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New Zealand Finance News Index

Friday, 15 January
12:31AM FINANCE Take Out a Personal Loan For Xmas With Loansmart 147

Monday, 21 December
9:23PM FINANCE Greenlion Explain New Trusts Act 439

Wednesday, 2 December
5:24AM FINANCE Loansmart Offer Emergency Loans Finance When 'Stuff Happens' 963

Thursday, 19 November
4:10PM FINANCE The benefits of supporting local businesses with leading finance company Yes Finance. 1315

Monday, 2 November
4:33PM FINANCE Loansmart Talk Rental Bond Loans 1081

Thursday, 1 October
10:47PM FINANCE You Can Apply Online For Loansmart's Car Finance 1351

Wednesday, 30 September
9:33PM FINANCE BDO Collating Responses for 2020 Construction Survey 1057

Wednesday, 2 September
8:48PM FINANCE BDO Māori Business Report Shines Light on Sector's COVID-19 Response 1337

Tuesday, 1 September
6:30PM FINANCE Loansmart Advocate for Debt Consolidation For All Those Monthly Interest Payments 935

Thursday, 30 July
8:26PM FINANCE BDO Releases Global Risk Landscape 2020 Report 1334

Friday, 26 June
7:22PM FINANCE enableMe on Why SME Owners Need to Focus on More Than Just the Company's Finances Amid COVID-19 272

Wednesday, 24 June
5:34PM FINANCE Greenlion Set Out the Government's Support For Small Businesses Scheme 349

Monday, 1 June
12:26AM FINANCE BDO Outlines Top Three Factors for Bouncing Back from COVID-19 1631

Thursday, 28 May
1:47PM FINANCE The Importance of Short-Term Financial Solutions 481

Wednesday, 27 May
8:15PM FINANCE enableMe's Hannah McQueen Says "Lock in Your Lockdown Spending" 291

Thursday, 21 May
9:23PM FINANCE How Can Greenlion Help NZ Businesses Impacted by COVID-19? 405

Sunday, 10 May
3:17PM FINANCE Women Financially Harder Hit by Covid-19 914

Monday, 4 May
2:22PM FINANCE Loansmart's Team Keeps Growing! 582

Monday, 20 April
6:23PM FINANCE enableMe Urge Caution Over the Mortgage 'Holiday' Being Offered by the Banks 347

Thursday, 16 April
12:46PM FINANCE Greenlion Are There With Business Advisory Services & Budgeting Tools During COVID-19 Crisis 368

Tuesday, 7 April
4:57AM FINANCE COVID-19 and Life Insurance 772

Tuesday, 31 March
6:55PM FINANCE Qoin Promotional Events Cancelled following COVID-19 552

Wednesday, 25 March
1:50PM FINANCE enableMe Discuss Financial Resilience in the Light of Coronavirus 346

Monday, 23 March
4:12PM FINANCE Ensure Survival & Build Success With Greenlion's Accounting Services 299

Wednesday, 26 February
1:51PM FINANCE Get Mortgage Free & Retirement Ready in 10-years (or less!) With enableMe's Seminar Series 197

Tuesday, 25 February
3:51PM FINANCE BDO Offers Advice on New NZ IFRS 16 Accounting Standard 309

Monday, 24 February
4:11PM FINANCE Greenlion Explain Employee Use of Telecommunications Tools and Usage Plans in Their Employment and Employer-provided Travel From Home to a Distant Workplace — PAYE and FBT, 15 January 2020 340

Wednesday, 29 January
1:12PM FINANCE Join a Digital Community Without Barriers with Qoin 389

Tuesday, 28 January
7:48PM FINANCE Welcome in the New Year With enableMe's 2020 Challenge 288

Monday, 27 January
2:31PM FINANCE Greenlion Explain How New Taxation Act Will Affect Property Investors 515

Friday, 13 December
11:18PM FINANCE Greenlion Have Some Recommendations Regarding the New Zealand Trustee Act 2019 407

Friday, 6 December
12:53PM FINANCE enableMe Advise on How to be 'Money Smart' This Christmas 422

Friday, 29 November
5:27PM FINANCE Max Loans Announces Christmas Give Away 399
3:46PM FINANCE BDO Releases Māori Business Survey Report 540

Thursday, 28 November
2:42PM FINANCE Greenlion Discuss the Importance of Cyber Security 307

Tuesday, 19 November
11:54AM FINANCE How age affects your life insurance 529

Wednesday, 13 November
5:50PM FINANCE Nectar Still the Fastest and Easiest Way to See Interest Rates for Loans 336

Wednesday, 30 October
1:41PM FINANCE Greenlion Will Guide You Through the Wilderness of Tax 283

Monday, 21 October
11:01AM FINANCE Top tips to getting your life insurance money quickly 419

Thursday, 3 October
1:47PM FINANCE BDO NZ Wins Xero National Partner of the Year Award 2019 503

Monday, 30 September
5:36PM FINANCE CFS Bridge Finance on Financial Analysis 338

Thursday, 26 September
1:30PM FINANCE Max Loans Offering Competitive Car Finance Rates From 9.95% 356

Tuesday, 24 September
11:53AM FINANCE Are You Setting FIRE to Your Mortgage, or Just Burning Through Your Cash? enableMe's Hannah McQueen on Why Most People Won't Get Ahead While the Going's Good 268

Thursday, 5 September
10:45PM FINANCE Are there different types of Income Protection Insurance? 561

Monday, 2 September
12:22PM FINANCE 7 things to keep up to date on your life insurance 425

Friday, 30 August
11:52PM FINANCE SHARE Appoint a New Professional & Experienced Compliance & Training Manager 333

