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New Zealand Health News Index

Wednesday, 6 November
4:42PM HEALTH Effective natural home remedies for dry skin 240

Saturday, 2 November
9:30AM HEALTH Luxe Body Re-Brand to Luxe Appearance 338

Friday, 1 November
12:58PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Proudly Announce the Opening of Their New Clinics in Takapuna & Whangarei 364

Thursday, 31 October
11:04PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Provide Root Canal Therapy 302
10:17PM HEALTH Auckland Physiotherapy Holding Free Seminar on Arthritis Management through Physiotherapy 259
6:47PM HEALTH Sign Up to Experience Technogym® Gear at Health&Sports Fitness Club 224
2:19PM HEALTH NZ College of Midwives Comments on Australia's Biggest Ever Birth Study 239

Wednesday, 30 October
2:40PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Offer Invisalign the Clear Alternative to Braces 204
2:02PM HEALTH Reshape Your Smile with Dental Bonding at Primecare Dental 140
1:50PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Looks at the Relationship Between Certain Occupations & Varicose Veins 146
1:29PM HEALTH Personal Care Managers Available at Accent Home Care 113

Tuesday, 29 October
6:32PM HEALTH Hamilton Fortunate to Have Four Fabulous Radius Care Facilities 160

Wednesday, 16 October
7:24PM HEALTH Zen Explain How Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Addicted Adults 210

Thursday, 10 October
3:52PM HEALTH Luxe Body - Appearance Medicine Specialist's - Event 196

Wednesday, 9 October
1:45PM HEALTH Re:Vision Explains Cataracts 192

Thursday, 3 October
1:02PM HEALTH Health&Sports Fitness Club Offers Free Personal Training Sessions in New Promotion 193

Monday, 30 September
11:11PM HEALTH Finding Healing from Attachment Injuries with Winchester Counselling 173
4:44PM HEALTH Auckland Physiotherapy's Corporate Wellness Service Designed for Professionals 128

Thursday, 26 September
1:26PM HEALTH Kea Health Offers Special on Quit Smoking Aid, Habitrol 186
1:12PM HEALTH Vivo Hairstylists Win Gold & Bronze in Prestigious Goldwell Colorzoom Competition 2019 216
12:58PM HEALTH You Can Choose From Two Locations To Attend The Turning Point 161

Wednesday, 25 September
4:52PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Provide Free Dental Care For Teens Aged 13-17 218
4:07PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Explain Why You May Need Dental Night Guards 260
2:06PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Explain How Lymphedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency are Connected 154
11:45AM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Explain How CBCT Imaging has Transformed Modern Dentistry 208

Tuesday, 24 September
1:48PM HEALTH Ikoi Spa Offers Facial Treatments 155
1:42PM HEALTH How Herbal Ignite for Him & Herbal Ignite for Her Can Help Decrease Stress 138

Friday, 20 September
5:46PM HEALTH Radius Care Define the Difference Between Retirement Village Living and Aged Care 288
4:24PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Piloting 'Heat 2 Cook 2 at their Epsom Clinic 194

Wednesday, 18 September
4:29PM HEALTH How Herbal Ignite for Him & Herbal Ignite for Her Can Help Decrease Stress 138

Tuesday, 17 September
2:05PM HEALTH Pay Equity for Midwives Must Be Fast-tracked 1148

Thursday, 12 September
5:33PM HEALTH Zen Take the Loved One's Perspective on Addiction 196

Monday, 9 September
9:33AM HEALTH Here's to Sustainable Curbing with Calocurb 277

Thursday, 5 September
3:53PM HEALTH Re:Vision Warn About Expired Facial Products 261

Friday, 30 August
11:45PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Provide High Quality Orthodontic Treatments 172
7:59PM HEALTH Ikoi Spa Offer Harmony Packages 167
6:17PM HEALTH Mending Relationships and Marriages with EFT Couples Therapy 156
5:04PM HEALTH Auckland Fortunate to Have Three Radius Care Homes 145
1:18PM HEALTH Health&Sports Fitness Club Introduces New Family Fitness Classes 131

Thursday, 29 August
12:05PM HEALTH Vivo Best Hair Salon 3 Years Running! 186

Wednesday, 28 August
9:50PM HEALTH The Benefits of a Dental Bridge at Real Dentistry 212
9:40PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Say You Should Eat Well for Healthy Teeth 194
5:07PM HEALTH Spa Ayurda Offer Ayurveda Treatments for Men's Wellness 138
4:54PM HEALTH Geneva Healthcare Win Department of Corrections Recruitment Contract 724

Tuesday, 27 August
10:10AM HEALTH Australian Condom Brand to supply NZ communities with upto 10 million condoms a year 239

Thursday, 22 August
8:55PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Explain Why Winter is the Best Time to Treat Varicose Veins 196

Wednesday, 21 August
1:59PM HEALTH Herbal Ignite Best Value on the Market in Comparison to Testo 202
12:05PM HEALTH Zen Provide Holistic Treatments For Drug & Alcohol Dependency 164

Monday, 19 August
8:10PM HEALTH Kiwis' Increasing Waistlines Forcing Us to Find New Sleep Positions to Help Breathing - Research 174

