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New Zealand Agriculture News Index

Thursday, 28 April
11:38AM AGRICULTURE Live export protests planned across the country this Saturday for a National Day of Action 165

Wednesday, 27 April
8:22AM AGRICULTURE Rabobank survey shows continued strong growth in farm staff pay 168

Tuesday, 26 April
1:42PM AGRICULTURE Funding of $15 million R+D project will enable New Zealand to be the world leader in sustainable apple production 269

Tuesday, 29 March
10:55AM AGRICULTURE New Fruit Packing Technology Dramatically Cuts Packhouse Labour Needs 253

Monday, 24 January
4:50AM AGRICULTURE Advantages of Cattle Crushes 284

Wednesday, 22 December
1:53PM AGRICULTURE Safety Is Key For Optimal Livestock And Handler Wellbeing 683

Wednesday, 1 December
4:45PM AGRICULTURE Safe Handling and Good Equipment Key for Preventing Worker and Cattle Injury 609

Monday, 15 November
4:18PM AGRICULTURE Limiting Handling Stress can Improve Beef and Milk Quality 791

Thursday, 30 September
7:56AM AGRICULTURE Significant Reduction in Iron 55%, and Manganese 10% over 48 days 862

Monday, 5 July
9:00PM AGRICULTURE Increased Pasture Growth Observed in Energised Water Trial 1256

Wednesday, 31 March
1:13PM AGRICULTURE UBCO gets green light to accelerate EV adoption 1244

Friday, 26 February
11:51AM AGRICULTURE Are Greenhouses the Answer to Year-Round Crops? 1179

Wednesday, 24 June
5:12PM AGRICULTURE APS Equipment Now Has Available a Forestry Kit Attachment for Their Range of Magni Rotating Telehandlers 689

Wednesday, 3 June
2:02PM AGRICULTURE Best practice and vital new research focus of calf rearing webinar series 2472

Tuesday, 2 June
11:22AM AGRICULTURE Three new faces for Dairy Women's Network board 3339

Tuesday, 26 May
10:41AM AGRICULTURE After seven years Gibb steps off Dairy Women's Network board 1622

Wednesday, 20 May
8:17PM AGRICULTURE APS Equipment's Magni Produce a Zero Emissions Telehandler Option 706

Tuesday, 19 May
2:50PM AGRICULTURE Bloody good boss online webinar series kicks off this week 757

Wednesday, 6 May
8:33PM AGRICULTURE New Dairy Women's Network Regional Leader award won by Mid-Canterbury farmer 1269
7:25PM AGRICULTURE Ngai Tahu Farm Manager named Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year 3121

Thursday, 30 April
2:13PM AGRICULTURE Four Dairy Women's Network Regional Leader finalists 1057

Wednesday, 29 April
10:41AM AGRICULTURE Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year finalists highlight depth and diversity in dairy industry 2451

Friday, 24 April
1:52PM AGRICULTURE Dairy Women's Network conference on next month 729

Thursday, 16 April
10:57AM AGRICULTURE APS Equipment Bring You the Magni Zero Emissions Telehandler Option 685

Monday, 23 March
4:02PM AGRICULTURE APS Equipment Bringing Only the Best to New Zealand 610

Tuesday, 17 March
9:45AM AGRICULTURE Turning personal challenge into a positive life changing journey. 700

Tuesday, 10 March
2:20PM AGRICULTURE Bloody good boss workshops being run throughout NZ 1327

Tuesday, 11 February
3:59PM AGRICULTURE Dairy Women's workshops aim to build great workplaces 998

Wednesday, 5 February
6:25PM AGRICULTURE Trust Board opportunity as Brown steps down from Dairy Women's Network 2804

Tuesday, 4 February
11:32AM AGRICULTURE Women at the grass roots of industry being celebrated by Dairy Women's Network 2586

Tuesday, 28 January
1:40PM AGRICULTURE Future focused financial workshops being rolled out by Dairy Women's Network 638

