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New Zealand Cannabis News Index

Friday, 13 December
12:51PM CANNABIS New Zealand Cannabis Institute PledgeMe Campaign Ends on Monday 223

Tuesday, 3 December
9:24PM CANNABIS Draft Cannabis Bill Looks "Pretty Good" 364

Thursday, 28 November
8:03AM CANNABIS Cannabis Pampering at Whakamana 370

Wednesday, 27 November
3:37PM CANNABIS Canterbury University Students "Very Interested in Cannabis" 274

Sunday, 10 November
3:40PM CANNABIS New Zealand Cannabis Institute Launching Pledge Me - A Kiwi First 516

Tuesday, 29 October
7:08PM CANNABIS Shand's Reopening Tomorrow For The First Time In Nine Years 335

Saturday, 19 October
1:54PM CANNABIS NZ Cannabis Institute Backs Latest University Research on Cannabis Use 492

Sunday, 11 August
2:52PM CANNABIS New Zealand's First Cannabis Institute To Be Established in Christchurch 848

Friday, 1 August
9:45AM CANNABIS ALCP only party to support Charlotte's Web 406

Tuesday, 25 March
2:56PM CANNABIS ALCP announce Medical Cannabis Scholarships 436

Friday, 29 November
12:51PM CANNABIS Keep an eye out in your neighbourhood for this plant 458

Tuesday, 8 October
12:33PM CANNABIS Prosecutions follow joint Hamilton synthetic cannabis operation 495

Tuesday, 24 September
12:30PM CANNABIS Open Letter to Minister of Health calling for a total sales ban of untested synthetic drugs 705

Monday, 23 September
4:26PM CANNABIS Untested legal highs back on sale - "a disgrace ... unacceptable" 531

Thursday, 13 June
12:42PM CANNABIS Hemp forestry needed to address safety concerns in Ikaroa-Rawhiti 456

Tuesday, 14 May
4:24PM CANNABIS Mother warns other parents of the risks of synthetic cannabinoids 510

Thursday, 7 February
6:04PM CANNABIS Smoking cannabis linked to higher stroke risk in young adults 653

Monday, 4 February
7:00PM CANNABIS Help police prevent drugs from tainting communities 413

Monday, 26 November
2:50PM CANNABIS Dunne bans substance found in K2 testing 364

Wednesday, 14 November
1:20PM CANNABIS Police believe Persil's clean up of cannabis will wash away significant potential harm to Waikato community 640

Monday, 12 November
12:55PM CANNABIS Cannabis legalisation in US shows opportunity for NZ tourism 549

Wednesday, 7 November
1:35PM CANNABIS Five arrested in Police raids in the Hutt Valley this morning 403

Friday, 19 October
2:56PM CANNABIS Cannabis Party welcomes support from the right 338

Thursday, 18 October
3:02PM CANNABIS Illegal drug users more likely to use new synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals 420

Friday, 14 September
4:21PM CANNABIS Accurate Synthetic Cannabis Detection now Available for Workplace Drug Testing 294

Wednesday, 29 August
3:36PM CANNABIS 'Dial-a-tinnie' business shut down by Counties Manukau Police 469
1:42AM CANNABIS Persistent cannabis use that starts in adolescence linked to IQ decline 680

Tuesday, 28 August
10:43AM CANNABIS Regulation will reduce teen cannabis use 380

Friday, 24 August
4:25PM CANNABIS Drug driving research continuing 313

Monday, 13 August
2:34PM CANNABIS Dunne rolls over first 16 temporary drug notices 217

Wednesday, 25 July
4:47PM CANNABIS Whole of policing response to Waikato drug issu 215

Thursday, 19 July
12:14AM CANNABIS NORML call on 2500 to take Court action 215

Wednesday, 18 July
12:20PM CANNABIS Police hammer cannabis growers and dealers 388

Thursday, 28 June
3:48PM CANNABIS Southern Police Deliver King Hit to Cannabis Syndicate 207
9:41AM CANNABIS Gray demands thin blue line release Green 113

Wednesday, 27 June
2:46PM CANNABIS NORML calls for police inspector's head to roll 174

Tuesday, 26 June
3:52PM CANNABIS Not Just One Day 114

Friday, 22 June
12:27PM CANNABIS Warrant Executed 136

Friday, 15 June
12:29PM CANNABIS Wellington Drug Squad dismantles major cannabis syndicate 144

Wednesday, 30 May
2:03PM CANNABIS Organised Crime Arrests in Western Bay of Plenty 177

Friday, 11 May
8:47AM CANNABIS Cannabis being used as scapegoat in aviation tragedies 138

Thursday, 10 May
2:54PM CANNABIS Drug use a fact of life in New Zealand 198

Tuesday, 8 May
3:29PM CANNABIS Dunedin Police Keep the Pressure on Criminal Gangs 213

Friday, 27 April
7:56PM CANNABIS Hutt Valley Police arrest illegal street racers 218

Friday, 20 April
3:48PM CANNABIS Cambridge Police seek man following large cannabis discovery 452

Wednesday, 4 April
7:41AM CANNABIS NORML defends itself against defamatory claims 181

Monday, 2 April
2:28PM CANNABIS Waikato Police urge farmers, hunters and landlords to be wary following successful cannabis operation 380

Friday, 30 March
2:22PM CANNABIS Public prove they won't tolerate drugs 204

Thursday, 29 March
6:47PM CANNABIS Police take to the air in Eastern cannabis operation 234

