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New Zealand Health News Index

Tuesday, 22 January
6:24PM HEALTH ARCH (Auckland Regional Charity Hospital)Provides Free Elective Cataract Surgery 82

Thursday, 17 January
6:01PM HEALTH Some Information on Gum Disease From Primecare Dental 167
3:34PM HEALTH Why Radius Care? 98

Monday, 14 January
7:32PM HEALTH Local Private Cancer Clinic Open in Whangarei – Canopy Cancer Care 211
4:06PM HEALTH Maca – the Incan superfood for managing stress 160
9:37AM HEALTH Caloburb Encourage Healthy Eating in 2019 79

Saturday, 29 December
4:27AM HEALTH Interactive session by C Com Digital in partnership with Blue Cross at GNIMS, Mumbai, to clear the air around how period pain is NOT normal 127

Friday, 28 December
9:48AM HEALTH Excessive refined carbohydrate associated with maternal and infant complications in pregnancy 106

Saturday, 22 December
12:52AM HEALTH AstaSupreme Introduces Ground Breaking New Skincare Range 128

Friday, 21 December
2:10PM HEALTH Urgencies & Emergencies There For You Over the Holiday Season 121
1:15PM HEALTH Quality Services & Educated Staff at Radius Care 86
1:04PM HEALTH Heal & Protect Your Skin with Products from Palm Clinic Aesthetic 86
12:50PM HEALTH Orange Clinic of Natural Medicine Can Help with Insomnia 74
12:48PM HEALTH Speed Your Recovery with These Key Natural Supplements From NZ Health Online 62
11:32AM HEALTH Recognising the Importance of an Ultrasound Scan in Pregnancy at Eastmed Radiology 56

Thursday, 20 December
4:15PM HEALTH Chapel Park Dental Provide Free Dental Treatments for Kids & Teens 187

Wednesday, 19 December
1:52PM HEALTH Victoria St. Dental 'Fill You In' on Implants 191
1:07PM HEALTH MoleMap Explain How To Identify Melanoma 149

Tuesday, 18 December
10:13PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Take the Pain Out of Root Canal Treatment 164
3:02PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Advocate for Preventative Dental Care 144
2:07PM HEALTH Brighten Up Your 'Tired Face' at Palm Clinic 75

Monday, 17 December
12:33PM HEALTH Heartfelt Thanks to The Turning Point 101

Friday, 14 December
8:22PM HEALTH O2B Healthy Help With Weight Management and Stress During the Festive Season 98
6:14PM HEALTH Holistic Medical Centre Have Some Tips for a Happy Healthy Festive Season 118

Wednesday, 12 December
2:31PM HEALTH Happy Healthy Holidays With Spa Ayurda 102

Monday, 10 December
4:59PM HEALTH Juicing With An OSCAR Juicer Makes for Healthy Summer Living 121
2:45PM HEALTH Help Manage Your Appetite and Cravings With Calocurb 103

Friday, 7 December
12:55PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Complementary Therapies 115

Thursday, 6 December
2:30PM HEALTH Study: Higher magnesium intake associated with protection against cardiovascular risk factors 94
8:55AM HEALTH Gaps showing in NZ dental care so Whangarei couple get to the root of the problem. 208

Monday, 3 December
6:51PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Offer a Modern Solution for Excessive Sweating 117
2:48PM HEALTH Family Inclusive Therapy at Zen Detox 111

Friday, 30 November
10:33PM HEALTH Holistic Medical Centre Introduce Their Incredible New Doctors 111
9:18PM HEALTH Remove Moles with Surgitron at Palm Clinic 81
8:38PM HEALTH Milford Family Dental on the Importance of Paying Attention to Gum Disease Symptoms 142
8:31PM HEALTH Drury Dental Reveals the Warning Signs of Gum Disease 140
2:46PM HEALTH DHB Strangling Midwives' Right to Strike 115
12:22PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Offer CADCAM Technology For Crowns 166

Thursday, 29 November
11:10PM HEALTH High Quality Orthodontic Treatment at Naenae Dental Clinic 88
10:32AM HEALTH Start Your Journey to Summer Wellness Today With Calocurb 102

Tuesday, 27 November
11:00PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care's 'Wellness Toolkit' 106

Monday, 26 November
4:41PM HEALTH Little known antioxidant protects from mitochondrial damage 122

Sunday, 25 November
7:05PM HEALTH Striking Midwives To Picket In Christchurch Tomorrow 143

Friday, 23 November
8:02AM HEALTH Pay Less at the Dentist 118

Thursday, 22 November
3:23PM HEALTH CBD Oil - What you should know. 152

Wednesday, 21 November
7:33PM HEALTH MERAS Union Midwives Kick Off Two Weeks of Strike Action 130

Tuesday, 20 November
7:17PM HEALTH Midwives Join Call For Better Postnatal Resourcing 144

Friday, 16 November
6:38PM HEALTH The Importance of Rehabilitation For Drug & Alcohol Addicts 98

Tuesday, 6 November
6:58PM HEALTH More Happy Customers Write to Oscar Juicers About Their Purchase 86
1:02PM HEALTH DHB Employed Midwives Reject DHBs' Pay Offer – Strike Looms 175

