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New Zealand Health News Index

1:11PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Discuss The Role of the Caregiver 183

Thursday, 16 May
7:01PM HEALTH Zen Talks About Intergenerational Dysfunction 422

Monday, 6 May
7:05PM HEALTH Herbal Ignite's Herbal Ignite For Her Has Many Benefits For Women 997
6:25PM HEALTH Calocurb Demystify The Latest Diet Fads 802
3:44PM HEALTH Auckland Physiotherapy Have You Covered For all Health & Wellness Services 119

Tuesday, 30 April
11:42PM HEALTH Endermologie is the New Innovative Treatment Machine at Ikoi Spa 473
9:40PM HEALTH Brighter Whiter Teeth With Teeth Whitening at Naenae Dental Clinic 513
6:52PM HEALTH MoleMap's Concern Over High Rate of Skin Cancer in Tauranga 463
4:42PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Warn of the Negative Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health 173
1:28PM HEALTH Achieving A Healthier Lifestyle – Richard Simich's Journey to Supportive Weight Loss 248
1:23PM HEALTH Taking Charge of One's Own Appetite Through This 100% Plant-Based Pill 113

Monday, 29 April
6:41PM HEALTH Prioritising Joint Health as Cooler Weather Approaches 114
2:19PM HEALTH Achieving A Healthier Lifestyle – Ricardo Simich's Journey to Supportive Weight Loss 262

Friday, 26 April
11:05PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Provide Root Canal Therapy 227
12:30PM HEALTH Varicose Veins and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know From Palm Clinic 229

Thursday, 25 April
12:35PM HEALTH How Ayurvedic Skincare will Change the Way You Think About Skincare 167

Wednesday, 24 April
12:30PM HEALTH Radius Care Talk About The Importance of the Aged Care Industry 226
4:37AM HEALTH The Familiarity of Legalising Recreational Weed Online 799

Tuesday, 23 April
4:41PM HEALTH Zen Explore Reasons Why People Become Addicted to Drugs 215
3:52PM HEALTH Herbal Ignite's Herbal Ignite For Her Has Many Benefits For Women 207
12:03PM HEALTH The Turning Point Are There For You When You Take Your First Step Towards Rehabilitation 223

Monday, 22 April
3:36PM HEALTH Geneva Healthcare Excited to Acquire Rehabworks North 305

Wednesday, 17 April
1:06PM HEALTH Calocurb Demystify The Latest Diet Fads 568

Tuesday, 16 April
4:43PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Explain the Difference Between Dental Crowns and Inlays/Onlays 247
4:19PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Advocate Dental Implants 621

Monday, 15 April
7:11PM HEALTH Midwifery Workforce Accord Signed With Government 1251
4:27PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care's Canopy TV Helping Men With Cancer 599
12:43PM HEALTH Re:Vision Recommends Foods That Are Good For Eye Health 585

Sunday, 14 April
3:57PM HEALTH Midwives Vote YES to DHBs MECA Settlement 1262

Friday, 5 April
5:15PM HEALTH Employed Midwives to Vote on Proposed Settlement 1818

Tuesday, 2 April
12:52PM HEALTH Dementia Wandering Safety 749

Friday, 29 March
3:27PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Point Out the Risks and Danger of Dental Tourism 1396
2:47PM HEALTH Help is At Hand For Low Sex Drive With Herbal Ignite For Him 971
1:32PM HEALTH Digital Smile Design Improves Your Smile at Naenae Dental Clinic 785

Thursday, 28 March
3:33PM HEALTH Primecare Dental For Dental Crowns 542
2:54PM HEALTH Palm Clinic's Preventative Approach to Varicose Veins 341

Wednesday, 27 March
6:15PM HEALTH Chapel Park Dental Advise on Dentures 239
6:08PM HEALTH Calocurb Say "There's an App For That"! 147

Tuesday, 26 March
1:51PM HEALTH Zen Take A Holistic Approach To Drug Recovery 215
1:05PM HEALTH According to Experts, Now is the Perfect Time to Boost Your Immune System 181

Sunday, 24 March
9:44PM HEALTH Radius Care Examine the Nursing Shortage in NZ 257
9:36PM HEALTH Geneva Healthcare Introduction to Their Disability Services in New Zealand 277

Wednesday, 20 March
5:10PM HEALTH The Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre Can Save Your Life 372

Monday, 18 March
4:53PM HEALTH Ongoing Help & Support From Canopy Cancer Care's Under the Canopy 239

Thursday, 14 March
9:57AM HEALTH NZ College of Midwives Statement Regarding The Measles Outbreak in Canterbury 2304

Tuesday, 12 March
2:41PM HEALTH Re:Vision Explain Age-related Macular Degeneration 423

Monday, 11 March
10:42PM HEALTH You Too Can Have a Great Smile at Real Dentistry 313

Friday, 8 March
5:16PM HEALTH "Midwives are Awesome" Says The NZ College of Midwives on Int Women's Day 2129

Thursday, 28 February
9:14PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Discuss How to Maintain Good Oral Health 189
7:56PM HEALTH Chapel Park Dental Talk About Teeth Whitening Myths You Should Stop Believing 193
6:55PM HEALTH Free Invisalign Consultations at Primecare Dental 194
3:38PM HEALTH We Must Better Protect Our Elderly in Rest Homes 2253

