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New Zealand Technology News Index

Friday, 23 June
5:19PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Out to CodeBlue For your Cyber Security Needs 88

Wednesday, 21 June
11:07AM TECHNOLOGY Telechnics Promotes Vertex Handheld Portable Radios 96

Tuesday, 30 May
5:29PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Your Audience With a Mobile App From Mobile Apps 88

Wednesday, 24 May
7:15PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Provide Backup and Recovery Services To Protect Your Data 82

Thursday, 18 May
5:12PM TECHNOLOGY Celebratech 195

Wednesday, 3 May
1:57PM TECHNOLOGY Celebrating Tech In The Bay 114

Wednesday, 19 April
9:47AM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Host Business Continuity Thought Leadership Seminars Around NZ 107

Wednesday, 22 February
5:44PM TECHNOLOGY Lootlens Numero App Version 2.0 Now Available at Reduced Price 104

Wednesday, 15 February
4:40AM TECHNOLOGY Controversy of the Mac Ads Cleaner app 115

Monday, 12 December
4:42PM TECHNOLOGY Allied Launch New Fuel Stop Locator App 163

Friday, 9 December
7:55AM TECHNOLOGY Massive Global Potential For Kiwi Invention 226

Tuesday, 6 December
9:12AM TECHNOLOGY Hour of Code aims to get kids into computer science 136

Monday, 17 October
12:45PM TECHNOLOGY iPhone 7 Sales Are High, But Slower Than iPhone 6's 188

Thursday, 8 September
12:33AM TECHNOLOGY Zepto ransomware campaign continues with an installation tweak 167

Wednesday, 3 August
6:52PM TECHNOLOGY The Comeback of Old School Gaming Consoles 206

Monday, 25 July
5:06PM TECHNOLOGY Fusion5 To Sponsor Inaugural Live Chat Award At This Year's Crm Contact Centre Awards 173

Thursday, 14 July
2:16PM TECHNOLOGY Autonomous Driving on Any Terrain A Step Closer 150

Tuesday, 12 July
8:53PM TECHNOLOGY FUJIFILM announces the ultimate mirrorless digital camera, FUJIFILM X-T2 – a camera that delivers creative perfection 573

Monday, 27 June
2:58PM TECHNOLOGY Fusion5 Make Their Mark At 2016 Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 296
2:58PM TECHNOLOGY Fusion5 Make Their Mark At 2016 Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 180

Saturday, 4 June
12:45AM TECHNOLOGY Australians Are Hit with One More AGL Scam Delivering the Torrentlocker Virus 227

Monday, 30 May
5:25AM TECHNOLOGY Chinese smartphone brands to watch this winter 149

Thursday, 26 May
10:41AM TECHNOLOGY Exsalerate Is The Only CRM For Small To Medium Businesses 150

Sunday, 22 May
9:52PM TECHNOLOGY Popular toy maker's site involved in distributing .crypt ransomware 121

Wednesday, 11 May
9:41AM TECHNOLOGY New Car Tech Innovation will Prevent Forgotten Luggage 151
5:02AM TECHNOLOGY Locky malware holds files for ransom 182

Wednesday, 4 May
1:30PM TECHNOLOGY Prototype Invention Sees Cat's Miaow Turned into Speech 127

Wednesday, 27 April
3:18AM TECHNOLOGY RSA-4096 ransomware upswing 151

Thursday, 21 April
10:57AM TECHNOLOGY All About Entec Gas Detectors 200

Monday, 18 April
4:50PM TECHNOLOGY Recently Google Changed Adwords ads Placement 210

Friday, 8 April
1:35PM TECHNOLOGY New Wearable Tech Solves Age Old Problem of Where to Stow Car Keys 213

Friday, 1 April
4:13PM TECHNOLOGY Agile rebrands with new name: Pyrios 260

Thursday, 31 March
2:26PM TECHNOLOGY Exsalerate 'Accelerates' Off The Back Of Dissatisfaction In The UK With Act 205

