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New Zealand Technology News Index

Wednesday, 30 June
10:57PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 Explain the Flexibility of Cloud Computing 2148

Tuesday, 15 June
4:35PM TECHNOLOGY Logitech Combo Touch available for new iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation) and iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) 3017

Monday, 31 May
11:33PM TECHNOLOGY What is Business Continuity and How Can Tier4 Help? 3432

Friday, 30 April
11:55PM TECHNOLOGY Your 'Level Best' From Tier4 3127

Tuesday, 6 April
3:27PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 Helping IT Managers Save Time on Current IT Infrastructure 3441

Tuesday, 30 March
11:34AM TECHNOLOGY Countdown delivers the latest online shopping tech to Christchurch shoppers 3531

Thursday, 25 March
4:56AM TECHNOLOGY Accuracy of ECG Analysis Software 3518

Wednesday, 3 March
8:51AM TECHNOLOGY Oticon calls on Kiwis to take early action this World Hearing Day with one in six suffering from hearing impairment 3786

Tuesday, 2 February
1:13PM TECHNOLOGY Countdown launches micro-fulfilment tech to make online shopping five times faster 2741

Saturday, 31 October
1:41AM TECHNOLOGY What Is Search Marquis Redirect Virus and How to Remove It 3822

Friday, 9 October
6:08PM TECHNOLOGY Motorised Blinds Can Now Be Voice Controlled With Home Automation 4290

Monday, 21 September
10:12AM TECHNOLOGY Countdown unveils contactless shopping and artificial intelligence with new Scan&Go tech 3825

Tuesday, 30 June
9:49PM TECHNOLOGY Tier 4 Explain Business Continuity 3721

Friday, 26 June
10:47PM TECHNOLOGY TIMG Announces Relaunch of Third-Party Logistics 3162
10:40PM TECHNOLOGY Reach Out to CodeBlue for your Cyber Security Needs 3246

Thursday, 18 June
11:55AM TECHNOLOGY Covid-19 Alert Level 1 Announcement from Chubb Security 3488

Friday, 29 May
2:26PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 For All Your Small Business IT Services 3727

Thursday, 28 May
6:58PM TECHNOLOGY The Sheer Speed of ListWise Makes Them the Leading Email List Cleaner 3533

Wednesday, 27 May
5:49PM TECHNOLOGY TIMG Ready as Continuity Concerns Loom Over New Zealand's Return to the Office 3157
5:46PM TECHNOLOGY TIMG's Scan on Demand and Digital Mailroom Expected to be Valuable Tools Post Lockdown 3164

Sunday, 24 May
4:01AM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Talk About Digital Transformation 3367

Saturday, 2 May
6:30AM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 For Cyber Security Services 3327

Monday, 27 April
12:23PM TECHNOLOGY Code Blue Advocate a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) During the COVID-19 Crisis 3159

Monday, 20 April
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY NZ Laptops Essential For all Those School Device Essentials 2712

Monday, 6 April
4:59PM TECHNOLOGY Hamilton's home automation experts, ARC, install the largest home theatre in NZ 2963

Wednesday, 25 March
3:58PM TECHNOLOGY Contact NZ Laptops When Your Laptop Lets You Down 3342
3:44AM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Moves Across 'The Ditch' 3373

Monday, 23 March
6:14PM TECHNOLOGY Tier-4 For All Your Cloud Computing Needs 3377
5:13PM TECHNOLOGY CyberCom Pay From Listwise 3267

Monday, 16 March
12:04PM TECHNOLOGY The subtle ways Spotify tells us what to listen to 3468

Thursday, 12 March
1:48PM TECHNOLOGY Latest MSI Gaming Laptops Coming to Computer Lounge in the Future 3433

Monday, 9 March
8:30PM TECHNOLOGY Computer Lounge Champions Intel NUC Mini PC in All of Its Forms 3247

Wednesday, 26 February
11:27AM TECHNOLOGY Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM brings massive sound and extreme bass to any party 2664