Wednesday, 27 February
9:58AM HEALTH New Christchurch CBD Dental Practice 1120

Friday, 22 February
6:49PM HEALTH Victoria St. Dental For Dental Braces & Retainers 235

Wednesday, 20 February
9:28AM HEALTH Latest Dementia Wandering Prevention Device Arrives in NZ 775

Tuesday, 19 February
2:15PM HEALTH Build New & Better Habits With Zen Detox 162

Friday, 15 February
5:31PM HEALTH A Week of Strikes - Midwives Rally Around The Country 2143

Wednesday, 13 February
11:07AM HEALTH Midwives Withdraw Nelson-Marlborough Strike 2148

Tuesday, 12 February
5:52PM HEALTH The New Year A Good Time to Detoxify at The Turning Point 141

Saturday, 9 February
4:46PM HEALTH Midwives Plan Symbolic Hikoi to Parliament to Support Their Pay Claims 2068

Thursday, 7 February
7:53PM HEALTH Introducing Canopy Cancer Care's Online News Channel For the Cancer Community 170

Monday, 4 February
7:51PM HEALTH Re:Vision Urge You to be Sun Smart This Summer 185

Friday, 1 February
5:15PM HEALTH Get Natural Looking Lips with JUVÉDERM Dermal Fillers at Palm Clinic 305
5:13PM HEALTH January A Great Time to See Palm Clinic For Treating Vein Conditions 166
4:50PM HEALTH Union Feeling Positive After Facilitation Today 2127
1:09PM HEALTH True Radiance Supplement Helps Fight the Signs of Anti-Aging and Wrinkles 121
2:13AM HEALTH O2B Healthy Celebrate World Braille Day to Support Eye Health 104
2:09AM HEALTH Holistic Medical Centre Can Help With Exhaustion & Fatigue in 2019 94

Thursday, 31 January
9:29PM HEALTH Chapel Park Dental Talk About The Importance of Regular Dental Visits 157

Wednesday, 30 January
5:32PM HEALTH Molemap Advocate Workplace Wellness With Their On-the-Spot Skin Checks & Skin Cancer Education 116
4:05PM HEALTH DHB-employed Midwives to Strike Again 2047
3:22PM HEALTH What is Herbal Ignite for Men? 118
3:02PM HEALTH Zen Detox Say Willpower Alone Doesn't Work For Addiction 96

Tuesday, 29 January
6:45PM HEALTH Turn to The Turning Point When You Need Help With Detoxing 113

Monday, 28 January
2:47PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Can Treat Brusixm 152

Friday, 25 January
9:34PM HEALTH The Smile You've Always Wanted With a Dental Implant From Naenae Dental Clinic 242

Thursday, 24 January
11:44AM HEALTH New Chief Executive at the New Zealand College of Midwives 2021

Tuesday, 22 January
6:24PM HEALTH ARCH (Auckland Regional Charity Hospital)Provides Free Elective Cataract Surgery 138

Thursday, 17 January
6:01PM HEALTH Some Information on Gum Disease From Primecare Dental 251
3:34PM HEALTH Why Radius Care? 150

Monday, 14 January
7:32PM HEALTH Local Private Cancer Clinic Open in Whangarei – Canopy Cancer Care 296
4:06PM HEALTH Maca – the Incan superfood for managing stress 301
9:37AM HEALTH Caloburb Encourage Healthy Eating in 2019 125

Saturday, 29 December
4:27AM HEALTH Interactive session by C Com Digital in partnership with Blue Cross at GNIMS, Mumbai, to clear the air around how period pain is NOT normal 155

Friday, 28 December
9:48AM HEALTH Excessive refined carbohydrate associated with maternal and infant complications in pregnancy 198

Saturday, 22 December
12:52AM HEALTH AstaSupreme Introduces Ground Breaking New Skincare Range 163

Friday, 21 December
2:10PM HEALTH Urgencies & Emergencies There For You Over the Holiday Season 162
1:15PM HEALTH Quality Services & Educated Staff at Radius Care 111
1:04PM HEALTH Heal & Protect Your Skin with Products from Palm Clinic Aesthetic 114
12:50PM HEALTH Orange Clinic of Natural Medicine Can Help with Insomnia 107
12:48PM HEALTH Speed Your Recovery with These Key Natural Supplements From NZ Health Online 85
11:32AM HEALTH Recognising the Importance of an Ultrasound Scan in Pregnancy at Eastmed Radiology 90

Thursday, 20 December
4:15PM HEALTH Chapel Park Dental Provide Free Dental Treatments for Kids & Teens 224

Wednesday, 19 December
1:52PM HEALTH Victoria St. Dental 'Fill You In' on Implants 215
1:07PM HEALTH MoleMap Explain How To Identify Melanoma 180

Tuesday, 18 December
10:13PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Take the Pain Out of Root Canal Treatment 189
3:02PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Advocate for Preventative Dental Care 164
2:07PM HEALTH Brighten Up Your 'Tired Face' at Palm Clinic 103

Monday, 17 December
12:33PM HEALTH Heartfelt Thanks to The Turning Point 123

Friday, 14 December
8:22PM HEALTH O2B Healthy Help With Weight Management and Stress During the Festive Season 130