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New Zealand Electricity News Index

Monday, 21 December
8:48PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical For Spa & Swimming Pool Electrical Maintenance 742
8:41PM ELECTRICITY Stylish & Elegant: Case Studies From Eunice Taylor 759

Monday, 6 July
6:44PM ELECTRICITY North Shore Electrician Pros 1396

Friday, 26 June
10:29PM ELECTRICITY Visit Good Electrical's New Website Today! 400

Wednesday, 20 May
2:31AM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Available For All Your Data Wiring & Office Data Networking 331

Saturday, 25 April
11:26PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical's Clients Speak Very Highly of Their Service 338

Friday, 27 March
4:55AM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Advise What to do When Your Hot Water Cylinder Isn't Heating 274

Monday, 9 March
5:47PM ELECTRICITY Eunice Taylor Ltd Provide Decades of Experience 554

Tuesday, 25 February
8:36PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Suggest Additonal Features For Your Ceiling Fan this Summer 280

Friday, 17 January
8:52PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Advocate For a Fan This Summer 541

Thursday, 5 December
12:48PM ELECTRICITY Christmas Time is 'Thank You' Time at Good Electrical 522

Monday, 11 November
7:41PM ELECTRICITY Get Your Outdoor Lighting Installed For Summer With Good Electrical 370

Friday, 11 October
1:26PM ELECTRICITY TV Upgrade for Rugby World Cup Means Time to Call Good Electrical 511

Wednesday, 25 September
7:04PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Have Some Great Ideas For Your Spring Clean 316

Wednesday, 7 August
8:25PM ELECTRICITY Call Good Electrical For Those Winter Maintenance Chores 325

Monday, 29 July
1:46PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Service Areas Even Include the Hauraki Gulf Islands 322

Monday, 24 June
12:39PM ELECTRICITY Call Good Electrical For All Home Office Needs 298

Wednesday, 24 April
10:05PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Have Service Areas All Over the Auckland Area 410

Thursday, 21 March
10:02PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical See Huge Advantages in Having an Apprentice Electrician 627

Tuesday, 19 February
6:25PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Can Install Electric Ceiling Fans 477

Monday, 10 September
1:42PM ELECTRICITY Get Good Electrical To Provide That Spring Check on Pools & Spa Pools 393

Friday, 17 August
8:17PM ELECTRICITY Go to First Point Electrical For Fujitsu Heat Pumps 396

Tuesday, 7 August
6:39PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Have a Checklist For Your Spring Clean 382

Wednesday, 1 August
2:44AM ELECTRICITY For Reliability & Client Communication Go To First Point Electrical 367

Friday, 20 July
12:30PM ELECTRICITY Winter Warmers From Good Electrical 364

Monday, 2 July
12:39AM ELECTRICITY First Point Electrical Stock & Install CAVIUS Smoke Alarms 359

Friday, 1 June
12:02PM ELECTRICITY Some Tips on Energy Saving This Winter From Good Electrical 395

Wednesday, 30 May
8:06PM ELECTRICITY Install A Heat Pump This Winter From First Point Electrical 333

Thursday, 26 April
10:27PM ELECTRICITY Pre-Winter Maintenance With First Point Electrical 377

Monday, 9 April
3:42PM ELECTRICITY Master Electrician in Christchurch, Canterbury 459

Wednesday, 21 March
8:03PM ELECTRICITY Time To Order Your Heat Pump From First Point Electrical 338

Tuesday, 20 March
3:28PM ELECTRICITY For Those New Year Renovation Projects Go To Good Electrical for Lighting Ideas, Design & Planning 351

Monday, 12 March
1:42PM ELECTRICITY List of some of the Best Electricians in Auckland – March 6th 2018 557

Wednesday, 21 February
6:40PM ELECTRICITY First Point Electrical Offer Rental Property Contracts 336

Tuesday, 20 February
1:13PM ELECTRICITY Keep Cool With a Ceiling Fan This Summer Installed By Good Electictrical 389

Friday, 26 January
2:38PM ELECTRICITY TopMark Electrical Joins NZ Trade Group 992

Monday, 15 January
3:53PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical's Clients Take Time Out to Say 'Thank You" 400

Friday, 22 December
11:41AM ELECTRICITY TopMark Electrical Thanks Staff and Clients for another Successful Year 322

Tuesday, 19 December
6:09PM ELECTRICITY Contact Ester Electrical For All Things Electrical 405

Tuesday, 7 November
7:58PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrial Provide a Diverse Range of Services 306

Wednesday, 25 October
3:37PM ELECTRICITY Auckland's TopMark Electrical Turns Five 341

Tuesday, 24 October
6:40PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Introduce Seasonal Newsletter 294

Friday, 29 September
4:07PM ELECTRICITY First Point Electrical Also Provide Residential Services 199

Saturday, 2 September
1:26AM ELECTRICITY Hire the Best Electrical Contractors in Auckland 478

Friday, 25 August
8:20PM ELECTRICITY First Point Electrical Provide Commercial Services 291
2:16PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Have a Spring Clean Electrical Check List For You 293

Friday, 11 August
9:16PM ELECTRICITY Northern Lights Lighting and Electrical Ltd 319

Thursday, 23 March
6:18PM ELECTRICITY Reliable Electrical Repair and Installations in Auckland 272

Thursday, 23 February
2:36PM ELECTRICITY Go To Good Electrical For All Residential Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations 294

Wednesday, 23 November
1:51PM ELECTRICITY Electrician in Auckland 863

Wednesday, 21 September
8:48PM ELECTRICITY Kiwis Could Have Saved Billions from Electric Bills, But... 343

