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New Zealand Politics News Index

Thursday, 6 May
4:28PM POLITICS Kiwi Midwife Writes and Records Song with Her Band 309

Monday, 19 October
11:13AM POLITICS MERAS celebrates election of midwife and union activist to Parliament 873

Friday, 7 August
5:43AM POLITICS The 5th Eye documentary 666

Monday, 14 October
7:30PM POLITICS Response From Deon Swiggs To Media Release From 'Josh' 839

Saturday, 12 October

Tuesday, 8 October
2:41PM POLITICS Deon Swiggs' Campaign Releases Video To Thank Supporters 690

Tuesday, 27 August
12:12PM POLITICS Racing billionaire donation to National shows need for donation reform in New Zealand 371

Tuesday, 26 March
1:55AM POLITICS error: there is no article for this link 968

Tuesday, 15 January
1:46PM POLITICS Petition calls for councillor to resign over Maori comments 653

Friday, 11 November
4:26PM POLITICS NZ People's Party Candidate vows to clean up Mt Roskill 897

Tuesday, 8 November

Monday, 7 November
6:06PM POLITICS NZ People's Party President nomination approved 900

Saturday, 11 June
4:26PM POLITICS Duncan Webb Selected to Stand for Labour in Christchurch Central 919

Tuesday, 3 May
5:10PM POLITICS Duncan Webb Nominated for Christchurch Central 1470

Friday, 29 April
4:49PM POLITICS Ali Jones To Stand For Community Board Not Council 1391

Saturday, 21 November
4:55PM POLITICS Young Taranaki election candidate to go on nationwide tour 1668

Monday, 12 October
2:40PM POLITICS Council candidate calls Government 'a thorn in the backside' 1772

Friday, 2 October
11:14PM POLITICS Rainbow Warrior Bomber Breaks Silence 1609

Monday, 21 September
12:18PM POLITICS Airport development focus in youngsters campaign 1707

Sunday, 20 September
10:10AM POLITICS Taranaki election candidate makes history books 1834

Sunday, 17 May
1:07PM POLITICS MMP system 'flawed' - Maori Party MP 2335

Monday, 4 May
5:04PM POLITICS Muslims and Islam- Separating Myth from Reality 1935

Monday, 16 February
6:15PM POLITICS . 2307

Monday, 9 February
6:24PM POLITICS . 2383

Saturday, 24 January
9:25PM POLITICS The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney 2325

Monday, 19 January
3:02PM POLITICS NZ politician asks for Snapchat to be banned 2339

Sunday, 18 January
3:34AM POLITICS Was the Paris terrorist attack the latest in a long line of false flag attacks? 2280

Sunday, 11 January
2:41PM POLITICS Former Mayor running for council - reports 1871

Saturday, 3 January
3:46PM POLITICS Insiders NZ: Michael Riley – the case for fluoride in New Plymouth 1925

Friday, 5 December
3:17PM POLITICS Goodin stands for council by-election 1723
11:50AM POLITICS Second Councillor resigns from New Plymouth Council 1660

Sunday, 30 November
10:53AM POLITICS Select Committee Not Interested In Hearing From A Muslim Woman 1421

Monday, 10 November
6:36PM POLITICS Mini Wind Wands may come to New Plymouth 1018

Thursday, 6 November
1:26PM POLITICS LIVE UPDATES: Fireworks display begins 672

Wednesday, 5 November
3:17PM POLITICS Live updates for New Plymouth fireworks display 656

Wednesday, 22 October
3:30PM POLITICS Teens get regular spot on airwaves 574

Tuesday, 7 October
2:45PM POLITICS Encouraging politicians to speak with youth 357
2:31PM POLITICS Maori Wards gets the go-ahead 337

Sunday, 21 September
10:27AM POLITICS ACT Candidate: Support has dropped throughout the country 477

Saturday, 20 September
7:05AM POLITICS Youth In Politics: LIVE Coverage | 2014 ELECTION 408

Friday, 12 September
9:43PM POLITICS Politics classes required in high schools 299

Sunday, 29 June
1:06PM POLITICS Labour Party candidates to meet with Youth in Politics 507

Saturday, 28 June
5:12PM POLITICS Internet Party fans from Taranaki could be up for a treat 407

Thursday, 5 June
5:09PM POLITICS Youth in Politics June Political Poll: "will give a party in particular a massive wake up call" 551

Saturday, 17 May
11:18AM POLITICS New members for Youth in Politics bring big changes for 2014 ahead 530

Saturday, 10 May
6:57PM POLITICS New Plymouth in the eyes of youth: 'Boring' 502

Wednesday, 16 April
6:53PM POLITICS New Plymouth Mayor to be interviewed on radio by Youth In Politics 518

Wednesday, 2 April
10:35PM POLITICS Radio Interview On The Use of Weather Modification Technology To Win Support For Global Warming Agenda in NZ 866