Tuesday, 27 August
2:08PM FINANCE What is Income Protection Insurance 298

Thursday, 22 August
8:32PM FINANCE Greenlion Look at Government's New Taxation Act 2019 552
7:27PM FINANCE Set F.I.R.E To Your Mortgage With enableMe 313

Wednesday, 31 July
8:48PM FINANCE Nectar Offering Free Credit Checks for Borrowers Through Facebook Messenger 274
4:07PM FINANCE Greenlion Explain New Research & Development Credits 212
4:06PM FINANCE Specialist Advice on Life Insurance From SHARE 272

Tuesday, 30 July
10:05PM FINANCE Max Loans Helping NZ Families Take Charge of Their Finances with Debt Consolidation Loans 236
7:24PM FINANCE enableMe on How to Avoid Having to 'Unretire' 231

Thursday, 25 July
8:37AM FINANCE What should you do when your fixed rate finishes? 393

Tuesday, 23 July
1:04PM FINANCE Rethink Group Stress the Importance of Using a Mortgage Broker 264

Friday, 28 June
11:46PM FINANCE Greenlion Become a Platinum Partner with Xero 447
11:23PM FINANCE Customers Can Conquer Mortgage Confidently with Max Loans 439
4:46PM FINANCE Industry 'Marginally Better' But Still A Race To The Bottom 285

Monday, 24 June
7:53PM FINANCE Kudos for enableMe From Happy Customers 259

Sunday, 16 June
4:09PM FINANCE Can I Get a WINZ Benefit if I Have Private Mortgage Insurance? 372

Friday, 31 May
12:12PM FINANCE Advice Matters at SHARE 197

Thursday, 30 May
12:37PM FINANCE Max Loans Proud to Contribute to New Zealand's Business Growth with Trusted Business Loans 271

Thursday, 23 May
7:10PM FINANCE Greenlion Think The Right Decision Has Been Made on the CTG 288

Tuesday, 21 May
2:39PM FINANCE 'Monkey See, Monkey Do': enableMe Say Parents' Financial Habits Can be Passed on to Kids 409

Monday, 6 May
6:53PM FINANCE enableMe Advise Taking Action Now Towards Retirement Saving 1027

Wednesday, 1 May
1:28PM FINANCE Leading Mortgages and Home Loans from Max Loans for Tomorrow's Home Owners 616

Tuesday, 30 April
11:48PM FINANCE SHARE Will Help You to Increase Your KiwiSaver Balance 615
2:44PM FINANCE Greenlion Talk About The Effects of the CGT on Their Clients 235

Friday, 26 April
11:39PM FINANCE Ask Bartercard Say 'Cash is King!' 328

Monday, 1 April
2:13PM FINANCE BDO Introduces 'Switch Season' to Help Clients Maximise Their Move to Cloud 1372

Thursday, 28 March
2:49PM FINANCE Greenlion Signal IRD Changes to Payday Filing 672

Tuesday, 26 March
1:54PM FINANCE Ask Bartercard Explain How to Maximise Customers & Cashflow 334

Monday, 25 March
4:39PM FINANCE Getting a car loan? Factor in depreciation 333
4:31PM FINANCE What is an auto loan? 329

Friday, 15 March
6:24PM FINANCE Classic Car Bargains with Max Loans at 2019 Beach Hop 859

Sunday, 10 March
1:36PM FINANCE Payday loans NZ the changing landscape 493

Thursday, 7 March
4:07PM FINANCE What's your Credit Score? 418

Friday, 1 March
12:01AM FINANCE Advice Matters at SHARE 397

Thursday, 28 February
7:24PM FINANCE Recover from your holiday spending spree with a Debt Consolidation Loan from Max Loans 287
3:21PM FINANCE Greenlion Discuss Ring-fencing Rental Property Losses 290

Tuesday, 26 February
6:55PM FINANCE enableMe's Personal Financial Trainers Will Help You Get Ahead in 2019 305

Saturday, 9 February
10:59PM FINANCE KiwiSaver Providers Threatened with Violence and Suicide 648

Wednesday, 30 January
12:14PM FINANCE Moola 285

Monday, 28 January
5:17PM FINANCE Loans gathering fintech momentum 423

Friday, 25 January
6:59PM FINANCE SHARE Can Assist New Zealanders Who Believe They Need to Save More for Retirement 345

Thursday, 24 January
8:08PM FINANCE Get Financially Fit With enableMe in 2019 382
3:27PM FINANCE Rethink Group Advise LVR Restrictions Eased As From 1 January 2019 376

Thursday, 17 January
5:53PM FINANCE Greenlion Can Help Your Goal Setting in 2019 336

Friday, 21 December
11:36AM FINANCE enableMe Advise on Investment Property, Building Wealth & Planning for Retirement 256

Tuesday, 18 December
3:20PM FINANCE Client Outcomes Stand at the Centre of SHARE's Business 322
2:39PM FINANCE Greenlion Can Help With That Cashflow Problem In the New Year 279

Friday, 30 November
9:49PM FINANCE Greenlion Clarify Entertainment Expenses 288
9:05PM FINANCE SHARE For All Your Insurance Needs 250

Wednesday, 28 November
5:25PM FINANCE Get 'Sorted' Financially With enableMe Before Christmas Rather Than in the New Year 274

Tuesday, 27 November
9:07PM FINANCE Avoiding a cash flow nightmare this Christmas 366

Friday, 16 November
7:03AM FINANCE Payday loans 323

Thursday, 8 November
2:08PM FINANCE Broker-Approved Invoice Finance a Big Help to Businesses 291

Wednesday, 31 October
2:12PM FINANCE SHARE NZ Services For All Things Financial 234

Tuesday, 23 October
11:11AM FINANCE Payday lenders in New Zealand 431