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New Zealand Finance News Index

Thursday, 3 October
1:47PM FINANCE BDO NZ Wins Xero National Partner of the Year Award 2019 289

Monday, 30 September
5:36PM FINANCE CFS Bridge Finance on Financial Analysis 145

Thursday, 26 September
1:30PM FINANCE Max Loans Offering Competitive Car Finance Rates From 9.95% 219

Tuesday, 24 September
11:53AM FINANCE Are You Setting FIRE to Your Mortgage, or Just Burning Through Your Cash? enableMe's Hannah McQueen on Why Most People Won't Get Ahead While the Going's Good 114

Thursday, 5 September
10:45PM FINANCE Are there different types of Income Protection Insurance? 399

Monday, 2 September
12:22PM FINANCE 7 things to keep up to date on your life insurance 240

Friday, 30 August
11:52PM FINANCE SHARE Appoint a New Professional & Experienced Compliance & Training Manager 213

Tuesday, 27 August
2:08PM FINANCE What is Income Protection Insurance 148

Thursday, 22 August
8:32PM FINANCE Greenlion Look at Government's New Taxation Act 2019 387
7:27PM FINANCE Set F.I.R.E To Your Mortgage With enableMe 189

Wednesday, 31 July
8:48PM FINANCE Nectar Offering Free Credit Checks for Borrowers Through Facebook Messenger 168
4:07PM FINANCE Greenlion Explain New Research & Development Credits 110
4:06PM FINANCE Specialist Advice on Life Insurance From SHARE 171

Tuesday, 30 July
10:05PM FINANCE Max Loans Helping NZ Families Take Charge of Their Finances with Debt Consolidation Loans 140
7:24PM FINANCE enableMe on How to Avoid Having to 'Unretire' 131

Thursday, 25 July
8:37AM FINANCE What should you do when your fixed rate finishes? 230

Tuesday, 23 July
1:04PM FINANCE Rethink Group Stress the Importance of Using a Mortgage Broker 162

Friday, 28 June
11:46PM FINANCE Greenlion Become a Platinum Partner with Xero 334
11:23PM FINANCE Customers Can Conquer Mortgage Confidently with Max Loans 317
4:46PM FINANCE Industry 'Marginally Better' But Still A Race To The Bottom 164

Monday, 24 June
7:53PM FINANCE Kudos for enableMe From Happy Customers 150

Sunday, 16 June
4:09PM FINANCE Can I Get a WINZ Benefit if I Have Private Mortgage Insurance? 221

Friday, 31 May
12:12PM FINANCE Advice Matters at SHARE 119

Thursday, 30 May
12:37PM FINANCE Max Loans Proud to Contribute to New Zealand's Business Growth with Trusted Business Loans 186

Thursday, 23 May
7:10PM FINANCE Greenlion Think The Right Decision Has Been Made on the CTG 194

Tuesday, 21 May
2:39PM FINANCE 'Monkey See, Monkey Do': enableMe Say Parents' Financial Habits Can be Passed on to Kids 324

Monday, 6 May
6:53PM FINANCE enableMe Advise Taking Action Now Towards Retirement Saving 938

Wednesday, 1 May
1:28PM FINANCE Leading Mortgages and Home Loans from Max Loans for Tomorrow's Home Owners 524

Tuesday, 30 April
11:48PM FINANCE SHARE Will Help You to Increase Your KiwiSaver Balance 535
2:44PM FINANCE Greenlion Talk About The Effects of the CGT on Their Clients 170

Friday, 26 April
11:39PM FINANCE Ask Bartercard Say 'Cash is King!' 224

Monday, 1 April
2:13PM FINANCE BDO Introduces 'Switch Season' to Help Clients Maximise Their Move to Cloud 1260

Thursday, 28 March
2:49PM FINANCE Greenlion Signal IRD Changes to Payday Filing 567

Tuesday, 26 March
1:54PM FINANCE Ask Bartercard Explain How to Maximise Customers & Cashflow 255

Monday, 25 March
4:39PM FINANCE Getting a car loan? Factor in depreciation 233
4:31PM FINANCE What is an auto loan? 232

Friday, 15 March
6:24PM FINANCE Classic Car Bargains with Max Loans at 2019 Beach Hop 677

Sunday, 10 March
1:36PM FINANCE Payday loans NZ the changing landscape 371

Thursday, 7 March
4:07PM FINANCE What's your Credit Score? 298

Friday, 1 March
12:01AM FINANCE Advice Matters at SHARE 299

Thursday, 28 February
7:24PM FINANCE Recover from your holiday spending spree with a Debt Consolidation Loan from Max Loans 200
3:21PM FINANCE Greenlion Discuss Ring-fencing Rental Property Losses 204

Tuesday, 26 February
6:55PM FINANCE enableMe's Personal Financial Trainers Will Help You Get Ahead in 2019 213

Saturday, 9 February
10:59PM FINANCE KiwiSaver Providers Threatened with Violence and Suicide 504

Wednesday, 30 January
12:14PM FINANCE Moola 212

Monday, 28 January
5:17PM FINANCE Loans gathering fintech momentum 316

Friday, 25 January
6:59PM FINANCE SHARE Can Assist New Zealanders Who Believe They Need to Save More for Retirement 262

Thursday, 24 January
8:08PM FINANCE Get Financially Fit With enableMe in 2019 267
3:27PM FINANCE Rethink Group Advise LVR Restrictions Eased As From 1 January 2019 265

Thursday, 17 January
5:53PM FINANCE Greenlion Can Help Your Goal Setting in 2019 253

