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New Zealand Technology News Index

Wednesday, 23 January
2:16PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Have Three Tips For Your IT Over the Holidays 68
2:14PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Service is a Game-Changer 78

Thursday, 17 January
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY Freedom to roam: Fujifilm sets new benchmark for telephoto lens technology 103

Saturday, 22 December
1:04AM TECHNOLOGY Bring Magic into the Kitchen with NEFF Ovens & Cooktops from Whitfords 135

Tuesday, 18 December
10:27PM TECHNOLOGY Make Your Business Even Better With IT Support Services From CodeBlue 197

Tuesday, 20 November
5:11PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss the Importance of a Customer Roadmap in Their IT Service 138

Wednesday, 31 October
10:09PM TECHNOLOGY Secure Date Erasure Service Available from Divers 82

Friday, 28 September
6:38PM TECHNOLOGY Save Business Costs with EFTPOS Machines with POS Technology 103
6:19PM TECHNOLOGY FMC TV Now Offering QSR Menu Boards 105
1:39PM TECHNOLOGY Microsoft Announces the End of Device Limits and Increases License Numbers for Office 365 Consumer Subscriptions 106

Wednesday, 26 September
11:47AM TECHNOLOGY Panasonic Develops Two Models of Its First Full-frame Mirrorless Camera 129

Monday, 17 September
10:53PM TECHNOLOGY Macbook Pro Viruses Are Here to Stay 99

Thursday, 13 September
12:45PM TECHNOLOGY State-of-the-Art Cloud Services From CodeBlue 110

Tuesday, 11 September
9:15AM TECHNOLOGY Fujifilm announces a world first in camera technology 121

Friday, 31 August
11:55PM TECHNOLOGY CircleNet Explain How Unified Communications Improve Employee Productivity 109

Wednesday, 29 August
11:23AM TECHNOLOGY Boost rankings with our free SEO Audit App 122

Tuesday, 7 August
6:12PM TECHNOLOGY The Importance of IT Security With CodeBlue 386
11:11AM TECHNOLOGY Panasonic new 2018 OLED TV line up the apex of TV viewing 132

Tuesday, 31 July
1:01PM TECHNOLOGY Divers Group Offers Responsible E-Waste Mining 767

Tuesday, 24 July
2:43PM TECHNOLOGY Everything from wildlife to the stars covered with new lenses from FUJIFILM 100
2:39PM TECHNOLOGY Superior sync and square format shooting 107
12:58PM TECHNOLOGY Wireless lighting: the cornerstone of your smart building 107
12:53PM TECHNOLOGY What does the home office of the future look like? 99

Thursday, 19 July
6:56PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Provides CIO Services 94

Monday, 9 July
12:04PM TECHNOLOGY Google rolls out mobile first indexation to New Zealand 158

Wednesday, 20 June
2:29PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Recommend Every Business to Have a Continuity Plan 104

Wednesday, 30 May
2:31PM TECHNOLOGY New compact camera calls for smartphones to stick to phone calls 124
1:16PM TECHNOLOGY ListWise Launches a New Website, Application and Pricing Schedule for its Email List Cleaning Service 91

Tuesday, 22 May
7:23PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Ask the Question, "Do You Need a New IT Strategy"? 104

Friday, 11 May
9:50AM TECHNOLOGY 10 Ways to Secure your WordPress Site from Hackers 103

Thursday, 3 May
5:28PM TECHNOLOGY Samsung announces 2018 TV and Home entertainment lineup 175

Monday, 23 April
2:47PM TECHNOLOGY Comprehensive Security With CodeBlue 93

Wednesday, 28 March
9:17PM TECHNOLOGY POS Software From POS Technology 137
12:34PM TECHNOLOGY An 'It Just Works' Infrastructure From CodeBlue And a Very Happy Customer 78

Tuesday, 6 March
8:04PM TECHNOLOGY Google and WordPress are teaming up to improve CMS platform speed performance 141

Tuesday, 27 February
1:01PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss The Hidden Cost of not Being Proactive About IT 108

Monday, 19 February
3:08PM TECHNOLOGY Lights, camera, action! Fujifilm X beats its best with new top of the range, high-performance camera 134

Friday, 26 January
5:19PM TECHNOLOGY Developing the Next Generation of Smart Mobile Apps With Mobile Apps 168
5:11PM TECHNOLOGY Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions With Fourth Media 155

Friday, 19 January
8:06PM TECHNOLOGY Align Your Business & IT Strategies With CodeBlue 109

Saturday, 30 December
10:45AM TECHNOLOGY NZ Businesses to Benefit from IoT Network, Chorus Underway With Proof of Concept 185

Wednesday, 20 December
5:21PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss the Importance of Business Continuity 123

Friday, 15 December
5:07PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Apps Case Study Improves Efficiency For Client 153
2:00PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media Present an E-Commerce Masterpiece - Magento 126

Wednesday, 29 November
5:43PM TECHNOLOGY Firemane's 'Point of Difference' In Their Point of Sale Equipment 81
4:31PM TECHNOLOGY POS Technology Your 'One Stop Shop' For All Those POS Requirements 86
3:20PM TECHNOLOGY Chorus Changes Consents for Shared Driveways for Fibre Orders 204

Thursday, 23 November
7:32PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Helping to Manage Change with NZ GirlGuiding 103

Thursday, 16 November
5:56PM TECHNOLOGY Web Apps, Websites & SAAS At Mobile Apps 146
4:46PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media At the Apex of the E-learning Revolution 66

