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New Zealand Health News Index

Friday, 16 February
10:59AM HEALTH Midwifery in Crisis 152

Wednesday, 14 February
8:29PM HEALTH Say Goodbye to Unsightly Spider Veins at Palm Clinic 84

Friday, 26 January
12:59PM HEALTH Affordable Dentists? 104

Thursday, 25 January
8:49PM HEALTH Natural Astaxanthin: The Proven Miracle Worker for Younger Skin 107

Tuesday, 23 January
4:29PM HEALTH Restore Volume and Fullness with Dermal Fillers at Palm Clinic 107

Friday, 19 January
9:56PM HEALTH Umbrella Provide Mental Health Consultation 87

Thursday, 18 January
8:21PM HEALTH Detox From Using Drugs or Alcohol at The Turning Point 81
5:42PM HEALTH Grateful Patients Say 'Thank You' to Physio Connect 78

Friday, 12 January
6:57PM HEALTH The OSCAR Juicer Makes Juicing Easier 91

Saturday, 6 January
6:55PM HEALTH New Year Clear Out - Why Detox Diets Heal On Many Levels? 122
5:33PM HEALTH Tribulus Terrestris 134
4:38PM HEALTH 10 causes of poor sleep 118
4:07PM HEALTH How do you treat hot flushes? 102

Thursday, 4 January
8:30AM HEALTH Health Insurance for Immigrants on Work Visa in New Zealand 159

Tuesday, 26 December
10:16AM HEALTH 6 steps you can take at home to help treat male menopause naturally 118
9:41AM HEALTH 6 benefits of Lycopene 115
9:02AM HEALTH 9 anti-aging steps that can help extend longevity 110

Friday, 22 December
5:29PM HEALTH 145,000 reasons to do a Detox 110
10:51AM HEALTH New Lynn Dental Care Offers Great New Year Special 117
10:43AM HEALTH Milford Family Dentist Now Offer Clear Correct, The Invisible Alternative to Traditional Braces 116
10:39AM HEALTH Lemon Water Poses High Risk for Dental Health 131

Thursday, 21 December
8:28PM HEALTH Cure Your Beauty Blues with Summer Glow Package from Healing House 85
7:32PM HEALTH Be Ready For Summer With Ayurda Skin Care 82

Wednesday, 20 December
4:12PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Explain What is Cancer 110
3:41PM HEALTH Five Ways That Bee Pollen Will Improve Your Life With Nature Bee 103

Friday, 15 December
4:01PM HEALTH First NZ Made Menstrual Cup - A Game Changer 132
1:35PM HEALTH The Turning Point Can Save Your Life 103

Thursday, 14 December
9:51PM HEALTH Natural Astaxanthin Boosting Athlete Performance 93
4:30PM HEALTH Don't Wait For the Holidays To Get The Treatment You Need From Physio Connect 92

Wednesday, 13 December
10:30PM HEALTH Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Botox Cosmetic Treatments at Palm Clinic 100

Tuesday, 12 December
7:13PM HEALTH Creating Stronger Wellness At Work With Umbrella Health 76

Monday, 11 December
12:05PM HEALTH Have a Dentist Free Christmas 86

Thursday, 7 December
8:14PM HEALTH Simone Rank From YummyMummy Fitness Talks About Sugar Cravings 90
4:32PM HEALTH Illusions Optometrists Highlight Age-Related Macular Degeneration 101

Friday, 1 December
6:47PM HEALTH Milford Dentists' Fresh Breath Clinic A 'Lifesaver' For Halitosis Sufferers 130
1:20PM HEALTH Mould Affects Mental Health 161
7:59AM HEALTH NZ College of Midwives Delighted Government Has Passed PPL Legislation 111

Thursday, 30 November
3:09PM HEALTH World First Research Shows Effectiveness of Medicine for Kiwis with Asthma 114
12:52PM HEALTH New Interactive Tool to Help Kiwis Living with HIV 202

Wednesday, 29 November
8:47PM HEALTH Stay Cool With Ayurda Skin Care This Summer 93
2:45PM HEALTH Illusions Optometrists Explain Amblyopia 73

Tuesday, 28 November
4:08PM HEALTH Astaxanthin - The New Health and Beauty Craze 82
4:04PM HEALTH Naturebee Introduces the World's Most Extraordinary Creatures – Bees! 129

Thursday, 23 November
7:54PM HEALTH Canopy Cancer Care Explain Their Toolkit of Complementary Therapies Called Under The Canopy 96
1:55PM HEALTH Claris Group Answer The Question "What Is The Relationship Between Melanoma And Tattoos?" 83

Wednesday, 22 November
7:09PM HEALTH Treat Spider Veins Safely with Exotherme™ at Palm Clinic 184
7:07PM HEALTH For a Life Free From Substance Abuse Call The Turning Point 72
1:48PM HEALTH New Physio Connect Clinic Opening in Albany 102

Thursday, 16 November
7:10PM HEALTH Mental Health Training at Umbrella 81
1:53PM HEALTH Shape Up With YummyMummy Fitness For the Winter 49

Thursday, 9 November
2:48PM HEALTH You Can Get a Same Day Dental Crown at Milford Dentists 80