Friday, 21 December
11:36AM FINANCE enableMe Advise on Investment Property, Building Wealth & Planning for Retirement 173

Tuesday, 18 December
3:20PM FINANCE Client Outcomes Stand at the Centre of SHARE's Business 244
2:39PM FINANCE Greenlion Can Help With That Cashflow Problem In the New Year 201

Friday, 30 November
9:49PM FINANCE Greenlion Clarify Entertainment Expenses 215
9:05PM FINANCE SHARE For All Your Insurance Needs 174

Wednesday, 28 November
5:25PM FINANCE Get 'Sorted' Financially With enableMe Before Christmas Rather Than in the New Year 186

Tuesday, 27 November
9:07PM FINANCE Avoiding a cash flow nightmare this Christmas 253

Friday, 16 November
7:03AM FINANCE Payday loans 239

Thursday, 8 November
2:08PM FINANCE Broker-Approved Invoice Finance a Big Help to Businesses 196

Wednesday, 31 October
2:12PM FINANCE SHARE NZ Services For All Things Financial 161

Tuesday, 23 October
11:11AM FINANCE Payday lenders in New Zealand 300

Friday, 19 October
3:31PM FINANCE Hannah McQueen of enableMe Says the Secret to Property Investing Success is Not Having to Sell at the Wrong Time 132

Saturday, 29 September
8:56PM FINANCE Financial advice network SHARE has over 65 expert advisors NZ wide 178

Monday, 24 September
12:36PM FINANCE Matley Financial Services Laud IRD's AIM Tax Legislation 204

Tuesday, 18 September
1:22PM FINANCE enableMe Advise on How to Avoid Buying a Lemon 162

Thursday, 6 September
4:16PM FINANCE Boxers Battle For Life to Raise Suicide Awareness 203

Saturday, 1 September
12:32AM FINANCE Need to Pay the Rental Bond? Head to My Loan Solution for a Rental Bond Loan 211
12:09AM FINANCE SHARE encourages Kiwis to make most of positive KiwiSaver returns 164

Friday, 24 August
7:18PM FINANCE Matley Will Help With Your Business Valuation 160

Wednesday, 22 August
12:12PM FINANCE Shredding Debt: enableMe Has Some Answers 151

Tuesday, 24 July
7:12PM FINANCE Got Car Troubles? Fast and Easy Car Repair Loans from My Loan Solution 163

Saturday, 30 June
1:47PM FINANCE Introducing Cryptosaver — A new way to buy and save Bitcoin 3476

Friday, 29 June
10:49PM FINANCE Secure New Zealand Short Term Loans from My Loan Solution 283
3:10PM FINANCE SHARE NZ backs campaign to get young women involved with KiwiSaver 221

Thursday, 28 June
5:25PM FINANCE Kiwi's launch low-cost Bitcoin savings platform 2524

Friday, 22 June
3:20PM FINANCE enableMe Address 'Relationships & Money' 134

Tuesday, 19 June
2:13PM FINANCE Warehouse Money Proud of Their Outstanding Value Canstar 5-Star Rating 149

Wednesday, 30 May
10:14PM FINANCE Get Quick and Easy Unsecured Personal Loans from My Loan Solution 156

Tuesday, 29 May
12:10PM FINANCE Can I get a cash loans? 194

Monday, 28 May
1:08PM FINANCE Easy to Earn Rewards With Warehouse Money's Purple Visa Card 145

Thursday, 24 May
7:06PM FINANCE New Online Mortgage Recalculator 255

Thursday, 17 May
1:15PM FINANCE Enabling Your Teens To Be More Money Savvy With enableMe 142

Wednesday, 16 May
4:19PM FINANCE Give Your Business a 'Leg Up' With a Loan From Future Finance 241

Thursday, 10 May
1:40PM FINANCE NZCU Guides discerning Kiwis through the Pro's & Con's of Term Deposits 352
1:35PM FINANCE ANZ report shows simple steps to increase Kiwis' 'financial well-being' 340

Tuesday, 1 May
6:00AM FINANCE Go On Holiday This Year With a Loan From Future Finance 215
5:36AM FINANCE Evergreen Life Explain Why You Need Life Insurance 843

Wednesday, 25 April
8:54PM FINANCE Pay Online With Visa Checkout from Warehouse Money 150

Monday, 16 April
8:01PM FINANCE Some Salient Tax Advice From Enable Me's Hannah McQueen 197

Tuesday, 20 March
5:10PM FINANCE Warehouse Money's Purple Visa Card Awarded Canstar '5-Star' Three Years Running 269
11:35AM FINANCE THE Biggest money mistakes women over 40 make 182

Thursday, 15 March
4:32PM FINANCE Future Finance Point to Debt Relief With Debt Consolidation 155
4:16PM FINANCE Total Mortgages Talk About Being Prepared For Auction 174

Tuesday, 13 March
10:49AM FINANCE Land a low-interest loan with Sorted's 6 tips 219

Friday, 9 March
6:00PM FINANCE Income Tax PAYE Calculator NZ 327
5:58PM FINANCE Increase Your Tax Refund & Tax Return In 6 Easy Ways 168

Wednesday, 7 March
1:25PM FINANCE High-interest loans 'trap' for Pacific families in south Auckland 264

Friday, 2 March
8:17AM FINANCE Student Bank Accounts: A Disparity in Benefits 184

Wednesday, 28 February
11:10PM FINANCE Auckland's 'Shore Finance' changes its name 274
4:18PM FINANCE Maat Group Director Discusses Opportunities in Commercial Property Investment 225