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New Zealand Cycling News Index

Sunday, 15 March
5:09PM CYCLING Jones and Grieve claim first round honours in Calder Stewart Cycling Series 1274

Friday, 13 March
9:28AM CYCLING Southland's rich cycling history gets further boast with Calder Stewart Cycling Series 1301

Monday, 21 October
9:48AM CYCLING Bike-Friendly New Zealand Getting Easier with Bike Barn 832

Sunday, 20 October
9:11PM CYCLING Duyvesteyn and Christie win Calder Stewart Series for first time 735

Thursday, 17 October
11:46AM CYCLING Duyvesteyn poised to claim Calder Stewart Series for first time while women's title up for grabs 692

Monday, 30 September
5:19PM CYCLING Get the Whole Family in Shape This Summer 519
5:19PM CYCLING Get the Whole Family in Shape This Summer 373
5:15PM CYCLING Bike Barn and AA Partner to Bring Customers Better Deals Across the Board 385

Saturday, 28 September
8:41PM CYCLING Duyvesteyn claims three jerseys and McIlroy and Hollamby ride away from field in Calder Stewart Series 364

Thursday, 26 September
2:54PM CYCLING Cyclocross national champions hoping form crosses over to road 316

Sunday, 25 August
6:47AM CYCLING Wānaka cycle lanes proposed 503

Thursday, 1 August
1:53PM CYCLING Bike Barn Delivers Expert Bike Buying Tips to Parents Purchasing Bicycles for Their Children 429

Sunday, 14 April
7:32PM CYCLING Older heads lead way in double header cycling weekend 1499

Thursday, 11 April
2:39PM CYCLING Storm forces changes to West Coast double header cycling series weekend: Tour de France winner lines up 1919

Sunday, 24 February
10:10PM CYCLING McIIroy makes it three in a row in Dunedin 1968

Monday, 3 December
6:02PM CYCLING Music and legs pumping for Movember fundraiser 2087

Friday, 30 November
9:29AM CYCLING Movember bike race hits Christchurch again 1938

Sunday, 21 October
9:06PM CYCLING Green flies in and upstages favourites in Hell of the South 2011

Thursday, 18 October
6:11PM CYCLING Cycling showdown for double header Calder Stewart weekend 1590

Sunday, 30 September
4:06PM CYCLING Rangi Ruru Student Wins National Road Race Title 451

Saturday, 22 September
7:44PM CYCLING Favourites step up in fifth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 662

Friday, 21 September
4:13PM CYCLING World Champions go head to head with leading professionals in fifth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 358

Saturday, 5 May
7:52PM CYCLING Strong return to racing after back fracture in fourth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 528

Thursday, 3 May
6:41PM CYCLING Different course but Zenovich keen on same result in round four of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 482

Sunday, 15 April
8:22PM CYCLING Zenovich consolidates lead and Harris takes women's jersey in double header Calder Stewart Cycling Series weekend 459

Thursday, 12 April
4:08PM CYCLING Zenovich has chance to consolidate lead while Harris eyes up women's lead in double header cycle series weekend 363

Tuesday, 13 March
1:53PM CYCLING Urology Associates Car Park Cannon Ball wins event of the year 642

Friday, 9 March
2:18PM CYCLING Take Your E-Bike on Tour 548

Sunday, 4 March
6:17PM CYCLING Dunedin proves to be happy hunting ground for Games bound cyclist McIIroy 758

Thursday, 1 March
5:07PM CYCLING Lucas and McIIroy racing opening round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series as part of Commonwealth Games build up 1324

Monday, 11 December
6:06AM CYCLING Tour of New Zealand set to give riders Tour de France experience 514

Wednesday, 29 November
6:56PM CYCLING Urology Associates Car Park Cannon Ball event proves to be a winner 530

Sunday, 22 October
7:28PM CYCLING Vink and Lucas win day while Marryatt and Harvey claim Calder Stewart Cycling Series 463

Thursday, 19 October
2:25PM CYCLING Leader's jerseys still up for grabs in final round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 438

