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New Zealand Health News Index

Thursday, 19 May
7:13PM HEALTH Federation of Primary Health Says Today's Budget "Shows Commitment from Government" 129

Wednesday, 11 May
11:25PM HEALTH Adults Can Make The Best Orthodontics Patients 165
10:08PM HEALTH Bring Back Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers in Auckland. 188

Tuesday, 3 May
4:33PM HEALTH Affordable and High Quality Dental Care Services in Auckland 201
4:30PM HEALTH Bring Back Your Smile With Veneers 119

Tuesday, 26 April
1:34PM HEALTH Covid sees Auckland children's immunisation rate at lowest point in 2 years, according to latest ProCare data 232

Tuesday, 19 April
6:36PM HEALTH Finding the Best Psychologists in East Melbourne 227
3:33PM HEALTH We cannot control everything. There are things in the world that are out of our control. By Marisa Gonzalez-Unlock your Potential 293

Tuesday, 12 April
1:35PM HEALTH Report shows physical activity level of Auckland's Asian communities significantly impacted by COVID-19 281

Friday, 8 April
5:44PM HEALTH Petition to Save St George's Maternity Service Being Presented On Wednesday 274

Monday, 4 April
4:55PM HEALTH The power of Activating and Engaging the Subconscious Mind by Marisa Gonzalez-Unlock your Potential 276

Friday, 1 April
4:23AM HEALTH 50% Off Actisan Hand Sanitiser at DE Halthcare 345
12:49AM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care With Some Important Information During COVID Times 300

Tuesday, 29 March
2:31PM HEALTH Re:Vision Have Some Tips on How to Avoid Your Glasses Fogging up When Wearing a Mask 315
7:55AM HEALTH Exercise holds health benefits for stressed Kiwis 287

Monday, 28 March
5:41PM HEALTH College of Midwives Supports Midwives Petition 100% 309
5:36PM HEALTH Support For St George's Petition Grows 350
12:08PM HEALTH Āio Fitness & Wellbeing: Creating a Wellbeing Service for Wāhine in Christchurch 309

Monday, 21 March
11:19AM HEALTH Self-confidence, Limiting Beliefs and The Power of Language by Marisa Gonzalez Coach RTT Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner and Qualified Educator. 453

Saturday, 19 March
4:09AM HEALTH New data is confirming mRNA Covid vaccine deaths 385
3:54AM HEALTH Revelation shows fluoridation should end 326

Tuesday, 15 March
1:54PM HEALTH Countdown Customers Warned About GMO 'Impossible' Burger 622

Tuesday, 1 March
12:44PM HEALTH DE Healthcare Can Provide All Your Infection Control PPE 599
4:44AM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Look at The Efficacy of Practising Mindfulness 420

Monday, 28 February
6:41PM HEALTH Re:Vision With What You Need to Know About Cataracts 424

Wednesday, 2 February
9:53PM HEALTH Welcome in 2022 With a New Stunning Smile From Primecare Dental 691
9:50PM HEALTH Reshape Your Smile with Dental Bonding at Primecare Dental 654

Tuesday, 1 February
3:18AM HEALTH Ask Bartercard Explain Retargeting After the Holiday Season is Over 619
3:14AM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Look Back on 2021 735
3:02AM HEALTH Braces or Invisalign? Here are a Few Things to Consider 664

Monday, 31 January
9:48PM HEALTH DE Healthcare Talk About the Importance of Being COVID/Omicron Ready 617

Saturday, 22 January
7:05PM HEALTH Mental Health Awareness Is Increasing, But What Do Psychologists Do Exactly? 413

Tuesday, 18 January
11:47PM HEALTH It Doesn't Vave To Be All Or Nothing When It Comes To Healthcare 415

Saturday, 1 January
3:39AM HEALTH All You Need to Know About Canopy Cancer Care 617
3:32AM HEALTH DE Healthcare Wishes All Their Customers a Safe Holiday Season 574

Tuesday, 21 December
2:00PM HEALTH Heat Pumps Can Help Improve Air Quality 764

Monday, 20 December
2:35PM HEALTH Re:Vision Urge You to Take Care of Your Eyes This Summer 666

Wednesday, 1 December
11:59PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Provide Root Canal Therapy 539
6:14PM HEALTH Re:Vision Look at Keratoconus 494
4:48PM HEALTH Simple Ways to Address Mental Health Stigma 524
4:17PM HEALTH Superfoods Work Best when Adding the Good and Excluding the Bad 491

Tuesday, 30 November
10:26PM HEALTH Professor Michael Findlay Retires From Canopy Cancer Care 521
8:34PM HEALTH DE Healthcare Acknowledge Uncertain Times Ahead as Vaccination Rates Offer a Return to 'The New Normal' 482

Monday, 29 November
1:02PM HEALTH Chiropractors Offer Holistic and Supplemental Treatment, Not Miracles 509

Thursday, 11 November
3:13AM HEALTH New GE Burger Should Carry Warning 522

Monday, 1 November
1:11AM HEALTH DE Healthcare Have Hand Sanitiser, Gloves & Masks on Special for October 324

Friday, 29 October
1:03AM HEALTH For Implants & Orthodontics Go to Primecare Dental 354

Wednesday, 27 October
11:30PM HEALTH Top 5 Eyecare Tips From Re:Vision 336

Wednesday, 6 October
5:57PM HEALTH Heads of Government Health Transition Unit to Speak At FPHANZ Webinar 817