Wednesday, 24 February
11:19AM TECHNOLOGY Smartphone App to Replace Car Keys for Major Carmaker 280

Thursday, 18 February
9:13AM TECHNOLOGY Exsalerate Users Can Now Integrate With Their Favourite Apps 300
9:10AM TECHNOLOGY Serving Customers For Over 10 Years 261

Saturday, 6 February
1:56AM TECHNOLOGY CryptoLocker encryption virus blocks access to data 331

Friday, 29 January
10:11AM TECHNOLOGY Exsalerate's Customers Take Time To Say 'Thank You' 267
10:06AM TECHNOLOGY Serving Customers For Over 10 Years 264

Thursday, 28 January
4:12PM TECHNOLOGY Tap-That – Great Devices At Affordable Prices 655

Tuesday, 26 January
6:47AM TECHNOLOGY How realistic is a foistware infection? 307

Wednesday, 6 January
3:45PM TECHNOLOGY Raspberry PI – A Small-Sized DIY with Gigantic Benefits 352

Tuesday, 5 January
2:00PM TECHNOLOGY Facebook Addiction Disorder - On the Rise in 2016? 283

Friday, 25 December
1:02AM TECHNOLOGY Remove Adamant crypto-ransomware. Recover .RDM files 446

Tuesday, 15 December
10:15AM TECHNOLOGY Great Devices At Great Prices This Christmas With Tap That 304

Saturday, 12 December
2:06AM TECHNOLOGY Apple Products Most Loved by Aucklanders 282

Friday, 11 December
11:21AM TECHNOLOGY Exsalerate 'Accelerates' Off The Back Of Dissatisfaction In The UK With Act 265
10:58AM TECHNOLOGY ELIVE.CO.NZ Ideal For Those Pre-Holiday Computer Supplies 223

Saturday, 5 December
4:53AM TECHNOLOGY TeslaCrypt ransomware variant assigns .vvv extension to encrypted files 419

Monday, 30 November
11:35AM TECHNOLOGY Kiwis not sleeping well puts anti-radiation chips in high demand 284

Friday, 27 November
2:36PM TECHNOLOGY Kiwi Tech Boom Changing Face of Commercial Property 280

Thursday, 26 November
11:28PM TECHNOLOGY 2015 - the year of ransomware 279

Tuesday, 24 November
9:26AM TECHNOLOGY Volvo Cars to Develop Next Generation Automotive Technologies with Microsoft 253

Tuesday, 17 November
1:18PM TECHNOLOGY Polycom Appoints Industry Leader Tony Simonsen As Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) 336

Friday, 6 November
12:34PM TECHNOLOGY Jablotron and Pacific GSM attracted interest at Facilities Integrate exhibition 298

Tuesday, 3 November
1:09PM TECHNOLOGY Kiwis urged to heed mobile phone manufacturers health warnings to keep device out of pants pockets and bras 425

Friday, 30 October
4:09PM TECHNOLOGY UXC Eclipse NZ Buys Microsoft Assets From Koorb 309

Friday, 25 September
12:55PM TECHNOLOGY Urgent Couriers Pivots Into Software With Exsalerate 290
12:51PM TECHNOLOGY ELIVE.CO.NZ's Customers Love Their New Website 241

Wednesday, 23 September
10:04AM TECHNOLOGY Envirochip offers innovative solution to electromagnetic radiation risks 337

Monday, 14 September
9:40AM TECHNOLOGY Kiwis Upgrading Home Tech for Resale - Survey 270

Thursday, 30 July
4:46PM TECHNOLOGY Better Prices From A Trusted Company With 356

Sunday, 26 July
11:51AM TECHNOLOGY Is your business mobile ready? 365

Tuesday, 14 July
6:01PM TECHNOLOGY iPhone Turns Eight: Celebrating the Device that Transformed Today's Technology 433

