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New Zealand Building News Index

Friday, 26 June
9:52PM BUILDING ReidBar™ 500E From Fletcher Reinforcing 556

Thursday, 18 June
2:23PM BUILDING Sustainable Homes Make Economic & Environmental Sense 406

Tuesday, 9 June
3:19PM BUILDING Interior House Painting Cost Calculator (NZ) Developed by Superior Painters® 1067

Friday, 29 May
10:15AM BUILDING Keith Hay Homes Transportable Finance 605

Monday, 25 May
12:43PM BUILDING Adding A Sleepout To Your Property 284

Sunday, 24 May
1:47PM BUILDING Average Cost of a New Garage in Auckland 275

Wednesday, 20 May
2:26AM BUILDING On-Site Placing Service From Fletcher Reinforcing 258

Thursday, 14 May
10:15PM BUILDING Who is Craft Construction Group? 401
5:26PM BUILDING Increase Demand in Renovations for Investment Property Owners 398

Saturday, 25 April
11:23PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing's Stremaform Performs Well for the Memorial Park Alliance 381

Saturday, 18 April
3:35PM BUILDING Popular requests recently for converting garages to a granny flat 536

Thursday, 16 April
1:43PM BUILDING Wood Solutions' Philosophy 332

Tuesday, 7 April
5:03PM BUILDING Covid-19 Announcement from Urban Homes, Hamilton's leading master builders 674
12:03PM BUILDING Full House Renovation for a Growing Family in West Auckland 509

Monday, 6 April
2:14PM BUILDING The kitchen is the heart of our home - Renovated Kitchen for a Auckland Family 564

Sunday, 5 April
8:19PM BUILDING Entertainers Dream Renovation, Auckland Case Study 535

Friday, 27 March
11:00PM BUILDING House Extensions Cost Calculator (NZ) developed by Superior Renovations 314

Monday, 23 March
4:54PM BUILDING Wood Solutions Proud of Their New Eco-friendly Factory 291
1:54PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing Say Max Frank Pecafil Speeds Up Construction 291

Wednesday, 18 March
4:11PM BUILDING Experts reveal the Top 15 Kitchen Design trends for 2020 406

Monday, 16 March
12:42PM BUILDING Improve Weather Tightness with Renovation Builders 395

Monday, 24 February
3:26PM BUILDING Go For A New Look At a Great Price in 2020 With Bathroom Direct 255
3:16PM BUILDING Dynamic Outdoor Solutions' Case Study in Silverdale 238

Tuesday, 28 January
4:31PM BUILDING Keith Hay Homes 210

Monday, 27 January
1:53PM BUILDING Start the New Year With a Shower Replacement From Bathroom Direct 244

Thursday, 23 January
6:28PM BUILDING Renovation Builders Sees Growth In Renovation And New Build Work 475

Friday, 17 January
9:01PM BUILDING Nikau Group Case Study A Perfect Example of Deconstruction & Remediation Working in Tandem to Achieve Projecct Success 664
8:47PM BUILDING The Features & Benefits of Max Frank Stremaform 470

Tuesday, 14 January
2:45PM BUILDING Pre-Fabricated Homes Now More Convenient than Ever 295

Sunday, 29 December
5:12PM BUILDING Cost of Building a Deck in New Zealand for 2020 by Superior Renovations 784

Thursday, 19 December
12:41PM BUILDING Gubb Design Joins New Zealand Green Building Council 244

Wednesday, 11 December
12:43PM BUILDING Bathroom Renovations on the rise in Auckland for 2020 414

Monday, 9 December
9:34PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing Deliver Reinforcing Mesh Specifications to Your Smartphone via an App 405

Wednesday, 4 December
5:10PM BUILDING Before & After Renovation Photos / Amazing transformations by Superior Renovations (Auckland Based Renovation Business) 439

Monday, 25 November
4:50PM BUILDING 16 Top Trends In Bathroom Tile Design For 2019 - NZ Edition 281

Tuesday, 12 November
11:42AM BUILDING New tech builds homes in under a week 338

Monday, 11 November
7:32PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing's Max Frank Stremaform Used Throughout New Zealand 325

Wednesday, 30 October
1:37PM BUILDING Bathroom Direct Discuss The Pros & Cons of Tile Patterns & Shapes For Your Bathroom 212

Friday, 25 October
1:41PM BUILDING A Growing demand for Rustic Style Kitchens in Auckland 384

Wednesday, 23 October
6:19PM BUILDING Dexters' Range of Pallet Trucks Cover a Wide Range of Applicatons 342

Tuesday, 15 October
2:09PM BUILDING Real Estate agents list Renovations that don't add Resale Value 438

Friday, 11 October
1:23PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing's Role in the Kaikoura Rebuild 370

Tuesday, 8 October
12:52PM BUILDING Roofing Painting Costs in Auckland for 2019, by House Painting Experts 329

Friday, 4 October
10:41AM BUILDING Plumbing Renovation In Remuera 376

Wednesday, 18 September
8:27PM BUILDING Case Study on Fletcher Reinforcing's Stremaform®:Memorial Park Alliance in Wellington 426

Saturday, 14 September
12:46PM BUILDING Success in the scaffolding game. 438

Thursday, 29 August
1:20PM BUILDING With rising costs, is it possible to renovate a bathroom for under $10,000 in NZ?? 275

Wednesday, 28 August
5:26PM BUILDING Design Made Simple - Milazzo Modular Bathroom Vanity System from Newtech 304
5:10PM BUILDING Auckland Commercial Roofing For Rubber Roofing 215