Tuesday, 18 March
9:30AM POLITICS Crimea: Media War Games - feat. Abby Martin 407

Sunday, 9 February
3:24PM POLITICS Letter to Youth In Politics 331

Tuesday, 5 November
1:48PM POLITICS Taranaki Daily News losing jobs 423

Saturday, 26 October
2:06AM POLITICS Politics is important for youth in New Zealand 517

Friday, 25 October
2:35PM POLITICS NZ must front up on international spying 410

Tuesday, 8 October
10:30PM POLITICS Not just Business As Usual Politics 620

Friday, 27 September
11:24PM POLITICS Let's give local businesses a break 549

Wednesday, 18 September
9:57PM POLITICS Nick Begich : Technology to Control the Weather 462

Thursday, 12 September
6:16AM POLITICS New Plymouth teen taking to the airwaves about local politics 543

Monday, 9 September
5:39PM POLITICS Public urged to "Library Up" ahead of local elections 503

Monday, 2 September
2:04PM POLITICS Demonstration For Democracy In Whangarei Drew Diverse Crowd 990

Thursday, 29 August
9:27PM POLITICS Award Winning Businessman for Local Council 471
9:02PM POLITICS Meet the Candidates 636
8:00PM POLITICS Let's talk about Wellington, unplugged 403

Wednesday, 28 August
11:15PM POLITICS New Plymouth outer towns Community Board candidates 474

Tuesday, 27 August
11:07PM POLITICS 'Youth In Politics' Facebook page likes widen 391

Thursday, 22 August
2:57PM POLITICS Malcolm Aitken gives big tick for kids 471

Tuesday, 20 August
12:26PM POLITICS GCSB Public Meeting - Auckland Town Hall - August 19, 2013 301
12:26AM POLITICS New Plymouth Council elections begin to get heated 1820

Sunday, 4 August
9:25PM POLITICS Why bother with an election? 368

Sunday, 28 July
12:25AM POLITICS Council officials must not hem in future councillors over parking 549

Tuesday, 23 July
4:19PM POLITICS Protesting the GCSB + TICS Bills: Nationwide! 630

Monday, 15 July
11:43PM POLITICS Households struggling: WCC must review its rates policies 415

Friday, 5 July
12:53PM POLITICS "Women-only plan ignores diversity" 303

Tuesday, 25 June
11:22AM POLITICS Phillip Legg is gearing up for the Waikato Regional Council Elections. 340

Friday, 21 June
10:38AM POLITICS Hemp Awareness much needed 304

Thursday, 6 June
11:01AM POLITICS Government needs to address causes of prison riots 373

Monday, 29 April
1:45PM POLITICS Key committed to higher power prices for New Zealanders 342

Wednesday, 17 April
1:10PM POLITICS Serious consequences for New Zealand if war in Korea breaks out, UC expert says 344

Wednesday, 10 April
6:36PM POLITICS UK Man Wins Court Victory Over BBC for 9/11 Coverup Broadcast 275

Tuesday, 9 April
6:16PM POLITICS Who Are The Bloody Criminals Now? Scrap The GCSB & Close Waihopai Spybase 332
4:32PM POLITICS Labour alerts Justice Ministry to gaping security hole in its website 304

Monday, 8 April
9:03PM POLITICS Video: Lord Monckton's Presentation - "Global Warming: just the truth" 581

Tuesday, 19 March
5:50PM POLITICS Providence — a short film featuring Bradley Manning's voice 470
2:52PM POLITICS Government must back down on iPad tax too 258

Friday, 15 March
5:47PM POLITICS Phone book opt in change a good call 358

Wednesday, 13 March
2:42PM POLITICS Get real, not GE, about drought solutions 503

Tuesday, 5 March
12:33PM POLITICS Tax Reduction as a Moral Tool 221

Friday, 1 March
10:05PM POLITICS Bradley Manning admits to leaking 'the most significant documents of our time' 291
1:42PM POLITICS Icelandic activist Hordur Torfason visiting New Zealand to inspire greater democracy 292

Thursday, 14 February
3:01PM POLITICS Dunne must take leadership on overseas tax 294
2:59PM POLITICS Govt must intervene to bring down exchange rate 286

Monday, 11 February
4:39PM POLITICS Greens back smart green economic direction 310

Saturday, 9 February
2:32PM POLITICS Opposition cries crocodile tears for investment 478

Friday, 8 February
6:22PM POLITICS Adams' dodgy deals cost Kiwis $400 279
6:21PM POLITICS Law change needed on airport pricing 275
6:20PM POLITICS Please hold, your call is unimportant to us... 292
6:19PM POLITICS Go figure – jobless 'stats' hide real story 263
6:18PM POLITICS Fed-up Defence staff join Aussie exodus - 8 February 2013 265
5:59PM POLITICS Information law too precious to be sold 385
1:54PM POLITICS Emperor Joyce has no clothes 282
1:34PM POLITICS Labour wrong on youth education & training 224