Thursday, 30 September
8:41PM HEALTH PPE Products Available Online With Contactless delivery from DE Healthcare 449

Tuesday, 28 September
1:39PM HEALTH Canterbury Medical Research Foundation Awards $865,000 to Early Career Researchers 569
1:31PM HEALTH Mental Health Researcher Among Canterbury Medical Research Grants Recipients 666
1:04PM HEALTH Re:Vision List the Reasons Why People Choose Laser Vision Correction 423

Thursday, 23 September
6:04PM HEALTH Federation of Primary Health Welcomes Today's Board Announcements 1360

Tuesday, 7 September
10:13AM HEALTH "My ankle's sprained, but I want to run" 617

Wednesday, 1 September
5:19PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Have Dental Premises Throughout Auckland 402
2:32PM HEALTH DE Healthcare There For You With All PPE Requirements During Lockdowns 409
3:17AM HEALTH At Health & Sports Fitness Club Explain How 'Exercise is Medicine' 359

Monday, 30 August
11:20PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Talk About Self-Care in Cancer Treatment 293
8:22AM HEALTH Strong Primary Health Care Service Critical To An Effective COVID-19 Response 572

Thursday, 26 August
4:10PM HEALTH Timaru company working on Covid-19 treatment rooms 632

Wednesday, 25 August
2:52PM HEALTH Re:Vision Recommends Eating Right For Your Eye Health 297

Thursday, 19 August
5:29AM HEALTH Impact of Covid-19 on Dental Practice and Treatment Seeking 427

Tuesday, 17 August
11:01AM HEALTH Low Back Pain and Stretching! 496

Tuesday, 10 August
12:03PM HEALTH Clarification from MERAS – The Midwives' Union 747

Wednesday, 4 August
2:53PM HEALTH Employed Midwives Vote To Strike 890

Tuesday, 3 August
2:10PM HEALTH Lower Back Pain! Perception Vs Reality 858

Sunday, 1 August
2:09PM HEALTH PrimeCare Dental Stress the Importance of Yearly Checkups 466

Saturday, 31 July
9:38PM HEALTH July Sale Time at DE Healthcare and Great Prices on Dental Supplies 533

Friday, 30 July
11:36PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care on How Cancer Cells Work 420

Thursday, 29 July
5:05PM HEALTH Re:Vision Advise on What to Do About Eye Twitch 383

Tuesday, 27 July
10:50AM HEALTH Thoughts of a Physio Student in 2020 519

Wednesday, 14 July
11:03AM HEALTH New Clinical Coach Role to Bolster Midwifery Workforce 397

Monday, 12 July
12:24PM HEALTH Pterygium Surgery at Re:Vision 348

Monday, 5 July
6:33PM HEALTH Turmeric Capsules - 4 interest fee payment 588

Wednesday, 30 June
10:42PM HEALTH DE Healthcare Continue to Offer Great Prices for PPE Supplies 502
5:59PM HEALTH Why You Should Choose Invisalign From Primecare Dental 434

Wednesday, 16 June
8:40PM HEALTH Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules 724

Tuesday, 8 June
3:55PM HEALTH Midwives' Union Supports Nurses Strike 552

Friday, 4 June
2:48PM HEALTH New Film Highlights The Importance Of Supporting Aotearoa's World Class Midwifery Service 661

Monday, 31 May
11:19PM HEALTH Excellent Ongoing PPE Availability at DE Healthcare 278
8:27PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Explain Veneers vs Crowns 234
7:23PM HEALTH World Leading Cancer Care Provider Canopy Cancer Care Opens in Hawkes Bay 313

Friday, 30 April
11:47PM HEALTH Innovative PPE From DE Healthcare 412
7:42PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Talk About Living Beyond Cancer Treatment 334
3:41PM HEALTH Primecare Dental Stress the Importance of Dental Hygiene 317

Thursday, 29 April
2:57PM HEALTH Kiwi Wellbeing Expert Diagnosed with Chronic Illness and Burnout: "No-one is immune." 706

Thursday, 25 March
5:11AM HEALTH How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Boost One's Self Esteem 552

Monday, 22 March
1:46PM HEALTH Your shoulder evolution and why you may be hurting it more! 711

Friday, 26 February
11:32AM HEALTH How Saunas Can Increase Your Home's Appeal 438

Thursday, 25 February
12:03PM HEALTH How Gut Health Affects Your Entire Body 410

Thursday, 18 February
10:52AM HEALTH Midwives Union Challenges Those Who Can Bring About Change To Step Up 310

Wednesday, 17 February
3:27PM HEALTH Midwifery staffing at the Capital and Coast DHB 566
10:45AM HEALTH Push Ups Are Awesome! 523

Wednesday, 10 February
10:17PM HEALTH Boost Immune System Functions 307

Monday, 21 December
9:27PM HEALTH Primecare Dental For Implants & Orthodontics 673

Saturday, 19 December
7:33PM HEALTH Your Carpet is Making You Sick According to Auckland-based Cleaning Services 1050

Wednesday, 9 December
11:38AM HEALTH BREATHING! feat. Dan "Hangman" Hooker 998

Tuesday, 1 December
11:47AM HEALTH Hips and High-kicks 923

Tuesday, 24 November
10:30AM HEALTH Flexibility Vs Mobility And How It Relates To Injury 868