School Holiday Activity 512

Monday, 15 August
1:41PM GARDENING Karcher Explain How Steam Cleaners Work 404

Wednesday, 10 August
9:48PM GARDENING Shadowspec's Expertise in Delivering Best Outdoor Umbrella models throughout NZ 338
9:46PM GARDENING The Shadowspec SU6 Duo - A Versatile Alternative to Retractable Awnings 354

Friday, 15 July
10:23AM GARDENING Plant Of The Month At Kings Is Deciduous Fruit Trees 229

Friday, 8 July
3:07PM GARDENING Bookabin Skip Hire Service Saves Time & Money 261
3:06PM GARDENING Bookabin Skip Hire Service Saves Time & Money 190

Wednesday, 29 June
2:50PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Has Some Tips For Winter Gardening 248

Monday, 27 June
2:40PM GARDENING Kings Say "Time To Plant Your Garlic" 207

Tuesday, 24 May
1:52PM GARDENING Good Landscaping Is Important And Shape Landscaping Are The Best In The Business 296

Wednesday, 18 May
10:15AM GARDENING Kings Plant Barn Love Feijoas 198

Monday, 16 May
4:53PM GARDENING New Karcher Hd9/18-4 Cage Classic Water Blaster 254

Friday, 29 April
4:30PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Offers The Best In Landscape Design 203

Wednesday, 20 April
10:35AM GARDENING Check Out Kings' Monthly Gardening Checklist Each Month 274

Thursday, 14 April
11:35AM GARDENING Shirley Papanui Gardeners Show Their Colours at Annual Awards 336

Wednesday, 30 March
11:04AM GARDENING Shape Landscaping As Landscape Architects 340

Monday, 29 February
10:31AM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Engender Praise From Their Many Satisfied Clients 280

Tuesday, 16 February
1:42PM GARDENING Chilli Time At Kings Garden Centre 336

Friday, 29 January
1:23PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Hope To Exhibit At New Auckland Flower Show 326

Thursday, 28 January
2:47PM GARDENING Deadline for Entries Approaching: 2016 Shirley Papanui Edible Garden Awards 358

Monday, 25 January
2:21PM GARDENING Kings Garden Centrer Have Sound Advice For Gardens In January 227

Friday, 11 December
4:04PM GARDENING Shape Landscaping Love Hedges 323

Wednesday, 9 December
4:03PM GARDENING Get Into Kings Now To Prepare For Summer 310

Monday, 7 December
11:08AM GARDENING New Categories In 2016 Shirley Papanui Edible Garden Awards 415

Thursday, 29 October
3:48PM GARDENING The Friendly And Professional Team At Shape Landscaping Share Their Knowledge 351
10:23AM GARDENING Artificial Turf Maintenance With Super Turf 427

Tuesday, 27 October
10:25AM GARDENING Kings' Top 5 Hanging Houseplants 411

Monday, 24 August
11:26AM GARDENING Trade Tested Launches New Specials With Hardware, Shelters and More 494

Thursday, 5 March
10:36PM GARDENING Inaugural School Gardens Competition In Christchurch 856

Thursday, 21 August
10:32AM GARDENING Corporate Gift Giving With Give Plants 321

Friday, 8 March
9:39AM GARDENING ROUNDUP GEL – Accurate weed killing with One Touch! 450

Tuesday, 29 January
4:48PM GARDENING Community Gardens Flourish 585

Friday, 25 January
2:58PM GARDENING Ellerslie veteran Ben Hoyle reveals garden details 777

Monday, 14 January
4:23PM GARDENING Park trees inspire British trio to design second Ellerslie garden 575

Thursday, 22 November
6:57PM GARDENING Ellerslie gardens flourish in Central City 399

Wednesday, 21 November
1:33PM GARDENING British designers to create Ellerslie's first conceptual garden 460

Wednesday, 7 November
5:10PM GARDENING Gardening expert's free workshop on growing seedlings 351

Tuesday, 6 November
4:00PM GARDENING Take part in the British Council's Edible Garden project and win a trip to the UK 514
3:19PM GARDENING Britain's Garden Designer of the Year returns to Ellerslie in 2013 463

Wednesday, 24 October
1:53PM GARDENING Green gardener service trialled 451

Friday, 19 October
4:00PM GARDENING It's time for green-fingered residents to save water again 402

Thursday, 18 October
4:43PM GARDENING Waikato District Council urges unauthorised pruners to put down their gardening tools 406

Tuesday, 9 October
1:57PM GARDENING Act now to protect fruit from guava moth, Northlanders urged 493

Monday, 8 October
1:52PM GARDENING Gardeners' guide to spuds and tomatoes 317

Friday, 5 October
4:13PM GARDENING Grow Your Own to Cut Food Bills 221

Monday, 1 October
6:31PM GARDENING Create a country cottage feel with cosmos 275
6:26PM GARDENING Time for thyme 235

Friday, 21 September
10:23AM GARDENING Yates Vegie Seeds, Black Magic Seed Raising Mix & Blitzem 361

Tuesday, 18 September
3:38PM GARDENING Spring 'Healthy Garden' workshops get people growing 291
10:00AM GARDENING Yates Fusion Series Seeds Part of the YATES TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) 230

Friday, 7 September
1:04PM GARDENING Garden Competition Entries Now Open 273

Wednesday, 5 September
3:30AM GARDENING Never too young to be a gardener 203

Thursday, 30 August
8:07PM GARDENING Sweet smelling sweet peas 170
8:01PM GARDENING Cultivate Chinese cabbage 146

Monday, 20 August
3:12PM GARDENING Glasshouse how-to for home gardeners 283

Wednesday, 8 August
2:39PM GARDENING North Island rural schools gardening grants up for grabs 217

Friday, 3 August
12:28PM GARDENING Getting it right at home, tips on garden design 168

Thursday, 2 August
4:22PM GARDENING Pruning Season at Pollard Park 136

Monday, 30 July
12:40PM GARDENING Hands-on Pukeiti session for kids of all ages 280

Tuesday, 17 July
2:38PM GARDENING Vegie patch proves productive 241

Monday, 16 July
1:10PM GARDENING Free training helps gardeners make the cut 188

Friday, 13 July
11:49AM GARDENING Award-winning international garden being brought home for Ellerslie 382

Thursday, 12 July
12:03PM GARDENING Rose Pruning Pollard Park - 16-20 July 139

Thursday, 5 July
3:37PM GARDENING Autumn Leaves Recycled Into Our Public Garden Beds 147

Monday, 2 July
1:42PM GARDENING Stop slugs in their slime 106
1:39PM GARDENING You can't beat silverbeet 155
1:36PM GARDENING Sweet and simple 118

Thursday, 21 June
1:07PM GARDENING Espaliered Tree Pruning Demonstration 461

Tuesday, 12 June
3:34PM GARDENING McCAIN Gets Kiwi Kids Growing – AGAIN! Third Annual McCAIN School Veggie Patches Programme Begins 446

Monday, 11 June
12:21PM GARDENING It's thyme to tend the herbs 176

Wednesday, 6 June
2:29PM GARDENING Gardens Targeted by Vandals 176

Thursday, 31 May
12:28PM GARDENING Broaden horizons with beans 176
12:23PM GARDENING Add colour with calendulas 216