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Kaikohe News Index

Friday, 1 February
3:13PM TRAFFIC Northland Police investigating pedestrian being struck by two vehicles overnight 432

Tuesday, 2 October
2:38PM TRAFFIC Far North To Host Motor Rally – Road Closure Information 129
2:35PM SPORT New Blood Needed To Get Sports Hub Pumping 189

Friday, 17 August
3:30PM COUNCIL Finalised Plan On Council Website 111

Thursday, 2 August
5:01PM WASTE Gum Onslaught Frustrates Kaikohe Clean-Up 110

Tuesday, 29 May
12:45AM COMMUNITY Model Citizens Honoured At Awards 170

Friday, 27 April
8:37PM ENVIRONMENT Mining: Where will the water come from? 171
8:36PM ENVIRONMENT Mining: Is it worth it? 488
8:34PM ENVIRONMENT Mining: Is there an alternative? 137
8:33PM ENVIRONMENT Mining salaries: Mayor's figures overstated? 159
8:32PM ENVIRONMENT The downside of mining 117

Tuesday, 24 January
3:02PM CRIME Kaikohe - Attempted Aggravated Robbery 259

Thursday, 19 January
1:02PM CRIME Aggravated Robbery 197

Wednesday, 30 November
10:57PM CYCLING Pedal Pushers Line Up for Kaikohe Christmas Parade 196

Thursday, 3 November
12:53PM CYCLING Biodiversity vision for Twin Coast Cycle Trail 199

Saturday, 10 September
2:33PM RUGBY Smiling Canada win over rural youngsters 227

Tuesday, 2 August
3:49PM NEWS Cycle trail a highlight of Prime Minister's visit to Kaikohe 117

Tuesday, 19 July
3:16PM AGRICULTURE First steps toward GMO controls in the Far North 136

Thursday, 16 June
1:18PM POLICE Police called to domestic incident in Kaikohe 218

Friday, 10 June
10:17AM SPORT SPARC financial support for Lindvart Park initiative 83

Thursday, 9 June
11:12AM COMMUNITY Expo seeks to get Kaikohe back on the front foot 127

Monday, 30 May
2:07PM DIPLOMACY Far North Sister City on a roll 127

Wednesday, 30 June
10:03AM POLICE Kaikohe Police seek information on hit and run 268

Friday, 12 February
1:23PM ART Mosaic work for public display 484

Friday, 15 January
9:32PM POLICE Murder charges laid over family violence incident 558
1:21PM POLICE Victim of family violence in Kaokohe named 526

Thursday, 14 January
10:25AM CRIME Homicide investigation launched in Kaikohe 419

Tuesday, 15 December
3:06PM CRIME Help stop vandalism 392

Friday, 30 October
4:49PM CRIME Domestic Violence arrest 474

Monday, 8 June
1:27PM TRANSPORT Kaikohe fuel dilemma unacceptable 415

Wednesday, 18 March
12:16AM MAORI A comprehensive Ngapuhi Treaty Settlement process begins 571

Friday, 6 February
9:09AM COMMUNITY Middlemarch speaker for Okaihau-Kaikohe rail corridor meeting 287

Monday, 22 December
10:02AM COURT Successful prosecution under smokefree environments act 488

Wednesday, 19 November
7:35PM COUNCIL Middlemarch insight sort for Okaihau-Kaikohe rail corridor project 311

Sunday, 2 November
10:30PM DEATHS Fatal accident - Kaikohe 547

Thursday, 2 October
8:46AM ENERGY World alternate fuel expert booked for Kaikohe 1203

Wednesday, 30 July
1:08AM POLICE Domestic Dispute in Northland 1164

Friday, 16 May
5:55PM TRAFFIC Road repairs planned for Kaikohe's eastern entrance 356

Wednesday, 23 April
3:14PM COUNCIL By- election results 342

Thursday, 24 January
11:14PM PETS Dog cruelty accused give themselves up 502

Tuesday, 22 January
10:29PM DEATHS 400 mourners pay their respects to famous poet 621

Sunday, 16 December
9:38PM PETS Pups perish when dumped in river with their mum 459

Wednesday, 14 November
11:20PM COURT Two charged with murder over elderly man's death 401
5:18PM COURT Two people arrested after death of Northland pensioner 354

Monday, 29 October
5:05PM COUNCIL First meeting date confirmed 405

Sunday, 7 October
9:20PM FIRE Smoke alarm didn't work during fatal fire 395

Monday, 3 September
2:27PM COUNCIL Feast of ideas 468

Wednesday, 22 August
2:03PM POLICE Attacked Dutch honeymooners earned 'awesome respect' of police 449

Saturday, 4 August
1:44PM AGRICULTURE Tane Mahuta Day 485