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New Zealand Health News Index

Wednesday, 16 August
1:29PM HEALTH The Vaping Kiwi Says Extensive US Study Reveals Vaping Helping Smokers Quit 84

Tuesday, 15 August
3:22PM HEALTH Umbrella Report Rapid Change is Becoming the Norm for New Zealand Organisations 87
1:43PM HEALTH Physio Connect's 'Mission Statement' 75

Monday, 14 August
7:45PM HEALTH Taking Care of Your Wisdom Teeth With Milford Dentists 75

Wednesday, 26 July
5:10PM HEALTH MethSafe Describe the Meth Testing/Remediation Process – How it Should Work and Why It Has To Be Done 247

Tuesday, 25 July
4:04PM HEALTH Give Your Body A Boost with Retin-Oil - No Prescription Needed! 64
4:04PM HEALTH Beautifully Youthful Skin Is At Your Fingertips with Hand Chemistry 64
1:51PM HEALTH Detox At The Turning Point 73
12:55PM HEALTH How Acupuncture Can Help With Sciatica at AcuPhysioHealth 69
12:55PM HEALTH How Acupuncture Can Help With Sciatica at AcuPhysioHealth 67

Monday, 24 July
4:32PM HEALTH A Summer Detox One-Week Weight Loss Made Easy With YummyMummy Fitness 76
2:26PM HEALTH Eponymously Named 'Umbrella' Provides Online Training All Over New Zealand 97

Wednesday, 19 July
3:06PM HEALTH The Proper Handling of Knocked-Out Teeth in Sports Injuries 79
2:34PM HEALTH Physio Connect's Website a Valuable Education Tool 83

Tuesday, 11 July
11:58AM HEALTH New Zealand is closer to eradicating chickenpox - Expert 123
11:56AM HEALTH Beautifully Youthful Skin Is At Your Fingertips with Hand Chemistry 63
11:52AM HEALTH Give Your Body A Boost with Retin-Oil - No Prescription Needed! 72

Wednesday, 5 July
2:30PM HEALTH Are Your Children Getting Their Daily Recommended Servings of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables? 75

Monday, 3 July
10:26PM HEALTH Raspberry Ketone helps to reduce excess body weight 93

Friday, 30 June
3:19PM HEALTH Make Juicing Easy With OSCAR Juicers' Delicious Recipes 78

Wednesday, 28 June
7:37PM HEALTH Instant Results With Four Week Weight Loss Programme at YummyMummy Fitness 77

Friday, 16 June
3:46PM HEALTH Why become a Dentist? 81
3:41PM HEALTH Why become a Dentist? 85

Sunday, 4 June
10:07PM HEALTH Health Benefits of Gotu Kola 101

Thursday, 1 June
12:24PM HEALTH Almost Half of Tertiary Students have a Vision Condition - New Study 93

Tuesday, 30 May
7:25PM HEALTH All New Oatein Bars Have Just Arrived at Payless Supplements 80
7:10PM HEALTH MethSafe Advise When You Should Test for Methamphetamine 77
1:41PM HEALTH Physio Connect Podiatry Services 68

Monday, 29 May
3:49PM HEALTH Reduce Your Aging Symptoms With Massage Therapy at AcuPhysioHealth 74

Thursday, 25 May
6:05PM HEALTH Historic Win For Midwives 782
5:21PM HEALTH Kidney Transplant Treatment 116
8:46AM HEALTH International Public Health Scientist to Brief NZ Govt, CEOs on Resolving Social Issues 107

Thursday, 18 May
9:11PM HEALTH Knee Replacement India- Cost, Hospitals,Treatment 93

Tuesday, 16 May
7:56PM HEALTH Hip Replacement in India 173

Friday, 12 May
10:29AM HEALTH How do you become a Dental Hygienist? 83

Thursday, 11 May
11:32PM HEALTH The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcurmin 106
8:22PM HEALTH Prostate Cancer Treatment 120

Thursday, 4 May
5:38PM HEALTH Tea on the Lawn at Parliament Tomorrow 296

Wednesday, 26 April
11:17AM HEALTH Sleepyhead's Chiropractic HD bed takes on back pain 90

Thursday, 20 April
9:17AM HEALTH The Vaping Kiwi Outline NZ Government Plan to Legalise the Sale of e-cigarettes 206

Friday, 7 April
11:49AM HEALTH Better Dental in Whangarei 112

Monday, 3 April
11:05AM HEALTH Payless Supplements Have Wide Range of Fat Burners 70
9:50AM HEALTH AcuPhysioHealth Offer Effective Infertility Treatment at Their Holistic Clinic 70

Wednesday, 15 March
11:15PM HEALTH Naturalstate - Helps you reach your optimal health 101

Tuesday, 14 March
11:30PM HEALTH Buy medical Devices Online 110

Thursday, 2 March
10:04AM HEALTH Nest Consulting & Organic Initiative Partnership Announcement: sexuality education and healthy products 251

Monday, 27 February
2:03PM HEALTH Nongfu Spring launched 17.5° Orange helping local agricultural industry 477

Wednesday, 22 February
4:57PM HEALTH Physio Connect Provide FREE ACC Consultations 101
4:10PM HEALTH Enter HealthBank's Competition For a Skincare Prize Pack 78
3:02PM HEALTH Escape Haven Launch New Luxury Pool Villas in Canggu 79
1:30PM HEALTH Nature's First Aid From Comvita 85