Friday, 16 August
5:06PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Opens New State-of-the-Art Clinic in Takapuna 206

Wednesday, 14 August
1:33PM HEALTH Join the Calocurb Community Through Social Media 224

Tuesday, 13 August
6:10PM HEALTH ReVision Warn of the Risks to Injuring Your Eyes on the Ski Slopes 182

Thursday, 8 August
6:19AM HEALTH Countdown to raise more than $1 million for kids hospitals 439

Wednesday, 31 July
5:32PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Has CADCAM Technology 193
5:15PM HEALTH Kudos for Ikoi Spa 173
4:42PM HEALTH Get That Stunning Smile With Teeth Whitening At Primecare Dental 126
4:37PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Discuss What Causes Varicose Veins & How to Treat Them 127
4:25PM HEALTH FuelMe Will Assist With New Season's Winter Training Programme 130
4:22PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Explain How Implants can Improve the Retention of Dentures 156
3:57PM HEALTH More Winter Wellness At Spa Ayurda 124
2:16PM HEALTH Herbal Ignite For Him For Erectile Dysfunction 106

Tuesday, 30 July
7:19PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Open New North Shore Clinic 147

Sunday, 28 July
11:59AM HEALTH NZ's Maternity System is Not Broken; It Needs to be Valued, Supported and Resourced 218

Saturday, 27 July
4:19PM HEALTH Child Minding Available at Health & Sports Fitness Club 171

Thursday, 25 July
8:30PM HEALTH Geneva's Colour Cruise 'Race of Champions' Celebrates Diversity & Inclusion 273

Wednesday, 24 July
1:31PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Advise on Maintenance & After Care Of Dental Implants 236

Monday, 22 July
12:01PM HEALTH Heartfelt Testimonials From Patients & Family 185
11:56AM HEALTH Learning to Live With Addiction at The Turning Point 186

Monday, 15 July
11:49AM HEALTH Let Calocurb Take Care of Your Appetite While You Take Care of Your Tan in Fiji! 499

Thursday, 11 July
5:25PM HEALTH Radius Care is a Nationwide Network of Modern Residential Aged Care Facilities 505

Tuesday, 9 July
2:11PM HEALTH Re:Vision With Two Good Reasons to Go For 'Dry July' 836

Monday, 8 July
6:48AM HEALTH The Salvation Army opens free medical clinic as winter hits hard 487

Thursday, 4 July
2:42PM HEALTH First Maori President For The New Zealand College of Midwives 787

Monday, 1 July
12:14PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Can Create Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns 258
12:12PM HEALTH Spoil Yourself With One of Ikoi Spa's Unique Signature Treatments 200

Sunday, 30 June
6:18PM HEALTH Kingsland's Health & Sports Fitness Club Offers Free Trial 240

Friday, 28 June
11:55PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Talk About Recovering From Varicose Vein Treatment 347
11:17PM HEALTH Auckland Physiotherapy on the Benefits of Post-Operative Physiotherapy 322
3:21PM HEALTH More Midwives Than Ever Before In New Zealand 444

Wednesday, 26 June
1:41PM HEALTH Another Successful Calocurb Story 265

Tuesday, 25 June
1:51PM HEALTH Winter Wellness Guide From Spa Ayurda 216
1:35PM HEALTH A Success Story From Geneva Elevator's Supported Employment Programme 266

Monday, 24 June
5:35PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Offer Full Mouth Rehabilitation For Dental Occlusion 167
1:34PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Explain Why You May Need Dental Night Guards 190
10:11AM HEALTH Herbal Ignite's Intimate Gel is For Both Women & Men 133

Friday, 21 June
4:04PM HEALTH Zen Detox Discuss The Stigma Around Addiction 155

Wednesday, 19 June
9:10AM HEALTH Another Successful Calocurb Story 143

Tuesday, 18 June
1:16PM HEALTH Re:Vision Revisit Cataracts 168

Friday, 31 May
1:49PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Talk About How Diet Can Affect Oral Health 332
12:40PM HEALTH Skin Tips For Winter From Spa Ayurda 146

Thursday, 30 May
6:16PM HEALTH Midwives, Babies and Mothers Overlooked in Another 'Smoke and Mirrors' Budget 303
1:48PM HEALTH Safe and Natural Treatment for Arthritis in Dogs 179
1:01PM HEALTH MoleMap Provide Extensive Skin Cancer Services in Wellington 212
12:29PM HEALTH The Benefits of the Enzyme Spa at Ikoi Spa 173
12:09PM HEALTH Appropriate Rural Midwifery Resourcing Must Be Urgently Addressed 191

Wednesday, 29 May
8:20PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Explain Different Types of Fillings 195
6:35PM HEALTH Geneva Community Living Homes Celebrated Easter in Style 187
6:33PM HEALTH Geneva Healthcare Increase Capability to Support Those Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 162
12:53PM HEALTH An Uplifting Testimonial From a Calocurb Customer 160
12:00PM HEALTH More Cosmetic Dentistry Options From Naenae Dental Clinic 156