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New Zealand Technology News Index

Thursday, 18 July
3:37PM TECHNOLOGY How to Earn or Get Free Bitcoins? 907

Monday, 24 June
12:41PM TECHNOLOGY Pattern Enhances SimTutor's New Scenario-based Planning Tool 137

Tuesday, 11 June
8:53PM TECHNOLOGY What is a VPN? 393

Thursday, 6 June
2:44PM TECHNOLOGY Pattern Supports Bay of Plenty Regional Council with Inventory App 407

Thursday, 30 May
3:55PM TECHNOLOGY POS Technology Say Maybe It's Time to Upgrade Your EFTPOS 157

Tuesday, 21 May
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Explain Why You Need an IT Partner 335

Monday, 29 April
7:55PM TECHNOLOGY Electronic Marketing Solutions from CyberCom 322

Thursday, 25 April
11:54PM TECHNOLOGY Web Development Company in India 780
12:35AM TECHNOLOGY Service Host SuperFetch: Does This Serve Any Purpose In Windows Or Should You Disable It? 255

Tuesday, 23 April
3:57PM TECHNOLOGY Maintain Your Business' Security With CodeBlue 292

Wednesday, 17 April
6:11PM TECHNOLOGY What Is Netflix and How Does It Work? 432

Monday, 15 April
6:08PM TECHNOLOGY A new era of home entertainment - Samsung announces New Zealand's first 8K screens 669

Wednesday, 27 March
6:18PM TECHNOLOGY Circle Net and Access4 205

Sunday, 24 March
1:04AM TECHNOLOGY Centralized Solutions to Maintain Anonymity: VPN, SSH, SOCKS 660

Thursday, 21 March
9:43PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Launch Their Updated Data Backup & Recovery Service 276

Thursday, 28 February
8:16PM TECHNOLOGY Circle Net Moving to Fortigate Virtual Firewall Appliances 181
1:18PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Service is a Game-Changer 216

Tuesday, 26 February
9:40AM TECHNOLOGY New Zealand masterpieces to join the Samsung Frame TV collection - The second generation of the Frame TV has launched in New Zealand with broader functionality, refined design and stunning new additions from Te Papa to the Art Store. 1023

Tuesday, 19 February
4:12PM TECHNOLOGY FUJIFILM launches high performing all-rounders to wow photographers 579

Wednesday, 23 January
2:16PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Have Three Tips For Your IT Over the Holidays 181
2:14PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Service is a Game-Changer 184

Thursday, 17 January
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY Freedom to roam: Fujifilm sets new benchmark for telephoto lens technology 586

Saturday, 22 December
1:04AM TECHNOLOGY Bring Magic into the Kitchen with NEFF Ovens & Cooktops from Whitfords 258

Tuesday, 18 December
10:27PM TECHNOLOGY Make Your Business Even Better With IT Support Services From CodeBlue 307

Tuesday, 20 November
5:11PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss the Importance of a Customer Roadmap in Their IT Service 243

Wednesday, 31 October
10:09PM TECHNOLOGY Secure Date Erasure Service Available from Divers 179

Friday, 28 September
6:38PM TECHNOLOGY Save Business Costs with EFTPOS Machines with POS Technology 237
6:19PM TECHNOLOGY FMC TV Now Offering QSR Menu Boards 211
1:39PM TECHNOLOGY Microsoft Announces the End of Device Limits and Increases License Numbers for Office 365 Consumer Subscriptions 202

Wednesday, 26 September
11:47AM TECHNOLOGY Panasonic Develops Two Models of Its First Full-frame Mirrorless Camera 590

Monday, 17 September
10:53PM TECHNOLOGY Macbook Pro Viruses Are Here to Stay 481

Thursday, 13 September
12:45PM TECHNOLOGY State-of-the-Art Cloud Services From CodeBlue 251

Tuesday, 11 September
9:15AM TECHNOLOGY Fujifilm announces a world first in camera technology 583

Friday, 31 August
11:55PM TECHNOLOGY CircleNet Explain How Unified Communications Improve Employee Productivity 161

Wednesday, 29 August
11:23AM TECHNOLOGY Boost rankings with our free SEO Audit App 694

Tuesday, 7 August
6:12PM TECHNOLOGY The Importance of IT Security With CodeBlue 442
11:11AM TECHNOLOGY Panasonic new 2018 OLED TV line up the apex of TV viewing 554

Tuesday, 31 July
1:01PM TECHNOLOGY Divers Group Offers Responsible E-Waste Mining 811

Tuesday, 24 July
2:43PM TECHNOLOGY Everything from wildlife to the stars covered with new lenses from FUJIFILM 968
2:39PM TECHNOLOGY Superior sync and square format shooting 966
12:58PM TECHNOLOGY Wireless lighting: the cornerstone of your smart building 464
12:53PM TECHNOLOGY What does the home office of the future look like? 205

Thursday, 19 July
6:56PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Provides CIO Services 131

Monday, 9 July
12:04PM TECHNOLOGY Google rolls out mobile first indexation to New Zealand 670

Wednesday, 20 June
2:29PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Recommend Every Business to Have a Continuity Plan 138

Wednesday, 30 May
2:31PM TECHNOLOGY New compact camera calls for smartphones to stick to phone calls 994
1:16PM TECHNOLOGY ListWise Launches a New Website, Application and Pricing Schedule for its Email List Cleaning Service 123

Tuesday, 22 May
7:23PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Ask the Question, "Do You Need a New IT Strategy"? 142