Tuesday, 14 January
9:22AM AGRICULTURE Horrified finding out she had to work on Christmas day; 765

Tuesday, 26 November
7:32AM AGRICULTURE City kids farming with view of Sky Tower 505

Tuesday, 12 November
11:35AM AGRICULTURE Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year nominations are open 625

Monday, 4 November
12:24PM AGRICULTURE Brown passes Chair of Dairy Women's Network opportunity on to Forlong 785

Friday, 1 November
8:41AM AGRICULTURE Story telling coming of age focus of Dairy Women's Network AGM 739

Monday, 21 October
8:21AM AGRICULTURE Life changing shift from big city lights to farming focus for second Dairy Women's Network OUR PEOPLE. THEIR STORIES project 527

Tuesday, 15 October
10:41AM AGRICULTURE Compliance panel focused on making life easier for farmers being held in November 810

Tuesday, 1 October
9:06AM AGRICULTURE Financial workshops aiming to empower dairy farmers planned by Dairy Women's Network 442

Tuesday, 24 September
11:54AM AGRICULTURE Dairy Women's Network focused on building financial confidence and wellbeing with ASB 431

Tuesday, 3 September
11:42AM AGRICULTURE Deep emotional connections driving Dairy Women's Network new story telling project 486

Tuesday, 30 July
11:02PM AGRICULTURE World-Leading MAGNI Telescopic Handlers Hit New Zealand Market 325

Monday, 1 July
2:53PM AGRICULTURE Enthusiasm for a digital future key asset for Dairy Women's trustee role 609

Monday, 17 June
12:34PM AGRICULTURE Dairy woman wins Edge leadership opportunity 457

Wednesday, 29 May
6:53PM AGRICULTURE World-Leading MAGNI Telescopic Handlers Hit New Zealand Market 359

Wednesday, 8 May
7:13AM AGRICULTURE Dairy women get boost with new partnership 959

Thursday, 2 May
8:26AM AGRICULTURE Primary Teacher and passionate environmentalist named Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year 1188

Thursday, 18 April
1:53PM AGRICULTURE Dairy woman of the Year finalists breaking the mould of public perception 1565

Thursday, 20 December
2:06PM AGRICULTURE Farm Students Secure Jobs Before Graduation 1456

Saturday, 5 May
1:02PM AGRICULTURE Hive Rental brought to Whanganui 877

Thursday, 21 September
6:20PM AGRICULTURE To All Those Experienced Orchardists in the Kiwifruit Capital of the World - 'A Wee Bit of History' From Te Puke Nurseries 406

Tuesday, 22 August
6:36PM AGRICULTURE From Te Puke Nurseries On Getting Your Plants Into the Ground Now 445

Monday, 14 August
11:55PM AGRICULTURE Maskell offer safer storage solutions to NZ businesses 587

Wednesday, 19 July
7:59PM AGRICULTURE Buy Your Organically Grown Kiwifruit Plants & Trees At Te Puke Nurseries 488

Sunday, 9 July
1:55PM AGRICULTURE Lincoln University Alumni Excel in 2017 Young Farmer Finals 606

Thursday, 6 July
10:10AM AGRICULTURE Lincoln University Graduate - One of Only Four Women to Ever Make It To Young Farmer Final 670

Friday, 10 March
4:06PM AGRICULTURE BOTH Husqvarna's brand ambassadors nominated for New Zealand Rural Sports Awards 474

Tuesday, 5 January
6:37PM AGRICULTURE Bore Drillers: Reliable Partners of Agricultural Businesses 571

Friday, 10 July
1:53PM AGRICULTURE Oh, Crop! Improving Your Farm's Water Usage with Proper Bore Drilling and Irrigation 469

Monday, 2 February
10:30AM AGRICULTURE Homersham Calibration Laboratory Now Serves Dairy Farms Seeking Economies of Scale . . . 492

Wednesday, 25 June
2:59PM AGRICULTURE Livestock theft problem 603

Tuesday, 15 October
4:55PM AGRICULTURE Dairy convictions send a powerful message 832