Tuesday, 25 February
10:30PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 Offer Three 'Tiers' of IT Support/Services 2729
9:20AM TECHNOLOGY Cackle is Back with Many Changes Coming in 2020 2681

Friday, 17 January
8:31PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Look at the IT Challenges for Small/Medium Size Businesses 591

Tuesday, 14 January
1:03PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 Collaborates with Charity Foundation Fred Hollows NZ to Achieve Payment Card Compliance 367

Monday, 6 January
4:51PM TECHNOLOGY Suunto 7 Smartwatch Delivers Leading Sports Expertise For Everyday Life with Wear OS by Google™ 1094

Friday, 13 December
4:12PM TECHNOLOGY ListWise For Accurate Email List Cleaning 408

Monday, 9 December
4:34PM TECHNOLOGY Paul Money HiFi Offering In-Store Bonus for Epson EHTW7100 Home Cinema Projection 392
4:19PM TECHNOLOGY CyberCom Connect Service Significantly Different From Other Corporate Giant Telcos 311
12:48PM TECHNOLOGY Cost-Effective Backup Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 444

Friday, 29 November
1:38PM TECHNOLOGY CyberCom Connect Service Significantly Different From Other Corporate Giant Telcos 300

Thursday, 21 November
12:39AM TECHNOLOGY Top 3 Most Dangerous Adware for Mac 563

Wednesday, 13 November
8:18PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 Setting the Standard for Corporate & Enterprise Information Security Solutions 452

Monday, 11 November
7:08PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue the Leader in the Field of Information Management 437

Wednesday, 23 October
3:26PM TECHNOLOGY Identify & Get Rid of Spam Traps With ListWise 383

Wednesday, 2 October
2:39PM TECHNOLOGY Tier4 Introduces 3 Services & Support Packages Customised to Suit Business Needs 385

Monday, 30 September
4:33PM TECHNOLOGY New Zealand Companies Adroit and CSLi Partner to Enable Infrastructure for Visually Impaired 246

Wednesday, 18 September
8:18PM TECHNOLOGY Mobile Workplace Security With CodeBlue 387

Tuesday, 3 September
7:20PM TECHNOLOGY Tier 4 Offering Leading Firewall and Cyber-Security Solutions for New Zealand Businesses 552

Wednesday, 28 August
8:28PM TECHNOLOGY Jenlogix provides NZ industry with New High Performance Stainless Steel Sealed Touch Panel Computers. 309
6:34PM TECHNOLOGY Pattern's Web Development Work for Coastguard NZ Boosts its Online Presence 322
5:12PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Explain Why it is Vital to Protect Your Data 370

Thursday, 1 August
1:46PM TECHNOLOGY Computer Lounge Now Stocks AMD's New Line of Ryzen 3000 Series Processors 394

Wednesday, 31 July
3:49PM TECHNOLOGY Adroit is Bringing the "Internet of Things" to Facilities Integrate Expo 2019 312

Monday, 29 July
1:53PM TECHNOLOGY Pattern Helps Businesses with AI and Workplace Automation 324
1:05PM TECHNOLOGY Cyber Security in the NZ SBM Landscape 386

Thursday, 18 July
3:37PM TECHNOLOGY How to Earn or Get Free Bitcoins? 2067

Monday, 24 June
12:41PM TECHNOLOGY Pattern Enhances SimTutor's New Scenario-based Planning Tool 308

Tuesday, 11 June
8:53PM TECHNOLOGY What is a VPN? 766

Thursday, 6 June
2:44PM TECHNOLOGY Pattern Supports Bay of Plenty Regional Council with Inventory App 615

Thursday, 30 May
3:55PM TECHNOLOGY POS Technology Say Maybe It's Time to Upgrade Your EFTPOS 307

Tuesday, 21 May
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Explain Why You Need an IT Partner 503

Monday, 29 April
7:55PM TECHNOLOGY Electronic Marketing Solutions from CyberCom 469

Thursday, 25 April
11:54PM TECHNOLOGY Web Development Company in India 990
12:35AM TECHNOLOGY Service Host SuperFetch: Does This Serve Any Purpose In Windows Or Should You Disable It? 490

