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New Zealand Finance News Index

Thursday, 22 August
8:32PM FINANCE Greenlion Look at Government's New Taxation Act 2019 279
7:27PM FINANCE Set F.I.R.E To Your Mortgage With enableMe 138

Wednesday, 31 July
8:48PM FINANCE Nectar Offering Free Credit Checks for Borrowers Through Facebook Messenger 146
4:07PM FINANCE Greenlion Explain New Research & Development Credits 94
4:06PM FINANCE Specialist Advice on Life Insurance From SHARE 154

Tuesday, 30 July
10:05PM FINANCE Max Loans Helping NZ Families Take Charge of Their Finances with Debt Consolidation Loans 120
7:24PM FINANCE enableMe on How to Avoid Having to 'Unretire' 114

Thursday, 25 July
8:37AM FINANCE What should you do when your fixed rate finishes? 197

Tuesday, 23 July
1:04PM FINANCE Rethink Group Stress the Importance of Using a Mortgage Broker 142

Friday, 28 June
11:46PM FINANCE Greenlion Become a Platinum Partner with Xero 321
11:23PM FINANCE Customers Can Conquer Mortgage Confidently with Max Loans 299
4:46PM FINANCE Industry 'Marginally Better' But Still A Race To The Bottom 149

Monday, 24 June
7:53PM FINANCE Kudos for enableMe From Happy Customers 136

Sunday, 16 June
4:09PM FINANCE Can I Get a WINZ Benefit if I Have Private Mortgage Insurance? 203

Friday, 31 May
12:12PM FINANCE Advice Matters at SHARE 105

Thursday, 30 May
12:37PM FINANCE Max Loans Proud to Contribute to New Zealand's Business Growth with Trusted Business Loans 173

Thursday, 23 May
7:10PM FINANCE Greenlion Think The Right Decision Has Been Made on the CTG 179

Tuesday, 21 May
2:39PM FINANCE 'Monkey See, Monkey Do': enableMe Say Parents' Financial Habits Can be Passed on to Kids 312

Monday, 6 May
6:53PM FINANCE enableMe Advise Taking Action Now Towards Retirement Saving 925

Wednesday, 1 May
1:28PM FINANCE Leading Mortgages and Home Loans from Max Loans for Tomorrow's Home Owners 510

Tuesday, 30 April
11:48PM FINANCE SHARE Will Help You to Increase Your KiwiSaver Balance 523
2:44PM FINANCE Greenlion Talk About The Effects of the CGT on Their Clients 158

Friday, 26 April
11:39PM FINANCE Ask Bartercard Say 'Cash is King!' 209

Monday, 1 April
2:13PM FINANCE BDO Introduces 'Switch Season' to Help Clients Maximise Their Move to Cloud 1238

Thursday, 28 March
2:49PM FINANCE Greenlion Signal IRD Changes to Payday Filing 552

Tuesday, 26 March
1:54PM FINANCE Ask Bartercard Explain How to Maximise Customers & Cashflow 243

Monday, 25 March
4:39PM FINANCE Getting a car loan? Factor in depreciation 220
4:31PM FINANCE What is an auto loan? 213

Friday, 15 March
6:24PM FINANCE Classic Car Bargains with Max Loans at 2019 Beach Hop 644

Sunday, 10 March
1:36PM FINANCE Payday loans NZ the changing landscape 353

Thursday, 7 March
4:07PM FINANCE What's your Credit Score? 283

Friday, 1 March
12:01AM FINANCE Advice Matters at SHARE 282

Thursday, 28 February
7:24PM FINANCE Recover from your holiday spending spree with a Debt Consolidation Loan from Max Loans 184
3:21PM FINANCE Greenlion Discuss Ring-fencing Rental Property Losses 193

Tuesday, 26 February
6:55PM FINANCE enableMe's Personal Financial Trainers Will Help You Get Ahead in 2019 194

Saturday, 9 February
10:59PM FINANCE KiwiSaver Providers Threatened with Violence and Suicide 473

Wednesday, 30 January
12:14PM FINANCE Moola 196

Monday, 28 January
5:17PM FINANCE Loans gathering fintech momentum 299

Friday, 25 January
6:59PM FINANCE SHARE Can Assist New Zealanders Who Believe They Need to Save More for Retirement 250

Thursday, 24 January
8:08PM FINANCE Get Financially Fit With enableMe in 2019 244
3:27PM FINANCE Rethink Group Advise LVR Restrictions Eased As From 1 January 2019 240

Thursday, 17 January
5:53PM FINANCE Greenlion Can Help Your Goal Setting in 2019 236

Friday, 21 December
11:36AM FINANCE enableMe Advise on Investment Property, Building Wealth & Planning for Retirement 162

Tuesday, 18 December
3:20PM FINANCE Client Outcomes Stand at the Centre of SHARE's Business 231
2:39PM FINANCE Greenlion Can Help With That Cashflow Problem In the New Year 188

Friday, 30 November
9:49PM FINANCE Greenlion Clarify Entertainment Expenses 203
9:05PM FINANCE SHARE For All Your Insurance Needs 159

Wednesday, 28 November
5:25PM FINANCE Get 'Sorted' Financially With enableMe Before Christmas Rather Than in the New Year 173

Tuesday, 27 November
9:07PM FINANCE Avoiding a cash flow nightmare this Christmas 237

Friday, 16 November
7:03AM FINANCE Payday loans 225

Thursday, 8 November
2:08PM FINANCE Broker-Approved Invoice Finance a Big Help to Businesses 180