Thursday, 9 July
7:20PM TECHNOLOGY Buy Arduino Board: Where to Go and Where to Start 438
3:34PM TECHNOLOGY Getting the Bigger Slice: How a Product Patent Delivers the Goods 435

Wednesday, 27 May
5:19PM TECHNOLOGY Victoria MacLennan appointed Co-Chair of Digital and Technology Advocacy group – NZRise 895

Wednesday, 29 April
3:11PM TECHNOLOGY Feel The Love This Winter – Because Whatever Your Bathroom Habits, The New Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ Will Love You Unconditionally! 961

Monday, 20 April
10:25AM TECHNOLOGY ELIVE.CO.NZ Recommend Buying Genuine Ink Cartridges 649

Thursday, 2 April
9:46AM TECHNOLOGY Wellington tech companies host first NZ Open Source Conference with Github 920

Friday, 27 March
11:34PM TECHNOLOGY Malicious browser extension forces users to visit 823

Sunday, 22 March
10:36PM TECHNOLOGY Side effects of MacVX media solution kit 725

Monday, 9 March
4:58PM TECHNOLOGY SmartPhones can now give you an orgasm 780

Wednesday, 4 March
11:19AM TECHNOLOGY Choice Hotels Announces New Technology Agreement with SiteMinder to Assist International Hotels in Managing Room Online Distribution 901

Thursday, 26 February

Wednesday, 25 February
2:00PM TECHNOLOGY Xperia™ E4g – the easy-to-use, speedy smartphone with Sony quality 930

Monday, 1 December
1:42PM TECHNOLOGY Touchtech named 131st fastest growing technology company 669

Friday, 28 November
2:21PM TECHNOLOGY Marking Marketing Dollars Count With ProWorkflow 666

Monday, 10 November
2:33PM TECHNOLOGY New Variant on Cryptolocker Virus 506
7:31AM TECHNOLOGY Online learning leads to new startup launch. 371

Friday, 7 November
10:41AM TECHNOLOGY Woosh to commence network upgrade 281

Thursday, 9 October
11:10AM TECHNOLOGY API Talent named Consulting Partner by Amazon Web Services 414

Friday, 3 October
11:57AM TECHNOLOGY Web Hosting for Business 268

Tuesday, 23 September
6:03PM TECHNOLOGY Smart phone application for your alarm and automation 243

Monday, 22 September
10:48AM TECHNOLOGY Zomato updates its iPhone app for iOS8 with new features improving in-restaurant dining experience 353

Tuesday, 5 August
10:31AM TECHNOLOGY Casio G-Shock releases Gravity Master series - world first hybrid time keeping system 292

Wednesday, 23 July
1:16PM TECHNOLOGY SEO NEWS: Social Media Is The New Blackhat 375

Tuesday, 22 July
4:38PM TECHNOLOGY Smart Technology for Profit 256

Thursday, 17 July
10:17AM TECHNOLOGY New Suunto Ambit3 the beginning of smart watch technology 612

Tuesday, 15 July
5:16PM TECHNOLOGY Simple and affordable GPS vehicle tracking for anybody 245

Thursday, 10 July
3:31PM TECHNOLOGY Xero Integration with Swipe HQ Set to Improve Cash Flow for Kiwi SME's 253

Thursday, 26 June
1:06PM TECHNOLOGY Real Time Marketing or Real Time Advertising? 388

Wednesday, 11 June
12:21PM TECHNOLOGY Life After Loyalty Cards 368

Tuesday, 10 June
11:55AM TECHNOLOGY Kiwis Launch Spy-Proof Messaging Service 270

Thursday, 29 May
7:14PM TECHNOLOGY Setup Fees Waived Off - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management 406
7:13PM TECHNOLOGY Setup Fees Waived Off - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management 289
7:12PM TECHNOLOGY Setup Fees Waived Off - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management 280
7:11PM TECHNOLOGY Setup Fees Waived Off - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management 311
7:06PM TECHNOLOGY Quality SEO Services with 20% Dicount 242