Tuesday, 27 August
8:12PM BUILDING TH Construction stresses calculated small business expansion in the building sector 326

Sunday, 25 August
6:03PM BUILDING Painting Your House Before The Holidays, Hiring Professionals Vs Doing It Yourself (DIY) 314
5:47PM BUILDING Superior Renovations Advice on Choosing Between Epoxy Grout or Concrete Grout for Tiling 336

Thursday, 22 August
1:30PM BUILDING DC Builders Design and Construct 237

Friday, 16 August
2:07PM BUILDING Keith Hay Homes 341

Wednesday, 7 August
8:21PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing Product Certification 262
3:11PM BUILDING 6 Reasons to NOT paint your own house in Auckland unless you know what you're doing 259

Tuesday, 6 August
4:35PM BUILDING 10 Inspirational Renovation Ideas for Modern Bathrooms in Auckland 225

Tuesday, 30 July
7:09PM BUILDING LD Construction on Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Home Renovations 250

Monday, 29 July
7:00PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing For Max Frank & Steel Reinforcement 280
2:06PM BUILDING Your local Plumber 214
1:02PM BUILDING Auckland Commercial Roofing For the Best Roofing Solution 225

Monday, 24 June
12:25PM BUILDING Pecafil From Fletcher Reinforcing Chosen for Time Efficiency in Pacific Coast Village Project 218

Friday, 21 June
6:55PM BUILDING DC Builders Offer a Fixed Price Quote 222

Tuesday, 11 June
9:47PM BUILDING How Much Does it Cost to Renovate in Auckland in 2019 406

Sunday, 9 June
2:16PM BUILDING A Complete Auckland Home Renovation Guide 2019 433

Tuesday, 21 May
6:59PM BUILDING Central Auckland Another Good Electrical Service Area 442
6:52PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing's Stremaform Performs Well For the Memorial Park Alliance 489

Thursday, 2 May
2:01PM BUILDING The Design Construct Process When Designing & Building Your Home 338

Monday, 29 April
7:02PM BUILDING Stage 2B Brookside Development Now Released From Classic Builders 488

Wednesday, 24 April
8:39PM BUILDING Max Frank Products From Fletcher Reinforcing 347

Wednesday, 27 March
6:31PM BUILDING All About DC Builders 305
6:21PM BUILDING Classic Builders' New Waterside Development at Hobsonville 380

Tuesday, 26 March
1:15PM BUILDING Get Fast Reaction Time From Collins Civil & Drainage 288
12:38PM BUILDING Commercial & Industrial Roofing From Auckland Commercial Roofing 281

Thursday, 21 March
9:56PM BUILDING Reinforcing Mesh From Fletcher Reinforcing 528

Friday, 25 January
7:15PM BUILDING Reinforcing Accessories At Te Mihi From Fletcher Reinforcing 463

Friday, 28 December
9:17PM BUILDING How Much Does it Cost to Renovate in Auckland in 2019 441

Tuesday, 18 December
2:18PM BUILDING Christmas A Good Time For Thanks From DC Builders' Happy Customers 276
2:01PM BUILDING Have Your BBQ Checked Before Summer With Collins Plumbing, Gas & Heating 271

Monday, 17 December
11:24PM BUILDING Install a Water Tank This Summer From Collins Civil & Drainage 333
11:15PM BUILDING Bathroom Direct Expound on The Advantages of a Modern Bidet Toilet System 377

Friday, 30 November
9:40PM BUILDING High Praise From the Owners of a Re-cladding Project From DC Builders 293
9:07PM BUILDING Collins Plumbing & Gas For all Domestic Maintenance & Renovation Work 337
9:01PM BUILDING Collins Civil & Drainage For Eco Friendly Waste Water Treatment Systems 277

Monday, 26 November
3:31PM BUILDING Construction Co-op Makes National Impact 1398

Friday, 26 October
2:53PM BUILDING Lawyer Challenges Steel & Tube to Indemnify 300

Thursday, 25 October
3:24PM BUILDING New Tileable Shower Tray From Bathroom Direct 275

Wednesday, 24 October
4:13PM BUILDING Steel & Tube's Record Fine No Help To Homeowners 440

Sunday, 30 September
7:27PM BUILDING Dymond Homes Currently Offering Apartment Refurbishment 254

Friday, 28 September
6:46PM BUILDING Building Boom in Auckland – Craft Construction Makes New Builds Simple 292

Friday, 7 September
1:16PM BUILDING DuraBuild Construction joins the New Zealand Certified Builders Association 518

Wednesday, 29 August
11:27AM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing Provides Steel and Mesh Services for Kaikoura Rebuild 259

Thursday, 23 August
7:11PM BUILDING Around 85% of Non-compliant Steel Mesh Customers Are From Canterbury 576

Friday, 17 August
6:14PM BUILDING Penalty Against Brilliance Steel Today 1667

Thursday, 9 August
6:14PM BUILDING MYONE WORKS Recommended for Sliding Doors in Harsh Conditions 270

Friday, 27 July
5:43PM BUILDING Fletcher Reinforcing's Steel Prefabrication Service – The Complete Service Package 413

Friday, 29 June
8:27PM BUILDING Smartway Builders' Advice for Homeowners as Wellington Property Values Increase 367

Tuesday, 26 June
2:00PM BUILDING Seismic Strengthening Services From Gaze Commercial 190

Thursday, 21 June
8:41PM BUILDING Stremaform Construction Joints: Serving Wellington's NZ Memorial Park Underpass 197