Friday, 11 May
9:50AM TECHNOLOGY 10 Ways to Secure your WordPress Site from Hackers 440

Thursday, 3 May
5:28PM TECHNOLOGY Samsung announces 2018 TV and Home entertainment lineup 1067

Monday, 23 April
2:47PM TECHNOLOGY Comprehensive Security With CodeBlue 130

Wednesday, 28 March
9:17PM TECHNOLOGY POS Software From POS Technology 196
12:34PM TECHNOLOGY An 'It Just Works' Infrastructure From CodeBlue And a Very Happy Customer 121

Tuesday, 6 March
8:04PM TECHNOLOGY Google and WordPress are teaming up to improve CMS platform speed performance 242

Tuesday, 27 February
1:01PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss The Hidden Cost of not Being Proactive About IT 140

Monday, 19 February
3:08PM TECHNOLOGY Lights, camera, action! Fujifilm X beats its best with new top of the range, high-performance camera 232

Friday, 26 January
5:19PM TECHNOLOGY Developing the Next Generation of Smart Mobile Apps With Mobile Apps 224
5:11PM TECHNOLOGY Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions With Fourth Media 210

Friday, 19 January
8:06PM TECHNOLOGY Align Your Business & IT Strategies With CodeBlue 163

Saturday, 30 December
10:45AM TECHNOLOGY NZ Businesses to Benefit from IoT Network, Chorus Underway With Proof of Concept 225

Wednesday, 20 December
5:21PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss the Importance of Business Continuity 169

Friday, 15 December
5:07PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Apps Case Study Improves Efficiency For Client 195
2:00PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media Present an E-Commerce Masterpiece - Magento 157

Wednesday, 29 November
5:43PM TECHNOLOGY Firemane's 'Point of Difference' In Their Point of Sale Equipment 116
4:31PM TECHNOLOGY POS Technology Your 'One Stop Shop' For All Those POS Requirements 116
3:20PM TECHNOLOGY Chorus Changes Consents for Shared Driveways for Fibre Orders 246

Thursday, 23 November
7:32PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Helping to Manage Change with NZ GirlGuiding 135

Thursday, 16 November
5:56PM TECHNOLOGY Web Apps, Websites & SAAS At Mobile Apps 197
4:46PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media At the Apex of the E-learning Revolution 114

Friday, 3 November
12:56PM TECHNOLOGY Firemane Are Part of the Evolving Mobile Payment Systems 178

Friday, 27 October
10:15PM TECHNOLOGY Rapid Structural Health Diagnosis for Buildings From Jenlogix Early Earthquake Warnings 181
5:35PM TECHNOLOGY Rely on ITroom for a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Business 293
1:16PM TECHNOLOGY THEIA Design & Develop Websites 119

Thursday, 26 October
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY Blunder Stop Partner With Mobile Apps 132
4:29PM TECHNOLOGY Digital Strategy With Fourth Media 156

Thursday, 19 October
2:29PM TECHNOLOGY A Case Study From Code Blue 210

Wednesday, 18 October
8:52PM TECHNOLOGY Another Cloud Edge Case Study 279

Friday, 6 October
10:27AM TECHNOLOGY Curious About Home Automation? 400
10:21AM TECHNOLOGY Get a Free VoIP & Communications Assessment For Your Business! 252

Friday, 29 September
5:37PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Apps 'Go the Extra Mile' With Their Marketing Strategy 173
5:28PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media Love Building Websites and Web Applications 146
4:08PM TECHNOLOGY POS Technology Launch New Casio Android Product 161
3:53PM TECHNOLOGY Home Tech Brighten Your World 144

Friday, 22 September
9:44AM TECHNOLOGY X-Series' most compact, comfortable and connected camera yet 1046

Thursday, 21 September
7:41PM TECHNOLOGY More Thoughts on The Value of an IT Roadmap From CodeBlue 158

Friday, 25 August
3:11PM TECHNOLOGY Another Case Study For Mobile Apps 238
1:29PM TECHNOLOGY Fourth Media Take on Challenging Projects 161

Monday, 31 July
5:18PM TECHNOLOGY Streamline and Automate Your Business Online Featuring A Case Study With Fourth Media 202
3:15PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Apps' 'Pay My Tax' App Assists Businesses with Understanding and Managing Tax Obligations 195

Monday, 24 July
3:16PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Plan A Game Changer 162

Friday, 23 June
5:19PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Out to CodeBlue For your Cyber Security Needs 187

Wednesday, 21 June
11:07AM TECHNOLOGY Telechnics Promotes Vertex Handheld Portable Radios 193

Tuesday, 30 May
5:29PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Your Audience With a Mobile App From Mobile Apps 159

Wednesday, 24 May
7:15PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Provide Backup and Recovery Services To Protect Your Data 164

Thursday, 18 May
5:12PM TECHNOLOGY Celebratech 305

Wednesday, 3 May
1:57PM TECHNOLOGY Celebrating Tech In The Bay 225

Wednesday, 19 April
9:47AM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Host Business Continuity Thought Leadership Seminars Around NZ 213

Wednesday, 22 February
5:44PM TECHNOLOGY Lootlens Numero App Version 2.0 Now Available at Reduced Price 235

Wednesday, 15 February
4:40AM TECHNOLOGY Controversy of the Mac Ads Cleaner app 529

Monday, 12 December
4:42PM TECHNOLOGY Allied Launch New Fuel Stop Locator App 272