Thursday, 12 September
9:13AM AGRICULTURE New Tongan Vanilla Programme Gains Momentum 1182

Wednesday, 14 August
4:27PM AGRICULTURE K-Line G-Set Irrigation Solutions Breaks New Ground for Kiwi Farmers 1770

Monday, 29 July
2:14PM AGRICULTURE New anti-rustling online map gets the farmer tick 993

Monday, 1 July
5:20PM AGRICULTURE RX Plastics Innovations Well Received at Fieldays 2013 1067

Thursday, 27 June
1:29PM AGRICULTURE New Special Agriculture Trade Envoy appointed 920

Wednesday, 19 June
12:21PM AGRICULTURE Researcher says GM a failing biotechnology 1113

Wednesday, 12 June
1:42PM AGRICULTURE Meat Industry Excellence gets into the first gear of reform 1026

Thursday, 9 May
2:30PM AGRICULTURE Animal welfare case guilty plea welcomed 1096

Tuesday, 30 April
11:14AM AGRICULTURE New president for Federated Farmers Northland 1034

Sunday, 28 April
1:24PM AGRICULTURE China grows in importance to 'NZ Inc' 892

Thursday, 18 April
1:02PM AGRICULTURE New Zealander joins World Farmers Organisation board 960

Thursday, 11 April
2:35PM AGRICULTURE Agriculture drives labour productivity since 2008 recession 838

Thursday, 14 March
3:02PM AGRICULTURE Rare West Coast drought triggers Rural Support Trust 803

Tuesday, 5 February
3:51PM AGRICULTURE Christchurch rebuild must boost wool 803

Monday, 4 February
3:16PM AGRICULTURE Positive changes reducing harm on farms 1044
3:00PM AGRICULTURE Statistics shows farmers are getting health & safety 930
2:32PM AGRICULTURE Farm Confidence Survey shows split industry 923

Tuesday, 29 January
5:29PM AGRICULTURE Meat sector PGP could halt 'race to the bottom' 874

Monday, 28 January
3:51PM AGRICULTURE Federated Farmers President's farm in climate adaption case study 832
2:50PM AGRICULTURE New Zealand food is safe and our systems work 794

Thursday, 24 January
7:21PM AGRICULTURE Withdraw of DCD based nitrification inhibitors 908

Wednesday, 23 January
6:28PM AGRICULTURE Farmers thank Government for 2013 water kick-start 671
2:17PM AGRICULTURE Put farm safety first this summer 536

Thursday, 17 January
4:05PM AGRICULTURE Tractor safety crucial given recent deaths 437
3:37PM AGRICULTURE Chance to win a free paddock and boost productivity 349

Wednesday, 16 January
4:48PM AGRICULTURE Federated Farmers continues to work on quad bike safety 323
3:53PM AGRICULTURE Education will help quad bike safety 324

Thursday, 10 January
6:34PM AGRICULTURE Summer rains put a smile on the face of most farmers 386
1:17PM AGRICULTURE Labour spokesperson's quad confusion gets it sort of right 399

Monday, 7 January
1:30PM AGRICULTURE Little West Coast milk being lost 319
1:28PM AGRICULTURE Sentencing should warn off Gisborne rustlers 669

Friday, 4 January
1:21PM AGRICULTURE Ministry needs recreational quad bike focus 239

Thursday, 3 January
5:04PM AGRICULTURE Ministry asks farmers for a safe start to 2013 379

Monday, 31 December
1:53PM AGRICULTURE Farming 'Gangham-style' makes Federated Farmers top-10 805

Thursday, 20 December
1:11PM AGRICULTURE Canterbury Earthquake Awards recognises the Farmy Army 664

Monday, 17 December
4:45PM AGRICULTURE Fonterra protection voted in 370
2:50PM AGRICULTURE Dairy herd up - an extra 370 bottles of milk each 246

Friday, 14 December
3:54PM AGRICULTURE The environmental sheep and beef farmer 486