Friday, 9 September
1:16PM ELECTRICITY Why You Should Choose EcoSmart Electrician 2248

Monday, 5 September
4:07PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical The Electricians To Call For Those Winter Maintenance Chores 295

Wednesday, 27 July
11:21AM ELECTRICITY Stay Home This Winter With Internet Based Tv Installed By Good Electrical 332

Wednesday, 13 July
8:27AM ELECTRICITY How to Find Affordable Electricians Service in Auckland 939

Friday, 17 June
7:13PM ELECTRICITY Wellington Electricians – Don't DIY: Leave Electrical Wirings to Experts 408

Wednesday, 15 June
12:25PM ELECTRICITY Health & Safety Paramount At Good Electrical 365

Friday, 29 April
3:33PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Have Some Great Tips For Those Winter Months 318

Thursday, 31 March
3:07PM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical Help With The Summer Heat 387

Monday, 29 February
10:23AM ELECTRICITY Good Electrical For Those Maintenance Jobs Around The Home And At School Before Work/School Year Starts 302

Wednesday, 3 February
1:19PM ELECTRICITY ACT Safety Ltd Supports The Burn Support Group Charitable Trust Inc 381

Friday, 29 January
10:47AM ELECTRICITY Get Those Spa And Pool Electrics Checked For The Summer With Good Electrical 310

Friday, 11 December
1:41PM ELECTRICITY Who Are Good Electrical? 365

Thursday, 5 November
3:55PM ELECTRICITY Powerswitch funding uncertainty a concern for competition, says new power company 702

Monday, 20 April
12:42PM ELECTRICITY Some Great Safety Tips From Comply Guy 345

Friday, 19 April
3:10PM ELECTRICITY Commission seeks public comment on Orion Customised Price-Quality Path Proposal 543

Tuesday, 16 April
12:17PM ELECTRICITY New Zealanders can save more on power bills 410

Wednesday, 27 February
2:00PM ELECTRICITY Comply Guy Guarantee Their Test And Tag Service For Appliances 100% 672
11:00AM ELECTRICITY Some New Zealand power companies need to be more "switched on" when responding to customers 493

Thursday, 10 January
10:13AM ELECTRICITY Last chance for your input into this major study to discover if New Zealand's power companies are "switched-on" to their customers 757

Saturday, 15 December
4:15PM ELECTRICITY Spotting Cowboys: How to Hire the Right Maintenance Company 532

Friday, 7 December
1:40PM ELECTRICITY Grid upgrade will keep upper North Island lit up 537

Friday, 30 November
12:59PM ELECTRICITY New pricing limits for 16 electricity distribution businesses 346

Thursday, 1 November
10:09AM ELECTRICITY PowerbyProxi Secures Exclusive Rights To the University of Auckland's Wireless Power Technologies Developed for Use In Consumer Electronics 623

Thursday, 25 October
2:44PM ELECTRICITY Power cut after digger hits line 12 noon, 25 October 2012 437
1:01PM ELECTRICITY Future eruptions could pose threat to power supply, says UC researcher 284

Thursday, 18 October
4:17PM ELECTRICITY Who owns the South Island power grid? Good question. Don't Assume It Is Transpower 417

Wednesday, 3 October
3:10PM ELECTRICITY Transpower must listen to its boss and not appeal 212

Tuesday, 2 October
6:13PM ELECTRICITY New tool helps SMEs to cut their power bills 307

Monday, 24 September
3:38PM ELECTRICITY Orion's network rebuild accelerates with the arrival of 16km of cable 330

Tuesday, 11 September
9:14PM ELECTRICITY NZ Transport Agency and Electricity Ashburton go underground for road safety 253

Friday, 7 September
3:15PM ELECTRICITY Electricity lines charge increases would hurt rural customers says Rural Women NZ 427

Wednesday, 5 September
6:07PM ELECTRICITY New Zealanders second in world for switching power companies 328

Tuesday, 21 August
11:29AM ELECTRICITY Commission issues draft decision on electricity distribution default price-quality path 239

Tuesday, 14 August
5:20PM ELECTRICITY People power beats Transpower 255

Tuesday, 24 July
12:51PM ELECTRICITY Talk to give tips on how to save on power bills 341

Friday, 6 July
11:58AM ELECTRICITY Transpower's planned Transmission Corridor in Whangarei 266

Tuesday, 26 June
12:46PM ELECTRICITY Higher fees another hidden cost of asset sales 194

Monday, 18 June
6:23PM ELECTRICITY Power switch competition working 320
12:50PM ELECTRICITY National's asset sales would mean higher power prices 251

Friday, 15 June
1:23PM ELECTRICITY King Country Energy announces annual result – profit up 20% 213
12:44PM ELECTRICITY Commerce Commission releases draft input methodologies 226

Friday, 8 June
8:09AM ELECTRICITY Power reconnection continues 238

Thursday, 7 June
9:00AM ELECTRICITY Snow continues to affect small parts of the Orion network 176

Wednesday, 6 June
4:07PM ELECTRICITY Orion network continues to hold up well in snow 167

Thursday, 31 May
7:16PM ELECTRICITY Appointments to the Electricity Authority 218

Tuesday, 29 May
6:02PM ELECTRICITY Orion technology wins international award 176

Tuesday, 1 May
8:56AM ELECTRICITY Helping Auckland homes go solar 187

Friday, 27 April
8:15PM ELECTRICITY Consumer Trust welcomes Meridian bill change 301

Thursday, 12 April
11:22AM ELECTRICITY Clean up begins after mudslide at Lyttelton substation 330