Tuesday, 31 October
9:46AM HEALTH 5 Reasons why sharing your toothbrush is life-threatening 74

Saturday, 28 October
6:05PM HEALTH Life Insurance for smokers in New Zealand 145

Friday, 27 October
10:21PM HEALTH Meth Contamination More Prevalent Than You May Think Say MethSafe 92

Thursday, 26 October
4:01PM HEALTH New Zealand Secret Has Begun Shipping Its Anti-Aging Products 129
2:54PM HEALTH All About YummyMummy Fitness' 'Yummy' Simone 65
1:34PM HEALTH OSCAR Juicers Have The Solution To Getting Kids To Eat Their Vegies 78

Wednesday, 25 October
8:53PM HEALTH Skin Cancer Types and Treatments At Claris Group 92

Thursday, 19 October
2:53PM HEALTH Illusions Optometrists Part II 82

Wednesday, 18 October
9:02PM HEALTH Specialist Cancer Care in Auckland At Canopy Cancer Care 92
10:50AM HEALTH Honeybee Pollen, The Perfect Food From NatureBee 80

Thursday, 12 October
11:45AM HEALTH Personal Alarms NZ 99
11:39AM HEALTH Personal Alarms NZ 143

Wednesday, 11 October
10:39PM HEALTH Benefits of kelp in our health 84

Monday, 9 October
10:11PM HEALTH Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in NZ men 109

Friday, 29 September
7:30PM HEALTH The Turning Point Turns People's Lives Around 85
6:04PM HEALTH Get an OSCAR Juicer To Fuel Your Healthy Lifestyle! 103
9:22AM HEALTH Kiwi Employees to benefit from World First Preventative Healthcare Initiative 81

Wednesday, 27 September
9:35PM HEALTH Unveil a New You With Ayurda's 21 Day Programme Sample Kits 71
8:09PM HEALTH All About Illusions Optometrists – Part 1 97
5:31PM HEALTH Claris Group Advise on Skin Care in Winter 84
5:20PM HEALTH Why You Should Choose Canopy Cancer Care 113

Monday, 18 September
3:27PM HEALTH The Vaping Kiwi Applauds Law Change to Legalise Vaping 103

Thursday, 14 September
4:34PM HEALTH What's in your toothpaste? 100
11:14AM HEALTH Nature Bee Explain Why Their Pollen is Better 93

Thursday, 31 August
5:26AM HEALTH Nearby Dental: A New Web Service That Enables to Compare Dentists and Find Affordable Dental Treatments in Dunedin and Auckland 109

Wednesday, 30 August
1:25PM HEALTH Why NatureBee Bee Pollen Is So Good For You 106

Tuesday, 29 August
11:28AM HEALTH AcuPhysioHealth Advise Acupuncture For Weight Loss 97

Thursday, 24 August
8:38PM HEALTH Why Ayurvedic Approach Works With Ayurvedic Skin Care 106
2:15PM HEALTH The Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy With YummyMummy Fitness UK 109

Wednesday, 23 August
1:28PM HEALTH Following the Mediterranean Diet Much Easier With an OSCAR Juicer 121

Monday, 21 August
8:31PM HEALTH Should Younger Patients Undergo Total Hip Replacement? 123

Wednesday, 16 August
1:29PM HEALTH The Vaping Kiwi Says Extensive US Study Reveals Vaping Helping Smokers Quit 141

Tuesday, 15 August
3:22PM HEALTH Umbrella Report Rapid Change is Becoming the Norm for New Zealand Organisations 143
1:43PM HEALTH Physio Connect's 'Mission Statement' 121

Monday, 14 August
7:45PM HEALTH Taking Care of Your Wisdom Teeth With Milford Dentists 127

Wednesday, 26 July
5:10PM HEALTH MethSafe Describe the Meth Testing/Remediation Process – How it Should Work and Why It Has To Be Done 279

Tuesday, 25 July
4:04PM HEALTH Give Your Body A Boost with Retin-Oil - No Prescription Needed! 79
4:04PM HEALTH Beautifully Youthful Skin Is At Your Fingertips with Hand Chemistry 80
1:51PM HEALTH Detox At The Turning Point 86
12:55PM HEALTH How Acupuncture Can Help With Sciatica at AcuPhysioHealth 81
12:55PM HEALTH How Acupuncture Can Help With Sciatica at AcuPhysioHealth 76

Monday, 24 July
4:32PM HEALTH A Summer Detox One-Week Weight Loss Made Easy With YummyMummy Fitness 83
2:26PM HEALTH Eponymously Named 'Umbrella' Provides Online Training All Over New Zealand 112

Wednesday, 19 July
3:06PM HEALTH The Proper Handling of Knocked-Out Teeth in Sports Injuries 89
2:34PM HEALTH Physio Connect's Website a Valuable Education Tool 93

Tuesday, 11 July
11:58AM HEALTH New Zealand is closer to eradicating chickenpox - Expert 128
11:56AM HEALTH Beautifully Youthful Skin Is At Your Fingertips with Hand Chemistry 92
11:52AM HEALTH Give Your Body A Boost with Retin-Oil - No Prescription Needed! 89