Tuesday, 21 February
7:40PM HEALTH Try ecostore Good Soap For Healthier Fundraising 95

Friday, 17 February
6:22PM HEALTH Milford Dentists Have a Fresh Breath Clinic 105

Wednesday, 15 February
4:18PM HEALTH Try A Luxurious Sleepyhead Sanctuary Bed In Store to Be In To Win a Trip For Two to Sydney 102
2:12PM HEALTH Hobsonville Point Dental Recommend White Fillings 90

Thursday, 9 February
3:05PM HEALTH Using nutrition to increase strength and build muscle 88
10:30AM HEALTH Energy Drinks Are Good for Your Image, but Terrible for Your Teeth 89

Wednesday, 8 February
11:03AM HEALTH FindYourMacros - Calculate your daily calorie requirements 93

Friday, 3 February
9:49AM HEALTH Sleepyhead Highlights the Benefits of Getting a Better Sleep 104

Tuesday, 31 January
9:41AM HEALTH Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of Ageing with the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Regime 73

Friday, 20 January
2:05PM HEALTH Healthbank Natural Health Providers Recommend Magnesium 128

Tuesday, 17 January
6:00PM HEALTH New Zealand College of Midwives and the Primary Health Alliance signal new era of inter-disciplinary collaboration 177

Wednesday, 4 January
5:43PM HEALTH International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) Appoints New Zealander as CEO 1280

Monday, 19 December
8:56AM HEALTH The Healthbank Launches a GrabOne Deal for December 107

Tuesday, 13 December
12:04PM HEALTH Kiwi Innovations Reflect Pharma Company's Global Index Win 157

Friday, 2 December
11:41AM HEALTH New Pharmac Funded Drug to Benefit Maori 180

Wednesday, 30 November
5:48PM HEALTH Expert expresses concern regarding lack of national conversation on the increasing number of HIV cases in NZ 159
5:06PM HEALTH Healthbank - The Popular Online Natural Health Store 192
4:37PM HEALTH Hobsonville Point Dental Discuss the 'Wisdom' of Having Wisdom Teeth Removed 128

Monday, 28 November
11:45AM HEALTH Comvita Develops a Sustainable Manuka Planting Programme 105

Thursday, 24 November
6:30PM HEALTH Kiwi pro cyclist backing Christchurch urology Movember campaign that highlights a world first 149

Friday, 18 November
2:43PM HEALTH Dental Health Guide on Dentures & False Teeth with Milford Dentists 135

Thursday, 17 November
5:41PM HEALTH How Dangerous Is Your Deodorant? 174

Monday, 31 October
9:01AM HEALTH YummyMummy Fitness Healing Detox Just Released 114

Thursday, 27 October
4:20PM HEALTH What Are the Most Common Sleep Problems? 148

Friday, 21 October
10:36AM HEALTH Milford Dentists Talk About Tooth Decay in Children 169

Thursday, 20 October
6:41AM HEALTH Ministry of Health Confirms Doubts about Lawton Study Results 3077

Monday, 17 October
9:56AM HEALTH Winter Is The Time To Go To Healthbank 93

Friday, 14 October
8:35PM HEALTH Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India: Synonymous to quality healthcare solutions 154
8:31PM HEALTH Get in touch with top Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in India without any wait list promising quality solutions 142
8:26PM HEALTH Plan your surgeries like Knee Replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals to get 100% positive results 134
8:22PM HEALTH Consult Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India for affordable price Arthroscopy Surgery 140
8:17PM HEALTH Success Rate Affordable Hip Resurfacing Surgery Hospital India 138
8:12PM HEALTH Make a Difference with Treatment at Low Cost Total Knee Replacement Surgery Hospital in India 134
8:07PM HEALTH Travel to India to get Best Price Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Hospital in India 147
7:59PM HEALTH Affordable Price Benefits Of Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India with Joint Replacement Consultants 124

Thursday, 6 October
1:01PM HEALTH Flossing, next to useless? 137

Tuesday, 4 October
9:53PM HEALTH BAT claims Ecig emissions 92-99% safer than cigarettes 290

Thursday, 29 September
5:06PM HEALTH Hobsonville Point Dental Offer Emergency Dentistry 128
3:28PM HEALTH At Milford Dentists Healthy Teeth Begin With Healthy Gums 125
8:51AM HEALTH Leap Into YummyMummy Fitness' Spring Detox 117
8:46AM HEALTH Oscar Juicers' Recommended Reading 116

Wednesday, 28 September
6:50PM HEALTH Positive Response From Ministry Good News for Midwives, Mums and Babies 5656
11:26AM HEALTH Study Supports Midwives' Claims of Maternity Service Under Resourcing 180

Tuesday, 6 September
2:55PM HEALTH Pharmaceutical Compounding Expound The Benefits Of Krill Oil 197

Monday, 5 September
5:31PM HEALTH Kiwi Business Launches First Invisible Hearing Aid 95
11:20AM HEALTH Magnesium From Health2000 Relaxes Mind And Body 70

Wednesday, 31 August
9:28AM HEALTH Keep Winter Ills At Bay With My Natural Health's 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion With Thompsons And Kiwiherb 160

Friday, 26 August
11:52AM HEALTH Advances in Telehealth Technology Help Join the DOTs for Tuberculosis Patient Care 257

Thursday, 25 August
3:23PM HEALTH Leading Midwifery Expert to Address NZ Midwives at Biennial Conference 185