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New Zealand Powerboat Racing News Index

Tuesday, 1 May
4:40PM POWERBOAT RACING Lavazza Coffee Fuels Powerboat Raceteam To Victory 603

Sunday, 29 April
2:20PM POWERBOAT RACING Thunder under Auckland bridge, New Zealand Offshore Powerboat Series Race Seven 1031

Tuesday, 10 April
5:55PM POWERBOAT RACING NZ Offshore Powerboats Clash At The Capital 606

Monday, 20 February
9:17AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwis win World Series jet sprint titles 355

Friday, 17 February
4:58PM POWERBOAT RACING NZ Offshore Powerboats to create "Thunder on the Coast" 1042

Wednesday, 15 February
1:41PM POWERBOAT RACING World jet sprint title decided this weekend 438

Monday, 13 February
8:57AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwis take first blood in jet sprint World Series 730

Wednesday, 8 February
11:57AM POWERBOAT RACING World jet sprint series starts this weekend near Featherston 639

Tuesday, 7 February
2:04PM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwis Lose Their Grasp of GP Hydroplane World Championship 828
1:41PM POWERBOAT RACING Aussie jet sprint boat champ rates opposition 748

Saturday, 4 February
8:17PM POWERBOAT RACING 2012 Round 2 - NZ Offshore Powerboat Championship 612

Thursday, 2 February
9:51PM POWERBOAT RACING 2012 NZ Offshore Powerboat Championship - Race 2 Gisborne Saturday 4th February 653
8:57AM POWERBOAT RACING Aussie intends taking Kiwi boat to world title 455

Tuesday, 31 January
1:51PM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwi to defend world title on water 322
9:47AM POWERBOAT RACING Fairview Dominates Tough Taupo Race 543

Tuesday, 24 January
8:48AM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore Powerboats 'Ready To Rumble' In Taupo 1284

Monday, 23 January
8:38AM POWERBOAT RACING Torrential rain cuts short jet sprint championship round 414

Monday, 5 December
8:17AM POWERBOAT RACING Rain drives hot times at jet sprint championship opener 536

Tuesday, 29 November
8:42AM POWERBOAT RACING Jet sprint battle starts this weekend at Meremere 553

Wednesday, 7 September
4:34PM POWERBOAT RACING Jet sprint world series returns to New Zealand for 2012 837

Sunday, 24 April
9:44AM POWERBOAT RACING Wild Wild Wellington 400

Wednesday, 20 April
8:41AM POWERBOAT RACING Final Countdown to Capital Thunder 317

Sunday, 10 April
12:34PM POWERBOAT RACING More Water and a Pack of Powerboats Under the Bridge 217

Sunday, 3 April
1:58PM POWERBOAT RACING Night charges jet sprint championship 347

Monday, 28 March
8:10AM POWERBOAT RACING Mayhem at Marsden Cove 224

Thursday, 24 March
8:21AM POWERBOAT RACING Thunder in the Cove - Powerboat Racing Spectacle Featuring New Zealand's Top Raceboats 359

Monday, 14 March
8:12AM POWERBOAT RACING Minnell fastest at Hastings jet sprint day 203

Thursday, 10 March
8:12AM POWERBOAT RACING NZ Offshore Battle Continues in Whitianga 300

Wednesday, 9 March
7:21AM POWERBOAT RACING Hawke's Bay jet sprint round critical to championship chances 237

Monday, 28 February
7:57AM POWERBOAT RACING Minnell storms to form at Meremere jet sprint day 190

Tuesday, 22 February
11:45AM POWERBOAT RACING Rotary power to head Auckland jet sprint day 370

Monday, 21 February
8:31AM POWERBOAT RACING NZ Offshore Powerboats Return to Napier 533

Monday, 14 February
7:24AM POWERBOAT RACING 'Doosan' Dominates Tough Maraetai Offshore Powerboat Race 213