Friday, 23 March
3:29PM CANNABIS Daktory to increase efforts for law change. 274

Tuesday, 20 March
2:47PM CANNABIS Battle lines drawn in war to legalise cannabis 310

Monday, 5 March
9:01PM CANNABIS Norml president surveys MPs 152

Wednesday, 29 February
8:26AM CANNABIS Busted- by a nose : Hamilton 262

Wednesday, 22 February
2:06PM CANNABIS Norml AGM revitalises cannabis movement 179

Saturday, 24 December
3:36PM CANNABIS Waikato Police deliver early Christmas present to Waihi community with large drugs haul 498

Wednesday, 21 December
2:00PM CANNABIS Dunne bans another synthetic cannabis substance 214

Monday, 12 December
4:46PM CANNABIS Cannabis growers put on notice by Federated Farmers 196
2:00PM CANNABIS Help police get rid of the scourge of drugs 114

Friday, 25 November
6:36AM CANNABIS Legalise the Kiwi Whanau and regulate the herb R18 347

Friday, 18 November
8:53AM CANNABIS TPP partners killing trade opportunity 211
8:50AM CANNABIS Brash's pot stance brewed teapot saga 144

Wednesday, 16 November
3:30PM CANNABIS Please look out for suspicious drug activity in your area 173
8:26AM CANNABIS Waikato trio face charges following discovery of cannabis growing operation 214

Friday, 11 November
5:59PM CANNABIS Community support leads to more drug arrests 404

Wednesday, 9 November
1:43PM CANNABIS Dutch skunk ban may promote kiwi cannabis tourism 257

Tuesday, 8 November
12:13PM CANNABIS Wairarapa Police urge vigilance as cannabis growing season approaches 130

Tuesday, 1 November
3:02PM CANNABIS Second cannabis operation unearthed in Dannevirke 396

Saturday, 29 October
1:13PM CANNABIS Man arrested after mass cannabis discovery 480

Thursday, 20 October
8:31AM CANNABIS Couple being interviewed following discovery of cannabis in west Waikato 300

Wednesday, 12 October
8:54AM CANNABIS Cannabis users to be kicked off dole 202

Monday, 10 October
7:34AM CANNABIS Addiction expert supports call to decriminalise: 264

Thursday, 6 October
12:57PM CANNABIS The global war on drugs has failed - NZ losing millions in drug revenues. 368

Wednesday, 5 October
9:43AM CANNABIS Cannabis operation located in house basement 215

Tuesday, 4 October
5:38PM CANNABIS Further 3 synthetic cannabis substances to be banned 154

Tuesday, 27 September
8:46AM CANNABIS Ignorance a key factor in cannabis debate 181

Sunday, 25 September
10:09AM CANNABIS ALCP call on cannabis growers to plant a seed for spring 294

Wednesday, 21 September
1:54PM CANNABIS ALCP Leader calls for re-examination of covert surveillance cases 171

Saturday, 3 September
11:49AM CANNABIS Aotearoa Cannabis Truth Roadshow coming to a town near you 221

Wednesday, 24 August
4:23PM CANNABIS Porirua Police seize substantial amount of hydroponics grow equipment 205

Sunday, 21 August
7:00PM CANNABIS Mothers who support ALCP are unreliable parents judge says 222

Monday, 15 August
4:17PM CANNABIS Cannabis plants found in shipping containers near Whangarei 236

Wednesday, 10 August
4:28PM CANNABIS Dunne welcomes synthetic cannabis kingpin Bowden quitting 140
2:08PM CANNABIS Anonymous Operation Cannabis Press Release 231

Tuesday, 9 August
4:46PM CANNABIS Dunne: first drug notice issued to take out all synthetic cannabis 134

Friday, 5 August
6:42PM CANNABIS Kronic Correction 208
9:19AM CANNABIS Kronic deception? 182

Wednesday, 3 August
4:32PM CANNABIS ALCP: Peter Dunne misled the Nation 184

Monday, 1 August
4:23PM CANNABIS All synthetic cannabis products to be banned 201

Friday, 29 July
2:42PM CANNABIS Sentencing of former Corrections Officer sends clear signal to community 118

Tuesday, 26 July
6:43PM CANNABIS Growers must take precautions to avoid arrest 372

Friday, 22 July
2:38PM CANNABIS Bay of Plenty Police hope forfeiture of couple's home will serve as warning to other drug dealers 303

Thursday, 21 July
2:58PM CANNABIS ALCP: 'We will guarantee patients access to medical marijuana if elected in November' 188

Wednesday, 13 July
3:24PM CANNABIS Dunne: synthetic cannabis clamps will be 'first item of business' 104
2:49PM CANNABIS Amputee's arrest poor use of police time 138
2:21PM CANNABIS Further eight arrests in Wellington District 'Operation Hunter' 158
7:22AM CANNABIS Amputee's arrest poor use of police time 143

Thursday, 7 July
2:40PM CANNABIS Crimestoppers assists in locating Hamilton tinnie house 564

Tuesday, 5 July
1:19PM CANNABIS Synthetic Cannabis Products Causing Workplace Dangers 198

Thursday, 23 June
6:17AM CANNABIS Banning Kronic is not the answer 180

Friday, 17 June
7:05PM CANNABIS Dunne expects Kronic restrictions within weeks 118