Saturday, 30 September
6:33PM CYCLING Lucas patience pays off to win on home soil in fifth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 376

Thursday, 28 September
1:42PM CYCLING Lucas eyes pro contract and West Coast win at home in fifth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 326

Saturday, 9 September
3:37PM CYCLING Team efforts secure results at Nelson Bays Motor Group Nelson Classic 248

Thursday, 7 September
7:52PM CYCLING Evans looms as favourite while McIIroy eyes leaders' jersey in fourth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 329

Saturday, 22 April
5:32PM CYCLING Zenovich, Lucas and Rowlands impressive winners while Hewitt performed well in third round of Calder Stewart Cycling 481

Thursday, 20 April
4:46PM CYCLING Kiwi triathlete Andrea Hewitt adds exciting dynamic to third round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 476

Saturday, 1 April
6:58PM CYCLING McIIroy wins first elite cycling race while Odlin also claims victory in second round of the Calder Stewart Cycling Series 314

Thursday, 30 March
4:56PM CYCLING Girdlestone takes next step in cycling resurrection journey as Calder Stewart Cycling series hits Dunedin 327

Saturday, 25 March
3:53PM CYCLING Descending skills winning formula for Evans and Lucas in Le Race 491

Wednesday, 22 March
5:36PM CYCLING Girdlestone defies odds to take on Le Race again 2004

Sunday, 26 February
6:14PM CYCLING Evans, Harvey and Rowlands win opening races of Calder Stewart Cycling series in Cheviot 547

Thursday, 23 February
1:07PM CYCLING Record numbers and former World Champ features of Calder Stewart Cycling series opener to support Cheviot 557

Wednesday, 22 February
6:48PM CYCLING Over 50 overseas cyclists to join 270 Kiwi's on this year's Tour of New Zealand 453

Sunday, 23 October
9:35PM CYCLING Vink wins day while Rush and Lucas win Calder Stewart Series 343

Thursday, 20 October
3:11PM CYCLING Rush keen to pay back team mates in final round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 321

Thursday, 6 October
2:20PM CYCLING Jones favorite in inaugural Aoraki Mt Cook Classic Cycle Race 362

Thursday, 29 September
4:49PM CYCLING Rush wants to build on lead while battle looms in women's race in fifth round of Calder Stewart Cycling Series 322

Saturday, 10 September
8:21PM CYCLING Bull has best climbing legs to win fourth round of the Calder Stewart Cycling Series in Dunedin 322

Thursday, 8 September
12:01PM CYCLING Rush poised to retake lead as Calder Stewart Cycling Series hits Dunedin for the first time 332

Saturday, 20 August
6:58PM CYCLING Winning return to New Zealand as Frame wins Calder Stewart Cycling Series Nelson round 303

Thursday, 18 August
12:13PM CYCLING Skoda Racing Team adds spice to Calder Stewart Cycling Series 362

Monday, 13 June
3:11PM CYCLING Revbox Power App now available on ITunes 302

Thursday, 9 June
3:21PM CYCLING Revbox training gets more challenging and entertaining 336

Wednesday, 25 May
9:58AM CYCLING Just MTB Great Lake Trail Boat Shuttles Just The Ticket 334

Thursday, 12 May
6:52AM CYCLING McCormick latest to sing praises about the Revbox 355

Saturday, 19 March
3:05PM CYCLING Roulston and Villumsen turn training rides in to wins at Le Race 631

Friday, 18 March
11:51AM CYCLING World Champion Villumsen adds more star power to PlaceMakers Le Race 577

Wednesday, 16 March
11:42PM CYCLING Roulston riding Le Race with eyes still on Rio 587

Wednesday, 24 February
7:07PM CYCLING Revbox takes Gina Crawford's training to the next level 440

Sunday, 21 February
4:54PM CYCLING Hubbard wins Calder Stewart Cycling series tough opener 422

Thursday, 18 February
12:27PM CYCLING Calder Stewart Cycling series kicks off on tough course 460