Thursday, 10 February
12:04PM POWERBOAT RACING NZ Offshore Powerboats create "Thunder on the Coast" 232

Monday, 7 February
9:07AM POWERBOAT RACING Rotary engine boat wins Gisborne jet sprint day 648

Tuesday, 1 February
2:51PM POWERBOAT RACING Gisborne's double water championship weekend 600
8:34AM POWERBOAT RACING Nitro circus stars take to the water for charity 198

Friday, 14 January
5:13PM POWERBOAT RACING 2011 Rayglass NZ Offshore Powerboat Championship 766

Wednesday, 29 December
8:28AM POWERBOAT RACING Minnell tops times at jetsprint opener 209

Tuesday, 21 December
4:32PM POWERBOAT RACING Anticipation tops jet sprint season opener 174

Wednesday, 15 December
9:15AM POWERBOAT RACING Jet sprint boat series kicks off in holiday season 744

Wednesday, 8 September
8:28AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwi Sam Harvey set to defend world title on Sea-Doo 490

Tuesday, 3 August
8:02AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwis Embark On Jet-Ski Journey From London To Auckland 186

Sunday, 9 May
4:33PM POWERBOAT RACING Superboat Racing in the Super City!! 249

Friday, 7 May
8:08AM POWERBOAT RACING Rayglass NZ Offshore Powerboat Final - The Heat is On!!!! 256

Thursday, 6 May
7:40AM POWERBOAT RACING Team Selected for Ultimate Ride Jet-ski 232

Wednesday, 5 May
11:43AM POWERBOAT RACING Look out Auckland - City of Powerboats! 783

Thursday, 29 April
12:28PM POWERBOAT RACING Kohler Power Trophy Up For Grabs at Big Boat Race 243

Wednesday, 28 April
8:08AM POWERBOAT RACING Nervous wait for jetsprint champions 396

Sunday, 25 April
10:44AM POWERBOAT RACING Team Three thunder to win at Marsden Cove 267
10:10AM POWERBOAT RACING Upsets at Jetsprint final 535

Thursday, 22 April
7:31AM POWERBOAT RACING Jetsprinters risk it all this weekend 288

Wednesday, 21 April
1:42PM POWERBOAT RACING Thunder in the Cove – Powerboat racing spectacle from New Zealand's top raceboats 513

Tuesday, 20 April
4:09PM POWERBOAT RACING Championship titles at stake 437

Monday, 12 April
8:16AM POWERBOAT RACING Jet sprint teams light the night sky 737

Wednesday, 7 April
9:04AM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore Powerboats Set to Rampage at the Whitianga Festival of Speed 804

Monday, 5 April
1:06PM POWERBOAT RACING Night and lights for sprint boats 685

Sunday, 28 March
4:59PM POWERBOAT RACING "Absolutely Positively" Action Packed Wellington Offshore Powerboat Race 670

Friday, 26 March
9:25AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwi world champion Sam Harvey wins NZ title on Sea-Doo 354

Wednesday, 24 March
12:37PM POWERBOAT RACING Thunder in the Harbour – An hour of spectacle from New Zealand's top raceboats 397

Wednesday, 17 March
10:53AM POWERBOAT RACING Lake Dunstan Wakeboarding Event 592

Monday, 15 March
8:11AM POWERBOAT RACING Burt annihilates jetsprint opposition 530

Tuesday, 9 March
10:57AM POWERBOAT RACING Critical point in jetsprint series 417

Tuesday, 2 March
4:33PM POWERBOAT RACING Look out Napier - the Offshore Powerboats are coming to town! 485

Tuesday, 23 February
1:21PM POWERBOAT RACING Title upset in jet sprint series 366

Monday, 22 February
7:32AM POWERBOAT RACING Burt thrashes Jetsprint opposition 704

Sunday, 21 February
9:05AM POWERBOAT RACING 'Doosan' and 'Rayglass' lead offshore powerboat points after Gulf Harbour race 1767