Friday, 3 November
12:56PM TECHNOLOGY Firemane Are Part of the Evolving Mobile Payment Systems 136

Friday, 27 October
10:15PM TECHNOLOGY Rapid Structural Health Diagnosis for Buildings From Jenlogix Early Earthquake Warnings 136
5:35PM TECHNOLOGY Rely on ITroom for a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Business 222
1:16PM TECHNOLOGY THEIA Design & Develop Websites 88

Thursday, 26 October
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY Blunder Stop Partner With Mobile Apps 101
4:29PM TECHNOLOGY Digital Strategy With Fourth Media 117

Thursday, 19 October
2:29PM TECHNOLOGY A Case Study From Code Blue 162

Wednesday, 18 October
8:52PM TECHNOLOGY Another Cloud Edge Case Study 99

Friday, 6 October
10:27AM TECHNOLOGY Curious About Home Automation? 158
10:21AM TECHNOLOGY Get a Free VoIP & Communications Assessment For Your Business! 154

Friday, 29 September
5:37PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Apps 'Go the Extra Mile' With Their Marketing Strategy 128
5:28PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media Love Building Websites and Web Applications 96
4:08PM TECHNOLOGY POS Technology Launch New Casio Android Product 119
3:53PM TECHNOLOGY Home Tech Brighten Your World 101

Friday, 22 September
9:44AM TECHNOLOGY X-Series' most compact, comfortable and connected camera yet 164

Thursday, 21 September
7:41PM TECHNOLOGY More Thoughts on The Value of an IT Roadmap From CodeBlue 137

Friday, 25 August
3:11PM TECHNOLOGY Another Case Study For Mobile Apps 195
1:29PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media Take on Challenging Projects 127

Monday, 31 July
5:18PM TECHNOLOGY Streamline and Automate Your Business Online Featuring A Case Study With Fourth Media 168
3:15PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Apps' 'Pay My Tax' App Assists Businesses with Understanding and Managing Tax Obligations 156

Monday, 24 July
3:16PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Plan A Game Changer 117

Friday, 23 June
5:19PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Out to CodeBlue For your Cyber Security Needs 145

Wednesday, 21 June
11:07AM TECHNOLOGY Telechnics Promotes Vertex Handheld Portable Radios 152

Tuesday, 30 May
5:29PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Your Audience With a Mobile App From Mobile Apps 125

Wednesday, 24 May
7:15PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Provide Backup and Recovery Services To Protect Your Data 130

Thursday, 18 May
5:12PM TECHNOLOGY Celebratech 255

Wednesday, 3 May
1:57PM TECHNOLOGY Celebrating Tech In The Bay 179

Wednesday, 19 April
9:47AM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Host Business Continuity Thought Leadership Seminars Around NZ 189

Wednesday, 22 February
5:44PM TECHNOLOGY Lootlens Numero App Version 2.0 Now Available at Reduced Price 195

Wednesday, 15 February
4:40AM TECHNOLOGY Controversy of the Mac Ads Cleaner app 165

Monday, 12 December
4:42PM TECHNOLOGY Allied Launch New Fuel Stop Locator App 225

Friday, 9 December
7:55AM TECHNOLOGY Massive Global Potential For Kiwi Invention 279

Tuesday, 6 December
9:12AM TECHNOLOGY Hour of Code aims to get kids into computer science 243

Monday, 17 October
12:45PM TECHNOLOGY iPhone 7 Sales Are High, But Slower Than iPhone 6's 298

Thursday, 8 September
12:33AM TECHNOLOGY Zepto ransomware campaign continues with an installation tweak 204

Wednesday, 3 August
6:52PM TECHNOLOGY The Comeback of Old School Gaming Consoles 270

Monday, 25 July
5:06PM TECHNOLOGY Fusion5 To Sponsor Inaugural Live Chat Award At This Year's Crm Contact Centre Awards 209

Thursday, 14 July
2:16PM TECHNOLOGY Autonomous Driving on Any Terrain A Step Closer 191

Tuesday, 12 July
8:53PM TECHNOLOGY FUJIFILM announces the ultimate mirrorless digital camera, FUJIFILM X-T2 – a camera that delivers creative perfection 621

Monday, 27 June
2:58PM TECHNOLOGY Fusion5 Make Their Mark At 2016 Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 328
2:58PM TECHNOLOGY Fusion5 Make Their Mark At 2016 Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 228

Saturday, 4 June
12:45AM TECHNOLOGY Australians Are Hit with One More AGL Scam Delivering the Torrentlocker Virus 345

Monday, 30 May
5:25AM TECHNOLOGY Chinese smartphone brands to watch this winter 176

Thursday, 26 May
10:41AM TECHNOLOGY Exsalerate Is The Only CRM For Small To Medium Businesses 187

Sunday, 22 May
9:52PM TECHNOLOGY Popular toy maker's site involved in distributing .crypt ransomware 151

Wednesday, 11 May
9:41AM TECHNOLOGY New Car Tech Innovation will Prevent Forgotten Luggage 179
5:02AM TECHNOLOGY Locky malware holds files for ransom 241

Wednesday, 4 May
1:30PM TECHNOLOGY Prototype Invention Sees Cat's Miaow Turned into Speech 160

Wednesday, 27 April
3:18AM TECHNOLOGY RSA-4096 ransomware upswing 176

Thursday, 21 April
10:57AM TECHNOLOGY All About Entec Gas Detectors 246