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New Zealand Health News Index

Monday, 30 March
9:27PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Explain the Signs of Certain Dental Conditions 228
5:55PM HEALTH Take the Time For an Autumn Massage at Spa Ayurda 185

Sunday, 29 March
5:00PM HEALTH Hospital Midwives Unconvinced About Risk From Asymptomatic Transmission 272
4:57PM HEALTH Hospital Midwives Unconvinced About Risk From Asymptomatic Transmission 211
4:53PM HEALTH PPE Measures and Advice For Midwives Needs Urgent Review and Action 313

Wednesday, 25 March
6:21PM HEALTH Andrew of Winchester Counselling Talks About Relationship Intensive 248
1:27PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care's Under the Canopy Stress the Importance of Fitness & Exercise 251

Monday, 23 March
5:57PM HEALTH Re:Vision Discuss Myopia & the Role of Glasses & Contact Lenses versus Permanent Correction with Laser Vision 363
4:52PM HEALTH College of Midwives - Covid-19 Update 290
4:34PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Advise Why You May Need a Root Canal 290

Tuesday, 17 March
6:04PM HEALTH Get Your Infection Control Products from DE Healthcare 356

Thursday, 5 March
3:47PM HEALTH NZ Institute for Economic Research Report Backs Midwives Call For Pay Equity 508

Thursday, 27 February
6:55PM HEALTH Skin Care For Men at Zorilla the New Brand on the Web! 443
5:07PM HEALTH Winchester Counselling Offers Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples 407
4:50PM HEALTH Skin Treatments at Vivo Skin Clinic 323
1:15PM HEALTH Spa Ayurda Recommend Herbal Teas to Soothe Your Dosha 291

Wednesday, 26 February
5:10PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Discuss Dental Care in Relation to the Whole Body 338
2:51PM HEALTH What is an Enzyme Spa? 220
2:21PM HEALTH Call Re:Vision For Itching, Burning Eyes 194
11:45AM HEALTH The Government Should Take Heed Of Landmark Canadian Midwives Pay Equity Decision 405

Tuesday, 25 February
5:24PM HEALTH The Skin Department Recommend A Face Peel At the Change of Season 235
3:27PM HEALTH DE Healthcare Cut Out Unnecessary Overheads in Purchasing Dental & Medical Grade Products 297
1:57PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Talk About How to Involve Your Children in Your Cancer Journey 211

Monday, 24 February
3:33PM HEALTH Primecare Dental For E4D Same Day Dentistry 258

Saturday, 8 February
12:02AM HEALTH Beclomethasone (Beconase 50) nasal spray 415

Friday, 31 January
5:04PM HEALTH Self-care Rituals for the Summer Heat With Spa Ayurda 343

Thursday, 30 January
10:50PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Use All the Modern Techniques 392
10:39PM HEALTH Treat Yourself in 2020 With a Treatment From Ikoi Spa 317
5:35PM HEALTH All New Summer Flavours at FuelMe 230
4:27PM HEALTH 2020 - A Key Year For Midwives and Midwifery in New Zealand 324

Wednesday, 29 January
11:56AM HEALTH Beating Seasonal Depression through Acceptance & Commitment Therapy 217
11:53AM HEALTH Overcoming Alcohol Dependency with Brief Intervention Counselling 238
11:27AM HEALTH Re:Vision Only Vision Correction Centre With Z-LASIK Procedure 229

Tuesday, 28 January
7:37PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Talk About Living Beyond Cancer Treatment 222
6:07PM HEALTH Check Out Radius Heatherlea in New Plymouth 230

Monday, 27 January
6:05PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Say the New Year is A Good Time to Attend to Regular Teeth Maintenance 292
5:52PM HEALTH Orthodontic Work From Primecare Dental the Leading Oral Health Experts in Auckland 240

Thursday, 16 January
9:10PM HEALTH The Skin Department Promises a Great Outcome For Every Patient Who Comes Through the Doors 343

Wednesday, 15 January
3:25PM HEALTH Green Group Collective's Travel Hand Sanitiser a Hit! 342

Tuesday, 14 January
12:34PM HEALTH Shop Wellness in Auckland Physiotherapy Online Store 374

Tuesday, 24 December
10:07AM HEALTH Merry Christmas From The College of Midwives - A Sneak Peek Of The New #BackMidwives Video 876

Wednesday, 18 December
8:15PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Provide Greater Accuracy With Dental Lasers 244
7:45PM HEALTH Ikoi Spa For Back Purifying Treatments 246

Monday, 16 December
10:44PM HEALTH Safer Sanitisers for a Greener Clean From Green Group Collective 192
7:47PM HEALTH Spa Ayurda: The Benefits of Massage 203

Friday, 13 December
11:52PM HEALTH Real Dentistry For Those Dental Emergencies 338
11:48PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Explain Dental Implants 379
11:45PM HEALTH Dermaceutic Products Available Exclusively at Palm Clinic Now 302

Wednesday, 11 December
11:37AM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Talk About The Challenges of Fertility With Cancer 258

Friday, 6 December
1:09PM HEALTH Take Care Partners with Tairāwhiti Menzshed 547
12:48PM HEALTH Top Tips To Manage Stress This Festive Season 287