Thursday, 4 February
6:08PM CYCLING Revbox set for European impact 421

Monday, 7 December
1:53PM CYCLING Liggett delighted that TEAR FUND is the official charity for the RICOH Legends of Cycling dinner 550

Saturday, 5 December
8:57PM CYCLING Rush wins inaugural Dam Race 392

Thursday, 3 December
12:24PM CYCLING Riders from throughout the South Island to tackle inaugural Dam Race 285

Thursday, 15 October
5:19PM CYCLING Be in to win world's fastest road bike by purchasing RICOH Legends of Cycling dinner seats 395

Sunday, 11 October
8:35PM CYCLING McPherson wins final Calder Stewart Cycling elite series round while Horgan wins overall title 444

Friday, 9 October
12:22PM CYCLING Calder Stewart Cycling Series titles still up for grabs setting up exciting final round of racing 420

Wednesday, 30 September
11:28AM CYCLING Rangi Ruru Student Clinches U20 Road Cycling Title 556

Monday, 14 September
12:02PM CYCLING Lotto Soudal pro cycling team join forces with Revbox New Zealand 402

Saturday, 12 September
10:10PM CYCLING Evans backs up favourite tag with Calder Stewart round five win 444

Thursday, 10 September
11:37AM CYCLING Evans is Calder Stewart Cycling series fifth round favourite after Australian success 496

Monday, 31 August
1:18PM CYCLING JustMTB Take Visitors To Unique Locations 469

Friday, 21 August
1:26PM CYCLING Rangi Ruru Cycling Team Takes Back Litolff Cup 696

Saturday, 15 August
6:03PM CYCLING Jones wins biggest cycle race of young career 662

Thursday, 13 August
12:31PM CYCLING Horgan favourite for round four of Calder Stewart Cycling series 616

Friday, 26 June
2:02PM CYCLING Cycling legends coming to New Zealand for the first time 849

Monday, 22 June
4:07PM CYCLING Developers excited as Revbox Power App becomes available 564

Saturday, 9 May
4:47PM CYCLING Horgan solos to impressive win in round three of Calder Stewart Cycling series 618

Thursday, 7 May
11:41AM CYCLING Round three of Calder Stewart Cycling series features tight points tables 669

Saturday, 11 April
6:26PM CYCLING Horgan, Stott and Blakemore win Calder Stewart Cycling series second round 732

Thursday, 9 April
1:14PM CYCLING Hubbard hopes for speedy recovery to defend Calder Stewart Cycling series lead 649

Friday, 27 March
9:31AM CYCLING Vink and Horgan new brand ambassadors for Revbox 807

Saturday, 21 March
5:04PM CYCLING Barry wins Coffee Culture Le Race 555

Thursday, 19 March
11:28AM CYCLING Girdlestone keen to defend Coffee Culture Le Race title 486

Wednesday, 11 March
2:09PM CYCLING Stewart Island creates history hosting start of national cycling tour 706
11:21AM CYCLING Le Race set for largest field since earthquakes 610

Sunday, 1 March
7:06PM CYCLING Hubbard wins Calder Stewart Cycling series opener 689

Thursday, 26 February
11:38AM CYCLING Vink keen to test legs in Calder Stewart Cycling series opener 513

Tuesday, 23 December
2:07PM CYCLING Villumsen new brand ambassador for Revbox 492

Monday, 3 November
5:32PM CYCLING Youngsters Conquer K2 646

Saturday, 4 October
8:43PM CYCLING Vink wins final round of Benchmark racing to win overall series 347

Thursday, 2 October
10:56AM CYCLING Roulston headlines strong field for final round of Benchmark Homes series 422

Tuesday, 23 September
9:58AM CYCLING Le Race to provide another boast to Christchurch rebuild – start is back in Cathedral Square 372

Saturday, 13 September
7:17PM CYCLING Previous experience proves valuable in Hubbard's Benchmark win 347

Thursday, 11 September
11:13AM CYCLING Exciting Nelson Benchmark Race looms 400