Friday, 19 February
10:34AM POWERBOAT RACING Arch rivals unite for jetsprint contest 354

Wednesday, 17 February
8:25AM POWERBOAT RACING Challenging Gulf Harbour course awaits Rayglass NZ offshore powerboat series 567

Tuesday, 16 February
11:22AM POWERBOAT RACING Jetsprint Goliath's to square off at Meremere 557

Sunday, 7 February
10:05AM POWERBOAT RACING Gisborne's offshore powerboat race goes to 'Fairview Windows & Doors' 3590

Wednesday, 3 February
2:16PM POWERBOAT RACING Rayglass NZ offshore powerboat series heads to Gisborne 1195

Sunday, 31 January
9:00PM POWERBOAT RACING Doosan takes first victory in Taupo offshore powerboat race 2048

Monday, 25 January
11:45AM POWERBOAT RACING Minnell takes surprise win in Jetsprint title chase 665

Thursday, 21 January
2:56PM POWERBOAT RACING Rayglass-backed NZ Offshore Powerboat series fires up in Taupo 981

Tuesday, 19 January
8:39AM POWERBOAT RACING Jetsprint series moves to Wairarapa 727

Monday, 28 December
7:58AM POWERBOAT RACING Champions rule jetsprint opener 1862

Wednesday, 23 December
3:58PM POWERBOAT RACING Scott Waterjet takes jetsprint Group A naming rights 385

Tuesday, 22 December
8:39AM POWERBOAT RACING Wanganui jet sprints epicentre of Christmas action 1352

Tuesday, 15 December
9:59AM POWERBOAT RACING Jet sprint championship to launch in Christmas holiday 493

Monday, 30 November
11:15AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwi Caughey takes world jet sprint title 743

Wednesday, 25 November
1:35PM POWERBOAT RACING Six-round tussle for V8 Jetsprint title 475

Monday, 23 November
9:32AM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwi Caughey leads in jetsprint World's title battle 808

Wednesday, 11 November
6:00PM POWERBOAT RACING Kiwi Sam Harvey world champion on Sea-Doo 789

Tuesday, 2 June
7:02PM POWERBOAT RACING Evinrude powers new speed record 2036

Sunday, 3 May
10:46PM POWERBOAT RACING First offshore powerboat championship wins for 'Cure Kids' and 'Konica Minolta' 1237

Saturday, 2 May
10:15AM POWERBOAT RACING Gulf Harbour's offshore powerboat final postponed until Sunday 392

Tuesday, 28 April
4:22PM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboat championship wraps up at Gulf Harbour 863

Sunday, 19 April
8:26AM POWERBOAT RACING Cure Kids takes powerboat championship lead in Whangarei 2830

Tuesday, 14 April
10:12AM POWERBOAT RACING Whangarei's Marsden Cove offers new venue for offshore powerboats 1345

Monday, 6 April
9:26AM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboat championship standings after Whitianga 605
9:23AM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboats move final from Auckland to Gulf Harbou 266

Saturday, 4 April
11:45PM POWERBOAT RACING Tough conditions challenge offshore powerboats in Whitianga 1333

Tuesday, 31 March
1:40PM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboats feature in Whitianga festival of speed 1823

Sunday, 22 March
1:12AM POWERBOAT RACING 'Cure Kids' and 'Expresso Engineers' take first wins in Wellington offshore powerboat races 769

Tuesday, 17 March
11:14AM POWERBOAT RACING Wellington harbour race for offshore powerboats 838

Saturday, 7 March
5:26PM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboats race in choppy Napier conditions 1102

Tuesday, 3 March
8:11AM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboats ready to thunder in Napier 620

Monday, 2 March
7:50AM POWERBOAT RACING Fairview wins Maraetai round of Rayglass NZ Offshore Powerboats 1050

Thursday, 19 February
10:29AM POWERBOAT RACING Offshore powerboats head for Maraetai 732