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New Zealand Opinion News Index

Thursday, 8 November
11:55AM OPINION Rousing a Sleeping Giant 298

Thursday, 20 September
9:05PM OPINION Who is driving PFNZ 5390

Friday, 18 August
3:13PM OPINION Could you – would you be a whistle blower 316

Sunday, 6 November
3:52PM OPINION Crisis of Democracy 649

Sunday, 30 August
7:02PM OPINION DHB push to Fluoridate Nelson Public Water supply 526

Thursday, 22 January
11:50AM OPINION The 'CLUB' 1144

Friday, 26 September
2:28PM OPINION Relationships 366

Tuesday, 16 September
6:06PM OPINION The Movement of truth 430

Thursday, 11 September
5:51PM OPINION Politicising Child Poverty or signs of system collapse 411

Monday, 21 April
9:38AM OPINION The resurrection 372

Tuesday, 22 October
9:22AM OPINION Lying Politicians 427

Monday, 23 September
6:52PM OPINION Classified 391

Saturday, 6 April
6:03PM OPINION R.I.P Nature .... 544

Thursday, 7 March
12:20PM OPINION 3 Degrees - an embarrassing failure 715

Friday, 8 February
5:41PM OPINION Supplements no magic potion 434

Friday, 1 February
11:40AM OPINION Solutions to the housing and unemployed situation 580

Friday, 18 January
4:14PM OPINION It's not just about Lance 366

Friday, 7 December
4:05PM OPINION Opinion: Lonely existence for MP without party 225

Friday, 23 November
2:23PM OPINION Opinion: Shearer's stand a Labour-saving device? 247

Thursday, 8 November
2:19PM OPINION Opinion-editorial – the US elections, UC expert Scott Walker 225

Monday, 5 November
2:36PM OPINION Opinion: Innovative governance model for Wellington 241

Saturday, 13 October
3:20PM OPINION Opinion: Nobel prize winner represents new generation 271

Tuesday, 9 October
3:31PM OPINION Does an ANZAC dollar make sense? 259
3:28PM OPINION The healthy eating paradox 143

Thursday, 12 July
11:33AM OPINION Opinion: Water rights case gives Key no easy way out 335

Tuesday, 6 March
9:45AM OPINION Congratulations, you owe $1,800 264

Friday, 25 November
6:51AM OPINION Is Bob McCoskrie really putting 'families first', writes Brian Gardner 196

Friday, 4 November
2:36PM OPINION Opinion: Raising retirement age inevitable 142

Sunday, 30 October
7:40PM OPINION There Is A Little Bit Of Steve Jobs In Each Of Us 222

Tuesday, 13 September
1:03PM OPINION Cloudy outlook or clear skies? 160

Wednesday, 7 September
7:26PM OPINION Opinion: Polls suggest contradictory outcome possible 175
5:31PM OPINION Are we going to be like the phone booth? 85

Friday, 26 August
10:15AM OPINION Teachers Given Search Powers: Are we going Too Far? 231

Monday, 15 August
3:48PM OPINION What's wrong with copyright 211

Wednesday, 3 August
3:04PM OPINION The best plan - keep it simple 99

Thursday, 28 July
4:17PM OPINION An Open Letter to Parliament 108

Friday, 22 July
4:11PM OPINION Politicians need a lesson in law-making 231

Wednesday, 20 July
9:29AM OPINION New Zealand Institute Fails Youth - Brash 78

Tuesday, 24 May
9:30PM OPINION Keeping it Real in the Digital World 280

Tuesday, 19 April
4:50PM OPINION NZ needs to stop the retirement lotto 242

Monday, 28 February
2:49PM OPINION Destruction, death, chaos, anxiety, and worry 175

Tuesday, 2 November
12:06PM OPINION Guy Fawkes going to the Dogs 148

Saturday, 14 August
10:02AM OPINION Is New Zealand asleep at the wheel? 158

Wednesday, 2 June
7:20AM OPINION You cannot implement a problem – only a solution 375

Friday, 19 March
2:37PM OPINION Opinion - NZEI 285

Tuesday, 12 January
4:04PM OPINION History repeats itself 336
12:23PM OPINION HPV vaccination Gardasil kills three New Zealand girls and debilitates hundreds of others 191716

Friday, 4 December
4:20PM OPINION David Bain: CounterSpin - just some very bad spin 2571

Wednesday, 28 October
12:20PM OPINION Anti Smacking Hysteria 873

Tuesday, 22 September
7:59PM OPINION New Zealand is big! 281

Thursday, 2 April
11:48AM OPINION Mangere: We are so proud of you Helen 317

Wednesday, 1 April
1:32PM OPINION People Feeling Positive about New Plymouth District 455

Friday, 9 January
4:44PM OPINION Opinion Piece from NZEI 445

Wednesday, 22 October
7:32PM OPINION Contact Energy shareholders should leave and seek ethical investment elsewhere 554

Monday, 22 September
7:10AM OPINION The 'Peters problem' isn't as simple as it looks 1063

Sunday, 17 August
8:54PM OPINION Labour needs a new strategy 713

Friday, 15 August
8:53AM OPINION National and Welfare Reform 1812

Thursday, 26 June
11:05AM OPINION Where has the natural justice in New Zealand gone? 1209

Saturday, 7 June
10:32AM OPINION 9/11 is a lie 1587

Friday, 9 May
11:51AM OPINION Origin of Mothers Day 2120

Thursday, 10 January
11:10AM OPINION The coming Crisis of Democracy for us here in NZ 824

Friday, 7 December
8:46AM OPINION Standing up for the overworked, underpaid customer service person 550

Saturday, 24 November
6:49PM OPINION In Honour of Eve - white ribbion day 25th November 733

Thursday, 15 November
10:31AM OPINION Did the police have orders to charge as many as possible in the recent 'terror' raids? 967

Wednesday, 23 May
3:52PM OPINION How you can go on the low carb diet and help save the world 573