Wednesday, 31 October
2:12PM FINANCE SHARE NZ Services For All Things Financial 145

Tuesday, 23 October
11:11AM FINANCE Payday lenders in New Zealand 274

Friday, 19 October
3:31PM FINANCE Hannah McQueen of enableMe Says the Secret to Property Investing Success is Not Having to Sell at the Wrong Time 110

Saturday, 29 September
8:56PM FINANCE Financial advice network SHARE has over 65 expert advisors NZ wide 157

Monday, 24 September
12:36PM FINANCE Matley Financial Services Laud IRD's AIM Tax Legislation 189

Tuesday, 18 September
1:22PM FINANCE enableMe Advise on How to Avoid Buying a Lemon 151

Thursday, 6 September
4:16PM FINANCE Boxers Battle For Life to Raise Suicide Awareness 184

Saturday, 1 September
12:32AM FINANCE Need to Pay the Rental Bond? Head to My Loan Solution for a Rental Bond Loan 188
12:09AM FINANCE SHARE encourages Kiwis to make most of positive KiwiSaver returns 148

Friday, 24 August
7:18PM FINANCE Matley Will Help With Your Business Valuation 146

Wednesday, 22 August
12:12PM FINANCE Shredding Debt: enableMe Has Some Answers 139

Tuesday, 24 July
7:12PM FINANCE Got Car Troubles? Fast and Easy Car Repair Loans from My Loan Solution 149

Saturday, 30 June
1:47PM FINANCE Introducing Cryptosaver — A new way to buy and save Bitcoin 3451

Friday, 29 June
10:49PM FINANCE Secure New Zealand Short Term Loans from My Loan Solution 273
3:10PM FINANCE SHARE NZ backs campaign to get young women involved with KiwiSaver 207

Thursday, 28 June
5:25PM FINANCE Kiwi's launch low-cost Bitcoin savings platform 2509

Friday, 22 June
3:20PM FINANCE enableMe Address 'Relationships & Money' 124

Tuesday, 19 June
2:13PM FINANCE Warehouse Money Proud of Their Outstanding Value Canstar 5-Star Rating 135

Wednesday, 30 May
10:14PM FINANCE Get Quick and Easy Unsecured Personal Loans from My Loan Solution 141

Tuesday, 29 May
12:10PM FINANCE Can I get a cash loans? 179

Monday, 28 May
1:08PM FINANCE Easy to Earn Rewards With Warehouse Money's Purple Visa Card 133

Thursday, 24 May
7:06PM FINANCE New Online Mortgage Recalculator 232

Thursday, 17 May
1:15PM FINANCE Enabling Your Teens To Be More Money Savvy With enableMe 128

Wednesday, 16 May
4:19PM FINANCE Give Your Business a 'Leg Up' With a Loan From Future Finance 228

Thursday, 10 May
1:40PM FINANCE NZCU Guides discerning Kiwis through the Pro's & Con's of Term Deposits 340
1:35PM FINANCE ANZ report shows simple steps to increase Kiwis' 'financial well-being' 328

Tuesday, 1 May
6:00AM FINANCE Go On Holiday This Year With a Loan From Future Finance 205
5:36AM FINANCE Evergreen Life Explain Why You Need Life Insurance 830

Wednesday, 25 April
8:54PM FINANCE Pay Online With Visa Checkout from Warehouse Money 135

Monday, 16 April
8:01PM FINANCE Some Salient Tax Advice From Enable Me's Hannah McQueen 176

Tuesday, 20 March
5:10PM FINANCE Warehouse Money's Purple Visa Card Awarded Canstar '5-Star' Three Years Running 249
11:35AM FINANCE THE Biggest money mistakes women over 40 make 170

Thursday, 15 March
4:32PM FINANCE Future Finance Point to Debt Relief With Debt Consolidation 137
4:16PM FINANCE Total Mortgages Talk About Being Prepared For Auction 152

Tuesday, 13 March
10:49AM FINANCE Land a low-interest loan with Sorted's 6 tips 199

Friday, 9 March
6:00PM FINANCE Income Tax PAYE Calculator NZ 313
5:58PM FINANCE Increase Your Tax Refund & Tax Return In 6 Easy Ways 156

Wednesday, 7 March
1:25PM FINANCE High-interest loans 'trap' for Pacific families in south Auckland 241

Friday, 2 March
8:17AM FINANCE Student Bank Accounts: A Disparity in Benefits 160

Wednesday, 28 February
11:10PM FINANCE Auckland's 'Shore Finance' changes its name 251
4:18PM FINANCE Maat Group Director Discusses Opportunities in Commercial Property Investment 204

Tuesday, 27 February
5:49PM FINANCE Amazing Offers From Warehouse Money 160

Monday, 26 February
4:33PM FINANCE How To Not Lose Your 2013 Tax Refund & Returns 189

Saturday, 24 February
1:14AM FINANCE Your Last Chance to Claim Tax refunds For 2013 210

Wednesday, 14 February
7:15PM FINANCE Forget Those New Year's Resolutions – Take Action With enableMe 277

Monday, 12 February
2:18PM FINANCE Overspend Over Xmas? See Future Finance 147

Friday, 26 January
5:29PM FINANCE Convenient Online Shopping With Warehouse Money 228

Saturday, 13 January
11:20PM FINANCE Comparing Stepped vs Level Premiums for Life Insurance 312

Friday, 12 January
4:24PM FINANCE Future Finance Can Help With Your Credit Card Debt 170