Wednesday, 31 October
10:00PM HEALTH Signs Pointing to Wisdom Teeth Removal Are Easy to Spot – Here's How 164

Tuesday, 30 October
5:46PM HEALTH Looking After Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing Should Be Expected and 'Normal' 177
1:21PM HEALTH Natural Astaxanthin Promotes Regrowth and Health Recovery 94
10:15AM HEALTH 100% Plant-Based, World-First Weight Management Product calocurb Launches In U.S. Market 125
9:42AM HEALTH Does Sleep affect your Memory? 74

Friday, 19 October
7:15PM HEALTH Be SunSmart with Regular Checks from Upper Hutt Skin Clinic 118
6:18PM HEALTH Treat Spider Veins with Microsclerotherapy at Palm Clinic 84
6:11PM HEALTH Put your best face forward with Orange Health 82
6:07PM HEALTH Preventative Dentistry At Naenae Dental Clinic 153
5:37PM HEALTH Holistic Medical Centre Have Practical Tips For Managing Sciatica 71
2:57PM HEALTH Children's Online Clinic Pose The Question "Why Pay For An Online Service?" 62
2:53PM HEALTH More Treatment From Under the Canopy (Canopy Cancer Care) 69

Tuesday, 16 October
2:50PM HEALTH More Aged Care Facilities From Radius Care 88
1:59PM HEALTH Get Your Hoops Out - NZ Record on the Horizon 310

Monday, 15 October
3:07PM HEALTH Are Kiwis Engaged in Hazardous Drinking? 87

Thursday, 11 October
1:36PM HEALTH More Social Workers After Promise Of Pay Rise 93

Sunday, 30 September
5:46PM HEALTH CEREC Same Day Crowns Available at Milford Family Dental 116
5:24PM HEALTH The Benefits of Same Day CEREC Crowns 91

Saturday, 29 September
4:11PM HEALTH Professional Teeth Whitening at Naenae Dental Clinic 141

Friday, 28 September
10:12PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Talk About Wisdom Teeth 140
5:56PM HEALTH Protect Your Internal Sunglasses with Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care 82
1:10PM HEALTH Maximise Performance in the Field and in Bed With abeeco's Supabee for Men 73

Thursday, 27 September
10:49PM HEALTH Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Varicose Veins Available at Palm Clinic 87
2:08PM HEALTH Improve Digestion with NatureBee Power Pollen 86

Tuesday, 25 September
10:06PM HEALTH Umbrella Explain How to be Smart About Your Digital Wellness 90

Friday, 21 September
4:46PM HEALTH The Benefits of Using the Children's Online Clinic 74

Monday, 10 September
7:43PM HEALTH New Northland Cancer Clinic – Canopy Cancer Care – Opens Today 281

Saturday, 1 September
12:07AM HEALTH Preventative Dentistry With Hygienists At Naenae Dental Clinic 90

Friday, 31 August
5:52PM HEALTH Holistic Medical Centre Helps to Alleviate Stress 76
1:51PM HEALTH Supreme Health Astaxanthin Keeps Mitochondria Healthy with Advanced Cardiac Support Formula 78

Thursday, 30 August
7:55PM HEALTH The Psychology of a Healthy Smile 107
11:20AM HEALTH Nature Bee Has Many Happy Customers 80
8:56AM HEALTH Choosing Wisely Campaign Aims to Better Inform 100

Wednesday, 29 August
7:29PM HEALTH Psychological Support – An Effective Investment in Your People 130

Tuesday, 28 August
7:44PM HEALTH Special August Promotion at Spa Ayurda 95
2:55PM HEALTH Best Life Insurance NZ 111
1:06PM HEALTH The Children's Online Clinic Helps You to Navigate the 'Jungle' of Medical Opinions 70
11:57AM HEALTH Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance - No Medical Questions 122

Friday, 24 August
8:42PM HEALTH Milford Dentists Note That Children's Tooth Decay is In The News 160

Wednesday, 22 August
5:00PM HEALTH For Acne Scars, Talk to Palm Clinic About DermaPen 97

Friday, 17 August
5:42PM HEALTH Contact The Tooth Company For Dental Emergencies 86

Thursday, 16 August
8:39PM HEALTH Radius Care Look At Ageing & Social Development 461
6:30PM HEALTH Victoria Street Dental Talk About the Importance of Regular Checkups 147

Monday, 13 August
8:01PM HEALTH The Turning Point Are There When You Have Reached Your 'Turning Point' 84

Friday, 10 August
4:54PM HEALTH Canopy TV An Online News Channel For the Cancer Community From Canopy Cancer Care 105

Thursday, 9 August
7:53PM HEALTH Get 10 Super Hero Kids' Recipe Cards With the Purchase of every OSCAR Juicer 93

Wednesday, 8 August
6:28PM HEALTH Claris Group Discuss the Link Between Alcohol & Skin Cancer 152

Friday, 3 August
9:05PM HEALTH Umbrella Recently Posted an Article About The Impact of Emotional Labour at Work 82

Wednesday, 1 August
2:50AM HEALTH ELOS Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Available at Palm Clinic 114
1:44AM HEALTH Go to Victoria Street Dental For All Cosmetic & Orthodontic Dentistry 133