Wednesday, 4 December
1:42PM HEALTH Re:Vision Advises on Taking Care of Your Eyes When Swimming 218

Friday, 29 November
2:18PM HEALTH Sothys Le Soin Excellence Facial at Ikoi Spa 143
1:54PM HEALTH Maurten:Sports Fuel Reinvented From FuelMe 150

Thursday, 28 November
7:12PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Stress the Importance of Dental Hygiene 255
6:48PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Use the Best Laser Dentistry Auckland Has to Offer 221
6:30PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Offer Invisalign as the Clear Alternative to Braces 246
6:25PM HEALTH Microsclerotherapy: Palm Clinic Explain What You Need to Know 147
6:14PM HEALTH Radius Care Have Seven Beautiful Facilities in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Region 157
6:06PM HEALTH Self-care Rituals & Facials For Spring With Spa Ayurda 140

Monday, 25 November
11:22PM HEALTH How DIAGNOdent Helps Naenae Dental Clinic Detect and Diagnose Decay 257

Thursday, 21 November
5:33PM HEALTH Re:Vision Discuss Fitness & the Role it Plays in Eye Health 261

Tuesday, 19 November
4:51PM HEALTH Zen Detox See a lot of Alcohol Harm in Older People in NZ 282

Wednesday, 6 November
4:42PM HEALTH Effective natural home remedies for dry skin 289

Saturday, 2 November
9:30AM HEALTH Luxe Body Re-Brand to Luxe Appearance 466

Friday, 1 November
12:58PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Proudly Announce the Opening of Their New Clinics in Takapuna & Whangarei 428

Thursday, 31 October
11:04PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Provide Root Canal Therapy 349
10:17PM HEALTH Auckland Physiotherapy Holding Free Seminar on Arthritis Management through Physiotherapy 316
6:47PM HEALTH Sign Up to Experience Technogym® Gear at Health&Sports Fitness Club 271
2:19PM HEALTH NZ College of Midwives Comments on Australia's Biggest Ever Birth Study 349

Wednesday, 30 October
2:40PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Offer Invisalign the Clear Alternative to Braces 248
2:02PM HEALTH Reshape Your Smile with Dental Bonding at Primecare Dental 192
1:50PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Looks at the Relationship Between Certain Occupations & Varicose Veins 187
1:29PM HEALTH Personal Care Managers Available at Accent Home Care 145

Tuesday, 29 October
6:32PM HEALTH Hamilton Fortunate to Have Four Fabulous Radius Care Facilities 226

Wednesday, 16 October
7:24PM HEALTH Zen Explain How Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Addicted Adults 275

Thursday, 10 October
3:52PM HEALTH Luxe Body - Appearance Medicine Specialist's - Event 259

Wednesday, 9 October
1:45PM HEALTH Re:Vision Explains Cataracts 254

Thursday, 3 October
1:02PM HEALTH Health&Sports Fitness Club Offers Free Personal Training Sessions in New Promotion 224

Monday, 30 September
11:11PM HEALTH Finding Healing from Attachment Injuries with Winchester Counselling 239
4:44PM HEALTH Auckland Physiotherapy's Corporate Wellness Service Designed for Professionals 171

Thursday, 26 September
1:26PM HEALTH Kea Health Offers Special on Quit Smoking Aid, Habitrol 258
1:12PM HEALTH Vivo Hairstylists Win Gold & Bronze in Prestigious Goldwell Colorzoom Competition 2019 267
12:58PM HEALTH You Can Choose From Two Locations To Attend The Turning Point 196

Wednesday, 25 September
4:52PM HEALTH Real Dentistry Provide Free Dental Care For Teens Aged 13-17 259
4:07PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Explain Why You May Need Dental Night Guards 297
2:06PM HEALTH Palm Clinic Explain How Lymphedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency are Connected 202
11:45AM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Explain How CBCT Imaging has Transformed Modern Dentistry 236

Tuesday, 24 September
1:48PM HEALTH Ikoi Spa Offers Facial Treatments 189
1:42PM HEALTH How Herbal Ignite for Him & Herbal Ignite for Her Can Help Decrease Stress 194

Friday, 20 September
5:46PM HEALTH Radius Care Define the Difference Between Retirement Village Living and Aged Care 326
4:24PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Piloting 'Heat 2 Cook 2 at their Epsom Clinic 241

Wednesday, 18 September
4:29PM HEALTH How Herbal Ignite for Him & Herbal Ignite for Her Can Help Decrease Stress 176

Tuesday, 17 September
2:05PM HEALTH Pay Equity for Midwives Must Be Fast-tracked 1498

Thursday, 12 September
5:33PM HEALTH Zen Take the Loved One's Perspective on Addiction 256

Monday, 9 September
9:33AM HEALTH Here's to Sustainable Curbing with Calocurb 309

Thursday, 5 September
3:53PM HEALTH Re:Vision Warn About Expired Facial Products 288

Friday, 30 August
11:45PM HEALTH Naenae Dental Clinic Provide High Quality Orthodontic Treatments 219
7:59PM HEALTH Ikoi Spa Offer Harmony Packages 218
6:17PM HEALTH Mending Relationships and Marriages with EFT Couples Therapy 185