Tuesday, 23 April
3:57PM TECHNOLOGY Maintain Your Business' Security With CodeBlue 519

Wednesday, 17 April
6:11PM TECHNOLOGY What Is Netflix and How Does It Work? 895

Monday, 15 April
6:08PM TECHNOLOGY A new era of home entertainment - Samsung announces New Zealand's first 8K screens 816

Wednesday, 27 March
6:18PM TECHNOLOGY Circle Net and Access4 320

Sunday, 24 March
1:04AM TECHNOLOGY Centralized Solutions to Maintain Anonymity: VPN, SSH, SOCKS 877

Thursday, 21 March
9:43PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Launch Their Updated Data Backup & Recovery Service 456

Thursday, 28 February
8:16PM TECHNOLOGY Circle Net Moving to Fortigate Virtual Firewall Appliances 299
1:18PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Service is a Game-Changer 379

Tuesday, 26 February
9:40AM TECHNOLOGY New Zealand masterpieces to join the Samsung Frame TV collection - The second generation of the Frame TV has launched in New Zealand with broader functionality, refined design and stunning new additions from Te Papa to the Art Store. 1184

Tuesday, 19 February
4:12PM TECHNOLOGY FUJIFILM launches high performing all-rounders to wow photographers 775

Wednesday, 23 January
2:16PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Have Three Tips For Your IT Over the Holidays 334
2:14PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Service is a Game-Changer 334

Thursday, 17 January
6:44PM TECHNOLOGY Freedom to roam: Fujifilm sets new benchmark for telephoto lens technology 784

Saturday, 22 December
1:04AM TECHNOLOGY Bring Magic into the Kitchen with NEFF Ovens & Cooktops from Whitfords 415

Tuesday, 18 December
10:27PM TECHNOLOGY Make Your Business Even Better With IT Support Services From CodeBlue 470

Tuesday, 20 November
5:11PM TECHNOLOGY CodeBlue Discuss the Importance of a Customer Roadmap in Their IT Service 413

Wednesday, 31 October
10:09PM TECHNOLOGY Secure Date Erasure Service Available from Divers 308

Friday, 28 September
6:38PM TECHNOLOGY Save Business Costs with EFTPOS Machines with POS Technology 350
6:19PM TECHNOLOGY FMC TV Now Offering QSR Menu Boards 368
1:39PM TECHNOLOGY Microsoft Announces the End of Device Limits and Increases License Numbers for Office 365 Consumer Subscriptions 328

Wednesday, 26 September
11:47AM TECHNOLOGY Panasonic Develops Two Models of Its First Full-frame Mirrorless Camera 733

Monday, 17 September
10:53PM TECHNOLOGY Macbook Pro Viruses Are Here to Stay 596

Thursday, 13 September
12:45PM TECHNOLOGY State-of-the-Art Cloud Services From CodeBlue 460

Tuesday, 11 September
9:15AM TECHNOLOGY Fujifilm announces a world first in camera technology 743

Friday, 31 August
11:55PM TECHNOLOGY CircleNet Explain How Unified Communications Improve Employee Productivity 295

Wednesday, 29 August
11:23AM TECHNOLOGY Boost rankings with our free SEO Audit App 863

Tuesday, 7 August
6:12PM TECHNOLOGY The Importance of IT Security With CodeBlue 599
11:11AM TECHNOLOGY Panasonic new 2018 OLED TV line up the apex of TV viewing 674

Tuesday, 31 July
1:01PM TECHNOLOGY Divers Group Offers Responsible E-Waste Mining 955

Tuesday, 24 July
2:43PM TECHNOLOGY Everything from wildlife to the stars covered with new lenses from FUJIFILM 1123
2:39PM TECHNOLOGY Superior sync and square format shooting 1096
12:58PM TECHNOLOGY Wireless lighting: the cornerstone of your smart building 740
12:53PM TECHNOLOGY What does the home office of the future look like? 432